So, I was looking at net searching for dog’s types for Psycho-Pass’ characters and found these ones:

Kougami Shinya - Belgian Groenendael Shepherd
Sasayama Mitsuru - Grand Danois
Masaoka Tomomi - German Shepherd
Kagari Shusei - italian Lebrel
Kunizuka Yayoi - Saluki
Karanomori Shion - Afghan Lebrel

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Complaining about how world sucks, how world should be, how much he hates his work and then suddenly saying his only reasong for living is his precious Diana and how a beautiful lady she is. And then people misunderstanding and so.

asfklasfjlajsfasfjf you know normally i’d probably be sort of annoyed at how erika generally tends to come out on top-ish of the will+erika exchanges in ougon cross but i think i enjoy anything that exposes what a bitter angry asshole will really is a little too much

“everyone has given up understanding him” indeed

maybe if your ragetyping as an anonymous was a little more coherent and not randomly broken up by badly-lit pictures of “your girlfriend” willard

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It’s a pain having to use a pc it’s not yours, but at least we will be able to talk a little right..??? And with all your friends as well!! So it’s something good at least I think…

Yup!! It’s a pain since the keyboard is kinda sticky and I have no emotes or reaction pictures, but I’m glad I have internet!!

Specially because I can talk with you, waifuu~ <3 *rabu*

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Being the type who always has the lights off or down, only staring at TV some specific programs & news, and collecting some stuff. Think he might have pink novels or so?? Big collection from Romantics Texts or so.

ajsklflajf i could definitely see that; big stacks of serious business texts and mystery novels that haven’t been touched in a while and then his more recent foray into the wonderful world of fluffy shoujo romance


The idea came randomly and I think it talks by itself: Satanick wanting to get ALL the information about Ivli’s failure so he can get even more material to laugh at his disgrace, still Kcalb isn’t getting it easy.

Anyway, I tried to do at Mogeko’s style since I really love it and here is it. Hope you enjoy it guys!

The Gray Garden Characters belong to Mogeko and not me.


Being a father it’s a bless, they said. It will be fun, they said.

Still I don’t think Old will think that no matter what, even if he’s just a step-father or the figure of one…. or something like that.

Anyway, the kids seems to enjoy it, so Old does a great job.

Sketchy-Traditional art~.

Wadanohara’s Characters belong to Mogeko and not me.


And so here it is, an attempt of comic or kind of. This time WodahsxGrora centered.

I felt like trying again Mogeko’s style since I really do love it, and somehow i thought it would fit it well, same goes as for the fact I really like drawing on paint so I give it a try. Hope you like it!!!

For last, just in case it wasn’t clear, here’s the clue: Eye Patches say everything by themselves

The Gray Garden’s Characters belong to Mogeko and not me.