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To: The Squad

Today, April 30th, marks one year since K-Girl Squad opened its doors! One entire year! In typical Rachael fashion, I didn’t finish my project for this (yet) so instead I’m making a sappy post to hold us over until I finish that.

All I can say is thank you. I went into this with a very specific vision of what this group would be, and it has surpassed any expectations I ever imagined. The people have been so much warmer and receptive and understanding than I ever could have dreamed, and meeting each of you, even if just for a couple of seconds, has been a wonderful experience for me. There are a lot of you, but I promise that I know all of your names and all of your work and I have definitely creeped on your pages to learn more about you all. 

The thing that I’ve come to love most about this, aside from the conversations, and the group chats, and even the amazing artistic things all of you have been putting into the tag, is how supportive everyone is. When there’s a reference call, dozens of notes filter in with everyone sharing their tricks. When a post gets reblogged onto the page and filters around the group, the tags are so uplifting to read and see how much everyone enjoys the others’ work. All of you are so sososososososooso talented and kind and you are exactly the type of people that I wanted to join in the Squad!

So, thank you. Thank you for being wonderful, thank you for being patient (especially with me because I’m pretty much the worst admin ever). Thank you for participating and reaching out to each other and forming friendships that I’ve gotten to see grow over the past year. Thank you for letting us put your amazing work all over our page and thank you for letting me gush about you guys all the time. Thank you for making this year one of the best I have ever had, just by sheer virtue of your existence.

I look forward to another year with all of you here, and for all of you to come, and once again thank you for everything you’ve given both to me and the girl group community. This Squad would be nothing without each and every one of you, and I mean that to the highest ability I can. 

Thank you.


P.S. Special thanks to our other admins for putting up with my shit and making this blog stay above water when I can’t. Without you, this would have failed long ago. @sleater-kitty @kyunghs @kpopis4lifeswaeg4lifeus @princessmiakitten @tsujeong

The Squad
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