hey internet pals! 

in case you didn’t know already, i’m going on an url 2 irl tour next month called the “realm recognize realm” tour! it’s curated by extreme animals and a bunch of other internet “super users” are involved: labanna babalon, ben aqua, lil internet, and top8friends

i’m super super stoked! we are gonna be visiting cities along the east coast and meeting people at unconventional places (parking lots, mall food courts, anywhere you can think of really). they already won a rhizome grant for it but we still need more funds to make the tour awesome and make sure everyone is comfortable and happy and gets paid :) we’re trying to raise 12,500 via kickstarter and i think we can do it with your support!!!! 

there are so many sick prizes involved and you can donate as much as you want! prizes include sexts from an artist of your choice, zines, posters, …. and …. a body pillow (plus a lot of other kewl stuff that i can’t remember right now)! i’m not kidding! it’s gonna be wild.

sooooooo check out the page, reblog this if you can’t donate, spread the word! <3 luv u all

Today’s manuscript is a late 13th century Italian version of Le Bestiaire D'Amour featuring:

real time responses to rubbish lions

extremely expressive animals

a masterful and unique interpretation of the tiger

outstanding birds

and my favourite phoned-in phoenix so far

Also of note: every time the sun appears it has a different expression 

[Digitized by the Morgan Library & Museum here]


I feel like Jon Rafman really ripped off Extreme Animals for his Oneohtrix Point Never vid.

Watch on mollysoda.tumblr.com

~*~*~ attention internet friends! ~*~*~

i am going to be part of this really amazing tour in october called the “realm recognize realm tour”. it’s been curated by extreme animals and features other internet “super users” top8friends, lil internet, labanna babalon, and ben aqua. what this means is, we are trying to visit cities (along the east coast) (POSSIBLY YOUR CITY!!!) but instead of having tour events at bars and venues, we want to have them in your parent’s basement, in a parking lot, you get what i’m saying…

so! in order to make this tour possible we are trying to raise funds via kickstarter. the prizes are rad! the tour is gonna be rad! and i’m so honored to be a part of it. so if you can, take a look at the page and show some support!!!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


I made some visuals for this song this morning ‘v’ (seizure warning)

Anamanaguchi was so good live.

Thank you Rochester for being awesome.

Thank you Revengineers for being totally awesome as well. I will treasure your CD like candy.

Thanks you Extreme Animals for being deceptively awesome. Creepy shit, but awesome none the less.

And thank’s Anamanaguchi for making me the most pumped I’ve even been in my life. Ever. You guys rock. Everything. Forever and always.

And you guys make pretty cash tie-dye shirts.

Extreme Animals may make some of the best dance music on this planet, but they also are kings of the collage… be it visual or audio. So while tons of acts are dropping “mixes” all the time, Extreme Animals are two dudes that I actually pay attention to when they do so. Their latest lives up to their legacy, with an insane combination of everyone from Black Pus to Kim Dot Com to Rusted Root, and of course even some Extreme Animals. The player they’ve used for this mix doesn’t appear to allow re-embeds, so you’ll have to hop over to Percussion Lab to check it out. Available both to stream and download. Percussion Lap also has an interview with the band that you should check out.

Extreme Animals on Deathbomb Arc.

This mp3 is a celebration/documentation of the tour that Extreme Animals, Labana Babalon, Aaron Kolfage of Top8Friends, Ben Aqua, and Molly Soda took in October 2013. Big ups to Rhizome and Tumblr for their support. Big up to everyone who hosted these shows.

- DJ George Costanza

GoT intro
Miley Cyrus - The Climb Costanza Remix
Travis Scott - Old English
Y.N.Rich Kids - My Bike
Kalela - Bankhead
Lil Internet - Unreal
Headhunterz - Colors
Fifth Harmony - Me & My Girls
Michael Williams and Miley Cyrus - 23
Chief Keef - Emojis
You Only live Once - Do or Die (Schwarz + Kilbourne mix)
Ray J - I Hit It First (Costanza Remix)
Ben Aqua - Are You That Somebody’s Body Party
Extreme Animals - Surfing Suffering
Alison Gold - Chinese Food
Greyson Chance - Unfriend You
DJ George Costnaza - Happy 23rd Birthday, Soulja Boy! Megamix