extremely fancy

Fancy dinner dates spent pocketing breadsticks and silverware. I give it twenty minutes tops before they either get kicked out or decide on skipping the tab.

valentine's date with jimin

- him coming early to your house and ending up pacing the front of your door bc he’s nervous

- giving you flowers with a shy side smile and taking your hand to the car

- staring at you like you’re the only girl in the world throughout the whole date (despite all of the girls on the sidewalks and waitresses that are checking him out)

- nearly throwing a huge fit when a waitress gives him her number and says to hit her up if things don’t work out “jesus fucking Christ” “no, jimin it’s oka–” “no it’s not, we are leaving”

- spending the rest of the night with him tightly holding your hand and staring at the stars at the park in extremely fancy clothes “jimin are you–” “you know I really love you right? and there’s no one else I will love as much” “Jim–” “I’m serious” “yeah, I know.”

- taking you out for ice cream to make up for everything and going home with ice cream covered smiles

So, right - I said I’d talk about music here.

If we’re going to talk about music, we’re going to have to talk about all the different kinds of music - teeny-bop, sad bastard, whispo, cock-in-your-ear, Cheese, “clever”, down home, Captain Aggressive, fancy, extremely fancy, “old”, anti-fun, AOR, actual music, and the Texas Two-Step.

Is that all of them?  I think that’s all of them.

When we react to music I think we react to the idiom before anything else, which isn’t necessarily the same thing as genre (Anthony Fantano’s love of death metal is the same as his love of aggro hip-hop, which is the same as his political alignment, which is in itself the byproduct of a desperate grasping after anything that feels intense enough to warm the broken clump inside him where a person ought to be.)  You can learn to love things which are loud, you can learn to love things which are boring, you can learn to love things which hove to compositional extremes both foreign and terrifying, but it’s really hard to love a music which is produced by the wrong feel.

Like: listen to this one.  Skip around some.  It’s a self-conscious celebration of the Sad Bastard idiom:

I’m gonna say that for a good chunk of y’all the particular duotone lilt of that voice (pale grand-nephew of Morrissey’s primal sin) is gonna be a deal-breaker, whereas for another chunk it passes invisibly over you while you go and play around in those clever guitars.  Check out how he does his start-stops a little differently than everyone else does start-stops!  See how his changes stutter over cut time!  See how some chords you expect to precede other chords do not, but instead precede different, more interesting chords!

But in the end, can you genuinely put this in your ears on the regular?  Is this your chosen affect?   Knowing that us over here with fancy music, clever music, weaponized cheese music, anti-fun music in our ears are probably laughing at you?  You, who are conned by your empathy?  You, who like music with guitars? 

The correct answer is “fuck off, it’s music.”

My contention number one for music appreciation is you’re already doing it right.

If you feel this is incorrect:

My contention number two for music appreciation is to try to ignore the shit out of idiom.  Don’t ignore feeling - this is impossible - but try to apprehend it alongside a bunch of other things, and outside the corpus it springs from.  A music provides a laundry list of things to notice, and I feel like taking the time to notice them all is a great way to step outside of culture for a second (impossible again, but bear with me) and interface with the object directly.

So, in addition to 


we should also ask about

-speed (why this speed? does it vary?)

-texture (why these instruments?  try listening to just one of the instruments for the whole song, then switch to another.)

-rhythm (try counting beats. is it easy? is it hard? should you dance to this? yes, you should.  how much of a challenge will it be, though?)

-the notes

And by that, I mean: if a particular chord makes you feel a certain way, just the notes together, notice that.  What color is that?  What does that taste like?

And when you come out of that you might have a justification to throw in the face of the critter who’s sneering at you about the emo you like, if you feel like you need one, but you also have changed your position relative to the music, and can see through it backwards and sideways, which is a net gain for you irrespective of outside influence.

Then, like you’re in a sauna and you just got done being beaten with birch boughs - stop thinking at all, climb back into your flow, and see if the direct experience of the music has changed.


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back to me

rating : pg - 13

word count : 1655

characters : you x youngjae

genre : angst (? ) fluff

Youngjae was a great boyfriend but you had to admit this over the past months you’ve been dating that he was a bit forgetful. The first time he took you out, he forgot the location of an ‘extremely fancy’ French restaurant that you couldn’t confirm for yourself and had to resort to a 90’s bowling alley nearby for pizza and pop. And on your one month anniversary, he had forgot your favourite colour so he had spent $50 more than he intended to for roses of every colour in the rainbow. Every time he would forget something - you found it oddly cute. But not this time.

