So hiya, yeah I’ve been inactive again for a while ^ ^; But reasons! Last weekend, I went to visit my lovely friend @reallyquantum, pictured with me in the last photo. It’d been a while since I visited anyone so it was a real treat, we had a really girly weekend shopping at malls, went to SPX, saw Ghostbusters again, her mom was amazing, and also the highlight: my first Renaissance Fest!

I threw together an outfit from stuff I had at home and rushed to make myself a matching elf crown and necklace thingy (I made reallyquantum’s back in college) which turned out a bit fancier than expected >.>; I got a lot of compliments which made me really happy, since I haven’t worn anything cool to a con-like event in a really long time ^ ^ The back, not pictured, is the fanciest part so I’ll try to post pictures of that later.


The 4 state lines bordering Massachusetts I have crossed by skateboard. New York is next.

Connecticut - 71.3 miles
New Hampshire - 73.1 miles
Rhode Island - 82.4 miles
Vermont - 100.2 miles

The reason why so many people are in denial over eruri being canon is that we are programmed by the (mostly western) media that unless they don’t make out violently in front of the kids during a climactic last scene, they ain’t in love enough. yea cool! The “imma break both your legs so they mend properly afterwards” or the 1.7x more power when the other party is around and the Ackerman bond, the very thing that makes people say ere///mika is canon, being confirmed. and don’t even get me started on the crazy amount of “I trust your decision” and the “I believe in your potential”. but y'all still in denial lmao sure, Jan!

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Hey what morph is salsa/where did you get her? because she is beautiful!!

Thanks! She’s an extreme okeetee from don soderberg at South Mountain Reptiles—getting her was great, he was really helpful despite a shipping mixup and she arrived safe, sound, and on time!

eventually i’ll figure out how to take a photo of her, as right now all of my attempts come out something like this:


I’ve decided that going forward all FEMMExDOMME releases and merch will be 100% free (free shipping as well) for any and all trans or nonbinary youth. It’s important for me to acknowledge that not all of us can afford to buy tapes or patches or shirts and I don’t want that to get in the way of y'all hearing some rad bands, getting cool merch and ultimately supporting art made by folks you can possibly relate to/feel good about supporting.

Of course, if you have any questions, want to help, contribute or be a part of this project feel free to DM me or comment!💕
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