extremely fancy

Fancy dinner dates spent pocketing breadsticks and silverware. I give it twenty minutes tops before they either get kicked out or decide on skipping the tab.

dumb/incredible idea:

When Genji first joins Blackwatch he’s super stoic because of… everything, and most of Blackwatch is like ‘Yeah we get a lot of people who don’t like to talk, can you spy on this guy for us’.

But maybe Genji hangs out around the base a lot, just… sitting still and ramrod-straight and not doing anything until he needs to be doing something, and McCree’s like, ‘that’s a little odd, you okay buddy’ but of course doesn’t get any response.

Long story short McCree doesn’t change his behavior but he starts wearing progressively more ridiculous hats every day when he goes over to sit next to Genji until one is so ludicrous that Genji cracks up laughing.


Okay. So because it has been specifically requested, an examination of Lotor’s sword. I’m sorry to anyone who was excited for this because it just… isn’t.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a nice solid sword with smooth lines, good visual flow, not gaudy – actually it’s quite plain and practical. Almost militaristically utilitarian. 

Which in and of itself is interesting given all the fandom expectations for Lotor to be a something of a lavish, exceedingly vain, and impractical sort. That sword suggests a personality that runs quite the opposite, unlike the extremely detailed and fanciful swords his father conjures with a bayard. The Blades of Marmora have more detailing going on than Lotor does.

Aside from that though, there’s not much I can glean historically based on the sword. A backswept thick crossguard like that isn’t a terribly common sword design, and is seen more often in animation and video games than reality. 

Indian Khandas and Patissas have backswept crossguards a little similar that, but this sword lacks the telltale markers of the Kanda’s wide, flat-ended blade shape, single edged blade, the arching hook on the pommel butt, or the one-sided basket-hilt-inspired finger guard. The pre-17th century (pre-European influence) Patissas are closer with thier lack of finger guards and often a lack of hook with a short thick backswept crossguard, but it’s only a single point of similarity, and not a strong one since Lotor’s crossguard sweeps back with thick and heavy finger guards on both sides – which would restrict movement strangely on a double edged blade and is why this just isn’t a design that happens in real swords. Lotor’s sword also lacks the distinctive triangular hilt extension running up the center of the blade. It just doesn’t match too many vital key markers.

Similarly, some Chinese Jian/Longsword designs have backswept hilts, but that is the extent of the similarity, again, nothing else about it from blade shape on seems to match.

The apparent two-handed hilt grip also makes it a bad match for most east Asian swords. They’re usually one-handed, sometimes a hand and a half, but Lotor could clearly comfortably fit both hands on it.

In fact, if you ignore the odd crossguard entirely, the sword becomes a very basic, very nice-but-boring-and-generic European Longsword. The large hit and length puts it towards the “bastard” and “great” sword size, as is also suggested by the long ricasso (unsharpened section just above the hilt). The blade cross section seems to be a mix of a diamond and hexagonal form, and the hilt a standard diamond shaped pommel. 

By no means a bad sword design, it’s just, largely uninteresting from a historical and meta commentary perspective.

Anon Blurb Request

It’s been a busy week and then I went home to surprise my family so I’m sorry I’ve been so inactive! I’m still working on the next part to my main story - I’m a little stuck on where I want the rest of it to go, but hopefully it’ll be finished by next weekend!

Anyway, here’s a little angsty blurb for the lovely, creative anon who requested it!

“welp! since I saw that other anon sent her/his very own line, what about “I didn’t know you were so embarrassed of me” thanks!“

The car ride was deathly silent. She wished she could be anywhere but here, but in an unfamiliar city with no one but her boyfriend and his team around, she didn’t really have a choice. She had her neck turned so far away from him that it was starting to cramp. She couldn’t let him know that she was on the verge of tears. She felt his fingers nudge her leg slightly.

“You’re quiet,” Harry observed

She hummed in response, trying not to let the tears leak out of her eyes. She could still hear his venomous tone and hurtful words rattle in her head as they sped past the city lights of Los Angeles. They were on their way home from an extremely fancy dinner hosted by his record label. After a few glasses of wine to ease her awkwardness, she had gotten a little giggly and silly joking around with some of the other guests. Harry, who had been on edge all day with nerves, didn’t find her nearly as amusing as everyone else. She closed her eyes as she remembered how he had grabbed her elbow and spat harsh words in her ear

“Could you just get your shit together?”

He had released her elbow and immediately turned back to the guest on his other side. Harry had missed how she immediately sobered, smile sliding from her face. She had remained quiet for the rest of the night, relying on nods and demure smiles, fearing that if she opened her mouth she’d start sobbing.

The car slowing to a stop snapped her back to the present. She quietly thanked the driver before sliding out her side and walking up the driveway. Her steps were halted by her boyfriend’s hand circling her wrist.

“What’s wrong, love?” he asked, no trace of the arrogant asshole he had been a few hours earlier

“I don’t want to talk about it, Harry,” she said shaking off his hand, “I just want to shower and sleep.”

He wasn’t letting her get away that easily. With a few long strides, he was standing in front of her, gripping her hips.

“I’m sorry for what I said earlier,” he began, “I was a right dick. I was just nervous and it’s no excuse. It was just a lot of important people there and I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted them to think highly of me.”

She looked at him, heart falling into smaller pieces at his words. “I didn’t know you were so embarrassed of me.”

His eyes widened and his grip tightened as she again moved to go in the house, “No, no, no. Baby, that’s not what I meant.”

She grasped his wrists in her hands, firmly pulling them from her body. “Like I said, Harry. I didn’t want to talk about it. You’ve said enough. I’m going to shower and sleep.”

Harry watched dumbfounded as she strode quickly into the house. He could hear her muffled cries echoing off the walls of his mansion and he cursed his stupid mouth.

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I have a theory that Enjolras and Montparnasse bond over their extremely sugary and fancy coffee orders.

“You didn’t say mister Loud and Blonde was coming too,” Montparnasse complains.

“Shush,” Jehan smiles. “You like this coffee shop.”

“I’d like it better without people being loud and blonde at me,” he grumbles, holding the door open for Jehan.

“Oh they’re here already!” Jehan chirps happily and they wave towards the table where Grantaire and Enjolras are sitting. Well, Enjolras is sitting at the table. Grantaire is sitting on the floor on his knees, trying to coax a tabby cat out from underneath a bench.

“Can you order for me?” Jehan asks, eyes immediately focussed on the cat. “I’d like a mint tea.”

“That isn’t really tea, Jehan,” Montparnasse grimaces.

Jehan makes a kissy mouth at him and skips off, giving Enjolras a hasty hug from behind before dropping to their knees besides Grantaire.

Montparnasse walks up to the bar and nods at the barista. He does like this place, the guy knows his way around a coffee machine. “A fresh mint tea and a caffé mocha, please,” he says.

“Usual obscene amount of whipped cream?” the barista grins.