He had finally had time in his schedule to arrange a date with you at the cinema. Youngjae had picked out a horror movie when he knew that you couldn’t handle them but he had promised that he’d keep you safe. But his promise fell short when he hadn’t arrived, leaving you there to scare yourself shitless.

If you weren’t in the movie theatre, you would have been checking your phone’s clock every second to count for how long Youngjae had been standing you up. You had already been glared at for illuminating the darkly lit room, so you didn’t want people to be telling you off the next time you did it.

Trying to be frugal and not just waste your money because your date didn’t show up, you tried to stay and finish the movie but you were too steamed to focus. You sat up from your seat quietly and tip toed down the stairs with your back hunched over so you wouldn’t block anyone’s view too much.

Once you got out of the theatre, you went outside to get fresh air and to call Youngjae. He picked up after 4 rings and talked to you happily in a sing-song voice, “hey! What’s up?”

“Youngjae, what are you doing right now?” You asked through your teeth while tapping your foot in anticipation of his answer. Your voice was probably still coming out as extremely annoyed but his joyous state thought nothing of it.

“Oh I’m just hanging out with the guys right now,” he said with the sounds of his members talking in the background. You cringe and reframed from grinding your teeth into smithereens when the guys yelling came out of the receiver as a loud screech. “Why do you ask?”

You fumed as he was completely oblivious to everything, including your emotion which were showing obviously in your voice. “I was just out on a date, so I just wanted you to know.”

There was a silence on his side, probably too confused or betrayed with the thought of you cheating in his mind. “Are you two timing me?” The other side of the phone hushed as the GOT7 members probably heard his question.

You chuckled at the fact that he used such an outdated term, “no.”

“Then how are you on a date?” He said, with the sound of curious and concerned whispering in the background.

“You stood me up on the date that you planned,” you replied assertively. The boy burst out in a chorus of scolding your clueless boyfriend who shushed them so that he could come up with an answer to resolve the problem that was laid out before him.

After multiple “um’s” and “I uh” he started to apologize in a nervous fit. “I swear to god I just fo-”

“Forgot, I know. Youngjae, you always forget everything.” When you said that, all you could hear was his breathing across the line. He inhaled deeply to began his sorry’s but you cut him off again. “Did you give up on me already?”

“No!” Youngkae exclaimed frantically. “I’ll give you a ride home, I’ll make it up to you. I swear.”

You took a deep breath and exhaled slowly to calm your nerves. “Have fun with the boys, Youngjae.” You removed your phone from your ear and looked at it for a second before pressing the “end call” button.

While you were waiting for your bus home, you felt a little bit guilty for the way you handled the situation. Sure Youngjae had that bad trait about him, but he was constantly training and practicing so you couldn’t really blame him if it had slipped out of his mind. But you still weren’t sure if you were ready to get used to being in such a relationship.

As you were in deep thought, your phone buzzed in your hand. You looked down to see that you’ve received a new text from none other than your boyfriend. “Which movie theatre are you at?”

It wasn’t necessary to tell him your location as a bus rolled up and opened it’s door in front of you. You got on and put a ticket into the slot and got a seat in the back where the air conditioning was to cool off.

“I’m sorry,” another text read, minutes after receiving the previous one. You opened it, but found no use to reply. “I love you,” the last one read after he saw that you’ve read the texts.

You were shocked to see that he dropped that on you when you’ve only been dating for a few months. To clear your mind, you put on some earphones and drowned out your own thoughts.

You flopped onto your bed after taking a shower, still leaving your hair slightly damp to let the cool air that was entering your room to dry it off. Rolling over the bed, you grabbed your phone and returned back to your original position to check all of your social media accounts before going to bed.

While you were scrolling through your feeds, you started to hear grunts and little swears outside. Probably some drunk, you thought, taking a glance at your balcony before returning your attention to your phone.

But then you started to hear static. Not the kind that your TV makes when its lost connection, because that was bearable - this wasn’t.

