extreme weather and climate change


After hurricane Maria, the island of Dominica (different place from the Dominican Republic) was left devastated and damaged. The country is in a great need of help.

Aerial shots by: Wavemaker Photography

Extreme weather occurrences exacerbated by climate change? Not time to talk about climate change. Mass shooting at a school full of children? Not time to talk about guns. Terrorist attack in America by a white man? Don’t politicize this. Terrorist attack in another country by someone who isn’t white? We must ban all people from this religion immediately or we will be unsafe.

So he’s gonna “help” hurricane victims….by cutting funding to FEMA?

Remember 45’s proposed federal budget that cuts Meals On Wheels, Special Education and other public services like NOAA and FEMA. And even after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Trump and Republicans still refuse to admit Climate Change is causing more and more extreme weather.

And Florida’s governor, Rick Scott, even passed a rule that bans Florida lawmakers from saying the words “climate change”.

I can’t help but think of that quote by James Baldwin: “Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.”

Republicans really are evil. And willfully ignorant.

Climate change is not a hoax. it is frighteningly real. Billions of people are losing the ability to feed themselves. Don’t let the whole side down by leaving, just when we have a game plan.
—  Frank Bainimarama, the prime minister of Fiji, speaking at a conference in Melbourne. Learn more. 

The Montmorency tart cherry is pretty much the only sour cherry grown in the U.S. And cherry growers in Michigan know the tree really well. It was brought here from France a couple hundred years ago. “This is older than most people think of as heirloom varieties and it’s our main variety to this day,” says Jim Nugent, a cherry grower in northern Michigan.

The tree is “very cold hardy” in the dead of winter, he says, and grows well in the state. But it is susceptible to damage from spring frost, making it very sensitive to the extreme weather shifts made more likely by climate change. And that made tart cherry growers nervous.

Warmer days in early spring have caused cherry buds to come out earlier on average. That combined with erratic spring weather, especially when it brings severe cold snaps, has already proved disastrous for the crop.

Michigan’s Tart Cherry Orchards Struggle To Cope With Erratic Spring Weather

Photo: Peter Payette/Interlochen Public Radio

The USVI were hit by both Irma & Maria. Please don’t forget them

“The governor is doing a shitty job,” he [Vernon Araujo, the development director of the Family Resource Center] said frankly. “We still have people stranded without food and I’m standing here looking at crates of it.” - Read here

Please reblog. Let’s not forget the people of the US Virgin Islands.

Huge forest fires in Portugal kill at least 57 people
Sixty forest fires take hold amid severe heatwave on Iberian peninsula, with many people killed in their cars as they fled
By Sam Jones

Dry thunderstorms and strong winds may be the origin of this calamity. The number of casualties can still go up as many areas are still unreachable and this is an area where many old people live. 

EU has sent help, but the smoke is so dense there’s nothing they can do just yet. Temperatures are around 40C and humidity is at 0%.

It’s not even technically summer yet. Every year it gets worse. We had huge wildfires last year but the number of affected was never this large.

Please keep Portugal in your thoughts.

I’m getting sick and tired of people stating that this kind of extreme weather has been happening since the dawn of time.

No shit, Sherlock.

We’re comparing it to climate change because the magnitude of this extreme weather, coupled with the fact that it’s happening frequently around the world in just the past few weeks alone, is incredibley alarming.

Stop acting like you know more about the world. We’re inhabitants, too. We’re aware of the Earth’s natural habits.


Cutting Science Funding Today Costs Us More Overall

“How much money will we save by cutting funding to the EPA? To NASA Earth Science? To the National Institutes for Health? Take all those numbers for all those organizations that the proposed federal budget would slash and add them up. Now, do the math on the other side. What’s the cost of environmental pollution? Of unclean, unsafe water? Of air that puts us at risk of health problems like asthma, lung disease and COPD? Of a loss of Earth monitoring for extreme weather, climate change, sea level rise, droughts, and natural disasters? Of the cessation of medical research, working to fight preventable diseases, and working to cure some of society’s greatest afflictions such as cancer, heart disease, alzheimers and more?”

The President of the United States just released his proposed budget for the next fiscal year, and there are some big losers in the scientific world. The EPA, the NIH, NASA Earth Science and many other organizations that exist for the benefit of America and all of humanity are poised to lose a significant amount of federal funding. This doesn’t simply affect the scientists who lose their jobs. If we take as a given that the projects that these organizations invest in are vital at some level, and that they will need to be accomplished at some point, we’re actually making it far more expensive in the long run. The loss of expertise, the cessation of production and the exodus of the team that would provide scientific continuity are all extremely costly, and will make all of these projects cost us more than they would have overall. We saw this lesson firsthand just a few years ago with James Webb. 

Are we really willing to throw away so much money and time now just to shave a tiny bit off the deficit for the short-term?

just a little friday morning thought

seems like everyone is very nonchalant about climate change and the recent extreme weather conditions/threats of nuclear war. kinda feels like the world is ending and im scared shitless cus im having a good time on earth and i dont wanna die man. am i overreacting 


-For the first time in 20 years, the Norwegian government opens a new frontline in the Arctic.

-Incineration of oil causes climate change, which is the cause of extreme weather conditions, and that people’s homes, health and families are at risk.

Millions of people already stand against oil drilling in the Arctic. Join or read more that savethearctic.org :)

Ps I do not hate Norway, (I love skam) but the polar bears die ffs. And btw sorry if this is badly written, english is NOT my first language. Ps again I don’t own this campaign or have anything to do with it other than I support it:)
Prevent climate change :)

Climate scientists just debunked deniers' favorite argument | Dana Nuccitelli
Dana Nuccitelli: And in the process, illustrated the difference between skepticism and denial
By Dana Nuccitelli
Extreme weather 'could kill up to 152,000 a year' in Europe by 2100
Weather-related deaths could surge by 2100 if nothing is done to curb climate change, scientists say.

Extreme weather could kill up to 152,000 people each year in Europe by 2100 if nothing is done to curb the effects of climate change, scientists say.

The number is 50 times more deaths than reported now, the study in The Lancet Planetary Health journal said.

Heat waves would cause 99% of all weather-related deaths, it added, with southern Europe being worst affected.

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