He hums approvingly.

“Here you go,” he says, sliding a tall glass with a sprig of mint soaking in boiling water towards Montparnasse. “I’ll bring yours over in a minute.”

“Thanks,” Montparnasse nods and he joins the others, which means sitting down opposite Enjolras, while Grantaire and Jehan make purring sounds at the cat.

“Hi,” Enjolras says stiffly.

“Hi,” Montparnasse returns in kind as he places the cup of tea next to a cup of nondescript black liquid that he supposes is what Grantaire considers coffee.

Jehan makes a content squealing sound from behind a chair and Grantaire gets to his feet with the cat in his arms. He sits down and Jehan follows, scooting their chair closer to Montparnasse’s and pulling the tea glass towards them. “Thank you, love,” they hum.

Montparnasse leans his head towards theirs for a moment and looks at Grantaire. The cat is now sprawled out across his lap, letting him pet her tummy. “You’re creepy, you know that,” he says. He’s seen people try to cuddle the shy tabby before and it never works.

“You’re one to talk,” Enjolras says. “And R is just good with cats.”

“Awesomely good with cats,” Jehan grins, stretching out their hand to scratch the cat under her chin. She purrs in approval.

“So, what’s new with you guys,” Grantaire says, taking big gulp of black coffee.

“How can you drink that as is,” Enjolras horrors and Montparnasse has to admit that’s basically what went through his mind.

“We can’t all be cleansed souls like Jehan,” Grantaire says, unconcerned.

Jehan sips their tea and bats their eyes wholesomely.

“What’s up is several things I won’t talk about,” Montparnasse says, sitting back. “Because I don’t feel like listening to a lecture about my ‘lifestyle’.”

Enjolras rolls his eyes.

“He promised not to do that though,” Grantaire grins. “Can’t guarantee he’ll make it of course,” he says with a wink.

Jehan gives Montparnasse an expressive smile. So he’s not the only one that has to be bribed and instructed into these hangouts. The idea of Enjolras having to agree to behave is kind of funny though.

“Here you are,” the barista announces his presence, walking up to the table with two cups. “Two caffé mocha’s with extra chocolate syrup and whipped cream.”

He puts the cups down and Jehan thanks him. Montparnasse and Enjolras don’t, instead they are staring at each other with a very uncomfortable realisation on their face.

“Well,” Montparnasse huffs. “At least you have better taste in coffee than your- Than Grantaire.”

“I resent that,” Grantaire says with a face completely free of resentment.

“He’s right for once,” Enjolras snarks. He gives a small shrug with his shoulders. “And…we’ve decided to actually go by boyfriends now.”

“Really?” Jehan beams. “That’s awesome! Aw, but I also really liked your ‘we’re together, fuck your labels’.”

“That still applies,” Enjolras says.

“Except now I can also tell literally everyone I meet that the blonde tornado of justice is my boyfriend,” Grantaire says triumphantly.

Jehan snorts.

“Stop nicknaming me after natural disasters,” Enjolras says, hiding a grin. “Drink your disgusting bitter insomnia juice.”

“I think it’s cute,” Jehan says, eyes twinkling. “What would you be, Parnasse. One of those forest fires that you don’t see coming?”

Montparnasse gives him a sideways glance. “Drink your boiled weed, Jehan.”

Jehan laughs and they and Grantaire wonder out loud whether Bahorel could be classified as a hurricane or a tsunami, while Montparnasse picks up his cup. He glances at Enjolras across the brim of it and smiles ever so slightly. Enjolras pulls a face in return and they both take a sip. At least this is getting your money’s worth.

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imagine the missus always got bullied from this girl during her school time. she'd say things like 'you're so pathetic, you're never gonna find someone.' and since then she always struggeled with her self esteem, thinking she was worthless. until H came around and changed her life. and now her old class would have a reunion and she'd bring harry and he wants to really show that b*tch whats going on, just making her jealous with her engagent ring, wedding plans... a makout session... please?🙄

He’d dress extremely fancy– the nicest dark blue velvet suit he has with his Gucci leather dress shoes, his most expensive watch and his favorite Tom Ford cologne. His hair groomed and fluffed to perfection, his chin sporting just the slightest bit of scruff, just how he knows you like it.

You’d compliment him, your heart swelling at the fact that he’d do this, all of it, just for you.

“You look good enough to eat, Har.”

Harry would smile softly, eyes twinkling with suggestiveness as he presses a gentle kiss to the center of your forehead. “Maybe later, sweetheart.”

At the reunion, he’d shake everybody’s hands and introduce himself properly, working his charm to utter perfection and having your former classmates falling head over heels to chat with him.

You marvel at how smooth and easy-going Harry appears under the situation, talking and joking with everyone so flawlessly it’s as if he’d known them for as long as you had.

And the whole time, he has a protective arm looped across your hips, keeping your body close to his so that everyone can see how proud he is to have you as his fiancée.

Your nemesis is seething quietly, the corners of her mouth dipping down ever so slightly but not evident enough for everyone else to notice because they all seem to be getting along with Harry without catches or obstacles, so blatantly showing her dislike would make her the runt of the event.

Talk of your engagement eventually comes around and Harry is falling over himself to tell the love story of how you two came to be. During the whole tale, his eyes are alight with affection and the giddy smile never leaves his face, the way he depicts you as a “right angel with a smile brighter than her halo” makes all the girls around you swoon.

At one point he tightens his arm around you, turning his head to gift you a soft smirk and, “She was such a proper good girl when I met her. Turns out she’s a devil in between the sheets.”

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ksy; curl up, darling

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Summary: You feel awake when your soulmate is, and you feel tired when your soulmate is asleep. It’s a bit difficult when you live in different time-zones … completely. (Soulmate!AU)

Warnings: none, just fluff

Words: 1.7k

Another night, wasted away, staring at the ceiling. It’s always been like this for you, some of your friends called you nocturnal. It wasn’t your fault your soulmate was either a night owl, or on a different side of the world. You knew that when you got up in the morning, the dark circles would be more prominent, and all you could do was look at your reflection, and mentally flip your soulmate off. 

Once you meet your soulmate, all of this stops. For you, you tried everyday to look for someone who was asleep in a coffee shop, or on a bench. Then again, you didn’t think about the subway under your feet. In LA, you mostly walked to your college and your job, and rarely did you ever take the subway.

“Hey! (Name)!” A familiar voice squealed from behind you, “It’s been awhile hasn’t it?!” You whirled around to see your friend, Soo-Jin, bounding towards you, she had gone for about two months to visit family in Korea. She enveloped you in a hug, and you laughed, hugging her back.

“Hey, Soo-Jin!” You grinned, “How was Korea?” At that question, you could practically see the words threatening to spill out of her mouth. The pure excitement in her eyes made you temporarily forget about your tiredness.

