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Pass into the anus
Experience tranquillity bitch
You are your own worst enemy you little shit 

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People in the Reylo fandom are a diverse bunch-


-Ship canon Kylo and canon Rey
-Shamelessly ship extreme versions of Kylo and Rey
-Root for Kylo’s rehabilitation
-Root for Kylo and/or Rey falling to the depths of violence and depravity and, in many cases, insanity, all for our own amusement.
-Enjoy fluff
-Enjoy smut
-Enjoy extremely dark themes that don’t necessarily have to have a happy ending
-Enjoy exploring character pasts
-Enjoy exploring character futures
-Come from all different countries and creeds
-Come from all sorts of different occupations
-Have some people aboard the ship who have not had the best life experiences
-Have some aboard the ship who have led perfectly fine lives
-Have some aboard the ship who are particular to Reylo only happening certain ways
-Have some aboard who will take Reylo any way, it doesn’t matter!
-Want to watch the characters heal
-Want to watch the characters bleed
-Enjoy AUs. Any AU works for this ship!
-Enjoy canon fics
-All care about different things
-Are here, some of us, for the good potential of the ship
-Are here, some of us, for the evil potential of the ship
-Are here for the hurt/comfort
-Are here for the hurt.

Quite frankly the list goes on. We are all here for different reasons. And all of them are perfectly fine and acceptable. It is impossible to pigeonhole us into one category or one group. You cannot blanket define us. Nor should we be blanket defined. And honestly, I think that versatility is fantastic. :)

Winter is coming in the Northern Hemisphere so I hope no one gets sick! This tea is a good way to help ward of colds (for the extreme version, add some ginger between the lemon slices).

Everyone please look after yourselves and remember to keep warm!

Realizes I can post this now that Halloween’s over

Minimalist D&D in Fours

A while back I started thinking about an extremely simplified version of Basic D&D (which is already extremely simple but whatever) and I was thinking of what classes to keep and which ones to wrap into other classes and it turned out to be a fun exercise. I decided to revisit it now mostly because it was fun but because I started thinking about what other elements of D&D I could condense into just four.

First of all, the four classes: they are Dwarf, Elf, Halfling and Paladin. The Dwarf remains essentially a Fighter with some extra Dwarfy abilities, Elf is still a mix of Magic-User and Fighter, Halfling remains a pint-sized Fighter but also gets to steal some of the Thief’s stuff, while the Paladin is basically a Cleric but more Fighty.

All characters are essentially Fighter types but with some twist on the formula. A part of this desire stems from wanting all characters to have a fighting chance when it comes to combat, but also because all the characters being able to potentially use all weapons and armor opens the field for more interesting choices in terms of equipment.

There are four ability scores: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom and Dexterity. These are basically the prime requisites of the traditional four core classes, and each corresponds to a certain class (Dwarf is Strength, Elf is Intelligence, Paladin is Wisdom, and Halfling is Dexterity). Constitution and Charisma are simply done away with: your hit points are entirely up to your class, and monster reactions and hireling morale are determined in other ways.

There are four alignments: Lawful, Good, Chaotic and Evil. There’s no Neutral alignment, you gotta choose. Your alignment is basically used as your Charisma to determine monster reactions and hireling morale: for monsters and hirelings that share your alignment you have a +1 bonus to reactions and morale, if they neither share your alignment but are not opposed to it (such as Lawful vs. Good or Evil) you count as having a +0 modifier, and for creatures of opposing alignment (such as Lawful vs. Chaotic) you have a -1.

An important note: while I talked about the Halfling stealing the Thief’s stuff there are no Thief skills. The Halfling might have the best chances at hiding and sneaking, but stuff like picking locks, disarming traps and so on is no longer limited to a single class. At most the Halfling will have a slight edge over other characters in those areas, but Thief skills in general are out.

I’m currently thinking of other game elements that I could reduce to just four: saving throws or defenses; spell levels or number of spells at each level; armor types (cloth, leather, chain and plate) and so on.

This is all dumb but it’s fun thinking about it.

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I never knew the arthropod fandom had such intense discourse

The “Arthropod head problem” is actually a genuine long standing debate that’s over a century old, famously nicknamed as the “endless dispute” cause people couldn’t figure out what the shit was going on with bug heads (the origins of appendages and what appendages arose from what, and how different groups that differ morphologically arose.)

From what I get we think arthropods all originated out from an extremely leggy critter, and the mouthparts and antenna of modern Arthropods are all just extremely modified versions of some of their their early ancestors’ front legs. And it’s a pain in the ass to figure out what is the equivalent of what across different groups.

DD*LG is one of the extreme versions of the all-too-common theme of men constantly desiring “younger, hotter” women. You see it all the time, both in real life and in movies, tv, books, etc.- men cheating on and/or leaving their wives for younger, “sexier” women. Men saying that the “ideal age” for women is around 18. The pressure placed on women to look younger than they really are through any means possible. Yet for daddy doms, having a partner younger than them isn’t enough. They have to act like and appear as a child. It’s sickening. People involved in DD*LG can defend it by saying “it’s roleplaying” all they want, but when the roleplaying is going on in all aspects of the relationship & not just during sex, it’s more than that. You should be enough for your partner. You shouldn’t have to act 24/7.


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30 minutes locked down ~ Draco Malfoy X Reader ~ Imagine

So this is one of the new imagine that i’ll do for the 30 minutes locked down series. Hope you like it!

Warning: a little smuth again and maybe curssing a little bit too.


