A Ruff Introduction

Summary: During a walk in the park, your dog suddenly starts acting up.

AN: MY FIRST EVER TOM FIC WOW i can’t believe i’ve only been writing about peter for a year lol

Tom Holland x Reader

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The sunlight was streaming through the curtains as I woke up with a big smile on my face. I’ve never felt this good waking up at 8 am in the morning but this day seemed special. I pushed myself up and walked to my window, pulling the curtains open. The light filled my room instantly. I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin. The sky was extremely blue today and the sound of children’s laughter already filled the air. This was a perfect day for a stroll in the park.

All of a sudden, there was a scratching by my door. I quickly opened the door and in came running my precious Staffy, Max. He ran around my room a few times before pouncing on me. I bent down and rubbed the backs of his ears. Max jumped on me and knocked me to the ground. I giggled as he licked my face.

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Relationship Headcanon #4

Ayyyyyyy, I’m back and ready to write! And I’m making a comeback with these relationship headcanons again! I’ll be putting the sequel I’ve made here. Check it out if you all want. These don’t have a particular kind of classes or such, so it’s all random character together.

Relationship Headcanons • Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3


  • Fatgum is the type of boyfriend who loves making you smile very much, like even if he’s all sulky himself, he wouldn’t care as long as you are happy. Which also makes him happy, so he does his best to keep you smiling!
  • Fatgum loves him some cuddling. Like he will literally chase you around and waddling in his fat defense form just to get his dang cuddles! Once you are in his grasp, there’s no getting out of his absorption unless you takes you out. Good luck with that.
  • Please give Fatgum some food too, he really loves eating and is a gluttonous boyfriend. He might even steal your food without you looking or hides it somewhere else. He feels bad about it though, so he takes you out on a date for repayment. Such a good boyfriend.
  • If someone is hitting on you, you know what he would do? Probably stick them in his defense form and take them away from you. Pretends like he doesn’t hear anyone for a bit.
  • Also, he’s pretty tall when he is without his fat defense form, he loves putting you on his back and giving piggy back rides. Or maybe treats you like his baby.

Ochaco Uraraka

  • She bakes pastries and food for you before going to school with her, she’s the girlfriend who always, always feeds you and she doesn’t mind it at all honestly. Even if she’s poor, she would do it. She’s very generous.
  • She doesn’t like to argue as much and would rather settle arguments in a more reasonable manner. She’s a go-lucky-go and doesn’t like drama. She doesn’t try to make you mad or jealous either, she is true and loyal until the end.
  • Likes spending time with you by going out and watching some musical Broadway’s/or something similar to that. Oh she will love dancing and singing afterwards.
  • Oh, she gets jealous alright. She tries to deny it and act like there’s nothing wrong. BUUUUUT - she might go and stalk that person who’s been getting A LITTLE to close on you.
  • Give her some pat on the head too, she kinda likes it when she’s getting prides from you, it makes her feel she can do anything in the world.
  • PILLOW FIGHT. Oh yes, pillow fight? She’s in. After heading to bed, she needs to let out some stress and play around for a bit, like pillow fights. Laughter makes her feel very content.

Mei Hatsume

  • Mei is very witty and she gets out more than anyone else , probably. She spends time with you by going shopping, well as in gadget shopping. If she wants to put that off, then her ideal of dates is trying extreme things like sky-driving, zip lining, etc.
  • Mei will call you her “cute babies” too just like her loving gadgets, or other pets names that goes along with her gadgets. She’s going to advertise on you regardless with them, and she thinks you’re honestly cute with them.
  • She shows her love by play fighting with you sometimes, Like tackling you around whenever unguarded, biting your arms softly, etc etc. Mei is a strange girl, but that’s her in general.
  • Did I mention a lot of biting from her? [Reminds me of Ibuki Mioda for some reason. So I can see this happening.]
  • Doesn’t get jealous often, however if she does, she shows it in her own way by putting on some gadget on who ever and sending them flying far, far, far away. “Can you put this on for me? I’m trying to test this out and I need your help! It’s for advertising my product of course!” - “O-okay? I guess I’ll do that…” - “You’ll be fine.” Presses a button and sends them off somewhere. “I lied. ]8P”

