extreme sports

Can we appreciate the fact that there’s an extreme sport known as “Extreme Ironing”? 

Like basically people take ironing boards to crazy locations and iron their shirts

There are no limits to what these people will do 

“Hell yeah I’m an athlete" 

You thought you’ve seen it all huh? Well, there’s more.

Oh, don’t mind me, just ironing some shirts

These people will always find time, no matter what

Oh and my favorite

Not Just for the Circus: Meet Extreme Unicyclist Pierre Sturny

To learn more about Pierre’s adventures in unicycling, follow @pierresturnyunicyclist on Instagram.

Pierre Sturny (@pierresturnyunicyclist) is fresh out of university with an engineering degree, a new job and an unexpected side-hustle — the unicycle. Since picking up the hobby from his sister in 2007, Pierre has ridden his way across the globe on one wheel and a steel frame. He’s performed his extreme tricks and stunts from the streets of his native Blonay, Switzerland, to some of Europe’s most iconic urban centers, and all the way to the Latin American Unicycle Championship in Mexico City. “I don’t think a lot of people know about urban riding — many think unicycling is only for the circus,” says the 22-year-old. When it comes to building new tricks, Pierre says he doesn’t really have a process: “It’s really hard to create new tricks, so it’s really important to just rely on my imagination.


Drone views of sports on Oahu - paragliding past the cliffs and surfing in the ocean.


Drone captured video of tightrope walking above the entrance to Harwood Hole Cave System, New Zealand