The art of FLIGHT - RedBull EPIC snowboard video trailer


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im EXTRMELY high and dtunk now and yall are askin abt johnlock but lik its yhe same as when im sober. I i fucking love them s@ much john puts hisdickm in sherlocksa ss andnit doenst even matter i love them

waiting for poeple to get into fights w is boring but i dont feel like going out of my way to find people to fight with but. hey im an extrmely violent otherkin come get me

i saw an extrmely shitty post and i was gonna rage about it but anon’s compliment made me feel better. i assure you it was the shittiest of posts on this goddamn earth tho. might post it later so i can rage with other people, cuz the post currently has 420 notes and literally none of em are pointing out how shitty it is and like i need my rage validated lol