leaving for tour this friday! check out these shows if you’re in the area!

May 31 - New Brunswick, NJ @ Cooler Ranch 

June 1 - Ithaca, NY @ McNeil Music (Ithacafest)

June 2 - Columbus, OH @ Scrumpletown 

June 3 - Grand Rapids, MI @ The Daac 

June 4 - St. Louis, MO @ Foam

June 5 - Carbondale, IL @ Skihaus

June 7 - Atlanta, GA @ Wonderroot

June 8 - Boone, NC @ Wood Circle House

June 9 - Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space

June 10 - Philadelphia, PA @ Great Indoors 


hey webs, i finally have a second to write about our tour, so here it goes.

highlights! made friends with randy- the life-sized canvas creeper doll in columbus, snuck into a kid’s mom’s house outside of st louis after they left until the cops came and questioned matt (thanks again adam hope yr not like, grounded), bud tour + city museum where we drunk-climbed a giant welded diy looking jungle gym complete with scrapped airplane and skate park where young kids were running up vert ramps and parents stared us down, played some awesome shows, mexican food + fireworks, drove 6 hours on average. 90 degrees and never went swimming- major disappointment.

rad bands we played with that i can remember right now - sea patterns, push ups, rasputins secret police, white reaper, carte de visite, viewfinder, the utils, odd dates, and soft roars.

cool, nick