«Y/N! Wake up it’s your turn! » You had fallen asleep after a few hours of waiting for your turn at the game 30 minutes locked down. It was an extreme version 7 minutes in heaven. But hey! Nothing was boring at Hogwarts.

You put your hand in the bag that every guy had put an object in. there were not many objects left, but lucky for you your crush hasn’t had been picked yet. You didn’t know if you wanted to pick him however because you were afraid of what would happen. After all, even if Draco was the most popular guy in hogwarts, he never was the nice guy everybody liked, even in Slyterin he wasn’t liked by all.

Then something caught your attention, a cold circle was in there, it was all deformed and wavy, you put it out to finally realise that it was in fact a silver ring but in a form of a snake. «It’s a ring! » someone shouted after seeing what you had picked up.

«I believe it’s mine. » Your beautiful crush responded as he stepped forward. Your mind went blank, you were so fucked! You would never be able to act normal around him. You already had some difficulties to act normal every day. You always had been a quirky girl but you could hide it well to the other or just made it look cute. But now! With the nerve of being with him you were sure to screw the only little chance you may still have.

«Are you coming? » he ask you. «Ah, yes I’m coming. » you fallowed him into the room that you would share for the next 30 minutes.  As you inter it you saw him lean against one of the pole the four poster bed place on the corner of the bedroom. Then all the light went out, marking the start of the 30 minutes.

Trying to forget your nerves you started to walk in the pitch darkness. It helped you until you tripped on his foot, lost your balance and fell onto the bed, him under you. «Sorry! I’m so sorry! I swear I tripped on your foot I didn’t mean it to happen! » you said nervously swearing to yourself in your mind.

«It’s ok, you don’t have to panic, nobody is dead. » he answered you. «Why are you freaking out so much? Am I scaring you? »

«No, no it’s just I’m nervous, I’m a bit weird and I didn’t want to pass as a total mess but it seems like it didn’t work out. What was I thinking? » you ask to yourself.

«I’m I making you nervous? »

«Well a little bit, your Draco Malfoy the most popular guy in the school. »

«Maybe but you’re Y/N, the girls that every guy fancy! I didn’t taught that…»

«What? W-what are you talking about? » 

«Yeah, you didn’t know? »

«No! »

«Well yeah, your cute, your fun and your little quirk make every guy like you.»

«No, no, I’m sure your wrong I’m a total mess! Just look at what I just did! »

«Well I like you…» he respond.

«Wait! What really? »

«And what you did isn’t that bad actually, just think about it for two seconds, you’re on top of me on a bed…»

You turn completely red, and thanked god that you were in the dark you hadn’t move since you had fell on him. Then you taught about what he just said. «I like you to, you know…» you said half whispering. You didn’t know why but the fact that he didn’t said anything made you freaked out. As you tried to apologise, saying that he surely didn’t meant it like that, you tried to get off of him. But surprisingly, he stopped you, putting a hand on your waist. Slowly he brushed the finger of his other hand on your cheek not sure what to do. In the heat of the moment, you took his hand and placed it on your cheek, then slowly closed the distance between your lips.

The kiss was something else. As soon as you had put your lips on his, he had fliped you over, his knees on each side of you, and was sliding his hand on your bare skin up, under your shirt, making you shiver. You decide to take his shirt off and grab his shoulders to deepen the kiss. Suddenly you felt his other hand go under your skirt as he parted from you, asking you if it was okay. Your answer was clear for you, you wanted more of it. You could feel his grin even if you couldn’t see it with your eyes. He sucked on the sensitive skin of your neck while sliding his hand up.

The heat was at his high as he gently started to rub your private part making you moan. The sound that you made provoced goose bumps all over his body but mostly made harden him on your thigh. He took off your panties, throwing them behind him and put a finger inside you, rocking slightly forward and backward. You became louder at his movement, your nails making marks on his back. But, a knock went on the door indicating that 5 minutes was left.

«Shit…» he half whispered as he stopped. «It looks like we’ll have to finish this another times.» he said grinning again in the dark. You dressed yourselves up and waited for the door to open.

Personally you didn’t thought that this night would mean something between the both of you. Malfoy being who he was, he would surely want to make this a secret, keeping his status at the school. But when the door open up, he put his hand on your hips in a hugging way and kissed you on the temple. Your smile was only interrupted by the look of everyone one your neck.

«Draco, did you left a love bite on my neck? » you whispered in his ears.

«Yeah, I wanted every guys to know that your mine.» he answered.

You didn’t taught it possible but your smile was even wider.

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Hidden in White Jungle is an extremely early version of Green Forest apparently.

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Why are you abusing the brown boy(Lance of course) with lotor

Love me a fresh glass of call out culture 

I’ve seen this go around a lot. 

You’re assuming I’m portraying the Lotor from the uncensored Japanese version of Voltron?  Because you’re mistaken. 

I was actually already aware he was portrayed as a r*pist in the old, extremely graphic, version of the 80′s voltron. As shitty as that sounds, how I at least attempt to portray Lotor in any LanceLot drawings I do as more of an OC character since we haven’t gotten his characterization from Legendary Defender yet. Noting Legendary Defender is made for an audience of 5-7 year olds they’re probably not going to make him a r*pist. 

I’m sorry my art came across to you that way! I actually don’t like how most people portray the ship (people get hella abusive with the concept), I like to use it more as a gateway to klance (Lotor flirts, Keith gets jealous, Keith gets Lance in the end) or only certain situations that don’t involve abuse. Sadly there isn’t many of those so I just jump to the gateway thing.

again, sorry ~