Kirishima Eijirou

  • Kirishima is a real gentleman towards you and he always will respect you because that’s is what being a true man is all about. Respect is one of the top factors for him in a relationship, if he breaks a promise, he disgraces himself on the spot.
  • The boyfriend who breaks rules for you too, heck even if he has to fight someone for you then he probably will. But again, it depends where he crosses the line too. Even a man has to be calm through situations and handle it the right way.
  • Kirishima is a real love puppy, like he’s going to compliment you frequently and he just can’t get enough of your smiles and presence. Sometimes he just… stares you know? While you talk. He’s captivated. He is going to cherish that precious smile of yours and no one isn’t going to take that away from him.
  • Enjoys doing challenges with you, like it could be who annoys each their the most or who will annoy as much people as possible, food challenges, etc etc.
  • Oh, he can be a real clingy puppy too whenever he’s jealous. Like no doubt, he WILL cling onto you, mostly wherever you go. Then he will give anyone a glare, ANYONE WHO CROSSES THEIR PATH. That’s only if he doesn’t personally like someone. He gets pouty when he see someone he doesn’t like with you.

The highest building in Cebu, the Crown Regency

It was a great experience walking on the edge of the building at 126.55 meters high above the street. At first, it was really terrifying. My whole body was shaking. But I can’t deny, the view was breathtaking. It helped me a lot to stay calm. Seeing the Cebu’s amazing view from the top, it’s mountainous part, the industrialized Cebu and Bohol across the sea, was fascinating. I actually even totally forgot my tension of the heights. !

We took some air and relaxed after riding an out of the world roaster coasters and running away from the zombies for our lives. When we already cooled down, it was just right time for dinner. So we went on the 37th Floor of the building to dine with a breathtaking night view of the city. The atmosphere was really romantic. The food was Asian cuisine. Most of the guests that night were Koreans and it was so funny that when asked for a halo-halo from the cook, he actually thought I was a foreigner. HAHAHA

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Aww, can I pretty please request a super fluffy Kuroo scenario where his shy s/o asks him if she can stay the night because it's raining and she can't leave? 😚

look,, i like to call myself a professional at angst because it’s my ultimate favourite genre to write but after this i am reconsidering my branding. this was so fluffy and sweet i think i have a toothache and this made me want a relationship T.T 

Walking home from school with Kuroo, you noticed grey clouds began moving in, often the sign of heavy downpour later. You chewed your lip, for this had not been forecasted and hoped it would be a lingering moment as you did not have an umbrella and if you were to walk home from Kuroo’s house, it would be extremely dangerous. But, you were an optimist so you hoped the clouds would pass.

Kuroo’s house was not too far from the train station, yet quite a distance from where you lived. Ever since you first visited his house, you were rather disappointed about the distance because you two would only share a stop before he parted at the second and you departed at the sixth stop. However, you quite enjoyed being in the vicinity of his neighbourhood, for his was a friendly and eventful neighbourhood.

Many of the senior citizens, who could afford to stay in shape were good friends with Kuroo often giving him (and you) volleyball tips. The children that played in the playgrounds on a daily basis knew Kuroo extremely well and would often request for him to teach them volleyball. It was a neighbourhood you wouldn’t mind living in, in the future.

“Looks like those clouds were just only at our school,” Kuroo remarked, staring up at the extremely clear evening sky. The sun was slowly setting, casting darker orange hues across the sky as you walked into his home. “I’m home!” he called. “_______’s here too!”

There was a flurry of footsteps and you saw the paper doors open to reveal Kuroo’s little sister, Hana, grinning widely. “_______-san!” she greeted, hugging your knees. You grew fond for Kuroo’s younger sister the moment you met her, and in fact, you were dating him the day she was born. Hana was a young toddler of three, and you and Kuroo were already dating in your first year in Nekoma.

Settling in Kuroo’s room, the two of you set about to do the work that was planned for today. As exams were coming up, you were determined to score straight A’s for your last streak was broken by an unfortunate B in Chemistry. You were lucky to have Kuroo, who was a genius in Chemistry and had notes worthy to be research papers.

You tried your very best to listen to Kuroo tutor you, for he was the best student to tutor anyone in Chemistry and even your Chemistry teacher knew that. However, with him being your boyfriend, you were still distracted. “Tetsu,” you cooed, lying down on the table and staring up at him.

“_________,” he said, maintaining a serious look on his face.

