New Pinocchio-P song! (Contains flashing lights)

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so this video confirmed phan is not real, how do u feel

I’m gonna assume you meant the Australian DITL video and them not sharing a room. If so, how did it confirm anything that previous DITLs didn’t?

Let’s be real, while their DITL vids are far less staged than their regular ones (which isn’t to say that D&P vids are extremely scripted, because they’re most commonly not), they’re still planned in advance. It’s not like Phil wakes up on a random day and he’s like OH TODAY WE’LL FILM OUR ENTIRE DAY, I’M SURE DAN IS GONNA BE UP FOR THIS.

They do plan these vids and they try to make them interesting. They’re not daily vloggers who vlog a grocery trip, something usually happens in their DITLs.

Also, keep in mind that iirc, they’ve had separate rooms in all of their DITLs apart from Japan, where it wouldn’t be realistic or smart for them to get two rooms. In other scenarios, they’ve either not gone alone or lived in a place with more than one bedroom. They do have separate bedrooms at home, too.

I’m not gonna get into a whole explanation of what I think is the truth of this video (because frankly I’m scared of backlash lol, if you like you can PM me off anon), but in my opinion this video hasn’t confirmed or denied anything new and we’re still in the same place. Nothing’s changed.

Are they, aren’t they? For me, the answer is the same as it always was.