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The actors but closer to their character’s age. There’s just something about not having extreme vampire makeup that makes them slightly more appealing, more… approachable.

Truth or Dare Gone Right Part 4/4

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 3,025

Warnings: Fluff, swearing and Smut…so much smut!  

Ratings: Mature

Summary: Being the personal assistant to the Avengers wasn’t all that bad, except your huge crush on Steve made you turn into mush. On your annual game night, Tony insists you play Truth or Dare.  It seems as if a few people already know your secret and they are trying to hook you up with Steve.

A/N: Here is what you have been waiting for lovelies!!  I hope you enjoy :)

You didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night, your mind constantly racing with thoughts of going on a date with Steve.  At the beginning of the night, you were pretty mad at your friends because it seemed as if they were all plotting against you.  But in the end, you realized how amazing they truly were, as they finally got you to open yourself up to Steve, and now you were going on a date this afternoon with him.  

You stretched your muscles, a moan escaping your mouth from your bones cracking.  Looking at the clock you realized you had slept in until 11am. You jumped out of bed and headed to the shower knowing you wanted to take your time shaving.  You knew Steve was pretty old-fashioned when it came to his beliefs, so you weren’t 100% sure how the night was going to end; but you knew how you wanted it to end; Steve ravishing you in bed.  

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When Makeup Meets Art

By Lynette Neo

Last week we witnessed the extraordinary makeup transformations of Paolo Ballesteros and today we are going to look at some artistic makeup transformations that turn a person into a beautiful art piece! 

This look may seem like a messy makeup for some people, but it takes time, skills and experience to create messy yet harmonize looking makeup. Even though various colors are being used in this look, each color matches perfectly. Indeed a beautiful watercolor art piece!

I call this “The Geometrical Makeup”. The makeup artist not only did a great job in creating 3D effect on the face, he or she also did not forget about highlighting and contouring when creating this look. 

When I look at this, I cannot decide whether it was made to look like a puppet or a robot as I can imagine it being controlled by the puppeteer with strings but at the same time, it looks really futuristic. No matter what it is, it is still a form of art. 

If Queen of Snow exists, I think that is how she will look like. I love how cold is the overall look especially the details of frost and ice on the sides of the forehead. 

I don’t know how the artist recreate a pixelated Mona Lisa but I am really impressed with it. I think the effect will even be better if the hair was dyed in a way that looks like it is pixelated. With that being said, this look really amazed me and it’s like Mona Lisa coming back to life with pixelated visual effects.  

This look is simple, unusual yet beautiful. I like how the upper part of the face is painted with black to highlight the beautiful blue eyes. 

This is definitely one of the looks that impressed me because when it comes to makeup, the simpler it is, the harder it is. I also really like this look as it looks like there are two different characters in a face. 

This look perfectly portrays how the combination of makeup and art comes to life. The artist did really well in being consistent and putting the graphics together on a living canvas. 

If you think there is a filter in between the face, look again as the makeup was purposely done in this way to create the optical illusion. The artist did a really great job in keeping the look clean and contrast to the extent where it is hard to believe no filter or photoshop was applied on this look!

Here’s another look that uses optical illusion. If you look at it from far, you can see the big picture of the face that is created using makeup; but if you look at it closely, you can actually spot the model’s face.

I know this looks like a painting or a picture with special filter but it is not! I really like the details of this look especially the creator’s effort in the hair colors. Hats off to this beautiful piece of art!

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Lesbian Master List

Lipstick Lesbian: An extremely glamorous, very feminine, lesbian. Not a doc marten or flannel in sight, just dresses and heels and everything in between. Perfume, flowers, pink, and women. Often portrayed as submissive in a lesbian relationship, but that isn’t always the case. Lipstick lesbians can kick some ass. Have you seen the sharpness of those heels? They are all the glitz and glam of a lesbian. Portia De Rossi and Sarah Paulson are just a few examples.

Femme: A feminine lesbian, simply put. Not as glamorous as a lipstick lesbian, but still extremely feminine. Makeup, jeans, maybe the occasional pair of chucks in baby pink. Also often viewed as the submissive one in a lesbian relationship, but that’s not always the case. Leisha Hailey is a great example of a femme lesbian.