You pouted and pushed yourself up from the table. “You’re no fun,” you teased.

“Do you want an A in Chemistry or not?” he asked and you immediately dropped your teasing and focused on electrolysis, a topic you detested the most but Kuroo enjoyed teaching for he spoke about cathodes and anodes with a passionate glint in his eye, the same way he talks about volleyball.

Just as you began packing up, you began to hear the dreaded thunder. It boomed loudly outside Kuroo’s house to the extent the light flickered slightly. From the window, you could see lightning not too far away and you bit your lip. This was going to be a harsh rain and you hoped that whilst having dinner with Kuroo’s family, the rain would die down and you would be able to walk home with the shelter of an umbrella.

However, the rain had not accommodate your requests, for as you began dinner with Kuroo’s family, the rain thundered against the windows loudly, and the thunder didn’t seem to stop. With a worried look, you watched the pouring rain blurring the view of whatever was outside, but you could see the harsh wind practically slicing leaves off the trees and bending them at angles that you never knew was possible.

But you didn’t want to trouble Kuroo, so you decided that you would brave through this storm. “Tetsu, do you have an umbrella? I think I better start heading back,” you said quietly as his mother cleaned the plates behind.

Kuroo snorted. “As if I would let you out alone in the rain like this,” he snorted.

With a blush on your face, you quietly asked if you could stay the night. And Kuroo, being the giant tease he was, decided to ask you to repeat your request, a little louder. “What? Sorry, didn’t quite catch that,” he teased.

His mother was in the vicinity when he made you repeat and with an even darker blush, you repeated yourself. “Can I stay the night?” you asked, a little louder, knowing well enough that Kuroo could hear it and possibly his mother.

“You’re so cute when you’re shy,” Kuroo smirked, kissing your forehead. In a nonchalant way, he tapped his mother’s shoulder and you could feel your cheeks literally burning from the embarrassment. In your three years of dating, never once did you sleep over at Kuroo’s house and vice versa. You were often too shy to bring up such a request that could imply something more risque than the original meaning. “Mom, ______’s sleeping over tonight yeah,”

“My my _________, all grown up now, asking for such,” Kuroo’s mother teased and you covered your face to hide the redness. Teasing seemed to run in the family, for his mother too shared the same teasing tone that was constant in her son. “Of course you may! You’re practically family now,” she smiled. “Now, I think I have something comfortable for you to wear,”

Kuroo’s mother shuffled off to her room and returned with a simple pair of shorts, sending you a wink which made you blush even furiously. You were not surprised by Kuroo’s mother teasing, knowing that she was a young mother only in her late thirties and according to stories she tell during family gatherings, she was quite a wild teenager.

You returned to Kuroo’s room holding his mother’s old shorts. “So what did my mom give you?” he asked, lying from his bed. You held up a pair of shorts.

“Just this, and a wink,” you answered quietly, staring at the floor. The bed groaned and you felt a soft material covering your face. Kuroo had plopped a t-shirt onto your face and you washed up quickly and changed into those fresh clothes, thankful to escape from your school uniform.

With Kuroo being a six foot giant, his shirt hung loosely on you, the sleeves coming down to your elbows and slightly further, and the shirt stopping at your thighs, almost covering the shorts. It smelt exactly like him and you planned to secretly steal this shirt to wear at home, in case you missed him too much. You washed up and stepped back out, hoping for a good night sleep.

“I always thought that shirt looked great on me, but you look better in it,” Kuroo smirked from the bed. You blushed and lightly slapped his shoulder.

“So where’s your mattress?” you asked, seating yourself on Kuroo’s bed for the time being.

Kuroo raised an eyebrow and patted his own bed. “Here?”

“I mean-” you began and you realised he was being completely serious, and another blush crept onto your face. Even though it was cold and rainy outside, you felt like you were on fire. “Are you, really?”

“You’re so shy, it’s adorable,” Kuroo smiled, pulling you closer to him and leaning against his bedframe. “We’ve been dating for three years, the only time I’ll bite you is when I kiss you,” he chuckled after noticing that you were still quite stiff against him and kissed you. And for good measure, he nibbled slightly on your bottom lip in which you let out a tiny squeal.

“Tetsu-kun your sister is only three!” you heard his mother yell from outside and the two of you broke away rather quickly and you snuggled under the covers, which were extremely warm. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled him closer against his body. Kuroo felt warm pressed up against you and you weren’t complaining, this was something you could get used to.

