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Ship- Carl Grimes x Reader

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Alexandria was a blessing when we came across it. We were safe, and Carl and I were able to grow closer knowing that we were protected. However, there was a spanner in the works, and while it was manageable, it was an annoyance. That spanner was called Ron.

“Yo (Y/N), you wanna hang out in my room with me?” I heard him say. While everyone around smiled and thought it was a nice request to make a friend, I knew it was anything but. Ron was a teenage boy, teenage boys had needs but unfortunately he chose me to be the target of his sexual desires. Double unfortunate was that through several denied requests he had become enemies with Carl, which meant I was in the middle without wanting to be. 

“Not really Ron. Thanks for the offer.” I deadpanned, not taking my eyes off the ammo I was loading into the guns. I could hear him behind me, I could hear the footsteps of his trainers crunch on the gravel. His hands took the gun I was loading and in annoyance, I stood up and huffed. There he was, smirking with that damn face and holding the gun up in the air. 

“Give me the gun Ron.” I said, trying to grab it but he jerked his arm away every time. I could hear other footsteps but they were not really the main thing on my mind as I was attempting to get the handgun. 

“You want it? Climb for it.” He smugly stated. His laughter echoed as my eyes widened, but his moment of pride was short-lived as a fist greeted his face and he collapsed to the floor, dropping the gun and groaning in pain. 

I turned my head to the side to see Carl panting, probably from running, and holding his wrist. Not because of injury, as he didn’t seem to be in any pain, and his facial expression was very very annoyed. 

“Back off from my girlfriend Ron.” He said, keeping his eyes on the now cowering boy in the floor. I saw Enid run over and pick Ron up, running, or rather hobbling, away with his arm over her shoulder to stay upright. As I picked up the gun, I was met with two arms and a warm body. “I’m sorry, he just really pissed me off this time.” I heard Carl mumble.

“I’m not mad, I wish I did the same.” I stated honestly. I heard Carl chuckle and rest his head on mine, having a moment of peace. It was nice being in Alexandria, it was a safe-haven. And although there was a spanner in the works, nothing could break Carl and I apart. 

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How would romanced companions (or just Danse :D) react to F!SS using her body and flirts to get past a guard without a fight or get something off price? Get jealous, angry, upset, confront/fight/stop her, be impressed... ~~ thank you ♥

Cait: Cait scoffed as she overheard Sole flirting with the bartender, promising her something as she twirled her fingers in her hair. She didn’t like watching Sole act the way she was with anyone other than her and she wasn’t going to let them go on with it.

“How about ya give us the stuff and I won’t start a fight with ye,” Cait said, joining the two at the bar, looking menacingly at the bartender. The bartender swallowed quickly as she handed Cait and Sole a beer.

“On the house,” she said shyly, a little bit afraid of Cait and she had reason to be. Jealous Cait was a scary Cait, no one in their right mind would want to mess with her.

“I could’ve handled it,” Sole said, taking a sip of her drink.

“Yeah but not like that,” Cait grabbed Sole by the back of her head, dragging her into a rough, heated kiss, making the bartender know that Sole was hers and only hers. So, she could fuck right off.

Curie: Curie watched in awe as Sole received a massive discount on some medical supplies for Curie, she realised that Sole was doing a lot flirting, because they couldn’t really afford the expensive supplies all on their own, but she didn’t mind. In fact, she was interested in how Sole was so good at that.

“Here,” Sole said handing Curie a box full of the things she needed.

“Do you think…” Curie started off shyly, “do you think you could teach me how to do that?” she asked, looking up at Sole with a red tint growing on her cheeks.

“Absolutely, it’s always good when you’re in a bit of a pickle,” Sole replied, making Curie smile. Curie surprisingly used the technique, a lot. Once she used it against Preston and he still can’t look at Curie without blushing.

Danse: Danse watched bitterly as Sole leaned into the guard, running her hand up his chest as she used herself to bribe him. Sole had got in a fight with a resident in Diamond City and instead of getting herself locked up, she decided to try and get the guard to let her off.

“I’m sure there’s something I can do,” the words rolled off her tongue in a seductive tone, making Danse’s blood boil, “I promise it won’t happen again,” the guard smirked and that only made Danse angrier than he already was. He stepped in front of Sole, looking down at the guard who was a couple of inches smaller than he was.

