I had this weird dream last night where a reporter was hosting a live coverage of the very first people to fly on a “low class” aeroplane which was essentially just an extremely loud and turbulent metal tube with a couple dirty chairs strewn throughout it, but it proved itself pointless to try and sit down because the passengers would comically slide around the entire cabin

A Fine Day To Die
A Fine Day To Die

Along the black mountainside scattered
By the campfires awaiting the dawn
Two times a hundred men in battles
Tried by the steel in the arrow
Axe and the sword

By battle worn hunger torn awaitening
For the sun to break through the cold haze
And for the banners of Ebal to appear
On the hill in the sun’s first warm rays

The elder among the men
Looked deep into
The fire and spoke loud with pride

Tomorrow is a fine day to die

“People need to stop acting like you can’t like other things that aren’t “metal” if you’re gonna be a metalhead. That’s pure bullshit, very few people only listen to metal and have all their other interests also be what metalheads consider to be “metal”. Elitists generally are often just insecure dumbasses with no friends, anyway. You can enjoy both black metal and pink flowers, and people need to stop acting like you can’t.”


Sepultura - Beneath The Remains


“Her Ghost in the Fog” Cradle of Filth

No chains to hold me back /// Into the depth I swim

No peaks too high to climb /// Into the nine worlds I travel

No arrows can pierce a flaming heart /// Into my dark reflections I climb

I will break out ‘cause I am the /// I broke out ‘cause I am the

Storm son

Lightning sister

Daughter of fire

Thunderous brother


song of the day for 10/2/17:

Dragged Into Sunlight- Totem Of Skulls