“It was great!” She chuckled, her voice getting softer, and more delicate, “(Name). I found my soulmate.” Your eyes widened, and suddenly, the tiredness came back. You practically felt the dark circles get darker, and your eyes get older. Nonetheless, you smiled and asked her about him or her.

“He’s great. I’m just glad I still knew some Korean. I saw him in a little restaurant. He was passed out on the table, in front of a computer. All I could see was his green hair. The closer I got to him, the more I wanted to fall asleep right then and there.” You smiled, as you saw the adoration in her eyes as she talked about him as if he was there.

“I’m glad you found yours,” you said. You didn’t mean for it to come out bitter, but it had that undertone. Luckily, Soo-Jin didn’t seem to notice. She rambled on about his like and dislikes, and you smiled and nodded along until you reached your college. 

The only time you felt remotely glad that you had a soulmate who was awake late, was when you had a seven o’clock lecture in the morning. You figured that whoever your soulmate was, they must’ve lived in across the international dateline. It was hard to think that you might never have the chance to meet them. You had researched how different the time-zones were over there than from California, it was mostly sixteen hours ahead. Japan, Korea, some places in Russia. All the time you were looking that stuff up, you were groaning, and lamenting how your soulmate could stay up through the worst times.

“(Name), do you have an answer for number 16?” Your professor asked. You knew he didn’t expect one, but you had one. You were extremely quiet, but you uttered the answer, and he smiled. The rest of the class went smoothly, until you got on the subway, to make your way to your part-time job. It was a quick ride of course, you tried to spend as little time on the subway as possible. That was until you feel asleep in a seat, your head slumped to the side, and you drifted into a peaceful sleep.

It wasn’t until the automated voice announced the last stop on the train, that you woke up. The voice startled you awake, and you heard another loud voice on the other side of the door as you pushed your way through. It took you a bit to realize the people you were sitting next to were holding a small hand camera and speaking into it. One of them turned to you, and smiled.

“Do you know — ah …” the loud voice came from the tiny man. You could tell his English was not the best, as he turned to his friend for help. After a couple seconds of back and forth, another man turned to me, and asked a question in fluent English.

“Do you know when the next train is supposed to come?” 

You looked forlornly down the tracks as you watched the train you were supposed to take leave the station … on the other side of the tracks.

“Well, I’m assuming you want to get back into the city, and for starters, that means we both need to be on the other side of the tracks. I’m already late, I’ll just call in sick. Erin will understand,” the last part of the sentence was mostly to reassure yourself.

“Hey! Don’t you think you could walk a little slower?!” You shouted, almost out of breath, “I’m supposed to be showing you where the train is!” The boys glanced back at you, unaware of there positions about twenty-five feet ahead of you. They all slowed and waited for you to catch up.

“Sorry,” the fluent one chuckled. You sighed, and took the lead once more, walking them to where the train station that headed back to the city was. When the next train showed up, all of you shuffled on.

“So, what’re you guys doing in LA?” You asked, smiling at them for the first time. You let out a long breath, as you looked around and there was no one else on the train.

“We’re here for  —.” The fluent one tried to speak, but was cut off.

“We are Seventeen. We are, uh, here for — KCON 2017!” The tiny, loud one yelled. You laughed a bit to yourself, silently wishing Soo-Jin was there, so they could speak their native language, and she could translate.

“Well, that sounds exciting. I love Seventeen,” you replied. It took all of your will not to scream, and pinch all of their cheeks. Joshua, Seungkwan, Minghao, and Jeonghan were sitting right in front of your eyes, and sure, you had thought about the scenario in your heard, but never imagined it would become reality. You put on the best grin you could muster, because the great feeling of tiredness had just overwhelmed you again.

“So, are you guys tired? It must’ve been a long flight,” you asked. They all shook their heads, saying they slept on the plane, and on the car ride to the hotel. You nodded, pursing your lips, and trying not to let your eyelids slip closed. It had been awhile since you checked the clock, and you pulled out your phone to do so, only to realize it was dead. You groaned, and all of them stared at you.

“Something wrong?” Joshua asked. 

“My phone’s dead. I just needed to know the time,” you breathed in exasperation. 

“It’s five o’clock,” he replied. Your eyebrows shot up, and as soon as he uttered those words, your stomach let out a loud grumble. It was kinda funny how it worked on a schedule. At five, you usually get your takeout from where ever you’re feeling that night and head back to your apartment. Your hand immediately went to your stomach, and Jeonghan let out a little laugh.

“Ah. I’m so hungry,” you muttered, “I could probably stop a McDonald’s or something on the way home.” You mulled over your options until Joshua’s voice broke your thoughts.

“We could take you someplace,” he offered, “it’s the least we could do.”

“You really shouldn’t,” you protested, “I honestly have to go home and feed my cat.” You cringed at your lie, but also kinda felt bad for your imaginary cat. He was always your scapegoat.

“Anyone can see through that lie, (Name),” Joshua laughed, “and besides, our leader already agreed. He said all of them are excited to meet you.” You didn’t really know why, since all you’d done was helped four lost people find their way on the subway, but, hey, free food is free food.

“Well, if you insist.”

The four boys kind of made a square around you. It was almost like a fort, and of course they were all taller than you, so it made it very hard to see, but sooner or later, you made it to the restaurant. It was extremely fancy, and looked really expensive. You took a huge gulp of air, and smiled nervously, tugging at your collar. It’d been awhile since you’d been anywhere this fancy.

“Uh, are you sure this is the right place.” You weren’t sure if the pull in your stomach was from nervousness, or excitement, or maybe neither. The slight pull continued until you sat down at a booth. Then, the next feeling was a hot, burning sensation in your chest. You looked to your left, and saw Seungkwan burying his face into the hamburger he had ordered, and to your right, Hoshi was sitting silently, his eyes falling shut for a few seconds at a time. 

The feeling of time slipping by had somewhat stopped, being there with one of the most famous Korean boy bands of 2017. You didn’t seem to notice when minutes turned into hours, and awkward laughs turned into genuine smiles, but you did notice the second when you felt the sudden urge to curl up in front of a fire, and fall asleep next to Hoshi.

That’s when your heart skipped a beat, stopped, burst, and did somersaults all at the same time. You felt the weight on your right shoulder, and you looked down at Hoshi sleeping. You glanced around the table, and no one had seemed to notice. After a few seconds of a mental argument, you hesitantly laid your cheek down on the top of Hoshi’s head. You couldn’t even tell how many minutes it took you to fall into a peaceful sleep, but you were out like a light.

For a few moments, time was frozen. Hoshi had woken up, and slipped his head from under yours. Your head was now leaning on his shoulder, and you were fast asleep. He was brushing away every stray hair that happened to fall into your face.

“Soulmates, huh?” Vernon laughed, “Hyung, didn’t you find yours in a coffee shop?” Woozi’s eyes crinkled as he smiled.