“This woman is under the protection of the Brotherhood of Steel, I suggest you let us past,” Danse said, holding his laser rifle in his hand, the guard’s hands flew up in surrender as he stepped to the side, letting the two of them walk away scot free.

“What was that about?” Sole asked as she grabbed Danse’s arm, stopping him from grumpily walking ahead. Sole raised an eyebrow and Danse sighed.

“I uh, I didn’t like what you were trying to do,” Danse said quietly making Sole ‘ohhhhh’ in realisation.

“You were jealous,” Sole said, letting go of Danse’s arm, continuing to walk through the gates.

“I was not,” Danse defended with a cough, following Sole.

“Sure, let’s pretend you weren’t,”

Deacon: Deacon watched intensely as she flirted with the guard, standing close to him as she bribed him in whispers, her hands lingering on the guard’s arm. He tilted his head as he watched from afar, taking mental notes in his head. Sole kissed the guard’s cheek before walking back over to Deacon, who met her halfway.

“Sorted,” Sole said, “What’s your problem?” Sole asked, noticing the way Deacon was looking at her.

“That worked?” he asked and Sole nodded slowly, “I personally would have done it differently, when I was dressed as a girl…”

“Oh not again,” Sole thought to herself rolling her eyes as Deacon repeated the same story Sole had heard many, many times before.

Gage: “Oh come on, you can do better than that,” Sole coaxed the store owner, putting a hand on her hip as she jutted out her ass, her best asset, according to Gage. Gage was leaning against the wall, with his arms folded across his chest as she watched Sole, leaning into the trader. She flashed her killer smile at the man.

“Alright, I’ll do it,” The trader gave in, making Sole look over at Gage with a wink as the man handed over the new pieces of armour to Sole.

“You are such a reasonable man,” Sole flirted, rubbing his arm, “Thank you,” she finished with a smile. She made her way back over to Gage, who had pushed himself back off the wall, ready to leave.

“Not bad,” Gage said with a smirk, “But just so he knows,” Gage leaned into Sole, pulling her into a rough kiss, his hands trailing down her body and resting underneath her ass, “You’re mine.”  

Hancock: “No ghouls in Diamond City,”

Hancock was smirking to himself as he watched Sole use her body language to mess with the guards, puckering up her lips as she spoke and sticking out her chest. She took her lip between her lip as she tried to persuade the guard to look the other way. Hancock knew that Sole was only using the guard and that what she was doing was harmless, hell he’d done it many times when he was a smoothskin.

“Wow, how could I ever repay you?” Sole said, touching the guards arm tenderly making the guard blush. Sole walked past the guard with Hancock, looking back at him and winking.

“You’re a natural at that,” Hancock said proudly as Sole walked past him, shaking her hips, “I couldn’t have done it better myself,”

MacCready: Sole leaned over the counter so it pushed up her breasts, making the guy behind the counter look down at them, his eyes lingering.

“What do you say we make it one hundred caps?” Sole persuaded, leaning her face on her elbow as she titled her head at the merchant. The merchant stuttered over his words as he tried, and failed, not to look at Sole’s chest.

“Uh, yeah one hundred,” the merchant said, making Sole giggle.

“Thank you,” she winked, handing over the caps and taking her goods from the counter, making sure to swing her hips as she walked back over to MacCready, “And that’s how its done,” Sole said to MacCready, who was looking at Sole gobsmacked. He’d tried to get the same discount before Sole had gone up there.

“Damn,” MacCready said, his eyes trailing down Sole’s body, hugged in her vault suit, “That was hot,” Sole rolled her eyes, handing him the ammo boxes she’d just purchased.

“You’re so horny,” She joked, making Mac blush like crazy.

Nick: He wouldn’t have suggested that Sole use her body to stop the guards from arresting her but he wasn’t going to stop them. Although, he wasn’t happy about it, I mean, there were other ways she could get around it, like paying the fine but she insisted on flirting with him. She leaned into the guard again, her hand flat on his chest as she whispered seductively in her ear. 

“Was that necessary?” he said, making Sole look up at him. 

