Pics with the The Kid cosplayer at AX 2012. All-around super awesome cosplay! The gear was made out of MDF (composite wood), so it was really surprisingly heavy. Apparently he had made a Cael Hammer out of MDF too but it was confiscated because it was too much like an actual weapon at 35 lb @__@ Damn!

Saw him on Sat, had spent all of Friday scouring the crowds for a Bastion cosplayer without luck. Was walking through the concourse (I think to watch FMA: Sacred Star of Milos at the makeshift theater - which was awesome by the way) when I see a flash of white and red walk by, turn to get a better look and then HOLY SHIT a GEAR ON HIS BACK IT’S THE KID AAAAAAA /pushes stuff into sis’ arms and RUNS

Gave him one of the Bastion keychains I made to give out at AX to any Bastion cosplayers I saw…. he was the only one I saw all con /cry

got a flickr acc name outta him but it’s not going anywhere… or I suck at google… AJSDFADJF

It's Been a Good Day.

Been stalking my class registration banner for two weeks and finally got a spot in one of the classes that I couldn’t get that day (Women in Eastern/Central Europe, fuck yeah), my green contact lenses came in the mail, and my new makeup feels like a baby ripped its skin off and gave it to me for an undetermined period of time.

(Yeah, picture that for a second.)

My face feels like shea butter.

My brother does this thing where when I am not home and he needs to get something from my room, if I have left a bra on the floor or the bed he’ll put it over my teddy bear’s eyes like goggles. It’s actually extremely funny and cheers me up immensely. Today when I got home and took the bra off Big Bear’s eye’s there was a note with candy underneath it. How awesome are my brothers? 


I went to an informational session today about the nursing school I want to attend.

Holy shit this is going to be a tough 3.5 years.

I need to find 25 hours a week to study.

I also need someone to do my laundry, which when my grandmother suggested she would do it for me I laughed thinking she was crazy. Of course I’d have time to do laundry. Well, nope!

Already, my father-in-law, husband, and mom have to juggle the girls from 2:30/3:00-8:00/11:00pm (some nights).

And this is just while I’m taking the pre-reqs.

They have mannequins in the school that talk, have pulses, breathing sounds, pupil dilation, and give birth. A faculty member watches everything you do and can change the mannequin’s symptoms. It’s extremely fucking awesome.

I need to take the TEAS test, which is going to be called the ATI TEAS in a few weeks. I need over an 84%.

I have the other two preferentials of having a previous BA and having taken 16 hours at TWU before applying, so if I have a great GPA (3.5-3.8) and a great TEAS score, I have a stellar chance of getting in.

I have to step down as the Nursery Director at my church. I just won’t have time.

I want this more than I’ve ever wanted anything for myself.

Thanks for rooting for me, guys.


I have been carrying the Glock 43 for over a year. I am over all very happy with it. It’s light weight and slim which makes comfortable to carry everyday. I did start out with a Bladetech holster, they do make good holsters that are extremely durable and have awesome retention, but it was starting bother my back when working 10 hour days on the lawn care crew came around. I looked around and decided to get the CrossBread IWB holster mini-tuck with horse hide leather. Horse hide is said to do better with dampness (sweat and humidity). This is a VERY comfortable holster, even when working and has held up so far. 

They Glock 43 does not have the best finish on the slide, not near as durable as my old faithful Glock 17. The 43 has a conservative amount of 800 rounds through it and only malfunctions was with ammo. I do regularly clean and maintain it (sue me, I want my EDC gun in top working order). I today cleaned the internal mechanism for the second time since first getting and the only problem i saw was the slide catch finish flaking off like paint. Glock definitely did not use the best finish on the gun but it still works flawlessly. 

Call me a “Glock fanboy” but i trust this gun everyday…

whats in your pants? 

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You know what’s another nice thing about Pokémon Sun and Moon? Besides the new pokemon and region variants (Which is extremely awesome!) we get an Evil Team Leader that doesn’t fit the mold of past Evil Leaders.

For several gens now we get a villain that’s always serious and cold (always has a hard/harsh expression on their face too) with Archie being another exception from this. But Guzma doesn’t seem to be like any of them, from the way he introduces himself -“It’s your boy Guzma!”-  and dresses shows this too. A refreshing break from the usual villains.


Epic view landing at the world’s most extreme airport!

For more awesome aviation JUSTPLANES.COM

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