The Bwaganod
Sculpt: IcarusLoveMedley Possum! [extreme mod/sculpt by me] on a Spiritdoll Elegance Body

Name: Finley Abiteth [aka Possum]
Age: 28-35(?)
Species: Bwaganod:  

Job: Pest Control Officer

Obviously, Finley doesn’t always have a possum head, but sometimes he does, the tail is nearly constant whether he’s in Possum form or human shaped form. He’s a slothish, truth telling, garbage eating faeby and he loves nothing more than following Mhyron around. 

Much to Mhyron’s dismay no ring of salt will keep out the Bwaganod as it only has sway over those who mean you harm; and Finley doesn’t think there’s any harm in raiding the witches fridge. 

  • Honoka Kousaka:Maki-chan, if you’re interested in being Nico-chan’s girlfriend-
  • Maki Nishikino:Whoa, whoa, whoa, girlfriend? I don’t wanna be Nico-chan's girlfriend!
  • Honoka Kousaka:Well, what do you want then?
  • Maki Nishikino:I don’t know! I just want to be with her, all the time. I want hear about her day, tell her about mine, I want to hold her hand, smell her hair. But I don’t want to be her stupid GIRLFRIEND.

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Hi Claudia. Spideypool got their ongoing series and it's so good, it's nice to see those two teaming up! And you know Marvel could also give us a ST series too... But be honest with me, how % you think Marvel woulb be up to do that?

hey! and i heard, honestly, it’s p amazing and i am extremely happy for ppl who ship that whether as a crackship or seriously. they’re one of marvel’s greatest + most hilarious team-ups tbh.

marvel’s stance w/ steve and tony’s relationship is pretty bizarre, i feel. it’s always been one of the cornerstones of their entire flagship (if they weren’t we wouldn’t have things like the confession or avengers: prime) but since hickman’s run it’s like ??? they lost editorial control over what would happen to stevetony. or maybe they stopped caring. who knows. granted, hickman fcked with a lot of characters and relationships, not just stevetony. but at the same time, if they wanted continuity and realistic character development of two of the major and most profitable characters was it really ??? a wise decision ??? to hand them over to hickman like that ????? i don’t know.

they’re definitely very aware of their individual popularity (i mean god tony will have TWO SOLO RUNS just in 2016 and steve’s returning as cap in summer) but maybe they’re not as aware of the demand for them together? it doesn’t seem like they’re going to revisit stevetony’s fallout after avengers vol. 5 sO i guess they’re just ignoring that entire debacle and the big ‘life and death’ set-up?? because turns out, with the end of the main secret wars run, steve and tony weren’t even the emotional or physical crux of the event it was all doom and reed, which lmao. alright hickman. a+ writing there.

marvel really honestly just seems to believe that pitting heroes against each other 24/7 is more interesting, gritty, and will sell more comics. they want high tragedy and drama but lbr the only thing tragic here is going 2 be their sales figures.

Cummiesstar of MormonClan

Her mate, the former leader, recently died, thus she became leader. She is the first she cat to become leader of MormonClan and while they are reluctant to follow her orders they do oblige. She is a beautiful cat who refuses to take another as her mate as she is eternally mates with Exaltationstar. Though, very inappropriately named, Cummiesstar was a deputy and denmate first and foremost in her youth, being part Lynx, she has strong muscles and thick claws, though a lady does not get into fights. Soon after she got her leadership position a rumor started spreading among the clans that she was the one to kill Daddystar, as he never loved her the way she loved him. While she does admit to have had a crush on him in her youth she claims to have been far more loyal to Exaltationstar and never once even considered leaving him or cheating, especially not with a cat from their rival clan. All of MormonClan supports the fact that she was an extremely loyal denmate.

- Mod Glitterspirit

34: The Trion (the same race as Elma) knew of the Ganglion threat to humans and were attempting to protect them. The other arks all had at least one Trion member on staff to provide technology and interstellar knowledge. In fact, the modified Trion barrier protecting the lifehold core was an idea from the coalition government and was standard among all lifehold cores among all arks.

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Hey I love your blog, and I just wanted to thank you for your consistency in tagging the impulses. I've dealt with trauma, and it's just so safe-feeling (?) to be able to read this. You guy(s) are amazing and extremely considerate mods :)

Thank you! I hope you have a nice day. Stay safe!

Hi guys! We just wanted to make a quick announcement! Both mods are extremely happy with our group the way it is, and we’ve formed a little family here that we realize doesn’t need too many changes. We created this group to have fun writing with other people who LOVE to write, and we’ve found that. We have completely found that and we consider all of you family and friends.

That being said, we’ve narrowed down our open characters list to just TWO characters. Once these spots are filled, we will be taking down the open characters page, submissions page and turning anonymous off for good. This lets us get away from the tags and have fun doing what we set out to do, which is roleplay with an amazing group of talented, lovely people. Of course if someone did need to leave the group, we would open that specific character up, but we’re taking things one step at a time here.

So once again to everyone out there, once these two roles are filled, there will be no more characters to apply as. So if you’re interested in joining our family, now would be the time to do that. :)

Thank you to our wonderful, wonderful group. We have so many amazing plots ahead of us and in the works and we are more than excited to get writing with you all.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask. Thank you!


The Onibi Chronicles everyone~

This is the Third in the series, but damn is it HOT

-Mod L