extreme snow


Another Norwegian Winter adventure video - here skateboarding on frozen winter sand. (English subtitles available through the CC button)

Headcanon for Victor's past

Headcanon that Victor used to be a boy around the age of four and lost both his parents. He lived on the streets all alone, but every day, he would go to the skating rink to watch people skate. He loved it. Thexway they mived across the ice, it was his dream to do that one day. He knew a miracle had to take place before that happened, but being the Victor we know, he never stopped dreaming.
It wasn’t before long that the skaters and Yakov and Lilia noticed the white haired boy looking at them full of amazement. He cane there every day, no matter what the weather. One day, when it was snowing extremely hard, Lilia felt sorry for him and invited him inside. She asked him if he had parents and why he was always watching. Victor replied that he didn’t have parents anymore and that he just wanted to sjate one day. Lilia, who has never been able to bear children, asked the boy if wanted to try skating, to which Victor happily replied he wanted to.
As soon as Victor slid onto the ice, everyone was shocked by the boy’s surprising abilities. Yakov spotted him as a natural talent and he and Lilia ended up adopting him. With their help, Victor grew to be the legend he is now.

And Yakov secretly loves Victor to death and he was really glad when Victor found happiness in his love life and took Yuuri to Russia. He also walked Victor towards the altar at his wedding with Yuuri.

If there’s enough demand, maybe I will draw and/or write this headcanon out.

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What part of Norway do you live in? Like if its still snowing?(referencing the mountain drawing)

Ah it was simply a photostudy!! I wish I could go outside and draw from life but school has been a real pain lately so I don’t have time!! 


I came into Once Upon a Time late. I didn’t start watching until the end of season 3 was on air. But I binge watched the first two seasons and most of 3. It literally got to the point where I was watching the show all day, everyday, lmao. I distinctly remember going on vacation mid-binge and trying to watch the gang in Neverland while on the beach. I was in LOVE with this show. As time and the series went on I’m not gonna lie, I kind of lost hope in it and would stop watching it for periods of time. But here’s the thing…I always went back. There’s just something about it. Something about the world and stories and most of all…the characters…that kept drawing me in. I have seen this show through the good, the bad, and the ugly, but it will always hold a special place in my heart. That final happy endings sequence really made me so emotional. Regardless of whether or not I watch next season, tonight was the end of once upon a time as we know it. I just want to thank this show for making me really, really happy. And even when it didn’t, even when it made me really frustrated or even really mad, I always had strong feelings about it. Because I have come to care and love for all of these characters so freaking much. For that…I just want to say thank you.

(PS. Special thanks to Ginny and Josh and the writers for their portrayal and reimagining of Snow White and Prince Charming. Let’s be real, we all have our favorites and they were (and are) mine. Even though they got screwed over multiple times (as literally every ship on this show did), I never stopped loving this wonderful interpretation. A fairytale I used to not care about in the slightest is now literally one of my favorites. I feel so thankful to have been able to follow along in their epic love story (and it WAS epic). I have so immensely enjoyed watching this supportive, strong, brave, and beautiful romance blossom and grow onscreen. No matter how many times they found one another, through every one of their curse-breaking and death-defying kisses, they never stopped making me squeal with joy. I’m so grateful Snowing got their happy ending and I know Gosh is going to go on to do amazing things. So again, thank you.)