Stem: An African American femme. The same exact definition of a femme, but this definition is reserved just for woc, which is much deserved. Wanda Sykes or Robin Roberts are wonderful examples of stem lesbians.

Sporty Dyke: Still a femme, but so athletic that it would make you think otherwise. Running shoes and sweats are very familiar with sporty dykes, and they probably always have their hair up in an under armour headband at all times. Have you ever seen their hair down? Probably not. She won’t put on a dress until her sports banquet, and her whole team will gasp in shock. Sporty dykes have the best body of any lesbian though… You need muscle to play softball as good as they do. Jillian Michaels is a great example of a sporty dyke.

Blue Jeans Femme: Have you ever seen The Kids Aren’t Alright? Then you know what I’m talking about. Blue jean femmes love their Mossimo dark wash jeans just as much as they love their vegan leather Birkenstocks and their farmers market veggies. Reads a lot of self-enlightenment books and probably has a colorful afghan. Joni Mitchell and Ani DiFranco probably run through their blood stream. They love thrift shopping and green juice after meditation, and god dammit they love their girlfriend.

Chapstick Lesbian: A relatively feminine lesbian, but still has a fair share of masculine or tomboyish characteristics. Chucks, doc martens, band tees and flannels are no new thing to chapstick lesbians. But dammit do they love their mascara and their pretty pink curtains. They can kill a spider with only a little scream, and can probably put an IKEA dresser together with the help of her girlfriend. Sarah Gilbert is a great example of a chapstick.

Beibian: The stage most baby dykes go through… The 2009 Justin Bieber hair phase. *gasp* Yes, they actually have Justin Bieber type hair. Yes, they probably just came out and are trying to find themselves in the world of lesbian. Beibians are freshly “came out” lesbians with skinny jeans and target plaid button-ups and the rainbow hottopic bracelet and “pride” pins all over their black jansport. Probably wears vans. Probably spends 30 minutes to an hour straightening their freshly cut coming out hair-do and will probably take a flash mirror selfie to post on tumblr. Justin Bieber is a great example of a Beibian.

Futch: Not a femme, not a butch. Content with being both and neither. Maybe you have a pixie cut, maybe you have long hair. Maybe you wear pretty flowy blouses, maybe you wear button ups. Maybe you wear makeup one day and not the next. You’ll wear a pretty dress to your cousin’s wedding and a pantsuit to your sister’s birthday. You are so confident with feeling one way one day, and another the next, and you love to play with masculinity and femininity, and you do it well. But you’re indecisive, so your girlfriend always picks the restaurant. A great example of futch is Ellen Page.

Soft Butch: Mostly masculine, but they have something soft about them. Flannels and button ups are the typical attire, hats are always a must. Even though they love to be chivalrous and kill spiders and act tough, they secretly love buying candles and going clothes shopping with their girlfriend. They can cry to a romcom and cheer to a basketball game. They are everything great about being a butch, but they’re just soft about it. Get yourself a soft butch, she’ll fix your toilet and gossip about OITNB. She’ll be the big spoon, most of the time. A wonderful example of soft butch is our president, Ellen DeGeneres.
Stud: The same as soft butch, but this definition is reserved for black women! An example of a stud is Samira Wiley. *Enter a Poussey joke please. My heart still hurts too bad to do so.*

Butch: The cream of the lesbian crop. Butch. When you see a butch, the first thing you think is, “lesbian.” Which is accurate. Because, well, she’s a lesbian. Butches are characteristically confident and sure about their identity, so much so that they are willing to go outside gender norms and wear not what’s typical, but what feels good. Most every butch has short hair, it’s kinda the butch thing. (Unless you’re a LHB, or a long haired butch, who are equally butchy and attractive.) A butch is a masculine woman simply put. 100% men’s clothes down to the knickers. She’s chivalrous, and can take apart an IKEA desk and can put it back together in a blink of an eye, and can probably kill a spider without so much as a bat of an eyelash. Watches a lot of sports but will watch Project Runway if her girlfriend forces her, (she secretly likes it.) She’s just cool. Everyone wants to have the swagger of the butch. A couple perfect examples of a butch would be K.D. Lang, Rachel Maddow, and Sarah Bettens. They are hotter than any dude could ever be.

