exuberant joy

Pippino surveys the Hufflepuff common room in abject horror. It’s sickening. It’s disturbing. It’s enough to reduce a grown man to tears. It’s a Friday night, and the common room is quiet despite being packed to the brim with students. Students noiselessly studying for exams. Students mutely sketching and writing. Students, quietly playing cards with one another. The silence is deafening.

Pip finally snaps and hops up onto one of the tables.

“Friends, Romans, Hufflepuffs! Lend me your ears! I say: are we not young? Are we not here in this world to live, to laugh? And yet, here we are, on a Friday night. Our entire lives span before us, the sunrise of our youth shining down upon us!  And yet we all are… somehow, here instead of exuberating in the joy that is existence out there. This is an outrage. This is a tragedy. We are Hufflepuffs, not Ravenclaws! Carpe Diem, my friends. We must seize the day with both hands! Grab on tight to all this world has to offer and for God’s sake don’t let go until your dying breath! Together we face the important questions Life asks of us: Who are we? What is it all for? Truth or dare?”

With his final words echoing, Pip points at one of his housemates. “Answer Life’s question!

Accents and Dialects

Between the six major polities–those being Iacon, Praxus, Kaon, Vos, Tarn, and Crystal City–there exist several dialects native to the mecha who inhabit them. Each one is uniquely devised to reflect the culture, history, and social structure of the polity it represents.


  • As the political hub and capital of Cybertron, the language is based on governmental patois.
  • Conversation revolves around the verbal structure of an open debate, treatise graphing, or Senate hearings.
  • Quick, clipped, and unerringly polite, even when it’s not meant to be.
  • Body mods, paint details, and personal decor imply rank, faction, caste, and political lean–it is an important abstract to the language as a whole; rarely will you find an Iaconian without one or more mods.
  • Body language is reserved almost to the point on nonexistence; likewise, EMF has no place in public spaces.
  • The language has few contractions and is always short and to-the-point among the middle- and lower-class.


  • A lilting language, expressing exuberance and joy.
  • Colorful and overly descriptive, it is a mixing of many cultures, including its own, and thus will fluctuate from sector to sector.
  • Unlike Iaconian dialect, Praxian involves excessive movement and EMF patterns, and many citizens are Chirolingual; physical touch is highly important and used to convey deep emotion.
  • Facial expressions and motor noises–chirring, chirping, purrs, growls, and chuffing–are used intermittently with the spoken word.
  • Singing, though not essential, is also considered part of the local dialect.


  • Brash and loud, the Kaonite dialect is less refined than the others and is considered ‘barbaric’.
  • Graphic use of glyphs to illustrate ideas and desires, as opposed to lengthy descriptions.
  • A deep, guttural language originating from vocal synthesizers attached to the engines, as opposed to vocoders, which filter air.
  • Excessive use of violent or wild gestures, as well as body language–flaring and tightening plating, shifting kibble, etc.
  • Tone is often grating, or rough, due to constant abuse of vocoders, but always passionate and exceptionally proud.
  • Similar to Praxus, motor noises are also common markers of the language.


  • As the City of the Seekers, Vosnian vernacular is heavily dependent on having a certain frametype.
  • Gestures play an enormous role as an integral part of the spoken language; without wings, or the knowledge of how to interpret their movements, one cannot ever properly converse in the language.
  • A political language, though not necessarily to the degree of Iaconian; it draws more heavily from Primal Vernacular than Basic.
  • Verbose, and yet articulate, the language is woven together with soft tones and a cultured, rich accent that belies a simmering passion below the surface.
  • A sly, secretive language preferred for making deals and negotiating contracts.


  • As a militaristic polity, the language reflects the rigid social structure of Tarn in its harsh, orderly composition.
  • Posture alone is worth half the language; plating is always pulled tight, and facial expressions are very neutral.
  • Binary and code intersperse the spoken language, but EMF pulses are rarely utilized in day-to-day conversation.
  • Relies heavily on data emissions.
  • Flat and cold tones with few contractions.
  • The language is heavily dependent on status and military rank, which regulate how members of the different castes are to speak to one another; each caste holds a different ‘rank’, and the lower the caste, the less mecha permitted to speak to you. 
  • Only the lowest castes rejected the strict and ordered speech, thus interring themselves in the slums where they would oft go ignored.

Crystal City

  • As the foremost scientific community on Cybertron, the language of Crystal City revolves heavily around binary, code, equations, and glyphs.
  • The language is complex, but entirely factual; some might say insufferable.
  • The tone is cultured, but very matter-of-fact and sometimes even described as cold or harsh.
  • Enunciation is key to everything, and few words have less than four syllables.

As always, there are differences between the castes themselves. The higher the caste, the more strictly one adhered to the chosen vernacular; lower castes often had their own languages, which were bastardized versions of the ‘higher’ language.

happy fury road things to think about

  • furiosa as a lil baby running around the green place smiling and laughing
  • a kid with autism growing up in the citadel and finding out that cars are their passion, becoming the best damn mechanic the place has ever seen, and earning a place of honor because of it
  • one of the seeds the keeper planted actually taking root somewhere in the desert as the beginning of a new oasis
  • missions from the new citadel traveling to the crow place and slowly purifying the land and water
  • war pups growing up under furiosa to become merciful and understanding men instead of violent brainwashed ones
  • biker gangs cruising through the desert doing sick jumps and flips just for the sheer exuberant joy of it
  • doof having an acoustic guitar they like to play during their quiet alone time
  • rictus actually having a little baby sibling and turning into the sweetest most adoring older brother in the world
  • the old ladies of the many mothers sharing drinks and war stories over the fire at night
  • nux and capable lying in the sun atop the citadel’s tallest garden, holding hands, staying until the moon rises and they can name the stars

he celebrated in much the same way back in ‘08. “obama won, baby! obama won!”

Had he discovered a gold mine, greater delight could not have shone upon his features.

3 pages into a study in scarlet. and YES ITS ABOUT SHERLOCK. its the first time john sees him. 

a page before, john describes seeing stamford for the first time in years: “The sight of a friendly face in the great wilderness of London is a pleasant thing indeed to a lonely man. In old days Stamford had never been a particular crony of mine, but now I hailed him with enthusiasm, and he, in his turn, appeared to be delighted to see me. In the exuberance of my joy, I asked him to lunch with me at the Holborn, and we started off together in a hansom.”

let the record show arthur doyle himself wrote johns first impression of sherlock as a poetic reflection on how happy he looked ON DELIGHT ‘SHINING’ UPON HIS FEATURES HOW GAY