okay so at first i was on board with peoples opinions about rcdart, and was glad they were getting called out on bs, but now im seeing this is going way too fuckin far guys. stop. you shouldnt threaten people’s lives, education and future career over drawings on the internet. you just shouldnt.

personally i dont like their art and i think theyre way cocky, and their content is nasty. and that they deserve criticism, sure, but i think you guys should fuckin stop before it becomes another zamii. leave peoples personal lives out of it. there is a big difference between “criticism” and “social assassination”. fuckin. enough is enough.

Sea ice hit record lows in November
The November extent was 3.2 standard deviations below the long-term average, a larger departure than observed in September 2012 when the Arctic summer minimum extent hit a record low.

Unusually high air temperatures and a warm ocean have led to a record low Arctic sea ice extent for November, according to scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) at the University of Colorado Boulder. In the Southern Hemisphere, Antarctic sea ice extent also hit a record low for the month, caused by moderately warm temperatures and a rapid shift in circumpolar winds.

“It looks like a triple whammy—a warm ocean, a warm atmosphere, and a wind pattern all working against the ice in the Arctic,” said NSIDC director Mark Serreze.

Arctic sea ice extent averaged 9.08 million square kilometers (3.51 million square miles) for November, 1.95 million square kilometers (753,000 square miles) below the 1981 to 2010 long-term average for the month. Although the rate of Arctic ice growth was slightly faster than average, total extent actually decreased for a brief period in the middle of the month. The decrease in extent measured 50,000 square kilometers (19,300 square miles) and was observed mostly in the Barents Sea, an area of the Arctic Ocean north of Norway, Finland, and Eastern Russia.

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Oswald looks so feral and weirdly beautiful in the season one finale like??? He does have a distinctive, unconventional attractiveness but I think that's possibly the best he's ever looked--dressed down and filled with rage.

Well, he doesn’t dress down very often - unless you count Fluffwald WHICH I DON’T. Sorry. Issues. For me though, the absolute finest he’s ever looked is this scene right here:

And this:


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it's really nice that you're a popular blog but you still ship kaisoo, the "popular" blogs with the huge ass egos think it's cool now to insult kaisoo every moment of their lives but you don't have an ego you're really kind and humble which is why you're one of my fave blogs and you're a jongin stan i don't know what my point is here but thank you for all your gifs and kindness

aw thank u my lil peanut, thats so sweet c’:

but those blogs are the reason why i’m not as active on here as i used to be (when it comes to reblogging i mean)… these days im kind of dreading clicking on the tumblr dashboard.. because i always see something that makes me unnecesarily angry :/

idk why ppl cant let other ppl ship whatever they want, and the worst thing is that u can kinda see that they feel superior bc they ship certain otps while making fun of kaisoo shippers

NYPD Reports ‘Huge Spike’ in Hate Crimes Since Donald Trump’s Election
The police department reported a 115 percent increase in bias crimes, the bulk of them anti-Semitic.

Addressing the press at One Police Plaza this morning, Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce noted again that hate crimes are up 35 percent for all of 2016 compared to the year prior. But he reported that the most intense burst had come in the weeks since November 8: 43 incidents, in contrast to 20 during the same period of 2015.

“We also started looking at certain parameters: what happened post-Election Day? We had a huge spike, right after Election Day, it’s somewhat slowed a little bit,” Boyce said. “We’re seeing across the board an increase right now.”

Of the 43 attacks, 24 were directed at Jews—three times as many as occurred last November. The number of bias incidents against Muslims doubled, from two to four as of yesterday.

every once and a while i like to throw together a list of artists that i regularly am amazed by and who inspire me to keep drawing! a couple of people on this list are people i have literally followed and been a fan of for years and i recommend checking out their work because it’s absolutely outstanding!

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this may have been already asked but what is the solitaire/rs characters' favorite thing about christmas?

oh my gosh!!!! let’s see

  • Tori - christmas movies!!!!
  • Becky - christmas music
  • Lucas - the cold weather
  • Charlie - …..wintery snuggles in blankets (with nick)
  • Nick - giving gifts
  • Aled - christmas lights!!!!!
  • Daniel - also christmas lights
  • Raine - seeing family (and christmas parties)
  • Carys - christmas movies

Ok I finally understood why all those “Yuuri and Victor gets into pair/couple skating” headcanons/wishes from the fandom grate me the wrong way.

I get the appeal of the cheese and that it would somehow be “romantic” or “history making” but…

But I’m too much of a fan of the sport and in particular of single skating AND ice dance to feel the appeal. Not that I would mind to see same-sex ice dance/pairs, I would absolutely adore it !

But Yuuri and Victor are singles skaters and that’s a big thing. It’s a big thing because they both competed at the highest level (especially Victor) and the “power of love” isn’t a good root to start going into a new sport like that. Y’all need to realize that if Victor and Yuuri go into couple skating they would SUCK. Because they’re “old” for the sport (especially Victor) and you don’t switch categories at that age and expect them to be at the very top.

It wouldn’t be pretty or romantic to see them colliding and falling and being the most awkward ever. 

I also can’t help but feel mildly insulted on behalf of pair and dance skaters and the characters, because those categories require YEARS of skating and training to get to the level they are. If Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron are world champions at such a young age (22) it is ALSO because they never switched partners since the time they BEGAN to skate (meaning, they are skating together for 10 years!!!!!). And no, neither Yuuri nor Victor would satisfy themselves to end up at the very bottom of the ranking just because “oh it’s okay we’re still in luv”. Did y’all miss how crazy competitive they are ???

It doesn’t mean that they can’t skate together ! Singles skaters skating together can do absolutely amazing programs (and I will finally die fully content the day Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernandez finally do an exhibition program together like I want them to do for years), but that’s the thing, it will be an exhibition program. Victor and Yuuri skating a program together would never be in competition. 

This is “annoying” to me because it is a way too big of a stretch of suspension of disbelief for me. And I trust Kubo because if she had put some unrealistic things sport-wise in this show, it is also ridiculously not a dealbreaker kind of a stretch. And that’s what makes this show so good too and why so many real life skaters are falling in love with it. Because it’s a fantasy that is so deeply grounded in the reality of the sport and its world it’s actually incredibly unique !

There is a million “horse movies” in the world and yet I have never seen a single one that comes even close to what the horse-riding world actually is. I own horses and I’ve been a rider for more than 20 years and not a single horse movie, even the better ones, come even close to how incredibly real and relatable and true the world of figure skating is being depicted in Yuri!!! on Ice.

Yuri!!! on ICE isn’t about Yuuri and Victor finding a new way to compete together. It’s about Yuuri overcoming his insecurities and getting back himself up from a big fall and discovering love in an intertwined journey.

Also, if you’re following (or starting to follow) figure skating thanks to this show, this week at the GPF you’ll be able to see an incredibly sweet and supportive friendship between Javier and Yuzuru and if Victor comes back to compete against Yuuri, this is the inspiration you might get. And it will be more beautiful than any “couple skating” because none of the character would have to “sacrifice” their skating for it. They will be whole. 

Also that’s what I want :p