“I’m sorry,” Sole apologized, leaning up and kissing Nick’s cheek, “I won’t do it again,” she said with a cheeky smile, one that told Nick that she would, she definitely would, but he couldn’t stay mad at her, because she was so goddamn cute. 

“Alright, let’s get out of here before you get into trouble again,” he said wrapping his arm around Sole. Next time he was going to be the one getting Sole out of trouble, because he didn’t want to see Sole flirt with another person ever again. 

Piper: Piper watched with furrowed brows as Sole tried to barter her way out of an expensive sale, getting the things that she needed down by more than half price. Although Piper liked the enthusiasm Sole had, she’d rather her girlfriend not flirt with someone else in front of her face, even if she meant nothing by it.

“Not going to lie, I wouldn’t have done it like that,” Piper said as Sole walked back over to her.

“What would you have done?” Sole asked with raised eyebrows.

“I’d have used the dirt I’ve got on them, although what you did worked, I’d rather you didn’t do it again, thanks,” Sole laughed to herself as Piper started to walk off.

“Green looks good on you,” Sole called after her, causing Piper to look back with a scowl, “Alright, I won’t do it again.”

Preston: Jealous. He was so jealous watching Sole flirt with the trader, trying to get money off the supplies they needed, he couldn’t just see why they couldn’t pay full price for their items. Sole was playing with her hair and jutting out her hip as she spoke to the trader, a smile fixed on her face. The trader thought he was getting lucky, but Preston was having none of it. He stormed up to the counter in a jealous rage and put a bag of caps on the table.

“Here everything you need,” Preston said, picking up the items Sole had bought before grabbing Sole’s hand and pulling her away from the table, “never again,” he said, a hint of anger in his voice which made Sole giggle.

“Awww, I’m sorry,” Sole said, pocking his nose gently, “I didn’t realise it would upset you,” she leaned in and kissed his cheek, “I won’t do it if it makes you uncomfortable.”

Maxson: Maxson eyes sole with a straight face as a laugh escaped her lips. She was flirting with the bartender on the Prydwen to get a free lunch and that didn’t sit well with him, he didn’t like knowing that Sole was giving their attention to anyone but him, even if she was being harmless. He stormed over to Sole, giving the knight a single look that made him whelp behind the bar, removing himself from the situation completely.

“Well you better buy my lunch,” Sole said looking over at a fuming Elder, his blue eyes darker than usual. She’d never seen him look so jealous in all the time she’d know him.

“I want you to remember that you are MINE,” He said before leaning in and stealing a hot kiss from Sole, pulling away as quickly as it happened, nearly knocking the breath out of her.

“I’m soo yours,” Sole said just above a whisper, making Maxson smirk as he sat down next to her.

“Lunch is on me,”

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Riza pointed the gun barrel at his face and it didn’t matter. “Tell me where my father’s notes are, Mustang or I swear I’ll-”

“Shoot me?” Roy interrupted, chuckling bitterly as he wiped the blood from the corner his lips. Propped up on an elbow, he looked up to her from the floor blanketed by shards of glass and splinters of wood. Christmas would have his ass by morning.

She glared at him with the fire and amber depths of a finer whiskey in her eyes.

“You’re out of ammo, sharpshooter.”  

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(Trying to find the rules..) ok, can you pretty please write something about poly R76 and their very intimidating, bigger and strong male S/O protecting them? (or givin them the good stuff, thats up to you) Thank you so much!

Lol I fucked up but i tried. I like the soldier R76 duo though :P

“76?” Reaper growled through his comm, aiming fast and taking a shot at a guy to his right. This moment, Reaper and a small team were in the middle of an all out battle inside Numbani. It appeared a group had separated from Talon and had decided that Numbani would be easy pickings

Six more people came running from the buildings at the sound of the shot, each heavily equipped with guns and ammo. Eyes narrowing, Reaper assessed the situation and in quick judgement, he moved as they took aim.

Leaping behind a large post, he bullets flying past him as he reached for his comm again. Why wasn’t 76 answering him? What the hell was going on? Was the connection severed?

Static crackled along the line at that moment. “R–per–not–afe—-retre—-” Jacks voice was faint and Reaper felt worry course through him. What was that old fool doing?

There was no time to find out as the line went dead.

