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#todayimet with @nyjah and @leticiabufoni

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American skateboard superstar Nyjah Huston (@nyjah) and Brazilian skateboard champion Leticia Bufoni (@leticiabufoni) both love big air, skating rails and pushing their limits. “I would say our styles are pretty similar as far as work ethic and trying to push ourselves to do the hardest and biggest stuff we can,” says Nyjah. Leticia agrees on their similar styles but adds a caveat: “He skates big stuff, like really big stuff. I like big stuff but not as big as the stuff he skates.”

This weekend Nyjah and Leticia are each competing in the Skateboard Street events at the summer X Games (@xgames) in Austin, Texas. But it’s more than the awards and recognition that motivates them to progress as athletes. “What gets me up in the morning to keep skating, honestly is the progression of skateboarding,” says Nyjah. “There’s always new stuff to learn, and there’s always ways to get better at it. There’s so many ways to keep it fun,” he adds. Leticia feels the same way. “The skateboarding is the same, it’s the other things that are different,” she says. “Going out there and learning tricks, it’s the same. When I am at the skate park or at competitions it looks like I’m 10 years old again skating and having fun.”


Creative Climbing with @brungraciano

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“In most sports, you either win or lose. But climbing is about your own personal experience,” says 28-year-old Brazilian rock climber and photographer Bruno Graciano (@brungraciano). Bruno began climbing at the age of 15 near his hometown in Minas Gerais. Back then, his mother encouraged him to focus on his schoolwork. “Like any good mother, she would say, ‘Go study, there is no future in climbing,’” Bruno recalls.

Although Bruno is a seasoned climber, he is no stranger to fear. “I have been scared many times,” he says. “The danger of heights and the emptiness beneath you me are constants, but the confidence in my equipment gives me the reassurance I need to keep going.”

Nowadays, Bruno has found his calling as a professional photographer focused on outdoor sports, allowing him to combine his passion for photography with his athletic skills. Although Bruno has climbed in several different countries, one of his favorite climbing spots is Serra do Cipó, in his native Brazil. “The views are surreal and you can find climbers from all different backgrounds and skill levels there,” he says. Climbing in Brazil is different from other places, especially due to the country’s soaring daytime temperatures. “To adapt to the heat, we often climb at night,” Bruno explains. Like photography, climbing allows Bruno to get creative. “Every climb is different, and you are always faced with something new,” he says. “That is very inspiring.”