“Yep,” he replied.

places to whip out one (1) ball, rated

the city park at night: nobody around, fresh & cool breeze on your ball, no danger of exposing yourself to others. mundane yet classic. 7/10

your bedroom: i mean, you could, but at that point, why not whip out both balls? 4/10

the grocery store: do you get your jollies from the yogurt section? all those chobani single serve cups really get you going? please. this is a family establishment. 1/10

wood cutting section at home depot: the danger of getting your ball caught in a circular saw is both terrifying and titillating, but at what cost? 4/10

a 7/11 at four in the morning: it won’t be the first ball the clerk has seen in their establishment, but that doesn’t mean you should whip one out. that clerk has seen enough. just buy your cheetos and leave. 1/10

alone on the deck of an extremely fancy cruise ship at midnight with a beautiful person who has sensually asked you to whip out your ball: this is optimal. this is poetry. you have a glass of champagne in one hand. there are stars above. its a transcendental experience. 10/10

the zoo: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0/10

I just saw Nahyutas concept art designs from the aa6 artbook for the first time and they are fascinating me because the variation is just


Fancy Nahyuta

Extreme fancy Nahyuta

1980s shounen anime protagonist Nahyuta

Female Nahyuta

Fancy female Nahyuta

Corrupt CEO Nahyuta

Bond film assassin Nahyuta

…Gregory Edgeworth????????



  • since he loves animals and visiting the zoo so much, he will probably take you there
  • it would be fun, unique and also a way of getting to know each other 
  • you will basically talk the whole time and you jaw will probably hurt by the end of the date
  • cause of too much talking and laughing
  • very-well mannered and will lend you his jacket if you are cold
  • makes a lot of jokes and imitates the animals to make you smile


  • a simple but fun date at bowling
  • he would want something that would be exciting, but at the same time wants to get to know you 
  • probably extremely hyper even if he loses or wins 
  • but most likely, he will let you win no matter what because he wants to see your smile 
  • probably will be really silly during the date and make lots of jokes 
  • a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere; the conversation will just go on naturally for the whole night 


  • somehow I feel that he will take you to an old antique shop or an old book shop
  • you would spend hours looking for books and comparing them 
  • he would find it really enjoyable being able to be himself during your first date 
  • however, would be a little shy when talking about himself so he would rather talk about your common hobbies 
  • or just listen to you as you tell him some funny childhood stories 
  • most likely to bring you flowers 


  • invites you for dinner to an extremely fancy restaurant 
  • and would be that kind of guy that leaves a note at you door with a rose saying “wear something nice, I’m picking you up at 7″ 
  • so many compliments about literally everything you do 
  • plus a lot of flirting coming from his side; such a smooth talker 
  • he literally would know exactly what to say to make you feel good and beautiful and loved 
  • he would always make the first move and probably hold your hand throughout the dinner, but won’t go overboard 
  • at most he would give you a peck on the lips, but he will want to tease you and leave you wanting more 


  • would take you to a cafe that plays live music 
  • and you would spend a lot of time talking about his interest in music
  • and in the middle he will just get up and go on stage
  • will sing a song he knows it’s your favorite and it would be the most amazing thing you ever heard 
  • probably a little smug afterwards as you keep on complimenting him
  • but turns shy as soon as you ask him to sing again for you sometimes
  • probably took some notes from Seongwoo on what to say, but fails miserably


  • you two would go to an arcade, both of you like to play games and it would be a perfect first date 
  • very fun and exciting
  • probably making bets over every game and the loser has to buy food or drinks 
  • he will try to win you a stuffed animal, but will fail and in the end will claim that the game is broken 
  • pouts if you make fun of him when he loses 
  • quite flirty and into skinship; nothing obvious just holding your hands as he “teaches” you how to play basketball or backhugging you while tickling you
  • most likely to be one of those guys to call you 5 minutes after they left you at home because they miss you  


  • he would have waited and prepared a lot for this date 
  • will take you to a picnic in a more quiet place where you could talk and eat and laugh freely 
  • will probably spend a lot of time preparing the snacks and will anticipate your comments 
  • will try to be flirty and touchy probably, but will fail 
  • becasuse he is too scared and would think too much about all the details 
  • will be more relaxed during the middle and will probably blush once you tell him the food is very tasty 
  • you would watch the sunset as well and if during the date you gave him hints that you like him
  • he will probably make a move and either kiss your cheek or cuddle you close


  • would probably think very hard of a place to take you because he wants everything to be perfect 
  • would settle for stargazing on top of a hill where you could both see the whole city
  • tries to play it cool at first, but you can see him blushing everytime you compliment him on his shirt or smile 
  • would make silly jokes to break the ice and feel a lot of comfortable if you laugh as well
  • he probably asked his hyungs for advice before the date and all told him to make the first move if he likes you
  • so when you two are sitting on your backs watching the night sky, he will take a chance 
  • would tell you how beautiful you look and if he sees you smiling or blushing, would probably try to kiss you afterwards


  • I think he would go for a more casual first date, so maybe just a walk through the city and the park 
  • he would buy ice-cream for you two and probably anything else you wanted to eat 
  • very shy though and won’t be able to talk too much
  • but will nod and agree with everything you say, so you will know he actually listens 
  • would want to hold your hand, but would be too scared
  • probably waits for you to make the first move when it comes to skinship


  • will take you to the amusement park and probably drag you around the park the whole date 
  • so many candies and cotton candy 
  • takes lots of pictures of the two of you
  • most likely to try and take advantage of the scary rides and hold your hand 
  • and maybe even an arm around your shoulders if you tell him you are very scared 
  • will try to look brave, but inside will be even more scared than you are
  • the first to scream during the haunted house ride 


  • will take you somewhere very chill and probably relatively private
  • he would want to get to know you and spend some quality time together
  • would probably pick a small restaurant or cafe
  • he won’t be very talkative and at first it may seem quite awkard 
  • but it’s truly just because he is shy and a little scared of saying the wrong thing
  • would smile a lot when you make a joke and it would be the cutest thing ever 
The Mysterious Prom Date (Part 1): Peter Parker Series

Warnings: mention of vomit and allergies but as a joke nothing bad happens, food, embarrassment, adorable little Peter Parker

A/N: This was not a request. I’ve been working on this as a little “I’m Sorry” for not being active. If you like it, and ask, I may make this a series! I have a lot of ideas for it :)

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(not my gif)

Blind dates aren’t exactly something you participate in willingly. They were always awkward and if you ended up not liking the guy, you’d end up stuck having dinner with some conceited jerk who only talks about his muscles or how many people he’s dated. Yeah, not fun.

If you thought blind dates were bad, imagine a blind date… to prom.

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So idk if your comfortable with this because it can be a touchy subject but could you do one where Josh finds out the reader self harms? I'm feeling kinda down and thought it might help to read something like that.