Annoyed, you turned off your phone, throwing it on your bed before slipping on your flip flops and heading onto the balcony. You looked down at your backyard, only to see Youngjae kicking a 90’s boom box and trying to make it play something. Your eyebrows knitted in amusement and confusion. He had managed to jump over your wooden fence that were covered in splinters, but he couldn’t get a simple machine going.

“Youngjae!” You said in a speaking voice, not wanting to wake up or get complaints from the neighbours. Youngjae didn’t hear you as he bent down and started to press multiple buttons vigorously out of frustration. “Choi Youngjae, what the hell are you doing?” You shouted loud enough for him to hear.

The boombox stopped releasing static and started to make the sound of a cassette being rolled. Youngjae looked up and held up a finger, “I’m making it up to you. Just wait!” He picked up the large and what looked like, heavy box and held it over his head after clicking play.

A familiar tune started to play out of the speakers softly but you tilted your head to the side, it couldn’t be that song right? You placed your elbows on the ledge of your balcony and anticipated for what Youngjae was going to do next. You knew that he wasn’t finished yet because he didn’t have that big, stupid, satisfied smile that you always fell for.

And before you knew it he extended his arm and turned the volume switch to the maximum, letting that cheesy song blast out into the night. “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.”

There it was. His bright smile that made his eyes form into half moons. Youngjae waved the boombox dangerously around as he sang the lyrics with all of his heart. “Never gonna run around and desert you.”

You were already laughing until there were tears in your eyes but you basically doubled over when he set the heavy piece of metal down and started to do the sprinkler. Youngjae continued to showcase his skill of bringing back old dance moves throughout the song and by the end, you were crying hysterically.

He pouted after stopping the cassette. “I was never gonna make you cry!”

You shook your head and chuckled at his lame pun but decided to reciprocate. “But you said you’d never say goodbye!”

Youngjae beamed at your response, “I won’t!”

You held up your index finger to him before grabbing your keys from your night stand and throwing it over the balcony for Youngjae to come up with. It bounced out of his hands and into the grass, making you cringe at how you’d have to clean it. “Klutz!”

“Meanie!” He chuckled, picking up the keys and wiping the dirt off using his pant leg and then swinging it across his pointer finger. You went back into your room, closing off the glass balcony door and laying down in bed, anticipating Youngjae’s arrival.

In a matter of seconds, you heard his heavy steps up the stairs and to your bedroom. There Youngjae was, hands on his knees, winded from running a short distance. He threw your keys onto your night stand and sat down on the side of your bed.

His hand moved its way over to yours, overlapping it. Youngjae caught his breath, looking into your eyes seriously. “Do you forgive me?”

You shrugged, avoiding his sincere stare which made you feed guilty in a way. “I don’t know. Are you going to forget everything again?”

Youngjae shook his head slowly. “I won’t.” He placed his two fingers on your chin, turning your head slowly.“I admit I treated you lightly. I got it, I’ll go to you right now, don’t go anywhere.“ He said with a low and husky voice before lowering his lips onto yours.

It was once suggested to me that, as an antidote to crying, I put my head in a paper bag. As it happens, there is a sound physiological reason, something to do with oxygen, for doing exactly that, but the psychological effect alone is incalculable: it is difficult in the extreme to continue fancying oneself Cathy in Wuthering Heights with one’s head in a Food Fair bag.
—  Joan Dion, On Self-Respect (1961)
♤; Second Impressions | Grelliam


“lol this is so fruity what even am i watching???????”


So texted Ronald Knox to his best friend, Eric Slingby. 

This was supposed to be an extremely fancy date that William T. Spears, Ronald’s boss and boyfriend, had invited him along to. This was an incredibly prestigious theatre in the heart of London, and when Ronald had (half-listened) to the word ‘theatre’, he had assumed they were going to see a movie, and wondered why William had insisted that he dress up so nicely. 

It was most definitely not a movie. It wasn’t even a West End musical; Ronald could had lived with some Andrew Lloyd Weber, sure, and hell, he could have even sat through a whole showing of Les Miserables, but this? He didn’t even speak the language these performers were singing in, and it was probably the frutiest thing he had ever seen in his life. According to the playbill, it was The Magic Flute, some 18th-century opera written by Mozart. Fucking boring.