“By the way, you’re not the first person that’s been in my bed,” Kuroo whispered. You suddenly pulled away and glared at him. “I’m sorry, but it was Bokuto,” he broke into a smile in which you whacked his chest lightly and snuggled back up against him.

“I’m assuming he said ‘no homo’ and wrapped his legs around you,” you remarked in a teasing tone.

“Surprisingly enough, you are right,” Kuroo murmured. “Goodnight _______, I love you,” he whispered before dozing off with a light snore.

“I love you too Tetsu,” you smiled to yourself, shutting your eyes for the most peaceful sleep in your life.

anonymous asked:

I just need to vent about that last episode... WHY would they not make Clarke commander. I'm freaking honestly.

Because it reeks of colonialism and white saviour trope. I hope Clarke gets to keep the flame, since it’s useless to the grounders now and it’s a part of Lexa she can keep, but please no Commander Clarke. I’m glad they didn’t do it, for anyone who is not a grounder becoming Commander would be extremely disrespectful. Sky people don’t respect the grounder culture, not even Clarke; she proved that when she tried to make herself Commander behind everyone’s backs. Even Octavia might respect the grounders, but she’s still skaikru and she’s still not really grounder. It was the skaikru who rejected the Coalition after all, so now they don’t get to act like they should be treated as a part of it. The skaikru come from the sky, constantly reject the grounders’ peace, have their shiny superiority complex because they use guns and technology instead of war paint and swords, treat the grounders as enemies for 90% of the show, kill them for breakfast, call them savages all the time, and then when it’s suddenly useful to like grounders one of the skaikru becomes their Commander? Gross.

true-slytherin  asked:

I'm really confused about the whole Black Sky mythology. In season 1, Nobu said that a Black Sky was coming from Japan which Stick killed. But then later on they make the fact that Elektra is the Black Sky this super unique thing as if she was one of a kind. So I don't get which is which. Also why didn't Stick kill Elektra when he found out that she was the Black Sky? He clearly has no problem killing children. Sorry this has just been annoying me for days.

Lol, no worries, I’m glad you asked! As I mentioned in my thoughts on Elektra’s arc post, I don’t think Marvel did a good job at all in keeping their mythology consistent as far as the Black Sky was concerned, and it’s definitely shown in people’s response to the show. But let’s take a stab at clarifying your two main questions:

Is the Black Sky unique or not?

So yeah…kinda. My interpretation based on the way the Black Sky was originally presented in S1 is this: all being the Black Sky ultimately means is that you’re a carrier for that Black Sky gene / trigger / whatever it is that needs to be activated by the Hand before you can fully realize your potential as their greatest weapon. Whatever this thing is that makes someone a Black Sky is extremely rare, and very few people are actually carriers. For all we know, only a handful of potential Black Skies are born in a generation. What we DO know is that the Hand have never successfully activated a Black Sky, possibly due to a combination of being unable to find one and eventually the Chaste actively hunting down possible Black Skies and killing them before they fall into the Hand’s hands (ha). If you watch AoS at all, then you could argue it’s kind of like the Inhumans? If the Black Sky is just a super duper rare gene that only a small handful of people have, and the Hand’s activation is kind of like Terrigenesis? Without the activation, they’re just mostly normal human beings, possibly with some predetermined behaviorial / personality traits? It’s just not really clear. 

If we attempt to ignore the inconsistencies between S1 and when they finally reveal Elektra as a Black Sky in S2, I think most of this still works. Elektra being a Black Sky is still a big deal, even if there have been other potentials – mainly, the fact that the Hand finally HAVE an actual Black Sky, and one who was already a super well-trained killing machine, big plus imo. And being able to activate a Black Sky after however many centuries chasing one down definitely makes Elektra one of the kind!

Why didn’t Stick kill Elektra when he found out that she was the Black Sky?

The show doesn’t give us very much information so all we really have to go off on is what we know about Stick. Stick has likely been helping to hunt down Black Skies for a good deal of his time with the Chaste. It’s not clear what was possibly going on with him at the time he finds Elektra. Or what state she was in when he finally found her. But one can assume that for whatever reason, he has a moment of weakness / sympathy and decides to spare her life. I can see someone like Sticking having enough hubris to believe he can turn the Hand’s own weapon against them. In fact, it’d be damn near poetic for someone like him. But it’s clear that as he continues to raise her and train her to be a child soldier, he develops a very genuine parental affection toward her, that I suspect is the reason he’s extra hard on Matty, and as we know from The Defenders, that soft spot for Elektra is ultimately his downfall. 

