extrovert hate

People say that just because you hate/dislike/get annoyed by people, it doesn’t make you an introvert. To be honest, I think my dislike of a lot of people is a byproduct of me being an introvert. If people didn’t try to force their opinions on how I should act or think so much, maybe I would be more inclined towards them. I’m not “boring” or “lame” or “a buzzkill” because I don’t want to party, hang out with a group of strangers, or constantly be doing something or talking about small talk like the weather or sports. I prefer to spend time on my own or with close friends, to sit in my own and just think about random, interesting, introspective things, to recharge and relax. That’s what being an introvert requires sometimes. I shouldn’t have to explain myself just as extroverts aren’t constantly required to explain themselves. Having to explain these ideas to people is tiring and having them attack me with annoying and rude labels because I’m not exactly like them is irritating and it has left a bad impressive on me. I try to stay open minded but sometimes… I don’t know. This turned into more of a rant than I meant it to be but I hope my point comes across well.

  • Anxiety: Why are we never invited to parties??? No one likes us!!!
  • Logic: In order to be invited to parties, you have to talk to more than 4 people.
  • Anxiety: haha lol that ain't happening
  • Logic: But-
  • Anxiety: LOL
  • Anxiety: But seriously why aren't we invited to parties
  • Logic: *looks into the camera like it's on the office*
Every Introvert comic ever

“Hi, I’m an introvert! That means I hate the outdoors and sunlight makes me burst into flames! I’m not a big, dumb party animal like those icky extroverted losers, I actually hate all humans and like to read instead! Aren’t I so quirky?”

Compassion automatically invites you to relate with people because you no longer regard people as a drain on your energy.
—  Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
The signs as I know them (capricorn girl)

Aries: Likes movies about violence. Sarcastic. A little antisocial, but still leads an active life. Easily bored. Very talented. Big ego. Drinks a lot. 

Taurus: Calm and quiet. Seems shy, but is not. Has many friends. Likes horror movies, sweets and classy girls.

Gemini: Had a difficult life. Very strong. Doesn’t trust a lot of people. Loves attention. Talks about interesting subjects all the time. Cool style. Once whispered the secret to a happy life in my ear “don’t give a fuck about ANYTHING!” and then laughed out loud. 

Cancer: Strong and soft at the same time. Big green eyes. Street smart. Extrovert. Always late. Hates night clubs. Gets close to people very fast. Sleeps only 2-3 hours. 

Leo: Very cute. Helps everybody out. Lifts your mood the moment he enters the room. Adores attention. A little hard on himself. Likes being pet on his head.

Virgo: Very talented but underestimates herself. Has many friends but spends most of her days in a cafe, alone, with her laptop and loves every minute of it. Has a good taste. Takes cool photos. Eats slow with very small bites. 

Libra: Every boy is in love with her. Red hair. Very touchy feely. Gives the best massages. Makes her own dresses. Likes changes. Adores her family. Rare beauty. Talented in multiple things. 

Scorpio: Nobody knows what is really  going on in his life. Loves hugging. Has a huge ego but acts like he doesn’t. Likes to dress well. Has beautiful black hair. Very sensitive. Likes to explore the dark side of the human psyche. Stalks you on social media. Wants to know the real you. 

Sagittarius: Loves to talk to everybody about everything. Very cute (I kinda have a crush on him). Adrenaline freak. Has ADHD. Is never late. Open minded. Likes luxurious lifestyle. Awkward hugger. Curly hair. Loud laugh. Listens to music all the time. Loves teamwork. Hates rude people. 

Capricorn: Acts tough. Very sensitive inside. Has many friends but doesn’t let them close. Very independent. Great sense of humour. Dresses well. Everyone knows and likes her. Works hard. Travels a lot. Quite famous photographer.

Aquarius: Cool, smart and independent. Yoga freak. Listens to Jazz. Loves her bicycle more than she likes people. Introvert. Wants to work in the Red Cross. Last night she told me about her astral travel - how she flew to the roof of her house and watched the city from there. 

