the inevitable heat death of the universe is a BULLSHIT theory and is entirely unlikely due to the existence of extremophiles and constant gene mutations

Antarctic fungi survive 18 months in Mars-like conditions on board the ISS
By Fiona MacDonald

Tiny fungi that grow in the cracks of Antarctic rocks have just spent 18 months on board the International Space Station (ISS) in conditions similar to those on Mars, and 60 percent of their cells survived with stable DNA, new research reveals.

The results will help scientists better understand what type of lifeforms may have once lived on the Red Planet - and potentially still exist there - and will give them some insight into what they should be looking for.

The fungi in question are known as cryptoendolithic fungi, and two species were collected by European scientists and sent to the ISS: Cryomyces antarcticus and Cryomyces minteri.

Both species were taken from the McMurdo Dry Valleys, which are located in the Antarctic Victoria Land and, thanks to their dry, hostile conditions, are generally considered to be the most similar Earth environment to Mars.

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European scientists collected fungi from Antarctica, and lichens from the Sierra de Gredos (Spain) and the Alps (Austria), and they sent them to the International Space Station (ISS) to experience conditions similar to Mars. After 18 months, the team analyzed the samples and discovered that more than 60 percent of the cells were intact and with stable DNA. The results indicate that the harsh conditions of Mars might not be an insurmountable obstacle, and these extremophile species might survive.

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there’s life in the ocean that could survive if the sun were to disappear mainly bc they’re so deep in the ocean that the sun doesn’t influence them at all (extremophiles, which are ornaginism that can surivive in extreme conditions). also if the sun would disappear even billions of years later we would still have water in our ocean beneath miles of ice due to geothermal radiation keeping the deeper water from freezing. basically the earth would be like a space ship (bc the sun’s gravity would disappear thus earth has no gravitational influence keeping it in its orbit) carrying life on it traveling through space at a rate of 67,000 mph, after a billion years it would have covered 100,00 light years

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Between the Buried and Me

/10: 9.5
Favourite album: Parallax II (I GOT A LIMITED EDITION VINYL FOR MY BIRTHDAY I’ve been meaning to post pics but I keep forgetting)
Favourite song: I have no idea there are so many I like. Backwards Marathon, Sun of Nothing, Extremophile Elite, Telos, King Redeem, …
If i’ve seen them live (and if so, how many times): Once, but it was at an amazing venue in Sacramento with The Contortionist and AAL. unbelievably good show
Time/place/person they remind me of: time maybe when I graduated high school cause that’s when I started getting into them
How I discovered them: I kinda feel like I’ve always known about them..? actually, I remember that a woman I played with in my church’s band is related to one of them somehow.. I definitely already knew about them at the time she told me so I still can’t remember. whelp  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

cool science trivia monday with mae:

i knew that it was theoretically possible for pH values to reach below zero, but i recently found out that pH can reach negative values (down to -4… wtf) in extremely acidic environments in the wild, such as Richmond Mine waters found in Iron Mountain, CA, that are formed as a result of pyrite oxidation, efflorescent mineral formation and other mechanisms. even cooler: i know about extremophiles but some organisms, such as the archaeon Picrophilus torridus, thrive in pH values below 0, which is pretty wild tbh…

Biologists find genetic mechanism for ‘extremophile’ fish survival

IMAGE: Biologists have found genetic mechanisms that let the Atlantic molly live in toxic, acidic water. view more Credit: Photo courtesy of Michael Tobler PULLMAN, Wash.–A Washington State University biologist has found the genetic mechanisms that lets a fish live in toxic, ac…
Source:Biologists find genetic mechanism for ‘extremophile’ fish survival

Biologists find genetic mechanism for 'extremophile' fish survival

A Washington State University biologist has found the genetic mechanisms that lets a fish live in toxic, acidic water. The discovery opens the door to new insights into the functioning of other “extremophiles” and how they adapt to their challenging environments. http://dlvr.it/KSJVmb

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One of the questions in my biology prelim was 'what is the name for organisms that survive in extreme temperatures?' so I put down thermophiles and it was marked wrong because the marking scheme just said extremophiles. Grrrr lost a mark on an answer that wasn't even incorrect

Yeah, biology are very pedantic that way. I remember there was a term that could be used in section C of the paper but would be marked wrong in section B. I just 

the biology sqa lot are fucking weird, man


Between the Buried and Me - Extremophile Elite 

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