Sure makes you want to see an Elektra origins series where we can get all of these questions answered, huh?? If only!

So…I’m not sure if that cleared anything up but maybe it helps a little bit!

Cartography of the Cosmos

There are hundreds of billions of stars in our own Milky Way galaxy. Estimates indicate a similar number of galaxies in the observable universe, each with its own large assemblage of stars, many with their own planetary systems. Beyond and between these stars and galaxies are all manner of matter in various phases, such as gas and dust. Another form of matter, dark matter, exists in a very different and mysterious form, announcing its presence indirectly only through its gravitational effects.

This is the universe Salman Habib is trying to reconstruct, structure by structure, using precise observations from telescope surveys combined with next-generation data analysis and simulation techniques currently being primed for exascale computing.

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Rosa and Gina go on extreme dates like sky diving. They count down, but Gina grabs rosa and jumps on two, and rosa swears if they don't die from jumping out of an airplane she'll have to kill Gina herself, but then they kiss in midair and she suddenly isn't mad anymore



The first of the first of the very first extreme birds
flying across 
a sky of flesh, raw, red,
and infinitely cursed

It is possible to identify the bird by its feathers
and how easy they are to pluck

To navigate the landscape of trauma
one must be completely ready to die
all the while desperately trying to not

One must adopt cats, children, books, etc
One must invent new stories brighter 
One must reclaim the body from the father

Whatever the other choice is, it must be taken
In the darkness of trauma, one must learn
to go with hands where eyes fail

Be quick, large, skilled
Hide the small creature of pain

It is one thing to witness
and quite another to play the role
of an observer:
   who     are
       all b

Imagine Sirius Black discovering muggle extreme sports.  

-It’s Remus who make the mistake of mentioning sky diving in a conversation, a moment he will regret forever. 

-Sirius, of course, just cannot let it lie, and conducts all sorts of research into the more dangerous aspects of muggle entertainment.

-It’s not until the next summer that Remus realizes just how big of a mistake he’s made.

-Sky diving is not exciting enough for Sirius Black.  After all, falling from heights isn’t that novel of an activity for an accident prone Quidditch player.  No, Sirius has his mind set on motorcycles.  Jumping motorcycles.

-There is a brief moment when Remus almost has a hope that James might talk the other boy out of doing something so stupid.  (How on earth is Sirius going to operate a motorcycle when he can’t even get a light switch to function half the time?)  But, alas, Remus should have known better.  If Sirius is going to do something stupid and potentially life threatening, you’d better bet James will be there right along side him.

-Peter, naturally, is even less help, offering excitedly to video tape everything.  

-After the first few disastrous attempts, Remus promises himself that he’s not going to be dragged along anymore.  Unfortunately, he can never quite tear himself away from the impending disaster which is Sirius and James, and so he finds himself roped into healing them after every misadventure, grumbling all the while.

-Remus is too relieved for words when motorcycle jumping becomes ‘just too boring’.

-That relief is quickly vanished when parkour is mentioned.

I Would Miss You

Author: carry-on-my-pretty-weeper

Character: Josh Dun and Reader

Relationships: Josh x Reader kinda

Word Count: 1107

Warnings: I write a warning when the triggering thing begins.

Author’s Note: I was given the prompts

3. “No, no, please stop bleeding.”

26. “Nobody misses me anymore. They used to call and text, say how we should meet up. But eventually I just faded into the background. It happens to everyone. Don’t let it get to you.”

88. “Is it cold outside or are you just blushing?”

This fic is for @taylorsbread, I hope you enjoy it! Sorry if you don’t.

Sorry I have to cancel our plans maybe next week? The text read. This is the fourth week this has happen. You are always the last priority. Sometimes you even wondered if you died anyone would care. Would they blow off your funeral because they were too busy? They had a previous commitment? Another text interrupted your thinking but this time it was from Josh asking if you want to hang out. He is probably the only person in the world who actually cares about you. You quickly responded yes and you two decided to meet at Taco Bell because you were both pretty hungry. When you arrived you didn’t have to wait for him, he was already there. He smiled at you and you gave him the best smile you could. You were still pretty bummed that yet another person flaked out on you. But you couldn’t let that ruin your time with Josh. It was pretty cold so you zipped up your jacket as you walked over to Josh. “Hey!”