OK FIRST OFF IF ANYONE IS EVER SAD PLS MESSAGE ME (on my other blog omg i never check this one) AND WE’LL TALK, I LOVE YOU ALL. 

but here. 

trigger warning (self harm etc.)


In a world full of so much pain and suffering, it was always the little things that set you off.   Tonight, it was a candle.  

You were at a party, one you never wanted to attend in the first place.  But Josh had begged, and you were never very good at saying no.  He was mingling, the outgoing one of the two of you, constantly smiling and interacting with anyone and everyone.  

It was one of those parties with music so loud you had to scream to hear anyone.  You watched a tall man with a sharp, gray suit on lean down so that his mouth was ear-level to another man.  He cupped his hand around the man’s ear, like he was about to tell a secret, but instead bellowed out directions to the nearest bathroom.  You shook your head, wondering why on earth anyone would want to listen to Kayne this loud ever.  

There was probably enough booze to intoxicate the entire city, but then again, LA parties were the real deal.  These were Josh’s new people.  His new life.  You knew you should try to be a part of it, but looking around at the company, you couldn’t help but feel extremely out of place.  Fancy dresses and glamorous hair seemed to be a consistent trend for the night.

You sat on the edge of the staircase, tapping your foot anxiously and waiting for Josh to come find you again.  You hoped he wouldn’t be too long.  While you waited, you allowed yourself to take in the full extent of people Josh was spending the majority of his time with now.  

Beauty.  Elegance.  Celebrities.  The closest thing Earth had to Gods.  You suddenly feel so, so small.  Acknowledging everyone around you was a bad idea.  So you choose to focus on something a little less personified.  

There is a burning candle across the room.  You find it odd that there’s an open flame around so much liquor.  But you quickly become entranced with the fire.  Watching as it whips and flickers with small gusts of wind you pretend to also feel.  

You suddenly imagine what it would feel like to run your skin across the flame.  You imagine the sharp burning feeling and your stomach settles slightly.  You imagine watching your skin go from pink to blistered, the transition always so captivating.   You imagine all the tension and anxiety boiling under your skin flooding to the area of injury instead, away from your mind.   You knew you had to let it out.

The idea had been planted, and well, there was no going back now.

You didn’t realize how clammy your hands had gotten until you were patting them down on your jeans, standing up from the stairs and looking around for Josh.

He wasn’t in eye sight.  


You pushed your way through crowds of people, not really bothering to apologize for stepped on toes.

“Y/N!” someone calls out.  You cringe, wanting nothing more than to disappear amongst the people and easily slip outside.  But you turn around.

Tyler was making his way towards you.

“Hey, Ty,” you murmur, rubbing the back of your neck.  “Listen, I gotta go-“ your mind was too focused on thoughts of razor blades and lighters.  You were unable to really focus on speaking.  “If you see Josh just tell him I left for me?”

Tyler gives you a puzzled look.  But you don’t stick around for an explanation.  You turn around and break through the clogged area of people.

You thought you’d breathe easier once you were outside.  You were wrong.  

Your chest still felt heavy.  Heavy with thoughts of being you.  You thought about the people back there.  The girls in fancy dresses and boys in brand new suits.  You cringed at the thought of Josh being exposed to that kind of allure on a daily basis, and then having to come home to you.  

You wished you could disappear.  Fade into the nothingness that you represented.  

Normally you would practice all those coping mechanisms your therapist told you about.  Deep breathing.  Challenging the negative thoughts.  Telling someone.  Something like that.  Yeah right.  There wasn’t a single part of you that wanted to talk yourself out of this.  Because what your therapist didn’t know was that this was your coping mechanisms.  Your demons ran a lot deeper than cuts.  

You carefully unlocked the front door to your apartment.  You threw your purse on the counter, stripping off your sweatshirt and leaving it in a heap on the floor.  You made your way to the bathroom, immediately flicking on both the fan and the light.  The humming noise soothed you.  

You’d be smart about it, you thought as you removed the razor blade from your eyeliner sharpener.  None of that horizontal lines up the arm shit.  That was too obvious.  Josh would see.  You’d space them out.  One or two on the arm.  A few on the thighs.  The rest on your hips or sides.  Areas Josh wouldn’t notice.  

You fell to the floor, cradling the piece of metal between your fingertips.  You let the thoughts consume you.  If you were gonna do this, you might as well go all out.  

Worthless.  Never going to be good enough.  A nobody.  You didn’t belong in that world.  You didn’t belong in the same room as those people.  Josh had become those people.  It took you this long to realize.  Josh wasn’t the same, Columbus born and raised, kid he used to be.  He had fancy suits and knew the names of producers.  

You thought of the flame.  Flickering and doing all it could.  It burned and shined and still went completely unnoticed in a room full of those people.

You brought the metal to your upper arm, pressing and dragging the blade across.  You thought you could hear a crack, then you felt the slight tug of your skin tearing.  You watched, entranced as blood appeared, small droplets forming in places you might have pressed a little harder.  It took a moment for your body to react to the trauma, but eventually your blood started to collect, dripping down your arm.  It was so bright, so beautifully contrasting against your pale skin.  

It wasn’t enough.  

You placed the blade on the same spot and dug in deeper, this time going back and forth once each.  More blood flowed, leaving traces on your skin.  It reminded you of being little and riding in the backseat of the car while it rained.  You remember being so entranced with the raindrops flowing across the glass, leaving streaks in their wake, racing to a place you only wish you knew about.

Your blood was like rain.  

You found a new spot and cut again.

It wasn’t enough.

And again.  

You stuck your tongue out in concentration, your mind had gone a little foggy, but you needed to focus.  Your first cut was still bleeding steadily, but it fascinated you, so you tried lining up the razor blade for one more swipe.  

You pushed a little harder than intended.  

You probably should be worried about the amount of blood rushing from your skin.

But it was too beautiful to be scared.

You finally felt lighter as you watched your pain stream down your arm.  

The rest of your senses had dulled.  You didn’t hear the front door slam shut.  You didn’t hear Josh calling your name, or him knocking.

Your first thought when Josh pushes open the door is that you probably should have thought to lock it.  Your second instinct is to cover the blood.

You collect the towel on the floor beside you in a hurry, curling up and trying to make yourself look as small and discrete as possible.  You cover the cuts, desperate and ashamed.  

You’ll probably never forget the look on Josh’s face.  

His eyes are wide, his mouth slightly open.  He freezes, taking in the horror flick in front of him before he responds.  

He quickly rushes to the closet, pulling out as many towels as he can.  He rushes to the sink, wetting a washcloth before kneeling down beside you.  

You hear his knees clank as they collide with the tiled floor.  

You look up at him, feeling slightly dazed and very confused.  

His mouth is moving.  But you can’t really understand what he’s saying.  The cool water on the washcloth feels nice, until he’s putting pressure on it with his fingers, making it sting.  

You blink sharply, sitting up and trying to break away from his grasp.

