Before juice: skinny twerp, average haircut and face, normal clothings, not a single ounce of muscle visible at all.

After juice: Arms and forearms have more than doubled in size to meaty proportions, triceps pushing past flesh like solid rocks, delts the size of cannonballs soon to cap out of the shoulders, pecs protuding way beyond his torso and sure to stretch out any shirt he wears now.
Jock haircut, extremely revealing stringer tank, obviously to show off all that new juiced muscle, probably with some dumbass shit written on it, arrogant as hell smirk while taking one of his multiple daily selfies, because he knows he looks amazing.
Yeah, you bet he thinks it was fucking worth it. Next time you don’t even need to wonder why people hop on juice like it’s free candy.
And the best part? No fantasy or magic shit about this. Roids are the real deal.

another thing that this website does that I cannot stand is making these jokes about how ace spectrum people are obsessed with dragons or unicorns or something like that. i know the intent isn’t malicious but it just kinda reflects that people associate absence or lack of sexual attraction with naïveté or just childishness in general.

it’s essentially the same reason why i get kinda angry when i see people constantly draw trans people (especially nb people) with extremely bizarre haircuts. although trans people with that sense of style certainly exist, by making that the popular depiction of the community, basically what you’re communicating is that you see us as not quite “normal” without blatantly saying it