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Hi~! I'd been reading through your blog and all I can say is that I love it! So, um... may I request an HC where MC is into extreme sports and RFA+V & Saeran tries it with them?

A/N: Why thank you! i love y o u your wish is my command! god i wish i had someone to do these sports with me  ;A; THEY’RE SO FUN?? ~Admin 404





           -He was interested in what hobbies you were into!

           -When you told him you were into some sports, he was excited to try it out with you!

           -Wanted to prove he was more than just a gamer! He can be manly and play some sports, too!

           -Does… screaming… on the way down from the top of the bridge count as manly??

           -When the two of you are back with your feet on the ground, he’s a blubbering MESS


           -Never wants to do this again!!!! He respects that you have fun but please be careful!!! So scared for your safety but absolutely cannot bring himself to do it again


           -Listen,,, he was an adrenaline junkie back in the day too

           -So an extreme sport? No problem

           -You suggested some rock climbing! He was down!

           -“That’s not very extreme, MC”

           -That is… until you brought him to this wall…

           -That wasn’t…. produced…in a factory


           -He’s got a lot of upper body strength, but are you gonna be okay??? WORRIED

           -When the two of you get to the top, though, he’s exhausted!!! You made it seem so easy!

           -10/10 would do it again though, he loves making it a competition though he loses almost every time?


           -You’d often come home with bruises and it worried her so much!!

           -So you decided to take her to one of your roller derby matches!

           -CHEERED SO LOUD!


           -You offered to let her practice with your team sometime

           -She…LOVES IT


           -She’s really good too, omg! lowkey imagines some of them are elizabeth and jumin

           -Immediately offered a position on the team, and accepted!!!

           -The two of you will marvel at all of the bruises you get together, they’re like little sometimes painful trophies!


           -He didn’t think scuba diving was an ‘extreme sport’

           -So when you told him you like to participate in said extreme sport from time to time, he was visibly confused

           - Assistant Kang, explain to me why scuba diving is extreme

           -He decided to indulge in your hobby!

           - damn trustfund kid takes you to some private island he owns or like bora bora or something

           -Didn’t know that you had to sign so many insurance forms?? Is this truly that dangerous?

           -When he was under the water, though, he realized why you loved it so much

           -The colours of the coral, seaweed, and fish were all so bright and beautiful!!

           -The way the sun shone through the water and onto you was BREATHTAKING okay but did you not think the same about the amazing fish, juju???

           -Seriously this is now something the two of you do very very often and you never get tired of it!!


           -Come on MC!! Let me go with you just this once!!

           -Just wants to see what you do in your spare time!

           -So you tell him to show up in some shorts and a t-shirt! But…..why?

           -You had him meet you on the second floor of some parking garage

           - okay mc this isn’t…weird…at all?

           -When you just smile at him before breaking out into a sprint and jumping off of the second floor to the street below, he PANICS

           -Runs to the railing and watches you take off down the road, jumping on and off various things, cart-wheeling, and flipping, he was surprised but cheered you on before trying to catch up!

           -From then on, it was a competition to see who could do cooler moves!

           -“MC! LOOK! HARDCORE PARKOUR!!!!!”

           - trips over a park bench onto his face


           -The two of you were visiting a beach!

           -Loved taking pictures of you!

           -Hair blowing in the wind, sun shining on your skin, BEAUTIFUL



           -Panics if you wipe out though!

           -You offered to teach him! But the first time he tried on his own, he wiped out

           -2787654/10 loves riding on yours! He can get close ups!!

           -The one time he takes selfies instead of pictures of just you

           -He’s determined to learn to ride on his own!!!! Private lessons! Wants to impress you! PLEASE MC!!


           -He knows how to ride a skateboard

           -He knows that YOU know how to ride a skateboard

           -What he didn’t know was that you??? Were?? So??? Good??

           -Like, you can do so many tricks!

           -Grinding the rail? Perfect. Nose grab? Amazing. Saran wrap? Wait. Why did you keep calling him by this skateboard trick??


           -TEACH HIM ALL OF THE TRICKS, MC!!!!!!

           -He’s seen other people fall and really hurt themselves doing some of the tricks he’s seen you do

           -SO WORRIED but also, hey, EXTREMELY IN AWE

           -Secretly takes pictures of you on his phone because??? You look so bad ass!! He loves it!!!!!