Pisces: Beautiful eyes. Optimist. Interested in spirituality. Likes comfort and warmth. Is a little shy. Studies well. Hates arguing with people. Wants to travel to Thailand with me next summer. 

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but why do you ship stony? to me it doesn't make any sense at all

sit down son because you’re about to get an essay

First of all I just want to say that I do see the appeal of other ships. I see why people ship Steve/Other People, Tony/Other People and I respect your shipping choice. But for me, Steve and Tony have the most interesting relationship in all of Marvel. I’m not a reader who loves romance stories, not with original characters and not even between my ships sometimes, so it is essential to me that the dynamic to any relationship I read is complex, layered and interesting.

What makes their relationship so interesting for me is their conflicting viewpoints. You’ve got the futurist with the man out of time. The realist with the idealist. They’re almost complete opposites. Tony is brash, loud and an engineer while Steve is introverted, caring and an artist. What they both have in common is that they’re both broken. Steve has been displaced in time and everyone who he cares about is dead except for his best friend who is brainwashed by an evil organisation. Tony didn’t have the happiest of childhoods and has had to hide behind a facade his entire life to protect himself, he was kidnapped by terrorists, betrayed by someone he trusted, poisoned by the thing that was keeping him alive and all that before the first Avengers movie.  

But as some people argue, “They’re too different! They could never work!”

I beg to disagree.

Look at other widely shipped couples. Sherlock and John from Sherlock, the introverted anti-social, sociopathic genius with the sociable, sensitive ex-army doctor. Merlin and Arthur from BBC’s Merlin, the loveable, secretive, poor magician with the spoilt, extroverted, magic-hating prince. Even canon couples, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, the reckless, funny and fun-loving wizard with the uber-intelligent, organised, control-freakish witch.

Why do all these couples work? Because they are opposites with different viewpoints. 

What’s the good in having someone who sees the world in the same way as you do? You’ll just tip further and further towards one side until you are unable to see any other viewpoint apart from your own.

I’m not a shipper who denounces other ships. I see the appeal in all the other popular ships involving these two characters. Hell, I even low-key ship them myself. But I always get drawn back to these two. Why? Well there are many reasons. One is the emotional angst. I freaking adore emotional angst and this ship definitely comes out top out of any ship I can think if. Two is the fact that they would make such a power couple. Seriously, they blew up half the world when they had a fight. Which also makes them a dangerous combination, another thing that appeals to me in ships. Third, I have never found such high quality of fanfic as I have found within this ship. The characterisation of both Steve and Tony within the fics are absolutely spot on the grand majority of the time and for two complex characters like that, it’s extremely hard to get it right. Also the relationship progression within each fic is absolutely beautiful. It isn’t instalove, or strange sexual attraction (unless that’s the point of the fic), Most of the time they start off hating each other and their relationship progresses naturally, usually through the help of the other avengers until they end up friends and then it naturally progresses from there. Also I love how much respect the fic writers have for other ships within the Marvel fandom. Pepper is always treated with such respect, as is Bucky. They acknowledge that Steve and Bucky probably loved each other as more than friends and that Steve and Bucky’s bond runs very, very deep. They also acknowledge hat Tony and Pepper, even though they didn’t quite fit together, also love each other and Pepper is never the “villain” in the relationship. (Also the average fic length is about 20,000 words which just makes it better.) 

Fourth and final reason, although it seems a bit arbitrary and strange, are two quotes I found when I was just getting into Marvel and still differing between different ships. 

“Your first love is only so good until you meet the love of your life.” 


“Your soulmate is not someone that comes into your life peacefully. It is who comes to make you question things, who changes your reality, somebody that marks a before and after in your life. It is not the human being everyone has idealized, but an ordinary person, who manages to revolutionize your world in a second…”

It’s just a coincidence I found those two quotes but they just hit me so hard where Steve and Tony was concerned that I didn’t really look back.