“Y/n, I need Jack’s position now,” Reaper growled, and he could hear the yells in the distance. Exactly how many of Talon had turned after he had left them? How many had gone and begun this? Surely they knew Overwatch would intervene, if no one else.

Reaper had given up his hatred of Overwatch and his grudge against his old commander in order to be with Jack, the way they should have been before, and surprisingly one other. The two hadn’t had a chance: the man had somehow captured their hearts. And better, the man was one who knew how to fight, and equal in battle.

“I last heard him taking the east side of Numbani,” came a deep voice through the comm. “I’m heading to his position now. Is he not answering the comm?” The voice was filled with worry and determination.

“No, he isn’t. I’ll meet you there,” Reaper rasped, feeling the anger building in him. If they had hurt Jack…he’d let forth the greatest wrath of all, that he could promise.

Footsteps came closer and Reaper decided he wasn’t going to waste time. A man was just out of reach. Shooting him in the stomach, the others stood dumbfounded as the soul vanished quickly in his presence, consumed by his dark power.

“Death walks among you,” Reaper growled, and without waiting he let forth his death blossoms. Yells rang out and were cut off as a wave of dark mist surrounded him, shots flying as he laughed.

Leaving Talon didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy watching a bit of suffering. Especially if these people had hurt either of the two most important people in his life,

Bodies hitting the floor, Reaper had never felt more powerful as he ran as fast as he could, wraithing through crowds of people when necessary. He was hurrying, trying as fast as he could to find 76. It took 10 minutes to get to that side of the city but the moment he did, he spotted what he was looking for.

And it left him weak. 76 was laying on the sidewalk by a car, a pool of red around him.

Immediately Reaper teleported next to him, dropping to his knees. Ignoring the chaos around him, Reaper carefully lifted him into his arms. It appeared he’d been shot a few times in the chest… Reaper couldn’t tell if he was breathing or not.

“Don’t die on me, Morrison,” he growled, voice rough with the panic and pain he felt at seeing Jack like this. There was a time where all he wanted was this, for 76 to lay there dying on the streets.

But now, the thought of being without him once more was to much.

“Put your hands up,” yelled a voice behind him. Glancing over, he saw three armed men. But Reaper wasn’t planning to just let go of Jack and let them hurt him again.

He couldn’t wraith away with Jack, not when he was so injured like this. It would drain what little energy 76 might have left. All Reaper could do was prepare to cover him.

Aiming, the men glared. “We said put your hands up!” they yelled, but Reaper heard a muffled noise later and the sound of bodies dropping to the ground.

Looking over, Reaper let out the tiniest of breaths. It was y/n, standing there in your gear. Though Reaper never admitted it, he liked how you were so much taller and larger then the two of them. Although he never though of himself deserving one, it was like having a guardian angel of some kind.

“Are you okay?” you growled, walking over and looking down at your two lovers. Desperation filled you but you struggled to stay calm. 76 looked so frail….it was clear he’d lost a lot of blood.

“I’m fine,” Reaper said immediately, looking down at Jack. “We need to get him back to Overwatch. We need Mercy,” he grated out the name.

You nodded in agreement, scooping Jack up in one arm and glancing around. “Comm in a helicopter. We need to go,” you said, but paused. After a moment you gripped front of Reapers belt and pulled him close.

“I’m glad your okay,” you growled, pressing a kiss to the side of his head, even though he wore his hood. Reaper scowled a bit, but admittedly his cheeks heated slightly.

Turning, Reaper ignored him. “Lets go,” he growled and the three headed off.

Imagine Steve Rogers realizing your feelings for him..

You and Steve are best friends, but there was always something more between the two of you.  The whole team saw it but you both.  

However, you started to realize these feelings and started to like Steve more than a friend.  You didn’t want to ruin your wonderful friendship with him so you started to avoid him and push him away just to hide your feelings.  You went to Bucky to talk about it.  You actually went to Bucky a lot, and Steve noticed this and became really upset and angry.  He got jealous. He tried reaching out to you, asking you what was wrong, but you always shut him down.  This made him think about you more and more and whether or not you had a thing with Bucky. You never left his mind.  It made him realize that he could not live without you.  

He realized he loved you.

So on a mission alone with him, you were having an argument with him about something stupid, but it escalated into something more.

