extrovert quote

I’m sorry for being so bad at contacting you. It doesn’t mean I don’t care or don’t love you. I just get really absorbed by life and become so occupied by everything around me that I forget to keep contact. But I always come back and then it will always feel like no time has passed since we were together last.
Thank you for not giving up on me.
—  A loving E/INFP friend
I’m a swot,” said James. “I read books all the time and I do not know how to talk to people. If I was a girl living in olden times, people would call me a bluestocking. I wish I could talk to people like you do. I wish I could smile at people and make them like me. I wish I could tell a story and have everybody listen, and have people follow me around wherever I went. Well, no, I don’t, because I am slightly terrified by people, but I wish I could do all that you can do, just the same.
—  Nothing but Shadows (Tales from Shadowhunter Academy #4) by Cassandra Clare
Compassion automatically invites you to relate with people because you no longer regard people as a drain on your energy.
—  Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Dear future child,

Do not see your shyness as a flaw or a defect. I’m sorry that society only applauds the bold, and therefore shoves quiet humility to the side - but just remember this:

No one acknowledges the incredible beauty of a rose slowly blooming, bud, petal, flower - yet when it reveals itself, all are in awe. And remember, a rose is only gifted to loved ones, appreciated by the sound at heart.

You are a work of art, and better still, a work-in-progress.

—  ificoulddrinkpoetry

                        What are you thinking?

                        ( The fleeting delicacy of our own existence and the
                         fact that anyone’s mentality could simply crash in
                        on them at any point, that as a systematic creation
                        we are so self deprecating and yet so advanced at
                        the same time, trapped in an endless limbo of
                        creation and destruction

                     “  Cats are pretty swell, huh ?