“Shh,” he’s saying, his voice suddenly coming into focus.

It hurts.

“It’s okay,” Josh is saying. His arm wrapping around your front, pulling you back and he holds you in place.

That’s when the crying starts.

Completely out of nowhere, a sob originating from the darkest, deepest part inside of you erupts.  The cry cuts through the air, and suddenly everything hurts.  Your stupid cuts, your stomach, your chest.  You want to go to that place the raindrops did.  You want to go.

“Josh-“ you’re pleading, unsure of what you’re really asking for.  You want it to stop.

“Shh, baby, it’s okay,” Josh is crying too.  He’s got you cradled in his lap now, like a small child.  A small, bloody child.  “I’m here,” he’s whispering, rocking with you back and forth.  

You’re grabbing at the arm he has barred against your chest, your fingers digging into his skin.  His face is next to yours, his chin resting on your shoulder, his cheek pressed against your own.  You wished you could feel it, but the pain inside you was all you could focus on.

“I’m here, I’m here, baby,” he’s saying, over and over.  The sound of his voice is making you ache more.  “I’m right here.”

It takes you a while before you can breathe again.  Even then, it’s not proper.  It’s all choking sounds and gasping.  But you’re not sobbing anymore, so Josh takes that as a sign to help get you to your feet.

You feel dead inside.  The pain is replaced with numbness, and honestly, you’re not sure which was worse.  

He gently is stepping over bloody towels and leading you to the sink.  He unwraps the bloody washcloth from your wrist gently, peeling back parts that had dried on.  

You stare at the remnants of your self hatred.  Three, deep cuts.  Ugly and horrifying.  Matching the rest of the decor.  

Josh helps you sit on the toilet lid.  You look blankly ahead, only vaguely aware of him getting another washcloth from the cabinet.  

He kneels in front of you, getting in the way of your vacant stare.  Your eyes latch on to him instead, following his movements as he gently starts dabbing at the bits of blood left on your skin.  He’s so articulate and gentle, concentrating so hard at the task.

You’re suddenly overcome with an immense amount of guilt.  

How could you do this to Josh?  How could you put him through all this?

Here he was, again, cleaning up your chaos and destruction.  

“I’m sorry,” you croak out.  Your voice is a mess of raspy breathes.  But it’s comprehendible.  

Josh closes his eyes, the washcloth freezing in place.

He’s shaking his head.

You look down, the embarrassment and shame of what you’d done starting to sink in.  You wished you could tell what Josh was thinking.  But he’s not saying anything.  The silence makes you want to disappear.

Finally, “Let’s just get this all cleaned up, yeah?”

His voice is soft.  You wish you could decipher it.  

Once Josh is done cleaning and bandaging you up, he discards the washcloth in the trash.  There was no going back from all those stains.  He leads you to the bedroom, gently helping you out of your clothes.  He leaves you briefly to get a sweatshirt from his closet.  

The moment you slip it on, you feel safe.  Maybe you’ll add Josh’s clothes to your list of coping mechanisms for next time.  

Josh is peeling back the sheets on your side of the bed.  You walk over and he holds the blankets up for you to climb under.  

It feels strange having Josh tuck you in.  You feel like a child again.  

Your eyes are heavy.  The events of the evening have completely wiped you out.  But you doubt you’ll be sleeping anytime soon.  

You lay on your side, the blankets grasped in your fist, tucked so tightly underneath your chin.  You’re surprised when the bed dips beside you.  You’re even more surprised when Josh scoots over, slinging his arm around your middle and cuddling behind you.

You immediately exhale when he comes in contact with you.  You feel so safe wrapped up in his arms.  

You hold his arm tightly, part of you wanting to make sure he stays put throughout the night.

Josh must sense your uneasiness because he leans over and presses his soft lips to your cheek.  “I’m not going anywhere,” he whispers before fitting his head comfortably behind yours.  

You fall into a deep, settled sleep like that.  Your breathing finally back to normal.

When you wake the next morning, Josh is no longer fit around you.

You rub your tired eyes, sitting up and giving the room a quick glance.  

The happenings of the previous night haunt your mind.  The full impact of what you had done hits you and you can’t help it when the tears start to fall again.  This time from embarrassment and shame.  You had finally let Josh see what a freak you were.  

You couldn’t get a handle on it for one second.  Couldn’t overcome your corrupt mind.  And now Josh knew.  You couldn’t think of anything worse.

You curled yourself into a ball, wrapping your arms around your own middle and crying into the pillow.  Josh knew.  

You felt pathetic.  Useless.  And stupid, stupid, stupid.  

“Hey, hey, hey-“ you hear.

You crack open an eye to see Josh, fully dressed, rushing towards you.  He must’ve heard you crying again.  You shake your head, burying it in the pillow.  You couldn’t look at him.  Not after last night.

He climbs in bed next to you, leaning against the headboard and pulling you into his lap again.  You were getting tired of this whole, ‘helpless child’ act.

“I thought sleeping would make things better,” he said softly.

You let your head rest back into Josh’s chest, the familiar rise and fall was soothing.  

“I’m so sorry, Josh,” was all you could think to say.

“Please,” he said, his voice desperate, “please don’t apologize.”

You shake your head, “I am though,” you sigh, “I’m so sorry, I’m so embarrassed and-“

“Stop,” he cuts you off. “I love you so much.  I wish I’d seen- wish I knew how much you were hurting.  I didn’t- I didn’t even see it.  I wish I could’ve done something, been there-“ he takes a deep breath, “I’m here now, I’m right here.  Not going anywhere.”

Josh was blaming himself.  Josh thought he could’ve done something.  You ache inside.  More guilt.

“No Josh, please, you were there.  I’m just- I’m- I’m fucked up.”

“Don’t say that,” he murmurs.

“It’s true-“

“It’s not true, you’re not.”

“I was at that stupid party last night,” you whisper, “so many people, so much to do, and all I could think about was how every single person in that room was better than me in a million different ways.  It just-“ you exhale sharply, “I just want to be good enough for you.”

You feel Josh stiffen behind you, clutching you tighter than ever.  

“Baby,” he whispers softly, “please- Why would you ever think that?”

You scoff.

“Josh, I’ve never been good enough for anyone in my entire life.  Not you.  Not my parents.  Not my friends.  I’m tired.  I’m tired of it all. I’m not LA.  I don’t fit into that world- I don’t fit into your world.”

“You,” Josh says, pulling back and looking you straight in the eyes.  His coffee eyes bore a hole in you.  “You’re my world.  Not LA, not those fancy parties.  It’s you.  It’s the Skype dates and the butterflies before my flights about to land.  It’s staying in bed all day and getting to hold you while you fall asleep.  The rest is just background.  It’s just there.  But you, you’re my world.”

You let out a desperate sob, burying your face in Josh’s t-shirt.  

You’d have to apologize later for the tear streaks.