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“Y/N, can you pass me that gun?” Steve asked, checking inventory.

You were both in the back of a big truck, preparing for your mission.

You refused to look at him and gave him attitude, “Why don’t you get it yourself?”

He gave you a look, “Seriously, what the hell’s your problem, sassy?”

You rolled your eyes and put ammo into your gun, “Shut up don’t call me that.”

His nostrils flared, tired of the attitude you had been giving him these past few weeks.  He harshly threw one of the guns he was holding into his bag, and turned around, “Have you forgotten that we’re on a mission?”

You gave him a look and crossed your arms, “No I haven’t, asshole.”

His eyebrow raised, getting angrier by the minute, “Seriously, Y/N, why are you being such a bitch lately?” he stepped closer to you.

You clocked your gun, “Excuse me? You’re the one who—”

“No! Shut up and listen to me,” he stepped forwards.  Your eyes widened and you stayed quiet.  You didn’t think he would burst out like that, and honestly, you thought it was kinda hot..

“Y/N, you’ve been avoiding me for weeks now! What’s wrong? Tell me.  Did I do something to upset you?” he looked at you with worried eyes.

You had never seen Steve so anxious and worried before.  You didn’t realize how much you had been hurting him, “..No, Steve I’m—”

“And you’ve been replacing me with Bucky, too!” he looked away shaking his head, “…My best friend and my other best friend..”

Was Steve jealous of Bucky?

You spoke quietly, “…No, Steve, I’ve just been talking to him about things.”

He gave you look, “Things you can’t talk to me about?”

You looked at your shoes, “Well, yea—”

He stepped closer and you stepped back, “What? You don’t trust me anymore that you can’t come to talk to me?”

“Of course I—”

“You trust Bucky over me?”

“Steve, you know I—”

“I can’t believe you trust Bucky over me!”

Your frustration grew, “Steve, I just can’t talk to you about it!”

His fist tightened, “I thought I was your best friend, Y/N!  I thought we were closer than that!”

You started getting annoyed at him interrupting you and accusing you, so you just burst, “Shut up, Steve! I can’t just talk to you about you, you moron!” Your eyes immediately widened and you shut your mouth.

Steve’s eyes also widened in realization, but then softened as they bore into yours.  He stepped closer one final time, leaving your back up against the wall of the truck, “You were talking to Bucky about what exactly?” he spoke softly.

You stammered, “I-I don’t… There isn’t… It’s nothing… I just..” you sighed and continued looking at anything else.

Steve took your hand and ran his thumb across it, “Y/N…” 

You looked at him guiltily, panicking, “Steve, I just can’t tell you!”

“Y/N, please. Why were you talking to Bucky about me?”

You sighed and rolled your eyes, “Steve, you obviously seem like you know why… Please, don’t make me suffer through this.”

“What are you so afraid of?”

You hesitated and spoke in a whisper, “…rejection.”

“Y/N, just tell me. I would never reject you… you’re my best friend.”

You scoffed and muttered, “‘Friend,’ huh?”

“Common, Y/N, just tell me,” he grinned, “I just want to hear you say it.”

You blushed, “You’re a jerk, but seriously no, Steve.  I’m keeping my lips sealed.”

Why not?” his eyebrows furrowed.

“I said no, Steve,” you argued.

He glared, “Y/N, just tell me the truth.”

“NO, Steve.”

“So you’re just going to leave me hanging? You’re going to keep running away from me and go off with Bucky from now on?!”

Your eyes started watering, “YES!”

“Goddammit, Y/N, you’re so stubborn.” 

It was then that Steve grabbed your wrist and twirled you into him.  His mouth pressed onto yours harshly.  You were taken off-guard, but once you felt his hot lips against yours, you immediately wrapped your arms around his neck, feeling intoxicated by his touch. Your body seemed to mold into his like a perfect puzzle piece, wanting more of him. 

You’ve never felt like this with any other person in your whole life.  The kiss gave you a burst of completeness and passion.  It was as if you finally found what you’ve been looking for.

The kiss was long and steamy.  It lasted for a few minutes with a few seconds of air breaks in between. 

You didn’t want to stop, but he finally pulled away and said, “I’ve been wanting to do that for such a long time now.”