To round up, the Steve/Tony relationship is a tragic story about two opposites who at first found the other jarring and too different from them but found out that what they needed was in the other person, only to have that all torn away by a fight. The cruelest catch is that they can’t ever truly forget each other and they can’t ever forget that maybe they were always better with the other. 

also marvel confirmed that if they admitted their feelings to each other and got married, civil war wouldn’t have happened

and the actors ship it


finally seeing is believing, or rather, reading is believing so I’m going to leave you with a few examples of some fics that just define this ship for me below the cut.

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There should be different types of stores for different personality types.

There would be a store for introverts where no one talks to each other. No one makes eye contact. There might be music, but it would be quiet. All the checkouts would be automated so you wouldn’t ever have to talk to anyone. And then there would be a store for extroverts that is just a complete fucking mess.

That feel when a 160 year old Russian novel has a relatable introverted protagonist


So I’ve recently finished reading “Crime and Punishment” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and the protagonist Raskolnikov is pretty relatable. 

(For reference, Raskolnikov/Rodya is the protagonist, Razumihin is his best friend, Nastasya is his maid and Zossimov is a mutual acquaintance.)

1. On meeting known people in the street

2. On sleeping

3. More sleeping until late

4. On realising the mistake in trying to be social

5. Now what follows is an interaction between a raging extrovert and a raging introvert. This is what probably happens when an unstopppable force meets an immovable object. (Incoming wall of text)

(i) Enter one raging extrovert

(ii) Starts to Billy Mays it up

(iii) Billy Mays it up to a 11. Ol’ Ras can’t get a word in (wall of text)

(iv) Until Raskolnikov finally loses it

6. More on being alone

7. Typical introvert-extrovert love-hate relationship

8. And finally, the coup de grâce

INTJ stereotypes and realites

Seterotypical INTJ things I do:
- Read a lot
- Love Math/Physics
- Enjoy philosophical discussions
- hate small talk
- always on time
- super CLEAN, hand sanitizers everywhere
- sarcastic af
- I can be manipulative when I want to be
- Straight-forward
- nerd level 1000
- love dark rooms
- good leader but hate to actually be the one doing it, i work better alone
- arrogant, self-obsessed (but you won’t notice until its too late)
- I argue to win AND to learn. I do both.
- hate losing an argument
- ridiculously loyal to my friends/family
- must protect all xNFPs at all costs with my ENTJ bff
- find INTPs cute and smol
- love/hate relationship with INFJs
- open to new ideas
- highly analytical and rational in my approach to everything 
- very forgiving
- good memory
- LOVE being on my own
- no interest in watching competitive sports

Things I do that are not usually associated with INTJs:
I am socially approachable and considered to be a friendly person by my associates
- I enjoy the occasional social event
- I LOVE DANCING and DRINKING. In actual pubs.
- I am clean but not organized at all. My wardrobe is super messy
- I lose my phones/keys alot
- I do tell white lies when its convenient just to spare someone their feelings. YES I DO CARE ABOUT PEOPLE’s FEELINGS (Though this is only when I know that telling the truth would not make things any better. This is something alot of mature INTJs eventually learn to do.)
- big time adrenaline junkie. like engaging in physical activities
- i like fashion
- i don’t take myself very seriously. in the sense, i dont think I am someone mysterious, or hard to understand or untouchable or whatever. 
- I don’t hate extroverts. contrary to what people seem to think on tumblr of INTJs, I actually respect some extroverted qualities alot. How shitty or good a person is independent of their MBTI type :) 
- I prefer working alone, but I also like working in a team.
- how did I forget this. I was always among the top-three scorers in High school but i was never a straight-A student. During engineering, I actually flunked a couple of subjects. So no, smartness doesn’t come easy to anyone, not even a so-called genius MBTI type.
- I am a proud Hufflepuff. Not a Slytherin or a Ravenclaw.

I will continue adding things to the list as I come up with them.

Tag time

I have three assignments, two tests, two notes and one project due tomorrow, but I prefer spending time on Tumblr, so why not answer this?