Stone Butch: Take the definition of butch and times it by 100. They are the butches of the butch. Intense and intimidating, with womanly swagger, all in one. By law, every stone butch has to own a leather jacket. It’s just the law. She probably has carpenter jeans and really intense steel toed combat boots. Every stone butch has at least 14 tattoos. At least. She probably has a group of super scary butch friends, and will pick you up on your first date on her motorcycle. She may be a stone butch, but her heart is as warm as it comes. She loves taking her gf out for joyrides and pushing chairs out for her. So don’t ever be intimidated by the stone butch, they are the friendliest of all. It is typical for stone butches to be particularly “dominant” in any relationship, and they maybe classified especially by not not liking to be intimately touched in any situation. Overall, the stone butch is the even better butch! An example of stone butch would be Lea DeLaria.

*If you think of anymore, feel free to add on or ask us to add onto it!*

The Other Mother makeup done by Lori Pratt (me). This took me 3 hours to do, ENJOY!🖤🕷🕸
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Being Gil’s Little Sister Headcanons

Requested: By anonymous: Miss, can I please have a ‘Being Gil’s little sister (around 5 or so) would include’?

Warnings: none

(Not my gif)

Originally posted by adisneylover92things

Gil is incredibly protective over you, you’re his little sister and he isn’t going to let anyone harm you.

The entire crew is protective over you as well, you’re young and you’re one of the Sea Three’s closest treasures.
The crew loves you honestly, you’re just as bright of a ball of sunshine as Gil is.

Both Uma and Harry care deeply about you.
They both find you pretty cute, but obviously won’t admit it in public.

You’re always following Gil around.
Which pretty much means you’re around the crew, Uma, and Harry 24/7.
Not that any of them mind.

You probably at one point get fascinated by Harry’s hook, so he’ll let you grab onto the hook instead of his hand.

Gil and you are just these two balls of sunlight, literally the fact that you both exist on the Isle is insane.

Gil reads you bedtime stories.
Uma and Harry have read you ones before (when Gil has been sent on an errand)…they were interesting stories.
Harry’s really good at telling stories though, so you probably kept trying to stay up so he could tell more.

Harry lets you play with his eyeliner and do his eyeliner for him when Uma tells him to watch you (which is why some days his eye makeup is extremely dark)
Only Gil and Uma have watched you do it, but the entire crew knows, even if no one has said it aloud.

Uma will pat your head when she passes by.
It’s her way of saying you’re being good and it’s a small sign of affection.

Gil will carry you, whether it be on his shoulders or on his back, whatever.

You’re sort of a well kept secret, most outside of the crew and the Gaston family either don’t know much about you or doesn’t know you exist.
You’re a weak point of the crew, any of them would snap if you were taken or hurt.

You’re no doubt the most protected person on the Isle and you’ve got the greatest big brother.


Many idols wear makeup on stage to highlight their looks but this SM artist can rarely be seen wearing eyeliner and often performs “bare-faced”.

Although Super Junior‘s Donghae previously stated that he doesn’t hate the thought of makeup, he said he would rather perform with as little eye makeup as possible and even revealed that he performed at Super Junior concerts without any eye makeup.

Fans noticed Donghae’s amazing visuals without makeup and his already handsome features are only highlighted by his lack of makeup proving he is an ultimate visual member of Super Junior.

not to be negative but I think I’ve grown to hate makeup culture as a whole.. obviously I love the handful of amazing, creative makeup people on here, many of whom I’m blessed to be friends with (who deserve the money these unimaginative makeup ppl are getting imo) but I’m so over the YouTube Insta makeup people and their boring collaborations with cosmetics companies. I feel like it’s also become this pervasive thing within the past 5 years and girls, from younger & younger ages, feel the extreme pressure to wear makeup & know everything about it. And then there are weird libfem posts on here almost everyone uncritically reblogs acting like makeup is an inherently positive thing which is so weird & completely divorced from reality

destigmatize “extreme makeup”

i don’t care whether you do a simple slick of eyeliner, a sultry smoky eye, some weird new blush thing, or are legitimately trying to look like the next reincarnation of ziggy stardust

makeup is makeup

girls, guys, and everyone in between all have faces and skin and stuff and that’s all you need to wear it

wear how much or how little you want

and just