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Late Night Conversations - Michael Clifford

Every day for exactly one hour, soulmates can talk to each other mentally, all you had to do was let them in.


Late night conversations were your favourite, so much so that every night without fail, you’d stay awake to talk to him.

You smiled as you remembered the first time you felt the slight tugging sensation, as if someone was trying to pull your brain open. Remembering how your friend had described the feeling of the mind link between her and her soulmate, you relaxed and embraced the feeling, a rush of euphoria and relaxation dancing through you.

That was the first time you ever spoke to Michael.

‘Yo, soulmate, you here yet? Jesus, when will you turn 16?!’

‘Today. I turned 16 today’ you replied to the voice you could hear, nervous about talking to him.

‘Finally! Two years I’ve been waiting, two years! Took your time’

‘Hey! It’s not like I chose to be born two years later than you’ you said, laughing slightly at his tone, imagining that he was pouting with his arms crossed.

‘Damn, your laugh is so cute’ you felt your face go red. ‘I’m Michael - what’s your name?’



‘Well that’s what you said’

‘Oh haha, very funny.’ he said sarcastically ‘What’s your real name?’


‘Nice to meet you, y/n. I don’t wanna sound creepy but I can’t wait to have loads of late night conversations with you. Okay that sounded creepy, fucking hell. Is it even night time where you are?’

‘It is yeah’ you said, laughing at the dork you were talking to ‘and don’t worry, late night conversations are my favourite’

You sighed as you thought back to that night three years ago, wondering what would have happened if you’d denied the link and not spoken to Michael, then quickly shaking the thoughts from your head before you made yourself cry.
Luckily, before you could cry, you felt a tugging sensation and let yourself relax, closing your eyes as you felt your link connect, the corners of your lips lifting into a smile.

‘Yooooo it’s your boy Clifford’ You smiled even wider, if that were possible. Michael could always do that with one simple sentence, even if what he said wasn’t funny.

All you needed to do was hear his voice.

‘Ew, not you again’

‘Hey! You’re so mean to me’

‘I’m sorry’

‘Sorry isn’t good enough’

‘What can I do to make it up to you?’ you asked, chuckling at his child-like behavior.


‘I’d give you cuddles if I were beside you’

‘You can be - come downstairs and let me in, it’s fucking freezing’

You hesitated, not sure what to make of the words in your mind.

‘W-what are you talking about?’ you asked, mentally slapping yourself for stammering your speech in your thoughts.

‘Look out the window’

You quickly bounded off the bed and ran to your window, ripped your curtains open and looked down, seeing someone stood on your lawn, the glow of the street lamp showing their red hair but not much else, however the strong pull you felt to the person meant that you didn’t need to see anything else to know who it was.


You turned and ran out of your room, not caring if you woke your parents, then ran down the stairs - your footsteps sounding like those of an elephant - and threw open your front door, letting it bang on the wall.

There he was, the boy who you talked to every night without fail.
The boy you stayed up for even if all you wanted was to sleep.
The boy you shared your secrets with.
The boy who could make you smile with one word.
Michael, your soulmate.

“Are you going to stand there or are you going to bring your ass over here and cuddle me?”

“Wow, way to ruin a moment, Clifford” you said, striding towards him and wrapping your arms around his shoulders, feeling him pull you tightly into his chest, grins fixing on both of your faces.

“I can’t believe you’re here” you whispered, tears starting to fall from your eyes as a million questions zipped around your head.

How did you get here?
How did you know where I live?
Are you allowed to be here?
How long have you been here?
When do you leave?
Can you stay?

But all of those thoughts stopped when Michael pulled away and did something you’d been dreaming of since that day three years ago when you’d turned 16.

He leaned in and placed his plump, soft, pink lips to yours, finally kissing you after years of day dreams and ‘I wonder’s.

Soulmate!5sos for @littlebeanmichael and @hopelessash‘s blurb night <3