catastrophe queen

whatch your mouth!
he sayd
turnt my eyballs insideout my head
now i see
what make
tectonic plates begn to quake
and i am
bringin down the hous
3 square blocks leveld out
watch your mouth!
my ears when he shout
whirlwind vaccumes sucking out
the light of day the moon the stars the milkyway
i’m watching watching
still cant stop?
the whol dam thing collapse atop
careful little tiptoe plans
flash floods
well now he undrstands
reformation of the earth
as i pack bags
and my self worth


Take a moment to think of just…

Old Hunter Henryk headcanons:

- Henryk was so done with everything that he needed to beat the asses of two Hunters before he has calmed down enough to die. 

- Henryk was so badass that he didn’t fight the scourge  - he just told it to piss off and it did. 

- When Gherman was young, Henryk was already old.

- Henryk wears the face-sock so no blood gets in his magnificent ‘stache.

- He also keeps the’ stache hidden, because it is known to cause Frenzy.

- When you find a body with a convenient loot? Henryk put it there - the body, not the loot.

- Once he eyballed a Winter Lantern - and it started to play his favourite song. 

- It’s not the blood that keeps him alive - it’s liquor and salt. 

- Henryk once bet an Executioner who will kill a bigger monster. Executioner killed a Cleric Beast. Henryk killed the Executioner. 

- The Choir stays in the Choir. Because Henryk told them to. 

- Henryk is the reason why Ebrietas stayed behind. 

- Henryk doesn’t cover his face - you just don’t have enough Insight to see it. 

so i made a steven universe gif with all the gems and fusion. so if you want to make a fan fusion but dont know which gems you want you can use this! drack the pictures and see what you get. also im challenging @freefusions and @su-fusions to make a fusion out of this! you can use how many pictures you like but you have to pick the first ones you get! unless its something impossible ex opal+pearl or sugilite+garnet but if its garnet+eyball you can do that becuase its not the same ruby. the same is for yellow and blue pearl. have fun!

Okey I´m pretty sure atleast somebody have made note of this but I´m not finding such a post, therefore I´ll make a new one. Since I´m not native english I´ll just pardon my shitty enligsh, but I believe there won´t be THAT HARD to understand ^^

Back to subject:

The title of the first episode is “To You. 2000 Years From Now” and in the manga it is “To You in 2000 years”, With this we could make sure that it´s a message from somebody in a 2000 years gap. And by that, it means that this person is telling something to someone/some. By doing that, this person most be aware of the story line we are experressing right now. And that thought makes us understand that there is two routes we could take. Either this somebody is really into history, AND the people have written down history and made it clear so everybody could take apart from it. Thought this is very unbelievably since during this story we get to know that it´s even hard to get a hold of information about a century from that time, I don´t really know if 2000 years even would be possible.

The other route is to asume it´s somebody experessing everything during that time, and as far as we know, there is actually titans that could live for very long. We haven´t heared about a titan surviving 2000 years, but if we asume that possibility may work there is much evidence leading to someone WE already know is telling this story or telling something to the people of this story.

If this person is going to tell something VERY important it´s very logical it´s something that will change peoples lifes. And to me it makes much sense if this person is trying to warn his fellow comrades about a treat.

We could easily make out that Isayama have already taken the lifes of people that were important but didn´t even get to be apart in the story. As Levi´s squad, Mike and Nanaba. Therefore the thought about making people die furthermore isn´t too strange, is it?

By seeing this picture from Eren´s dream:

We could easily recognize some of the charactars from the NEW Levi Squad.

(OPS: Behind Connie is another dead body, and as we could see on the right side of the charactar is a quiver, and by that we could easily asume it´s Sasha)

The one with the label “Erwin” is much better than “Armin” as I see most of the posts label the charactar with Armin. Then I´ll just tell you that the body of this charactar is much bigger than the others and can´t be Armin, and the hair is very short…ofc we could asume that Armin grew bigger and cut his hair, but the problem then is that the other charactars are still looking like before.

And then we see Eren too, having an insect within his eye and blood stain all over his face, it is pretty much a dead body we are talking about. I mean logically nobody would stay still while an insect is taking a walk on their eyballs, but by anime-logic that may work, but I´ll throw that asumption as well.

Finally if we have recognized that Armin is missing from the Levi squad, then is he alive? Armin would easily be the one who survived, since Armin always does survive titan attacks. During this story we have seen him in nearly-dead-situations which he survived because of his comrades offering their lifes, (For example, when Eren sacrafised himself to that titan during their first titan-encounter) why can´t it happen again?

And going back to the thing I asumed by the title of the first chapter/episode, we could tell that YES, Armin´s charactar does suit the rule of the messenger. And by this scene we could make it clear that…

….there were indeed many “lights”, I´ll asume that that´s lifes, and they extinguished one by one until there was only ONE person left, or one light left. And Armin isn´t that sort of person who would want that, so he would surely want to warn his comrades. It´s why I asume that Armin indeed isn´t just some side charactar with a non-important rule in this anime/manga. BUT INDEED he has lived for very long and is going to warn his future comrades about their deaths. And that´s why the title is “To You, 2000 Years From Now”

I know this theory does have many gaps, but wouldn´t it be a really awesome plot twist if Armin happened to have the key of the story in his hand? 

anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you but you are amazing at eyes/around the eye and I was wondering if you have a tutorial/some sort of way of drawing the eyes, eyebrows and cheeks well?

you’re not a b other at all! thank you, i don’t mind showing :^)

what i do is really pretty simple

so i start out with a sort of outline for which way i want the head facing and where i want the eyes to be like so :

Once you know where you want your eyes, you know how to sketch the outline of the face. Eyes are sunken in to the head, so you’ll want to add that sort of depth :

That small divot in the side of the face indicates where the brow, eyesocket, and cheekbone are! This will help you place the opposite cheekbone and the nose, which i always start with:

The nose has a small line coming from the top of it to help me place the eyebrow in the right spot and gives the eyesocket more depth. So now that you know where the eyes belong you can add them:

Just adding a couple of curved lines on the lid gives the appearance of roundness. since the eyball itself is round, the eyelids dont come straight down, but instead curve around it. The top line on the eyelid will help you place eyebrows since they are on the edge of the brow:

once the eyebrows are on you can determine the size of the forehead and place the hair! 

Hope this helps!

Little Caskett Moments 53/? (”Sucker Punch” 02.13)
Meg’s moments (4/4) Happy Birthday castleincalifornia!
(But you have to share with shadoweddawn and me!)

Just look at the poor little Watchdogs here. They’re just scattered everywhere, with a desolate look in their eyes as they stumble about. I felt bad for the little jerks.

Especially when it comes to this guy in particular:

His blank emotionless stare worries me so…

Pretty much all of the Watchdogs were precious babies in this episode. I must have more of them.