- borderline personality disorder + Aileen Wuornos & Jeffrey Dahmer 

After a psychiatric analysis, they were both diagnosticated as borderline. Borderline personality disorder  is a serious mental illness marked by unstable moods, behavior, and relationships.

symptoms of BPD 

  • Extreme reactions—including panic, depression, rage, or frantic actions—to abandonment, whether real or perceived
  • A pattern of intense and stormy relationships with family, friends, and loved ones, often veering from extreme closeness and love (idealization) to extreme dislike or anger (devaluation)
  • Distorted and unstable self-image or sense of self, which can result in sudden changes in feelings, opinions, values, or plans and goals for the future (such as school or career choices)
  • Impulsive and often dangerous behaviors, such as spending sprees, unsafe sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, and binge eating
  • Recurring suicidal behaviors or threats or self-harming behavior, such as cutting
  • Intense and highly changeable moods, with each episode lasting from a few hours to a few days
  • Chronic feelings of emptiness and/or boredom
  • Inappropriate, intense anger or problems controlling anger
  • Having stress-related paranoid thoughts or severe dissociative symptoms, such as feeling cut off from oneself, observing oneself from outside the body, or losing touch with reality.

Future AU where Jack and Bitty have a kid (going with Alex for neutrality) and do a series of cooking vlogs a la Misha Collins ‘Cooking Fast and Fresh with West’. Jack’s on cameraman duties, and Bitty is torn between letting Alex’s imagination run wild, and not ruining pumpkin soup forever. It gets super popular. They also do versions when Alex is older, where Jack’s the one picking ingredients, and Alex films, and Bitty is banned from interference of any kind but gets around it by using extreme facial reactions to warn Jack off mistakes with varying levels of success.

  • Me, as someone with Borderline PD where the main symptoms are extreme reactions to real or perceived abandonment, intense emotionality, instability, and a lack of sense of self: Well it wouldn't be right to look at it as INHERENTLY abu-
  • Tumblr: ABUSIVEEE!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE ABUSIVE!!!
  • Me: ......
When I say Star Trek is relevant, I mean it

Because it is so, so important. Many see just a cool sci-fi series, but they’re missing the whole point of it.

Star Trek is Hope.

The reason it makes me so happy isn’t because it’s a cute series with cool space things. It’s because Star Trek is about a future where hope has won. It doesn’t face problems of today hundreds of years in the future - it says that we will have overcome them. It doesn’t question that black people or women are in leading positions, it treats it as unimportant enough to not even mention it. It doesn’t even discuss accents and nationality - humanity united brings to beauty in its mix of culture, not a single perfect race. Even in the recent Beyond, no one blinks an eye at Sulu having a husband and daughter: the most extreme reaction is Kirk smiling because he met his family.

The reason Star Trek brings hope is because it is so believable, realistic in everything, and it’s about us, not a distant galaxy far away or a magic world we will never reach. It’s about our future, and it doesn’t say that we have to face problems: it says that we will have won. It says that hope will prevail and good will triumph. Whenever one feels afraid of our world, they can watch it and know that there is good, and get hope that the good will win.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Star Trek is a masterpiece.

post traumatic stress disorder is a normal reaction to extreme trauma. just like bleeding is a normal reaction to getting stabbed.
—  unknown
Malec Parenting: Grandparents

Maryse and Robert were always willing to watch Max and (when they adopted him) Rafe. Magnus was somewhat comfortable with this, until Max started using magic sub consciously, and after the fit he threw with Alec, he was extremely nervous of the reactions of his Shadowhunter not-quite in-laws. Mostly he was worried that they would begin to favor Rafe if Max lost control again. And though Alec and Izzy and even Jace tried to convince him that their parents would never stop loving Max, the fear that his own parents, and various Shadowhunters (Maryse and Robert included) had place in him made him want to protect his little Blueberry even more.

This all being said, Maryse and Robert were annoying, and demanding grandparents, and were actually trying to set up dates or trips for him and Alec to go on so that they could watch the kids. The most interesting time this was done was when Robert called Magnus to tell him that Alec (by order of the inquisitor) was going to have two weeks off, and that he and Maryse were willing to watch the boys a week each. At that point Magnus knew that he would have to see what happened when they were left with his little angels.

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Methylation of a phenolic compound with dimethyl sulfate and sodium-hydroxide.

RO Na+ + (CH3O)2SO2 → ROCH3 + Na(CH3)SO4

Dimethyl sulfate is a chemical compound with formula (CH3O)2SO2. As the diester of methanol and sulfuric acid, its formula is often written as (CH3)2SO4 or even Me2SO4, where CH3 or Me is methyl. Me2SO4 is mainly used as a methylating agent in organic synthesis. Like all strong alkylating agents, dimethyl sulfate is extremely toxic.

The reaction goes quite easily, one addition funnel is loaded with a concentrated lye solution and the other one is loaded with dimethyl sulfate. They are added to the reaction mixture simultaneously, so both reactants are at a low concentration in the flask. 


