MBTI Blogs You Must Follow! (recommended by eilamona)

I get asks every so often about other MBTI blogs I’d recommend, so I thought I’d make a proper post. These are MBTI blogs I’ve been following for quite a while (at least a few months), so I know they’re good, knowledgeable, and not likely to disappear any time soon.

The format: Blog’s name [ blog’s url | moderator’s type(s) ]

All types

Myers and Briggs [ myersandbriggs | ENFJ ]

Very comprehensive MBTI blog filled with information on every type. I haven’t really seen original posts, but the mod reblogged a lot of good contents regularly. He also compiled lists of useful resources and other MBTI blogs on tumblr. A must-follow!

Funky MBTI Fiction [ funkymbtifiction  | ISFJ ]

I’ve always admired how Charity (the mod) writes about every type with such details and great understanding. She’s amazing at analyzing every type and is a wonderful writer. She posts regularly on each type, cognitive functions in different positions, pairing dynamics, and analysis of fictional characters.

MBTI Notes [ mbti-notes | INFJ]

Also an extremely comprehensive MBTI blog packed with everything you need to know. The “masterposts” are gold mines filled with analysis of each type, cognitive functions, relationships between every type and every type, and type contrasts.

What’s my MBTI? [ whats-my-mbti | INTP ]

A blog dedicated to helping you figure out your MBTI type (a dreaded question by many other MBTI bloggers). Arkady (the mod) is knowledgeable about types and cognitive functions, and she does very detailed analysis.

The MBTI Experience Project [ mbtiexperiences | INTP ]

Wondering what the relationship between this type and that type is like? This blog compiles submissions on real life relationships between types of many kinds (romantic, platonic, parent-child, etc) with in-depth analysis of their dynamics.

The Sixteen Personalities; A User’s Manual. [ thesixteenpersonalitytypes ]

This is NOT an active blog, however, the valuable information is still there. This blog goes into details about all 8 functions (including shadow types) in our functional stack. Worth a read.

MBTI Obsessed [ mbtiobsessed | INTP ]

Very knowledgeable mod, insightful analyses of types, functions, unhealthy/healthy versions, etc.

MBTI Listings [ mbtilistings ]

Another good resource on types and cognitive functions with a knowledgeable mod.

alarminginteger [ alarminginteger | INTJ ]

MBTI type art = ♥

Type-specific / Not completely MBTI-focused blogs run by knowledgeable people of different types

i.e. if you have type-specific questions, you should go to these people (and people above)

INFJ: infjadvice | readingontheroof

INTJ: intj-paradigm | intj-thoughts | rationals-pub

INTP: sillymbti | oiblackestsheep | rationals-pub | eilamona (ahem, yes, me)

INFP: infp-quotes

ENTP: e-n-t-p | type-unboxed

ENTJ: entjs | entj-life | type-unboxed | femaleentj

ENFP: numberoneintjfangirl

ISFJ: isfjwallflower

ISTP: istperson

Intuitives: intuitiverse

Sensors: everythingsensor (very new, so I can’t comment on the quality, but I endorse the idea)

MBTI Resources: The MBTI Master Index [ mbti-resources ]

I’m taking this chance to launch my new blog: mbti-resources

It will be mostly reblogged posts (only good ones, of course). However, the blog features an extremely organized & detailed index + tagging system that was planned from the beginning. Everything will be very easy to find. I don’t have much content on it at the moment, but it will definitely grow in time.


“Your relationship is very smooth, and few things are likely to harm your fundamental harmony. We could even say it is pretty remarkable, not far from being exceptional… Sometimes, but in really rare occasions, and rather owing to elements that are external to your personalities, some frictions can occur, but in the majority of cases they will be solved easily. It is undoubtedly an extremely encouraging index for your continuation, you can really go for it: happiness is within your reach!” 

That description is so Cockles. 


What is a bullet journal?

For me, my bullet journal is my life it’s how I organize everything.

1. My journal is not like a fancy moleskin or anything. I got my journal on sale at Target for a fraction of the price and it’s almost the complete same.
2. Index-
Your index is extremely important it helps a lot with knowing where everything is.
3. If that’s not really your thing, you can do what I do and put labeled tabs on the side.
4. Key-
The key also holds importance, because it really helps the organization of the list and provides a system to know the state of your tasks.
5. Calendar-
The month calendar is my favorite part, because it’s where I plan everything in advance and put in future events.
6. Weekly planner-
The planner portion is where you make your lists for everyday. What I like about this is the ability to customize. If I wanted to make a longer/shorter list I can I’m not limited by space in most planners. You are also able to use other symbols to represent different tasks (due dates, events, etc.).
7. Goals-
A lot of people do monthly goals, but I easily forget. It’s easier to do weekly goals on sticky notes for me.

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