Ronald just sat disinterestedly back in his chair and texted Eric the whole time if he wasn’t scrolling through Tumblr and blogging about literally anything else unrelated to the opera he was so ‘under dressed’ for. 

someone’s gotta stage an intervention for kojima’s crush on mikkelsen lmao” he commented in response to an article about an upcoming game and the director’s not-so-subtle crush on one of the actors he had cast for it. 

He was completely oblivious to William’s stony silence when it was time for the intermission, and everyone got up to stretch their legs and use the restroom and freshen up. Ronald just stayed glued to his phone, giggling to himself at cat videos. 

Imagine: Pretending to be in a relationship with Obi Wan Kenobi on an undercover mission

For anon… Enjoy!

The cathedral was massive. It seemed to glow with purity, making it’s massive interior all the more beautiful. Obi Wan and you strode across it’s glassy marble floors, your arms interlocked. Both of you were wearing your finest robes, his were green and yours were plum. The Jedi council had sent the two of you to Naboo, where the power-hungry dictator of Ryloth, the beautiful nature planet, was attending an extremely fancy ball in Naboo’s oldest cathedral. All the information you were provided was that he was a stout Twi’lek with skin as white as the snow on Hoth. 

Before you two got swept up into the dancing crowd that began to form in the middle of the enormous room, Obi Wan pulled you to the side, looking around warily. 

“Are you sure you’re up for this?” He asked quietly, his eyes quickly meeting yours and then flitting to an unsuspecting passerby. 

You smirked. 

“You’ve asked me that at least four times today. We’ll be fine.” You reassured him, straightening out his robes. 

The Jedi huffed. 

“It’s not us that I’m worried about. It’s… us.” His comment ended uncertainly, as if he hadn’t chosen the right words.

You raised an eyebrow at him.

 “What are you talking about?” You picked a fuzzball out of his hair, making a face at it before throwing it into the air. Obi Wan was never good at maintaining his appearance.

“I-I mean, what if we can’t pull off this whole ‘couple’ thing we’re attempting? W-What if we stir up even more suspicion?” He stuttered, his eyes following a person that you assumed was walking behind you. 

You rolled your eyes.

“You’re being paranoid, Obi Wan. It’ll be okay.” You said, pulling him in to by the arm before he could respond.

You led him into the throng of waltzing people, taking his hands in yours and smiling. The Jedi looked apprehensive at first but quickly gave in, giving you a smile back and steering you around the massive room, his feet lightly touching the marble floors. You tried to match his footwork, the upbeat music echoing off the walls and ringing in your ears. Obi Wan laughed as you struggled to keep up, slowing down only slightly to let you follow his movements. 

“I thought you would be more graceful.” The Jedi chuckled as the music began to slow down into a quiet and calm melody. 

You scoffed.

“I am! I just wasn’t ready for your adept dancing skills.” 

Obi Wan raised his eyebrows.

“Adept? I’ve never heard you say I was adept at anything until now.” He joked, his feet moving in a sedate rhythm with yours. 

You rolled your eyes dramatically.

“Don’t get used to it.” You grumbled. 

Suddenly, Obi Wan’s eyes widened as he stared past you, his grip on your hands tightening. 

“Obi Wan?” You whispered urgently, trying to look behind you but he quickly pulled you closer to him.

“It’s him. With the skin as white as snow. He’s coming this way.” The Jedi breathed, his eyes transfixed on the dictator. 

“What do we do?” You asked frantically, trying to fight the panic that was fighting it’s way up your chest. 

Obi Wan’s eyes met yours, unreadable. 

“Kiss me. Public displays of affection make others feel uncomfortable.” He whispered, his iron grip gradually ebbing away. 

Your voice got caught in your throat from the shock of his abruptness.

“What? I-” You started before you were interrupted by Obi Wan’s hands cupping your face and pulling you into him, your lips meeting softly. 

You put your hands on his chest, wanting to push him away. But you didn’t.

You melted against the Jedi, your eyes fluttering shut. You knew shouldn’t be doing this. You both were Jedi, it was against the code. Against everything you both had trained for for the majority of your lives. It felt wrong even if it just was an act. 

But it felt like the two of your were frozen in time. Frozen in a moment of pure bliss. It felt right.

You shoved those thoughts from your mind as Obi wan pulled away from you, his eyes opening slowly. You watched as his mouth pulled upwards in to a half smile, his cheeks suddenly reddening. 

