extreme sports

Can we appreciate the fact that there’s an extreme sport known as “Extreme Ironing”? 

Like basically people take ironing boards to crazy locations and iron their shirts

There are no limits to what these people will do 

“Hell yeah I’m an athlete" 

You thought you’ve seen it all huh? Well, there’s more.

Oh, don’t mind me, just ironing some shirts

These people will always find time, no matter what

Oh and my favorite


Drone captured video of tightrope walking above the entrance to Harwood Hole Cave System, New Zealand


Drone views of sports on Oahu - paragliding past the cliffs and surfing in the ocean.


1930′s Parkour and Free Style Running 

An amazing vintage video of parkour artists back in the days. 

Avid participants in extreme sports, Whimbrels hold more regional records than most other bird species combined. While many experts agree that world records are well within reach of these spry scolopacidae, problems with task commitment and short attention spans relegate them to ‘big fish in a small pond’ mediocrity. Above, a Whimbrel abruptly quits their significant lead in a class five whitewater kayaking race in order to invent the considerably more dangerous and demanding sport of whitewater bodysurfing.