So..i had a lot of you guys inboxing me about how I put up my beehive, so I thought I could show you in pictures!
I really hope you enjoy it. I’m not so good at explaining, so I hope you understand. If not, just inbox me and I’ll try to help you :)

In picture number one I’ve just been backcombing my hair so it gets all fluffy. But don’t backcomb it to hard, your hair will just look like a mess if you do. I use a brush instead of a comb for a softer result.

In picture number 2, I brush up my hair at the same time as I gently spray the hair with some hairspray.

In this picture I’ve started to use the hairdryer, my best friend! ;)
After I’ve sprayed with hairspray in picture 2, I simply use the hairdryer to make this hairstyle stable to resist wind and other lousy weather. 

Make sure to get some hairspray in the middle as well!
Otherwise your hair will fall in and look weird.

After spraying your hair, tuck the edges in with your hand.

Use your hands gently to form the shape of your hairstyle.

Don’t forget the back! ;)
And it doesn’t matter it if looks  weird at the back for the moment.
You can adjust it later with some spray and your hairdryer.

Now it should look something like this!

Time to pick out a bandana you like.
Put it around your head and tie it just over your forehead or over your bangs.

And now your done! :)

destigmatize “extreme makeup”

i don’t care whether you do a simple slick of eyeliner, a sultry smoky eye, some weird new blush thing, or are legitimately trying to look like the next reincarnation of ziggy stardust

makeup is makeup

girls, guys, and everyone in between all have faces and skin and stuff and that’s all you need to wear it

wear how much or how little you want

and just