“I love you, so much,” Josh breathes.  “I’m never going to let you forget it again.  We’re gonna get through this.  I’ll stay home.  We’ll get help.  It’ll all be okay.  I’ll be here.  You won’t have to be alone.”

Josh’s words sink in and you slowly nod.  

You don’t really believe it all.  But you desperately want to.  And that, along with Josh holding you so close, was enough for now.  

Tools of Survival (Negan x Female)

Summary: She has been feeling really insecure about herself, and wishes she could see the upper floors of the Sanctuary. 

Characters: Negan x Female (She is in a wheelchair) 

Word Count: 5,047

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Fluff (like super fluff), Swearing

Author’s Note: I wrote this for @theblack-wolf who said she was feeling really down and wanted to read a fic about a character in a wheelchair. I have no idea what it’s like to need a wheelchair, but I did my best based on what I do know and have heard from friends who use them. 

I take care of physically disabled individuals with my job, and they use wheelchairs. I know that they can get very frustrated, especially about things that people like me take for granted every single day. 

This Negan is VERY fluffy. When I’m feeling down, I like to read fluffy Neegs.

I am always happy to hear what you think! Shoot me a message and tell me what you thought! If you want to be on my tag list, let me know!

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the club was boring so me and my friends are about to eat a whole tub of this very special ice cream that’s extremely fancy. I know it’s fancy because the text on the top is cursive

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Hi ! ❤ It's okay if I request Jumin, Choi twins and Jaehee while they plan their wedding with mc?



  • Okay this boi would want a space themed wedding
  • Going to the space station isn’t possible yet, but he will have a space wedding
  • I can’t see Saeyoung wanting a big wedding, but if you wanted one, he’d be okay with it
  • He is very considerate of what you want because he loves you
  • Saeyoung will be very carefree with the whole wedding
  • he doesn’t care what happens as long as he can marry you


  • She is stressed to the max
  • Jaehee wants everything to be perfect
  • The wedding will be small, nothing too extravagant either
  • Her dress will be fairly simple because, again, she doesn’t want it to be extremely fancy
  • Jaehee will try and plan the whole wedding herself, but you don’t let her


  • The entire wedding is very expensive
  • “Jumin, we don’t need to spend $1mil on a dress”
  • Jumin loves spoiling you as much as he can
  • The wedding is pretty big, he had to invite his business partners to the wedding
  • If you wanted to have a personal wedding with just the RFA and you two’s family, he would be completely a-okay
  • He loves you and wants you to be comfortable


  • You two would most likely elope
  • Unless you wanted a wedding
  • If you wanted a wedding, it would have to be very tiny. Just the RFA and your family
  • Nothing fancy at all, it’s very cute and simple
  • Don’t expect a super fancy ring either
  • Saeran decided to propose completely out of no where
  • You two were laying in bed, and you were running your fingers through his hair when he suddenly asked you to marry him
  • He had no ring prepared or anything, he just felt so in love with you in that moment alone, so he just proposed
  • Such a cutie

I hope you liked this~!

valentine's date with jimin

- him coming early to your house and ending up pacing the front of your door bc he’s nervous

- giving you flowers with a shy side smile and taking your hand to the car

- staring at you like you’re the only girl in the world throughout the whole date (despite all of the girls on the sidewalks and waitresses that are checking him out)

- nearly throwing a huge fit when a waitress gives him her number and says to hit her up if things don’t work out “jesus fucking Christ” “no, jimin it’s oka–” “no it’s not, we are leaving”

- spending the rest of the night with him tightly holding your hand and staring at the stars at the park in extremely fancy clothes “jimin are you–” “you know I really love you right? and there’s no one else I will love as much” “Jim–” “I’m serious” “yeah, I know.”

- taking you out for ice cream to make up for everything and going home with ice cream covered smiles

sprained wrist

*Warnings* smut hahaha somebody stop me

The sound of his wet shoes slapping against the tiled floor reached Dan’s ears long before the realisation that perhaps this was a bad thing. He turned, vaguely dismayed at the muddy footprints he’d left on the Lesters’ hallway floor, but more immediately concerned by the twinges in his ankle. He’d been secretly ecstatic to have been invited to spend Phil’s birthday up north with his family, and obviously the weekend had been amazing, and of course he loved Phil’s family to bits, but after injuring his ankle, knee and both wrists on two consecutive walks, he felt he’d sustained enough damage to his body and wanted nothing more than to return home to their apartment, and kiss Phil without being laughed at by Martyn. Maybe more than kiss Phil. It had been a while since they’d had a house to themselves.

“Hello!” Phil greeted him cheerily, clattering down the stairs. “You really shouldn’t be allowed out, you know. Are any of your limbs still in commission?”

“No,” Dan replied, grumpily. “All of me hurts, and I have another headache.”

Phil only laughed at him. “Do you want to go and lie down for a bit? There won’t be anyone in my room, so you can have a bit of peace and quiet.”

After a moment’s consideration, Dan decided that this was the best of his options, all of which seemed a little undesirable in his discontented state of mind. “Yes please,” he mumbled, toeing off his shoes and hanging his bedraggled jacket over the bannister rail. Phil moved aside to let him past, quietly realising that Dan was in no mood for talking, and that prolonging the conversation would only serve to provoke him. Dan’s eyes skittered over Phil’s body as he squeezed past him, red tingeing his cheeks, wishing wholeheartedly that they were back in their apartment, so he could press Phil up against that spot on the wall and-

“Do you want me to bring you hot chocolate?” Phil asked, looking a little nervous. “I-I was going to make for me anyway.”

Dan nodded, blushing again, and hurried up the stairs so he could close the door on Phil and those thoughts. He struggled out of his sodden jeans, shivering slightly, and tugged on one of Phil’s hoodies. He caught sight of himself in the mirror and winced, turning away quickly from the wreck of his hair and general appearance, and crawled beneath the covers, sighing in contentment as the warm smell of Phil enveloped him and his bare legs slid smoothly under cool sheets. Exhaustion came upon him all at once the moment his body relaxed, the settling of his back and shoulders against the mattress almost painful, his eyelids heavy as they slipped closed almost without his noticing.

*  *  *


Dan stirred drowsily, eyelids fluttering open and muscles stretching in a way he instantly regretted. The bedroom door eased slowly open, and he sat bolt upright in a welter of blankets, irrational panic flooding his brain, but it was only Phil, with an apologetic smile and an enormous mug of what must be be hot chocolate. “Sorry I took so long, a family friend stopped by for coffee. It’s probably a good thing you missed it, they did talk on a bit. Anyway, here’s your drink, if you still want it.”

Dan scrubbed his eyes wearily with the backs of his hands and glanced at the clock, starting when he realised it had been nearly an hour and a half since he’d arrived home. “I must have fallen asleep,” he said. “Your bed is so comfy.”

