N: So, you’re nearsighted, huh?

J: Yeah, you’re a bit blurry without my glasses though.

N: How about now? 

Sign me up for impromptu midnight training, sweating in the cold night air, and then curiosity about just how nearsighted Jason is as an excuse for close proximity.  EDIT: posted the unedited one because I like the having definite pencil lines shown. 

For people who want to learn how to write better, this is a thing I taught to my brother so he sometimes does this when he’s bored or while we’re studying.

So take out just four different colored pencils, preferably red, blue, yellow and orange and write each letter carefully.

Red = first stroke
Blue = second stroke
Green = third stroke
Orange = fourth stroke

In JP, stroke order is pretty important since it makes your handwriting better and it gives it ‘balance’. The one my brother did has some mistakes here and there (like け for example) but he got the idea and got to memorize the alphabet too. ;u;

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So Jordan I have to ask before you became obsessed with Pokemon and DBZ as a kid what were you a big fan of?

Hahah yeah as a kid before I found DBZ and Pokemon  I was really into 3 things

The 1987 Ninja Turtles

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Extreme Dinosaurs

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and of course Street Sharks, I really liked that one cause I loved Sharks back 

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Ninten lay in his bed, fast asleep. Outside, Magicant’s sun shone beams of light into the prince’s room, making the emerald floor glitter.

A slam echoed throughout the room, and the prince jumped. Queen Maria – his great-grandmother – charged at Ninten and scooped him up before he could say anything.

“Gramma, what’re you doing?!”

The Queen only smirked, crouched down, and jumped high into the air. They didn’t come down; the next moment, Magicant’s royalty was soaring straight up toward the clouds.

“Is this about that time I let a Raeb Yddet into the castle?!” Ninten shouted.

Maria raised the prince over her, his head pointing directly below. They pierced the clouds, and all that lay above was a pink void.

“Come on and slam …” began Maria, her voice thundering for miles across Magicant.

Ninten froze. They stopped soaring and started falling as fast as a meteor, their faces rippling in the wind. As the ground rose up, the prince squeezed his eyes shut.

“… And welcome to the jam!” 

The second she uttered that last word, the Queen hurled a screaming Ninten through the air and into the ground. The force depressed the spot he landed in, like a cushy trampoline. He thought he’d rip right through. But a moment later, it sprung back into place, launching him up.

A cycle began: land, launch, land, launch, land, launch. Even though the distance shortened each time, the prince felt like he was a basketball being dribbled. 

Meanwhile, Maria floated up to the castle’s roof, laughing into her hand.

About 10 days ago I set off into the Fjords of Chile with @thenorthface to try and ski Volcan Maca and Kay. I knew that it was going to be tough, however, never having been to the jungle before I didn’t quite grasp what I was in for. While I prepared myself for the worst, it turns out I didn’t have a sufferfest benchmark that came close to what we were in for. The approach required hauling +/- 70lb pack up a 3,000’ climb through muddy, overgrown terrain that was so steep we were on all fours for most of it…in the pouring rain. To make matters worse, the vegetation was so thick the only way to carry our skis was in our arms. For much of it, we just threw our skis as far up the mountain as possible, crawled up to them, picked them up and threw them again. I’m a fan of type II fun, but this was on an entirely different level. Here, the crew makes there way up the first part of the approach. by griffpost