“S-Sorry. I panicked.” He stuttered, his hand flying up to scratch the back of his head. 

You grinned. 

“That’s okay. It was actually kind of nice.” You said, instantly regretting those words. 

Thankfully, Obi Wan didn’t seem to hear you. 

“It worked. The dictator changed his course. Now, we have to get him alone.” The Jedi whispered, as if he had completely forgotten about the kiss you two had shared. 

Trying not to sound hurt and as if your mind was still whirling, you said, “Alright, I know a good place.”

Brushing past Obi Wan, you motioned for him to follow you. When you turned your back, the Jedi stared at you, his expression soft and still red-faced. 

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So are you guys all filthy stinking rich since the underground is full of Gold Coins?

“Believe it or not, gold in the Underground converts very closely to average currency up here on the surface. Nothing too extreme or fancy. However, when your parents are the former King and Queen of monsters, you don’t have to worry about money much!”


Prince Pietro (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Anonymous requested

An imagine request where Pietro (AU): He’s a cocky prince who falls in love with the reader who is a commoner. He sometimes thinks the reader is just there for his crown because he is actually very insecure. Please and thank you very much. :) (Your writing is the best)

  • Amount of Words: 1.114
  • Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader.
  • Warnings: Fluff.
  • Author Notes: (Y/N) is your name

Originally posted by themalfoybitch

Prince Pietro wandered around his bedchamber on one of the most beautiful palaces Europe has ever witnessed. He came from a family that has been ruling Sokovia for a long time, and he could call himself a descendant from Queen Victoria I. He and his sister Wanda were given a very common education; nothing extremely fancy so they could never forget that not everyone lived as kings and queens around the country.
It was in high school where you two met and he immediately felt attracted to you; on the other side, you took a little longer to fall for him, but eventually you did. Unlike the rest of your classmates and the girls in general, you were not really interested in him being a future king someday. When you got to college you found him there; studying another thing of course and that was when you finally gave up to him.
“Come on (Y/N), come on a date with me” He asked, giving you one of those smirks that characterized him “If you don’t like it I will stop”
“Pietro Maximoff, you are the future king of this country, why would you even be interested in me?” You reply with a question, completely unimpressed “Besides, weren’t you with a bunch of girls at the same time?”
“Not anymore. Apparently Wanda thinks it’s not good” He shrugs “Come on, I need a fine girl-”
“Whoa” You stop him “You are getting no date if you speak of me like that” You raise your eyebrows and leave him talking alone.
You finally gave up a month later because you low key liked him. His figure was so gorgeous and elegant that you wondered how he could be so incredibly handsome, and you two had seen the other at charity and volunteering events in where you could see the true him. The Pietro that was meant to be king one day, not that stupid piece of cocky guy that thought he was too cool for basically everything.
Pietro was very kind indeed although he had periods of being extremely unbearable for all this natural cockiness. Prince Pietro was not known for being quite humble and neither being too nice when he felt insecure, and most of the time he got insecure about the reason for you being with him.
“You’re with me because of who I am?” He blurts out one day, while you two were having a date in the countryside. You had set a picnic for you two with food you especially made for him “You want me and all my stuff, right?”
“Pietro what in heaven are you talking about?” You ask calmly, leaving the sandwich back over the blanket “You really think so?” You rose both your eyebrows and folded your arms over your chest.
“Of course I do!” He screams “Why else would you be with me?”
“Because you’re cute, you’re funny, you’re a gentleman and you are extremely kind maybe?” You ask, pointing a few things of what you liked about him out.
“You are such a liar” He snarled and stood up abruptly and walked away.
It was not the first time he did this. Prince Pietro was indeed very insecure and you tried to help him with that, making sure he knew you were with him for a bunch of things that had nothing to do with money or titles. Even his sister Wanda knew that you were a good one; the one.
She could always tell you that he was insecure because of some girls that used him to get some money and fame. They eventually did as the news used to have a feast on Pietro’s party behavior, but when you arrived to his life everything changed. He became more calmed and the press suddenly lost all interest in his life. Now that he was a more respectable man with a definitely respectable girlfriend, you two and Wanda went diplomatic meetings with the other royal families around the globe. It was fun, but as you always assured him, it was not the reason you were with him.
Pietro came back a few minutes after with a puppy face that you couldn’t stand of too cute that it was. He kept running his fingers through his grey-ish hair until he sat down in his untouched spot of the blanket. He looked at you with the saddest eyes and crawled to your position, resting his head on your lap and staying in a comfortable silence for a while.
“You love me, right?” He asks almost in a whisper.
“Of course I do silly” You chuckled “Why wouldn’t I?”
“Because of these things?” He buries his face on the cloth of your dress while you tangle your hand in his hair “I treat you like crap out of nowhere and you’re still here with me, after all these years”
“Well, I don’t know how you haven’t convinced yourself that I love you a lot and it’s not because of your silly titles that I do not care about” You sighed “The only thing I find interesting about your royalty life is that you are a descendant of Queen Victoria of England; you know I’m a huge history nerd and family trees are my thing” You giggled, making Pietro smile in the process “But your money is something I never cared about, if it were, I would’ve accepted the first time you asked me on a date, remember how many no’s I gave you?” You caressed his cheek and he nodded “Then why do you keep thinking I want something material from you? Sure I love when you get me flowers and candies, but that’s it. I don’t need anything else from you baby” Pietro took a sitting position and gave you a wide smile; his big hands cupped your face as he leaned forward to tenderly kiss your lips. His heart melted every time you gave him that speech on how you loved him for himself, not for the prince he was.
You two fell onto the blanket as he kept kissing you softly. His hands left your face and grabbed your hips instead. You held on to his shoulders as he lifted your torso and his kisses soon were transformed into tickles.
“Pietro!” You yelled “Stop it!” Crying out was no use as he ignored your pleading “Pietro, p-please!” He had already combined the tickling with neck kisses; the contact of his stubble against your skin had you losing it.
After you started gently punching his bicep, he stopped and instead, rested his head on the curve of your neck while his hands stroked your back.
“I love you” He said “And I’m sorry for being like this”
“I love you too” You replied, kissing his forehead “And I love every little thing about you”