I was tagged @highkeynessian and @queen-archeron. Thanks, girls💕

1. I’m totally different from internet in real life. I’m totally extrovert here, but I hate talking to new people in real life.

2. I speak Portuguese, English, the basic of Spanish, and I know how to curse/meet someone/ ask for water and help in French, Italian, Hindi and Latin.

3. I’m 5’5 feet tall, but my attitude is 6’5 so don’t you try me.

4. I curse a lot. More than it’s usual. Fuck is like hi in my vocabulary. This can bring me problems because 1) not everyone likes this. 2) not everyone will understand that I’m being sarcastic, nor serious when I curse.

5. I want to go to college and study medicine, so I can be a cardiac surgeon, but my plan B is opening a floriculture.

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Rule: List ten of your favorite female characters from ten different fandoms and then tag ten people.

  • Nesta— A Court of Thorns and Roses
  • Aelin— Throne of Glass
  • Mare— Red Queen
  • Hermione— Harry Potter
  • Nina— Six of Crows
  • Emma— The Dark Artifices
  • Clary— The Mortal Instruments
  • Tessa— The Infernal Devices
  • Ella— Paper Princess
  • America— The Selection

The list keeps going, but I can just tag ten.

Tagging for both, but can choose only one if you prefer: @highladyfxyre @ssingerqueen @tog-trash @nesrvn @weehawkendawngunsdrawnyouron @writtenbyourstruly @redqueenfandom @tacmc @the-fangirl-goth @a-court-of-feels-and-pain

Me: I kind of miss the days of interacting with more of the fandom, you know like when we were active in the tags and lots of people contributed

Me, fifteen minutes after being on a discord server: Oh god, public socialization, nevermind lets just go back to hanging out alone

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💛 Who’s your best friend?
~ My best friends are @hufflepufftrax @bee-wrecker @thatonegirrl16 @somerandomflamingo

❤️ Are you single or taken?
~ Taken. Happily Married :)

💜 What do you look like?
~hello. yes. Hi. it me. lol (Pic below)

💙  Introvert or extrovert?
~ I’d say extrovert but I hate going outside. I much prefer solitude most of the time.

Thank you very much for the asks :D

Ya Know, Friends, being introverted or whatever is not an excuse to be a snotty little asshole, like going “I hate when extroverts get comfortable around me and talk to me and share ‘useless information’ with me when all I want to do is read Ayn Rand” is just, being a shithead, not being on a higher plane of existence

Takeru Takaishi Headcanons

-Extroverted, hates being alone.

-Adores how busy the Inoue household is

-Lies and tells Yamato he likes bad songs (Friday) just to see his reaction

-He forgets a lot of really basic things like eating or bringing his backpack to school.

-His personal philosophy is to “keep moving forward.” No use in dwelling on the past. (Why yes, he does love Meet the Robinsons)

-Takes a lot of responsibility for team, friends, and family.

-He’s really intimidated by how in sync Yamato and his Dad are.

-Doesn’t understand Iori but knows he’s very smart and mature and enjoys sitting on his floor and hearing his opinions no matter how they differ from his.

-He, Hikari, and Daisuke always do homework together, especially as they enter higher grades. They’re the only two people who are aware of how bad he is at math.

-Loves to tease people. Him and Daisuke pester each other constantly. It becomes more good-natured over time.

-Can be quite stubborn when he really believes in something. He isn’t one to give up easily. Or ever.

-Cheerful, optimistic, stubborn.

Other Chosen headcanons

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favourite followers (non-negotiable). Spread positivity! ❤

Omg again. Okay. Here we go.

1- I love my hair, the way I can change it with a few dyes and stand out from a crowd
2- I love (and sometimes hate) my extroverted brain that causes me to speak literally every thought in my brain. I have no filter.
3- I love my intense and weird knowledge of most of the ways to kill a human.
4- I love how I can tell what a person is thinking based on how they look around the room, the way their eyes shift, the direction their feet point.
5- I love how I managed to get so many amazing and wonderful friends and followers on here in so little time.