You started having a fit of giggles in his arms because of how stupid and childish you both had been.  So many ridiculous misunderstandings that could’ve been avoided if you both had just been honest with yourselves.

He smiled, “What’s so funny?”

“Just kiss me, Captain.”

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Requested: Jealousy & Fireworks  // Chris Evans x Reader

Request:  Can I request a fan fiction where Chris and the reader go to universal and she takes him to the marvel strip to take pictures with captain America or something?

Characters: Chris Evans & Reader

Summary: All you wanted was two Captain’s to meet, but you got a whole lot more out of it than you were asking for ; ) 

Warnings: A small tiny amount of smut / swearing / jealousy

Word Count: 1000+ 

          You want to get a picture of him with Captain America Marvel Strip, it was an opportunity that you couldn’t miss. And would refuse to miss even though your boyfriend whined he wanted his turkey leg. After ten minutes of you dragging him over to the strip, you finally let him go to the stand, telling him you’d be by the Marvel strip if he wanted a girlfriend to hang out with.

Little did you know that being at the Marvel strip alone was a dangerous game. Because not even a minute into meeting the Fake Captain America, did he start in on the cheesy one liners.

“Are you from heaven? Because you look angelic in this lighting.” Dear jesus. Help this boy. “I don’t think I can go another minute without asking your name.”

“It’s YN,” I responded, crossing my arms over my chest. But this Cap was persistent. He wasn’t one to give up easily… maybe that was the Captain suit getting to him. Because he certainly was not going to win this battle of my heart. For out of the corner of my eye I saw my real Cap throwing an already devoured turkey leg into a trash bin, and stalking over. He couldn’t even hear the shit this guy was throwing at me. He only saw the seductive stance he had over you, since you were leaning against the smoothed granite wall. His arm was above your head and he was smirking at your emotionless eyes. This was enough ammo for Chris too feel the green in his eyes start to take over.

But here you were, still letting Fake Cap was flirt with you, “I’m pretty strong, they say… and I have a good packaged punch.” You couldn’t help by giggle at the horrible scene that was him trying to flirt with you. Fake Cap seemed horrified by your reaction but you just couldn’t help yourself from giggling. Laughter just kept coming bouncing out of you, easing a little bit as you turned back, seeing past the sun, thanks to your boyfriend’s cap on your head. Smiling you waved for Chris to come over, and meet his representative on the Marvel Strip in California. Chris came up to your side smiling proudly down at you. He kissed your lips quickly before wrapping an arm around your waist and giving Fake Cap a smile of ‘your fucked’.

The boy seemed mortified by now, and was slowly backing up. Putting his hands up in a plea for forgiveness, Chris immediately saw that his anger was useless on this kid. So he let out a friendly chuckle and motioned for him to lower his hands.

“At ease, soldier. And also, Captain America does not back down. Come on, man! That’s rule one in training to be Captain America! Did they not give you the manual?”

Walking over to a Scaredy Cap, Chris gave a nice slap on the boy’s back loudly. Making the poor kid jump with the whites of his eyes on full display. You smiled at the boy, trying to get him to calm down. He was a kid after all. I mean, what harm could the, presumably, 18 year old do?

Suddenly an idea popped into your head, and you reached for your phone before Chris could protest. “Babe! Get a pic with your twin. I need this as a home screen.” The boy said quickly that he wouldn’t charge us for the photo, but you shook your head.

“Hey. I was a kid in high school and in college once, too. A person’s gotta get money somehow! Besides, your cutey. You deserve an extra buck.” Winking at him, as you walked closer, reaching into your pocket to fish for a twenty, but Chris was already handing the kid a $100.

The sad, petrified teen almost started crying at the sight of the bill but took it with gratitude, smiling at us both. Chris just shook his head, when Fake Cap started saying “Thank you, oh my god. Oh god, thank you. Thank you!” Over and over again.

 “Dude, it’s fine. Just keep your hands off my girl and stay in school.” Nodding rapidly, you backed up with your money still in your pocket, thanks to Chris and his heroic real-life self.

Always giving, that one…

Snapping back into reality quickly you held up your phone, with your finger lingering over the button. “Okay, on three say ‘Captain America’s!’ One, two, three!” They said it with blushing faces at the attention they’d gotten. Chris tilted his cap down, realizing people were staring and decided to leave this joint before we were busted and twenty 40 year old mom’s came running over for a picture with Real Cap. Or really, Screen Cap.