I don’t have a proper camera to capture the true magnificence of what just arrived on my doorstep but please observe

an extremely fancy illuminated watercolour and calligraphy piece by the amazing @memoiresofamermaid, commissioned by the fiendish @docholligay

with a lovely Garnet Orb with inlaid mirrors

and tiny planetary sigils for all four of the Outer Senshi, with little golden time keys around Pluto’s

and Uranus and Neptune together, of course, with a beautiful initial containing details from the Deep Aqua Mirror, Space Sword, Garnet Rod, and Silence Glaive, and I’m so sad I can’t properly convey the entire piece and the touchingly poetic inscription but

“The gay in your heart is the most important gay of all.”

“Planning your wedding to ceo!luke and while he wanted a big extremely fancy wedding you weren’t so sure. "C'mon baby I want you to have the night you deserve,” he whined as you two lay in bed discussing what you each had in mind, him being set on this lavish wedding. “You are not spending an obscene amount of money on some wedding Luke,” you told him and you lightly hit his chest as he told you he didn’t care about the cost. “I love you and if I have the money to give a you a wedding like a princess, damn it im going to do it. You deserve it okay,” he asked opening his arms for you to come cuddle in to. “Luke. I love you not the money okay. And you are going to let me help pay for this okay. And lastly it’s about us not just me,” you told him as you shifted around to lay on your side him following suit. “Just let me do this for you baby. You can help pay if you want but please don’t think about the cost in this. There is no wedding in the world that can come close to what you deserve but, I still want to try. For you,” he said the last word as he entwined your fingers with his as you gave up in defeat nodding your head causing a huge smile to come across his face. “But for the record it’s not going to be my dream wedding. It’s going to be ours,” to which he excitedly nodded “for meals can we have like hamburgers and ribs. They have to be gourmet but that sounds good. And don’t forget the garter tradition,” he smirked pulling your body flush against his own with his hand going to your thigh hooking it against his side as you laughed. “That makes me reconsider you shaving for the wedding then, you said reaching your hand up to touch his currently smooth jaw. "The stubble feels really good between my thighs,” you smirked as his hand currently supporting your leg tensed. “But it also feels nice when it’s smooth. Guess it’s your choice baby,” told him laughing as you heard him groan burying his face in your shoulder. You two rested in that comfortable silence for a few minutes before luke removed his head. “I can’t wait for you to officially become Mrs. Hemmings. And then we can start a little family maybe get a cat. I want to spoil you with the world baby.” You smiled at the thought “Being your wife doesn’t sound too bad I guess.” He laughed before adding on “Just think about our honeymoon. It’s gonna be like heaven on earth. Me plus you plus tons of sex plus the view from my location choice plus you being my wife. We need to set a wedding date already.”