Phil pushed the door shut behind him and set the mug down by the bed, before stretching out beside Dan, who couldn’t help idly noticing the way his shirt rode up to expose his stomach. “Yes it is! But it’ll be nice to be back home again.”

Dan said nothing, but his mind revelled in the knowledge that Phil thought of home being with him rather than his parents. He felt Phil’s finger tracing patterns on his forearm, goosebumps rising, Phil’s lips ghosting against his skin, whispering, “It’s been so long.”

Dan shivered, but this time not from the cold, and knowing exactly what Phil meant as Phil climbed carefully up his body. Phil smelled like coffee and his hoodie still held the fresh chill of their seaside walk, deliciously cool against Dan’s shaking fingers. Phil’s lips nudged his, and he gasped, his eyes flying wide open, feeling suddenly entirely unequal to meeting Phil’s gaze but incapable of avoiding it. And then Phil was kissing him, but kissing him properly, a wonderful muddly mess of lips and teeth and skin and roaming hands that made him feel like his brain was being slowly pulled apart, every thought disintegrating except for the simplest of all: Phil. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to pull him closer, ever closer, fists clenching in fabric as Phil’s mouth wandered to his neck, and a soft moan dropped unconsciously from his lips, but then his sharp hiss of pain made the other pull back instantly, all arched eyebrows and wide eyed concern. Dan stared up at him, shock and confusion and vulnerability in his eyes. “Sorry,” he gasped, trying to catch his breath and finding it stuck in his throat. “It’s just- my wrist-”

“Oh shit sorry,” Phil cut in, smacking his forehead in frustration. “I completely forgot. Does it- does it hurt now?”

Dan wiggled both his wrists and his legs gingerly. “Not badly if I don’t move it too much.”

“Right,” Phil replied, his lips dropping to Dan’s neck once again. “Do you want to stop?”

Dan moaned again, his jaw clenching. “N- no. Ugh, Phil-”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It was taking my mind off it hurting!” All of him ached for Phil’s body, and he was finding it extremely difficult to think beyond that.

Phil seemed to think for a moment, then his lips were on Dan’s again, although more carefully this time. Dan ground his hips up into Phil’s, who groaned in response, craving the friction and ignoring the pain that shot through his ankle so that Phil wouldn’t stop again. “Dan,” he murmured, and Dan rolled his hips again, wanting the noises it drew from the other man’s lips. He was drowning in it again, his mind losing coherence, and a much louder moan escaped him when he felt a hand suddenly on his crotch, palming him through his boxers. Phil’s other hand came up to cover his mouth, and his eyes bugged wide with amusement at the memories this brought back of being sixteen and fearful of parents down the hall.

“You’ll have to be quiet,” Phil whispered, well aware and slightly worried of the fact that Dan could and would be extremely loud when the fancy took him. Dan nodded, eyes heavy-lidded and dark as Phil slithered down his body and settled between his legs, mouthing wetly over his boxers and then pulling them down. “Fuck, Phil,” he murmured, concentrating on the feeling of his mouth on his dick. He felt himself hit the back of Phil’s throat, heat coiling in his stomach, hips bucking, and then he looked down and saw Phil’s lips, wet and swollen red, sucking on him, their eyes meeting, and, “Oh fuck, Phil, I’m gonna-”

The words died on his lips, pleasure shooting through all his veins. He was distantly aware of Phil’s hand clamping over his mouth again, but he couldn’t focus, wonderful waves crashing over him again and again until he almost couldn’t bear it, half-formed words falling from lips, clenching jaw, grasping fists in tangled sheets.

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You guys have any makeup store au's?

  • Character A works at a makeup store, and Character B has just come in to learn how to do makeup. Character B is extremely nervous because they haven’t had any experience with doing makeup before, but Character A is thrilled to help Character B out.
  • “Listen, I’m not supposed to tell you this, but you can get this product for $20 cheaper in the drugstore section of this makeup store. Let me show you how to look great without breaking the bank.” AU
  • Character A has an extremely fancy event coming up, and after watching tons of youtube beauty videos, they’ve concluded that doing a gold glitter ombre smokey eye look is way out of their league. Going to a fancy makeup store, Character A asks if Character B (an employee) can do their makeup.
  • While at work, Character A offers to do a makeup application on their coworker, Character B, because the store is so dead and they’re both bored. When Character A is finished, they’re both surprised with how amazing Character B looks.
  • “The trick to doing a perfect winged liner is all in the wrist…and in using a lot of makeup remover. Here, come over to the mirror and I’ll demonstrate on you.” AU
  • Character A is highkey crushing on Character B, an employee at a makeup store. Gathering up their courage, Character A asks if Character B could help them with learning how to do their eye shadow, and then proceeds to try not to faint while Character B hovers really close to Character A’s face. Character B thinks that this is hilarious and definitely takes a lot longer to do Character A’s makeup than necessary.
  • “Oh! Oh my god! Yes darling, you look so beautiful right now, but please don’t cry! That mascara isn’t waterproof!” AU

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seongwoo and 62 <3

ong seongwoo + 62: “it can wait until tomorrow.”

you feel absolutely horrible. it’s been a week since you and seongwoo had scheduled the big date for the premiere of his new movie for tonight but it had only dawned on you early this morning that you have a huge proof due for calculus. tonight.

so here you are, at eleven am having woken up at the crack-ass of dawn to finish a proof before seongwoo’s movie premiere. he had offered to schedule you appointments for your hair and makeup so that you wouldn’t have to go through the trouble, but you had declined each time, not wanting him to spend money.

he did, however, insist on buying you an extremely fancy and expensive dress. how were you ever going to ditch the date in that situation? 

“you have been working on that since seven am,” nayoung frowns as she peeks down your shared bunk bed to look at you furiously typing away on your laptop.

“i have a date with seongwoo tonight and i also have the huge calculus proof due tonight,” you mumble, not bothering to meet nayoung’s gaze. nayoung sighs.

“i’m sure he can understand the struggles of a university student.”

“you don’t understand, nayoung– this is his big break as an actor, he has to be there for his own movie premiere and i want to be there with him.”

“you know, it can wait until tomorrow,” a voice says from the door, “or for the first showing at the movie theater.” 

your jaw drops and your fingers freeze, mortified upon hearing the all-too-familiar voice. seongwoo chuckles as he leans against the doorway of your shared bedroom with nayoung, swinging his copy of the keys on his fingers.

“i figured we could go out for lunch before the red carpet started at five. but we can stay in for tonight and watch the first showing somewhere.” you bite your lip at his suggestions, not knowing what to say as the guilt rises even when an amused simper plays on seongwoo’s thin lips.

“… or i can bribe guanlin into doing your proof?” 

(you feel guilty about bribing guanlin, but you feel guiltier about the possibility of missing seongwoo’s big break’s premiere–– besides, guanlin seemed all too enthusiastic to work on your proof, anyway).