“T-thanks for being so cool.” You heard behind you while walking away with Chris’s arm slung over your shoulder. He was talking to you and you knew it by the sheepish look of embarrassment from hitting on you minutes ago.

“It’s no big deal. Have a good day!” Waving nicely you turned back around and looked up at your boyfriend who’s face looked like it was about to burst. With laughter, of course.

“What’s so funny?”

Chris cracked and let out his ginormous laugh. Clutching his idiotic left boob, trying to tell me through breathless giggles, “Boy Cap really is a tramp.”

“That’s so rude! He’s been in the ice for god’s sake how long? 70 years, he deserves some nice action.”

“I deserve some nice action for not yelling at my alter ego who wanted to fuckin’ have you right on the street!” Chris looked down at me, letting his right arm come off my shoulder where I was holding his hanging hand lovingly with my right hand. Stopping the two of us in the middle of the square. His eyes were showing hints of seriousness so I softened them with a toothy smile, my eyes bright against the dawning sun of the muggy August day. Looking up at him, I lifted my heels and pecked his lips. He let his hands come up and hold my cheeks as I leaned in for support at standing on my heels for so long. He deepened the kiss, letting his tongue come into play. His eyes were fluttered shut, protected by those damn eyelashes even I was jealous of. I opened my mouth partially, just for a breath of air and leaned back, still letting Chris cup my cheeks with his hands. Opening my eyes I saw his eyes were already waiting for mine. My big, rounded brown eyes to his striking blue’s.

“Well I mean… It is Cap… but I really do prefer my captain to be blue eyed, brown haired, with a beard coming along his jaw.” A smirk appeared on his face as he leaned out, letting a conversation take the space between our lips distance from each other.

“Really?” I nodded, seriousness in my eyes by playful tones on my tongue,

“Oh yes, and I also prefer him in ball caps, especially the Maples Leafs one, or a Red Sox cap.”

“You’re a tease, you know that?”

“A tease you’d like to squeeze? Am I right? Ahh!” Chris tickled my sides as I squealed, trying to run but getting no more than a foot before he swung me back in his arms. Holding me with my back to his chest. “I’ll squeeze you anywhere, anytime, anyday. I’d squeeze one in actually right now, but I think Disney has some rules against that.” I giggled as he talked to me, his mouth was inches from my neck, making it heated with his breath, but mostly with his words. The heat rose to my face, and I leaned against his back, looking up at the sunset in front of Cinderella’s castle.

Fairytale ending to a perfect day huh?

Cotton candy, two captains, getting hit on by one, and 99% likely to be having sex with the other one sooner rather than later. Because Chris was now pulling me to the bathroom, where the lines had petered out since it was close to fireworks. “I want to see the fireworks, though.” I whined, rushing into the men’s bathroom by the tug of Chris’s hand.

“Oh, you’ll be seeing fireworks, babe.” He opened the handicap stall, and locked it tight behind him, turning around to face me, he took one look at me and charged forward, locking my lips in a tight duet with his. His kisses with like alcohol, strong, hard alcohol that got me drunk if I got enough of it or a hit of it that was too strong. This kiss was only proving that, because I was seeing stars in my head, before he even had a hand under my shirt, just our lips together in a fast paced dance that swept me off my feet.

Even in a bathroom stall, Chris Evans could still make me quiver at a single touch. It had been the hottest day of the year, leaving both of us with dewy skin. Sweat, covered skin that was stuck together now as we removed any article of clothing we had on our bodies. Chris’s back was lifted and bare it stuck to the wall, as he took me in his arms, letting me wrap my legs around his waist before settling in on an exclusive roller coaster ride. Our moans, screams, and shouts were blocked out by the fireworks that were shooting into the sky outside of the stall, just above the heads two thousand people. We didn’t need to see those fireworks though, because we were making our very own in that moment of time.

I hope you guys enjoyed this, it’s not my best but I’m jumping back into posting stories even if I’m not 100% confident with them, because I know these requests mean the world to some, when I request it’s because I truely want an imagination to come to life. I just hope this is what I gave you, Miss Anonymous ;) 

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