extreme shepherding


people throw around the expression “mind blown” a lot…but seriously. mind. blown.

walking responsibly

yesterday on our hike we ran into a very large, extremely unpleasant australian shepherd that had run so far ahead of its owners that my aunt and I had to deal with several minutes of it racing around barking at our dogs (who were futilely trying to get it to back off) and jumping up on us before the owners arrived, and then it took them a further five minutes to convice the dog to follow them down the path instead of continuing to harrass us, because they had zero vocal control over it.

In my opinion, there’s no excuse for this kind of irrisponsible behavior. if you can’t control your dog off leash, and certainly if you can’t be bothered to keep an eye on it, then you should not be letting it off leash in the first place. and seriously? your dog was so far ahead of you that it took you minutes to catch up? what if I had an agressive dog and your dog came charging at us? what if there had been someone on horseback? with an out of control loose dog like that someone could be seriously hurt. 

this encounter succeeded in stressing out both my aunt and I and our dogs, and has put me off the australian shepherd breed as a whole. 

alright, time for me to add in my two cents about why amelia relapsed last night versus immediately after derek’s death, because i’ve seen that question going around a lot.

i think partially it’s a culmination of factors. the pain never really went away, no matter how hard she tried to make it dull. it was always there in some form, lingering beneath the surface. to say that all the tragedies she suffered between her last relapse on private practice & the one last night played no part would be foolish.

but i also think there’s a subtle difference between now & then. when derek died, she was largely alone, but a lot of that was her own doing. she shut herself off from everyone, pushed away the help they offered, & buried herself in work. but if she needed them, she had people. richard, her mom, addison, & steph, among others, offered her their support. owen’s return, his staying with her that night when she came close to using again easily could have been the determining factor in her decision to maintain sobriety that night. he proved to her that she was cared for, & he showed her strength in herself, & a promise that she had someone when she didn’t think she could do it on her own. last night, all of that was stripped away. owen, wrapped up in his own drama, pushed her away. he told her he didn’t want her help. he confided in someone else instead of her, & she not only felt helpless, she felt unwanted. && then meredith saying she wasn’t her sister, basically saying she was nothing to her now that derek was gone, cast her out again. her family, the ones who are supposed to love her even when they don’t like her, the ones who are supposed to be there for her through anything, was essentially stolen away in one calmly uttered statement. richard, maggie, alex – they’re meredith’s real family, not her. how could she ever hope that they would stand by her when the woman who had called her ‘sister’ turned her back? && now she was not just alone, she had no one left to whom she could turn. unwanted. that is the difference. before, she was grieving, she was isolating, she was hiding. alone, almost by choice. but now that she’s opened herself up, allowed people to see those dark parts of her, she’s been cast aside, discarded. so she turned to the only friend she still had; her addiction.


Great video with shepherds creating LED-art based on the lamps attached to their flock.


Hold everything, Monte and I have a new sport. Let’s get all the corgis together and do this.


We have YouTube Friday in my Intro to Animal and Poultry Sciences class, and this was one of the videos they showed us.