“Hey yourself,” you said with a slight smile. He looked at you and frowned a bit.

“Are you okay?” he said with concerned laced in his voice. Shit of course Josh could tell if you were upset just with a glance. Deciding not to lie to him you say “Um not really but I don’t want to talk about it.” He understands and nods his head. You two go inside and order your food. Then he proceeds to tell you about the song Tyler made up about Taco Bell and you start laughing really hard. When he sings a couple of versus your sides hurt from laughing. Your laughter is infectious and makes Josh laugh.

Originally posted by 21p

When you both get your food you go to the park right next to your house it was a little sketchy but still fun. On the way there and elderly woman with her husband commented about how you two were such a cute couple. You blushed a lot and Josh instead of correcting her went along with it and said “Well that’s just my sweetie pie,” and planted a big kiss on the side of your cheek. They ‘aww’ed and went on their way. You were very surprised, confused, and honestly a bit hopeful. You kinda sorta might have a gigantic life ruining crush on him. “Is it cold outside or are you just blushing?” he said with a little smirk then continued to walk. You stood there a second then ran after him. When you two arrived you went and sat on the swings. He went behind you and started to push you this earned a little chuckle from you. “Do you still want to talk about it?” he asked out of the blue.

“What?” you said surprised.

“Do you still want to talk about why you were upset?” he asked carefully. You thought about it for a second. “It’s just…I have been stood up a couple of times by some friends, it sounds really stupid but it just made me a bit upset,” you chuckled nervously.

“I get it nobody misses me anymore,” he started, “They used to call and text, say how we should meet up. But eventually I just faded into the background. It happens to everyone. Don’t let it get to you.” You looked at him completely shocked. Who would ever ignore Josh? Josh was such a great person, he was sweet, loving, and is the best friend a person could ask for. “I would miss you,” you said looking back at him from the swing, “and don’t think for a second that I wouldn’t.”

“Thanks,” he said. He couldn’t believe it someone had the nerve to blow you off? You, of all people? Who wouldn’t drop everything just to hang out with you? He certainly would and the fact that someone made you upset had his blood boiling. You deserved the world not some flakey friends. You were such a great person sometimes he wonders why you hang around with him. “Hey y/n?” he stopped pushing you and sat on the swing next to you.


“Why, um why do you hang out with me?” he asked. This question had stunned you on the spot.

“Josh, you’re literally one of my best friends. Reality is I don’t know why you hang out with me. You are the kindest, most loving, happiest, and most caring person I’ve ever met. I don’t deserve you,” you said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Which it was. At this he started laughing. “Why are you laughing?” you questioned.

“I always think that I don’t deserve you and here you are telling me everything I feel about you,” he said continuing to laugh. Whenever Josh starts laughing it always makes you laugh. Right now was a moment of utter happiness. There was no other way of describing it. You and Josh were being so carefree and happy that you thought for a second about telling him how you felt. He just seemed so happy and you were making him that way. You opened your mouth to talk when all of a sudden you heard /*trigger warning*/ gun shots. You whipped your head around to see somebody shooting at a car right next to you. It looked like another gang fight. It happened sometimes in your neighborhood. Before you could react one of the bullets missed the car and landed right in your torso Josh’s happiness was quickly turned to panic and worry as you fell off the swing and hit the ground clutching your side. You couldn’t really feel anything as everything got blurry and all you heard was ringing. You looked up and saw the sky was extremely blue today. Your vision was blocked by something or someone you went to tell them to please move but you started coughing up blood. You focused on the person above you. They were really pretty then you noticed it was Josh. Boy, he looked worried you wonder what he was worried about. Now he was crying you tried to reach out and touch him but it hurt a lot. You could hear now and feel all the pain you were going through. Josh kept saying “No, no, please stop bleeding.” He started sounding like his voice was fading you were really tired. Everytime you would blink it got harder to open your eyes. So decided to keep them closed. It felt like you were falling asleep the last thing you hear Josh say was open your eyes! Please open them! I’m so sorry! I love you…