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Most of the Time [Jeff Hardy x Reader]

Request for Anon: Where you live in North Carolina for just the summer and one day this guy comes sputtering through on his motorbike because he ran out of gas in your front yard. You help him out and get to know him and then he disappears until some days later he comes back and asks you for a ride. (This is when he was younger btw!)

A/N: For once this isn’t smut!! wow !! I hope y’all still enjoy my fluffy stuff. Plus a teeny bit of angst. I actually really enjoyed writing this out, though I took a lot of breaks because certain parts got rocky.

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of drugs/rehab

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It’s heating up out there, in more ways than one! A little refresher about condom storage can come in handy any time that temperatures are extreme. Remember, the expiration date isn’t the only thing to check before putting on a condom, you want to be sure that it was stored properly, too! 

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