eye am alone

“I never got over you,” he said. “I never stopped loving you. You were The One for me. There’s never been anyone else. And I know it’s probably too late to make any difference, but… you could have me back in a heartbeat if you wanted." 

 - A Thousand Moments Chapter 5 By @smolsarcasticraspberry

‘I’ll take a quick a break from this one project and doodle’ I said to myself and like 2 hours later I had a comic from one of my new fave fics (honestly guys if you like Shallura and pining ex’s and haven’t read it yet go do it now!!!) OH WELL Can’t think of anything better to do with my easter holiday

in every world, in every realm, in every version of the story, neal and emma find their way to one another.

I’ve been sad not the type sad where you can cry and move on or the sad that lasts one night. I’m the type of sad where my vision has muted it’s colors and I feel weighted to the very place I stand. I’ve been sad when crying one night and moving on is really crying every night with no end result….
—  I’ve been seeking help – k.k. (speakquotesx.tumblr.com)
At midnight
The stars stand up and invite you in
But it’s late and you’re tired you shouldn’t give in
You stay for awhile starting to feel far and distant
It’s hard to imagine the concept of distance
Later on you meet Venus and mars
And you start to think along with the stars
Who else is here in this place
Who else is living here in space
Or is it all just pretend
Maybe it’s for the best that we can’t comprehend
Sometimes you just won’t understand
It’s a mystery in life and will forever be unknown
But sometimes things are just better left alone
—  Left alone /: k.k. ( speakquotesx.tumblr.com)

I feel haunted by blind eyes
Living a life that’s mine but not for me
eyes on me but the emptiness they cannot see; There’s something else I want to be
The eyes watch as the smoke of my cigarette lingers off my tongue
The same tongue that rolls lies
Listening now, the same blind eyes.

But here I am alone once again
I find myself trapped in the stillness of night now and then
Right now, and then - again

And here I cry to eyes whom cannot see - there’s not one thing here left for me

“Sorry boo, I’m better off without you”

Two Immortal Eyes

I’m immortal in my brain storm
Of wildly running worms
and flailing flying arms
Severed from my dolls

They wave to me with chainsaws
Reflecting tiger paws
Swatting opposite doll fingers
Devoured in the fall

Into razor sharp mouths
In slomotion, swooping down
Into a horizontal wall

A projection of the sky
Who whispers, die die die
With an appetite for tiger eyes
As he looks up, enthralled

By a flaming painting brush
Creating feathers in a rush
Into clouds, thirsty thrush
From the canvas they crawl

Leaving charcoal dust clouds
In the shape of hatter cows
Glass ducks, foxy hounds
And nervous narwhals

The painted birds fly
Around a hurricane inside
My maelstrom mind
Hungry for warhol

But a blue man from afar
Hovers, heavily armed
With a bag of shooting stars
Thrown like fireballs

He watches fried dominoes
Start spiralling below
Fiery feathers explode
And the blue man calls

My peeled banana phone
And leaves a message at the tone
“Eye of Storm, I am alone”
In a voice so small

“I am immortal” he informs
So I share with him my form
We are two eyes of a storm
In the mind of a doll


he does lots of aegyo whenever he wants to..

he surely knows how to say “NO” when he does not feel like doing something..

he can speak without even opening his mouth LMAO

he can be just laughing on the background but cameras will always film him.. 


even when he is bored, you will not get bored watching Eric Ssi..

always clueless because of plenty “MONG” moments.. LOL

and WILL PUT UP THIS INNOCENT FACE whenever he gets discovered of his historical pranks..

there are more but i know that these are enough to kill you XDDD

when I look at the stars I feel some sort of consolation, especially from the ones that shine the most, and every shooting star is like a smile from the universe that makes me feel less lonely. it’s like the universe is watching me with billions and billions of bright comforting eyes and I am not alone

So basically this heartbreaking meta smashed into my Klance shipper heart along with all of the anxiety about what’s going to happen to Shiro and all the angsty Galra!Keith theories and suddenly fic happened. There is a lot more of this that I will be posting but it got waaaaay out of hand from the one-shot it was supposed to be, so have the first chapter for now. ( @strixmoonwing I used your Blue Lion theory for a fic, I hope you don’t mind)

Warnings: violence, gore, Major Character Death, and a whole lotta angst

Chapters 5/5

Part 1: Lance | Part 2: Shiro | Part 3: Keith | Part 4: Hunk | Epilogue: Pidge

EDIT: This fic is now also posted on AO3! Read it here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8249171/chapters/18903362

What We Lose Along the Way

It takes a decade to tear out the heart of the Galra Empire. With Zarkon defeated, the universe is safe and peaceful once again, and Pidge is free to return home. But those ten years have not passed without change and sacrifice. What happened to the five young Paladins that left Earth so long ago?

Part 1: Lance

           When the planet came into sight, Pidge burst into tears.

           The patterns of green and blue were achingly familiar. Clouds swirled across the surface in what Pidge thought was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. The moon hung in space beside it, silver and placid. City lights twinkled in the dark.

           She hadn’t set foot on Earth in over ten years.

           She heard footsteps behind her and scrubbed rapidly at her leaky eyes. She was a grown woman, the sometime Green Paladin of Voltron, Defender of the Universe, Vanquisher of Rido, the Savior of Keinsh, the Hand that Slew the Galra, and she didn’t cry. Even if it was just in front of her brother.

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