I love this one so much I wanna marry luke yall lmao and I think it’s the last one???

Distraction(Mark suggestive fluff p.1)

Request: Yes, THIS from a while ago.

Multiple parts: Possibly. If I do I will be smut.

Warning: Suggestive content

A/N: Sorry there is no smut on this one but I may remake it with smut.



You stared the only word on the blank word document that was supposed to become a 8 page paper on for your Communication class. The document had been unchanged for almost 30 minutes now. You had a spark of what you thought was inspiration but you ended up just changing the font on ‘The’ to an extremely fancy one.

‘That’s it, no more Spongebob before homework.’ you thought.

Your phone alerted you with the specially recorded text tone. It was Mark.

This was the 5th message he had sent you and he was sending them closer and closer together now.

There goes another one.

*Rum Pum Pum Pum plays*

Now he was calling you.

You hated ignoring him, it really hurt you. But you knew you had to atleast get the first two pages done if you didn’t want to have to throw something together the day before its due. Not to mention you had to turn in a rough draft Monday. It was Saturday afternoon.


It had been a few hours now and you had finally gotten through your first page but you hit another wall.

‘Fuckin’ writer’s block.’ you mumbled. Deciding to take a break you flopped down on your bed.

Finally checking your phone, which you had put on do not disturb after the 3rd time Mark called you, you saw there was 7 missed calls and 10 texts from him along with a few normal notifications like emails and youtube

You debated on whether to call him back, eventually deciding to do it.

“FINALLY!” he exclaimed.

“Hey.” you said dryly.

“Hey? I call and text you for hours and all you say is hey?”

You sigh. “Mark I’m not in the mood for-”

“I’m coming over.” he stated.

“No, Mark, do-” You started but your protest was met with the dial tone. Sighing again, you fell back on your bed. You knew he was upset but he would have to wait, whether he was sitting there or not.

A few minutes later, he found himself at the door of your dorm.

Lazily lifting yourself from your bed, you answered the door. You were met with a rare face for him; annoyance.

Neither of you said anything as you moved, signaling him to come in.

He came in and waited for you to close the door to speak. “Why were you ignoring me?”

You rubbed your head before walking back to your room, of course he was right on your heels. “I wasn’t ignoring you Mark.” your voice was strained and tired.

“Then what is going on?”

As you flopped back on your bed he examined your room. There were clothes everywhere, bed not made, and your communications book open next to your computer.

His mood softened as his shoulders slumped in realization and slight guilt. “Y-Y/n.”

“What?” you replied, clearly annoyed.

He sat next to you on the bed. “I forgot about your paper. I’m sorry.”

You didn’t reply.

“Maybe you should take a break.” he suggested and grabbed your hand, intertwining them.

You moved your forearm from over your eyes. “I guess.”

“A good break is nothing without a distraction.” he mused, a smirk playing on his lips. He looked over at you expectantly.

You smiled, sitting up and gently holding the back of his neck. “And what do you suggest for a distraction, Tuan?”

He brought a hand to play up and down your thigh. “Your choice.”

“I think you know.” you laughed, leaning in.

In retrospect all you had to do was remind him and this would have never happened but you weren’t going to mention that now.

anonymous asked:

What would Gom+Kagami give their s/o on their very first anniversary? c:

/currently dying of feels we’ll be back shortly/

Kagami the bae: he’d probably give them a phone strap or a bracelet with a basketball charm. It’s something simple, yet they know it’s heartfelt. More than that, it reminds them of him, so whenever they’re not together they’d look at the strap and think of their basketball idiot.

Kuroko: he’d give them a necklace. Nothing extremely fancy, just a simple necklace with a nice and small pendant. It’s something he’d have seen in the street and immediately would have thought of them.

Aomine: he’d have gone to Momoi for this, so my bet is that he’d buy them some flowers and a huge teddy bear. He’d be all blushy and embarassed because he knows he’s not the best boyfriend out there, but his partner knows that he tries.

