Other cyberpunk AUs I’ll never write: 

Ronan has a lot of extreme body mods, because he couldn’t handle being himself anymore and every little thing he changes out or adopts gives him a slightly larger sense of control over his life. 

Adam is the black market bio mech mechanic who ends up fixing Ronan’s parts after he gets in fights. 

This happens so often Adam starts keeping parts stocked that no other mechanic would–extra parts are a liability, you don’t want more than you can carry or hide in case of a raid–because he wants to have them on hand just in case. And sometimes, when the weather is just right, he buys two cups of coffee on the hunch that he’ll have company. 

They slip into easy silence more often than not, Adam not asking questions and Ronan not offering answers. Then one day there’s a raid on Adam’s shop and he’s caught with so much contraband they arrest him on the spot. He barely avoids being thrown into prison because someone posts mystery bail. 

And go.

It’s been less than two days and already, we’re five followers away from 200 and we’ve had over 120 asks be submitted. I just want to thank you all and welcome you to our humble little blog, as this amount of attention was not expected.

Please feel free to keep sending in your thoughts, ‘confessions’, headcanons, suggestions, favorite songs/characters/ships/producers, and whatever else. As long as it’s positive, we want to hear them all! <3

katersgonnak8 asked:

I am now hoping that Adachi's DLC plot will have been caused in-universe by what the fans wanted. Voice #1: "that detective is so cute" Voice #2: "he's a precious cinnamon roll" Voice #3: "I really hope we get to see him dance!" - the Eerie Voice is like "you should be what the fans want you to be Adachi" and he's there like "no I'm an asshole!" - thus explaining why he looks weirdly drugged in the promos. He's being made to dance against his will! :'D

So he’s high on ribbons- Sounds about right.

Honestly, Ribbon-dachi can go two ways. Either precious cinnamon roll baby, or sociopath sex-god Anti-Christ. 

Either way, the idea is disturbing-

anonymous asked:

If any of the boys like cartoons, which ones are their favorites?


You can bet that they all watch cartoons. 

  • Noctis: Pokemon. He loves the adventure aspect of it, and it’s one of the only reasons he gets up on Sunday mornings.
  • Ignis: Dexter’s Laboratory. He likes to imagine himself as Dexter and Prompto as DeeDee.
  • Gladio: Dragon Ball Z. Goku is practically his icon.
  • Prompto: Spongebob Squarepants. He loves the mindless comedy, and since it’s on so often, he has time to watch it for hours.

This was extremely fun ~Mod Ace and Mod Lightning

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Are there any people confirmed to be online during the tinychat celebration? //is extremely excited

well the mods (gamzee, tavros, and jake) will all be there at some point and i think MOST of our cast is planning to make an appearance so!

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pls get conch punches ASAP you'll become so cute that anyone who looks you in the eye will turn to stone and crumble and become dust

i have wanted conch punches for years now, i actually did muster up the courage about two years ago to go and get them done and the place wouldn’t agree to letting me put gorilla glass plugs in to heal them jesus and with that extreme of a mod you can’t change the jewelry for like six months and i didn’t want metal tunnels for that long so i left. that was the most reputable piercing place in my city that had experience with conch punches and it annoyed me. i think i will definitely look more into it when i’m settled into my new place in a few weeks because in a huge metro area like that i’m sure there are a lot better places that won’t say that healing with gorilla glass is dangerous which it absolutely isn’t. anyway i do really want them but it also makes me kind of nervous because like, being a happy bubbly bright-eyed cute girl blonde is an image that i am very happy about and i am VERY careful about cultivating my Very Very Cute Girl aesthetic and i’m worried about how conch punches will fit into that. but i think if i get them with white or pink gorilla glass jewelry it could add to how beautiful i am. i am loving the concept of someone turning to stone and crumbling to dust when they look at me. >:] will keep u updated


Creature - Incarnation

At the beginning of each player’s end step, if that player attacked with three or more creatures or cast three or more spells this turn, that player loses 4 life.


I can definitely see the flavor here, but the problem is that neither white nor blue are particularly keen on punishing your enemy by forced loss of life. You could force them to sacrifice, you could exile a permanent of theirs, you could draw cards, you could gain a bunch of life, maybe you could even drain..because white got that in hybrid via extort. 

But i don’t think forced loss of life is quite the way to go about this card. Feel free to make it extreme.

-Mod A

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I ship the pitchloid, Lenka Kagamine, with Nero Akita. It's just got that weird kaimei feel, even though they don't have canon personalities. I have a feeling, like, Lenka would be very cheerful, and then Nero is kind of quiet and stubborn like your average tsundere. And then there's moments where Nero is trying to kiss Lenka but she becomes shy and he's like, "kiss me you idiot" sorry i just wanted to get this off my chest i just love this crack ship-

surrexi replied to your photo: “Custom in progress. This will be my first that’s any more serious than…”:

okay so yesterday i started reading an article from the journal of fandom studies about action figure collecting and customization and making photo stories about them and it makes me think of you and long story short do you want a copy of it? (lol)

Sure! I’m very, very new to customizing anything (I’ve read some tutorials and done some research, and I’ve bought some supplies, but I haven’t actually done anything yet aside from this extremely minor mod) and I’m a relatively casual collector, but I’d certainly be interested in reading something like that. Or almost anything from an actual academic journal on fandom studies, tbh.


Hello everybody!! Thank you so much for participating in the 2015 ph-fanfest!! We hope you enjoyed yourselves, and again, all 3 of the Mods are extremely proud of all the artwork, playlists, videos and fan creations we’ve received! It was extremely fun looking at everyone’s submissions and challenging you all with a variety of prompts!

That being said, we would love if we could gain some feedback from you guys! If any of you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns, feel free to either message us, or send us a detailed submission upon how we can better the fanfest for the 2016 year (if the Mods are able to get the free time like we hope we can). Also, if you’d like to suggest any ideas for next years themes, please do! 

We’ll already be updating the certain parts of the point scoring (such as how to fairly award points to edits that use official artwork, versus any cleaned panels from the manga itself), and have done a lot of reworking during the fanfest itself. 

Any and all suggestions brought to us will be applied to next year’s (2016) fanfest (if we’re able to run it again during that time)

Thank you all again for participating in the fanfest, and we all hope to hear from you either next year, or the next time we’ll be able to get this up and running! 

-Mod A