destigmatize “extreme makeup”

i don’t care whether you do a simple slick of eyeliner, a sultry smoky eye, some weird new blush thing, or are legitimately trying to look like the next reincarnation of ziggy stardust

makeup is makeup

girls, guys, and everyone in between all have faces and skin and stuff and that’s all you need to wear it

wear how much or how little you want

and just




Did a kinda gothic face today together with my new reversed tiara :D
 I think it’s crazy pretty! Not overly happy with the make-up, but it works :3
For everyone attempting the GFB, enjoy yourself sooo much! Wish I could go :/

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When Makeup Meets Art

By Lynette Neo

Last week we witnessed the extraordinary makeup transformations of Paolo Ballesteros and today we are going to look at some artistic makeup transformations that turn a person into a beautiful art piece! 

This look may seem like a messy makeup for some people, but it takes time, skills and experience to create messy yet harmonize looking makeup. Even though various colors are being used in this look, each color matches perfectly. Indeed a beautiful watercolor art piece!

I call this “The Geometrical Makeup”. The makeup artist not only did a great job in creating 3D effect on the face, he or she also did not forget about highlighting and contouring when creating this look. 

When I look at this, I cannot decide whether it was made to look like a puppet or a robot as I can imagine it being controlled by the puppeteer with strings but at the same time, it looks really futuristic. No matter what it is, it is still a form of art. 

If Queen of Snow exists, I think that is how she will look like. I love how cold is the overall look especially the details of frost and ice on the sides of the forehead. 

I don’t know how the artist recreate a pixelated Mona Lisa but I am really impressed with it. I think the effect will even be better if the hair was dyed in a way that looks like it is pixelated. With that being said, this look really amazed me and it’s like Mona Lisa coming back to life with pixelated visual effects.  

This look is simple, unusual yet beautiful. I like how the upper part of the face is painted with black to highlight the beautiful blue eyes. 

This is definitely one of the looks that impressed me because when it comes to makeup, the simpler it is, the harder it is. I also really like this look as it looks like there are two different characters in a face. 

This look perfectly portrays how the combination of makeup and art comes to life. The artist did really well in being consistent and putting the graphics together on a living canvas. 

If you think there is a filter in between the face, look again as the makeup was purposely done in this way to create the optical illusion. The artist did a really great job in keeping the look clean and contrast to the extent where it is hard to believe no filter or photoshop was applied on this look!

Here’s another look that uses optical illusion. If you look at it from far, you can see the big picture of the face that is created using makeup; but if you look at it closely, you can actually spot the model’s face.

I know this looks like a painting or a picture with special filter but it is not! I really like the details of this look especially the creator’s effort in the hair colors. Hats off to this beautiful piece of art!

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