Kise: he’d probably buy them a fancy outfit. Something his partner would have looked at a second too long once when they went window shopping. He’d use his payment from his modelling and would spend it all on it, if necessary. Nothing is too expensive for his ____cchi.

Midorima: he’d try to give them something useful but cute at the same time, so maybe a wristwatch or something like that. He already gives them their lucky item of the day all the time, so he’d splurge a bit more on their anniversary gift.

Murasakibara: he’d try to bake all sorts of things and invite his partner to spend the day eating sweets with him. It mixes his two favorite things in the whole world, and it’d put him in a pretty cuddly mood.

Akashi: don’t even get me started on this one. He just might pick them up on a helicopter and take them to a fancy dinner somewhere nice and not so near. Then, he’d gently slip in a obviously expensive looking necklace around their neck, because obviously his ____ deserves the very best.

Steven Universe Perfume Headcanons


Estee Lauder Cinnabar

Serious hardcore spicy, I feel like garnet would have zero patience for wimpy namby pamby fragrances and would like the “Can kill a man if you overspray” quality of this, but it’s also warm and actually quite lovely, just like Garnet.


Britney Spears Fantasy

Ultra sugary ultra loud gourmand loaded with cupcake and white chocolate, I feel like she’d be all about the sugary cheap and cheerful in terms of fragrance and would probably have a bunch of body sprays.


Chanel no 5

I suspect she may have walked into a department store and asked for “the best one” and gotten this, finds she likes perfume and gets a little over excited, eventually she’d switch to

Serge Lutens Un Lys

A very delicate lily and lily of the valley scent from a niche house.

or Fredric Malle L’Eau D’Hiver

an ethereal heliotrope with iris, angelica and white musk, extremely fancy.


Viktor and Rolf Bon Bon

He’d probably been borrowing Amethyst’s trashy candy fragrances, and Pearl took him to get him a nicer (but still sweet) fragrance.


Coty Muguet de Bois

Probably something her mum bought her, a very appropriate for a young lady soft floral, fresh and green, not too ultra girly.

Olympic Orchids Kyphi 

I  I think as she gets older she’ll shun gendered fragrances and she’d probably like the fact that Kyphi is based on ancient Egyptian recipes for incense.


Montale Roses Musk

A lovely rose, massive and yet never overwhelming, always sweet and pleasant.


Calvin Klein Obsession For Men

Has been using this as his “dress up” cologne for ages (normally he doesn’t wear any).  Warm and friendly and a little silly.

Lapis Lazuli:

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Aqua Motu Eau de Parfum 

The scent of the ocean with some lovely florals in its depths.


Comme des Garcons  Odeur 71 

Metal and green notes and ink, as alien as peridot.


Union Gunpowder Rose

Coal and gunpowder combine roses to give it a hint of passion.

How to Avenge 101 [Part 4]

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Word Count: 1,110

Tony loved your company, though he’d never admit that was why he was making sure to visit the Avengers HQ once a week from now on. The weather had remained overcast, but he’d taken you out to some sort of extremely fancy Turkish restaurant, despite your protests at being dressed in a tank top and dark trousers. The food had been delicious, as had the company. Stark hadn’t failed you yet on his egotistical remarks, and he enjoyed the way you always tried so hard to keep up with his mechanical ramblings.

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I think the difference between my fanfiction writing background and a more typical commercial fiction writing background is very apparent when my pro writing warrants reviewing.

Fanfiction readers and writers know how to go with the flow. They trust the story to lead them down the path they should take and they’re willing to imagine some aspects on their own without wanting the writer to hold their hand the whole way.

People from the commercial fiction world, on the other hand, insist on trying to hack through the underbrush. They seem to want everything explained to them, even the stuff that doesn’t matter. They want the whole world described and itemized, the complete backstory of the entire cast, a scientific publication detailing the properties and probability of all magical occurrences, air quality reports arranged by date and time, all traffic tickets from the last year within 50 miles of the given location…

Friends, these are a short stories about a few (magical) people and how they relate to each other. It is not a novel. You do not need the answer to these things you’re perseverating on. It’s like ordering soup and then picking out each tiny fleck of herb and demanding to know the name of all the farmers involved in their production.

There’s a path, friends. Stop scrutinizing the contours of the main character’s right thumbnail and just follow the map I left for you, okay?