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Pages from my Moleskine 2017 Bullet Journal: Finally got around to starting my bullet journal for the upcoming year and I have to say, this is probably by far my most favorite starting page that I’ve ever made. I’m still getting the hang of using brush pens but I’m extremely satisfied with how it looks in here. 

For those trying to figure out how they want their journal to look or just want some inspo: here’s a few designing tips for you guys 

  • Have a color scheme: For the most part I’m probably gonna stay along the lines of blue and rose gold (love me some rose gold always) but you can always go to websites and search for pretty color schemes to use
  • Tumblr is one of the hugest databases and has so many beautiful inspirational quotes and pictures. Take advantage of them!! Print them out, stick some tape, and smack it into your journal. 
  • Put some memories in there: receipts, movie tickets, polaroids, little notes from friends, anything that will make you smile. 
  • Washi tape. Enough said. 

Finally, I’m probably going to start a bullet journal series for this upcoming year so that you guys can see how I set up my journal and what layout it has. I’ll be tagging them with #myplanner. I hope you enjoy!!

-Lily <3 

i don’t think you guys understand how satisfying it is to flip/fix the (many) ugly reflections of dt in the minor character like first we have this:

okay well, it’s not as bad as all the other ones, pretty subtle right, but hOLD ON JUST A JIFFEH, bc with two clicks you got this:

i mean praise jesus

Love Yourself | Pt. 1

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Genre: Fluff

Pairing: (Personal Trainer) Jimin x Reader

Length: 3.6k

Warnings: M for some language. Don’t read if you’re sensitive about weight issues. Eventual smut not in this chapter.

There was something mesmerizing about having the ability to transform the human body, at least for Jimin it was. Countless of men and women with various shapes and sizes has come to him in hopes of improving their bodies for many reasons. Some to get used to a healthier lifestyle, others to gain muscle, or some to lose weight. His job as a personal trainer had its ups and downs. The worse was whenever a client wanted to quit the training because they couldn’t handle their fitness schedule leaving him without work until he could find another. However, the pros outweighed the cons and what he enjoyed the most was the results. It was extremely satisfying not only for the client, but for him to see that all the hard work had been paid off. He loved the boost of confidence they get once they had reached their goals.

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So hiya, yeah I’ve been inactive again for a while ^ ^; But reasons! Last weekend, I went to visit my lovely friend @reallyquantum, pictured with me in the last photo. It’d been a while since I visited anyone so it was a real treat, we had a really girly weekend shopping at malls, went to SPX, saw Ghostbusters again, her mom was amazing, and also the highlight: my first Renaissance Fest!

I threw together an outfit from stuff I had at home and rushed to make myself a matching elf crown and necklace thingy (I made reallyquantum’s back in college) which turned out a bit fancier than expected >.>; I got a lot of compliments which made me really happy, since I haven’t worn anything cool to a con-like event in a really long time ^ ^ The back, not pictured, is the fanciest part so I’ll try to post pictures of that later.

The difference a year can make. Although it may not look like it, the only things I’m wearing that are the same are my breastplate, bracers, the brooch/buckle on my sash and of course I have my halberd (which has been rebuilt twice). When that first picture was taken I was extremely satisfied and happy with my kit, thinking it was all but complete. How foolish! It wasn’t even my final form!! I look at it now and kind of hate a lot of things about it and almost everything I’m wearing…

It’s been one of the shortest and fullest years of my life - as well as one of the hardest - and one that I’m mostly really proud of.
Larp-wise and skill-wise I’ve accomplished an unbelievable amount, from helping to create and launch my warband at Swordcraft, sewing a heck ton of costumes (drastically improving my skills in the process), beginning to teach myself some leatherwork, delving right into roleplay after deciding that looking like an idiot really isn’t that bad after all and overall working on my fitness and fighting capabilities, and so, so many other things. Of course, then there’s all the truly awesome people I’ve met and friends I’ve made throughout the year.

But mostly, I think what I realize from looking at these pictures is: I can always improve and do better. I can learn more and be more patient and step out of my comfort zone to experience more. I’m in no way perfect, but I realize the world is so much bigger than ‘me’ or 'my friends’ or 'my larp’, and having this blog helped me see that in more ways than one.

I’ve gained a lot of followers this year (which is still a weird concept for me) and even experienced a few 'fan encounters’ (guys plz, I am just a derp that can stand in front of a camera). But I really just wanted to say thank you to everyone for sticking around with me through this tiny part of my journey, and I hope you maybe wanna keep on sticking around for the next part too. I know I’m a few weeks early, but I’m feeling weird and sentimental…
So here’s to 2017.

Both photos by the amazing Tony Delov (Portrait Photography)

as cool as deus ex human revolution was i still cannot believe the bad guys literally turned out to be the illuminati. there’s something simultaneously extremely satisfying and really infuriating to have played a cyberpunk conspiracy cop boy game for hours and it turns out it’s the illuminati, the actual pyramid eye dollar bill triangle meme illuminati

I must admit, watching the biased media, that has colluded, lied, and misled for Hilary for a year or more, throw an absolute hissy fit as Trump steam rolls her is extremely satisfying. 

Trevor Noah is doing a special on TV Land (because nobody else cares about him I guess) that was supposed to be spiking the Hilary football and making fun of all the people liberals hate, and instead he’s just fighting back tears and wishing he was somewhere else. 


Beyond Moore’s Law
Nature Magazine, cover & online feature

I was asked to create an abstract landscape of microchips and circuits for the cover of Nature, and to give it some animated magic for the online component. The article, about Moore’s Law (the principle at technology will decrease in size and increase in efficiency at a steady rate) was very interesting, too. I never thought about how so much information can be packed into microscopic spaces, or how we could ever reach a point when chips don’t get smaller or cheaper. I really enjoyed working on this piece! It’s fun to just focus on the interplay of shapes in space, and animating little sparks is extremely satisfying. 

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Prompt:  Can you please do a request where you’re Jims ex-1st officer, and you’re now captain of a new ship? But you and Jim are still dating and the whole crew loves you.. and then something happens to your ship and when they rescue you, (and your crew? Or they can be dead Idc) Jim purposes… ??? Thanks a ton!
Word Count: 1726
NaNoWriMo Word Count: 13,865/50,000
Author’s Note:

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Okay I know everyone’s salty about Mike Zeroh’s ‘groundbreaking reylo theory’ but hear me out. About a year ago this guy put out a video saying that reylo wouldn’t happen or was extremely unlikely to ever cross over into a romantic partnership, but here we are a year later, slowly seeing antis SEE it. They see the romantic undertones in the narrative. See what we’ve been showing them to look at. And they’re not only seeing it, but sharing their agreement. I for one am extremely satisfied by this character development.