Hmmm…they seem expensive but maybe my boss wouldn’t need a paper clip every third day for his shirt collars!

Titanium Collar Stays

Stiff and rigid isn’t the way you want to be described, but it should be the way you describe your collar. Unfortunately, collars don’t get that way by themselves. Exuvius titan collar stays will get your collar where it belongs and make sure it stays that way. The 100% titanium stays (you get two) are also a toolbox for common tasks because they’ve got a built-in bottle opener, thread cutter, screwdriver blade and a hole to hang them on a key ring. Basically, they’re everything you need in a collar stay and then some. $30


This collar stay not only keeps your collar in place, but it also serves as a bottle opener, screwdriver, and thread cutter!

The Exuvius Collar Stay does more than just keep your collar in place. This indispensable gadget provides four more features that are extremely useful in your everyday life. A built in bottle opener keeps the party flowing smoothly while opposing half-phillips and slot-tipped drivers can tighten even the loosest screw. A sharpened edge helps cut things loose so you can easily get rid of lose threads. Be sure that this 100% titanium collar stay is the most useful tool you’ll ever have.

Buy It Here: http://brinx.it/DR6