extremely rough sketch

An EXTREMELY rough sketch of Underdecay sans (honestly i was going to fix it up a bit but i really don’t have time) this was done while being bored in science class. I have a really nice seat in the corner where no one can see what I’m doing c:

May re-upload if i have time to fix it.

Underdecay belongs to @little-noko


Cheribel Month  →  Week 4
  Family, Promise 

It’s still cheribel month in our hearts! A promise is what bound this family together, and a promise is what will link Asbel and Cheria together, as they embark on this brand new journey of love - which will be equally as scary as it will be wonderful.

I sketched this project almost two years ago but quickly lost motivation. I started it again two weeks ago - what a few years can do for your skills! This is directly based off the amazing pengiechan’s fanfic, okaerinasai

Not even done drawing this yet (I still have to add Henry in on Emma’s right and draw some sort of background) but I started coloring this extremely rough sketch I did a while back. I am totally obsessed with the idea of Killian and Emma eventually having kids which is probably why this happened. I’m thinking I might actually finish this which is rare for me because I hardly ever finish drawings/paintings. We’ll see I suppose…