You trust me? Not at all. Good enough.

Pearl’s very upset?

Putting aside for a moment the fact that Steven is the real issue here, this is now the second time Pearl has had a rather extreme reaction to the topic of Pink Diamond.

Even then I had a suspicion that Pink Diamond’s death affected Pearl personally, but now I’m almost sure of it. At the very least, she was almost certainly present when it happened. I don’t imagine she was separated from Rose very often (if at all) during the war. My primary theory is that Rose didn’t intend to shatter Pink Diamond, but was forced to in defense of Pearl (think Superman killing Zod in Man of Steel). 

Whatever the case, something about all this is hitting Pearl unusually hard.


another story ‘bout the cape because you know I lOVE the cape. 

Zodiac Defences

Aries: Launch into attack, impulse, rage, quick defences.

Taurus: Logic, Consistency, stable temper, yet when pushed react with rage. They can often outlast another in an argument.

Gemini: Trickster tactics, deception, illusions and quick wit. 

Cancer: May retreat into themselves, react with anger or become unreachable.

Leo: Theatrics, childlike reactions, extremes of emotion.

Virgo: May become silent, yet can react with subtle wit, can point out your weaknesses and flaws.

Libra: Can usually remain calm and together in conflicting circumstances, yet there may be reactions of pride and intellect.

Scorpio: They can find your weak points and twist, they are able to ward off their opponent with one scathing comment. 

Sagittarius: Humour, theatrics, may try to force their opinions and intellectual points, but will ultimately react with anger somewhat.

Capricorn: Sarcasm, scathing remarks, subtle temper, yet often remains dignified.

Aquarius: Intellect, theatrics, complete rejection of any ruling power. 

Pisces: Deception, illusions, transformation, passivity. 


No matter what happens, please understand that the words you say and the things you do to Trump and/or Trump supporters can backfire on people who are marginalized. Do not provoke them into violence with violent words and actions on your end. Do not threaten anyone with violence. Absolutely defend yourself when necessary, but please please please realize that any extreme reaction on the part of people who are anti-Trump will put marginalized people already targeted by Trump supporters in more harms way. 

No matter what happens, we need to look out for people of color, Muslim and Jewish people among many others of non-Christian faiths, LGBT+ people, people in poverty, immigrant and refugees, people who are homeless, mentally ill, physically disabled, suffering from addiction, single mothers, abuse and assault survivors, incarcerated and hospitalized people, and so many others who could potentially be hurt in this election. Regardless of the outcome, we have to combat the rampant bigotry we are witnessing. 

We are up against people in positions of power over marginalized people. We are up against people who benefit from open carry gun laws and “stand your ground” laws. We are up against people who have control over jobs and access to resources. We are up against hate groups like the KKK and the Aryan Brotherhood. We are up against the kind of people who literally hold the lives of so many people in the palm of their hands by virtue of their position and authority and privilege and we need to be careful

I am not here to discourage you from exercising your right to protest. I am simply asking that all of us to not act rashly, so as not to put people in danger. It is not safe for many people. Be smart about your resistance.  

MONSTA X REACTION - of you being too shy to look up at them after you pecked them on the lips


*smile shyly as well* Omo, she got me

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Definitely thinks you’re cute. Right after you avert his gaze, he would hold your chin up and kiss you too. “You can kiss me as much as you want, because I’ll kiss you too”

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He would laugh thinking you’re cute then would peck you back: “You don’t have to be shy, just do it like this”

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Aigoo, isn’t she just so cute *extremely happy*

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You probably felt shy because of his reaction: *gets extremely happy* “Did you just kiss me? OMG! Do it again, pretty please!”

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“There is no need to be shy! I’m shy too and happy! You should try it more times, until you’re comfortable enough” *embarrassed wink*

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bpd facts

The most distinguishing symptoms of BPD are marked sensitivity to rejection or criticism, and intense fear of possible abandonment. Overall, the features of BPD include unusually intense sensitivity in relationships with others, difficulty regulating emotions, and impulsivity. Other symptoms may include feeling unsure of one's personal identity, morals, and values; having paranoid thoughts when feeling stressed; dissociation and depersonalization; and, in moderate to severe cases, stress-induced breaks with reality or psychotic episodes.

Borderline personality disorder may be characterized by the following signs and symptoms:

Markedly disturbed sense of identity

Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment and extreme reactions to such

Splitting (“black-and-white” thinking)


Intense or uncontrollable emotional reactions that often seem disproportionate to the event or situation

Unstable and chaotic interpersonal relationships

Self-damaging behavior

Distorted self-image


Frequently accompanied by depression, anxiety, anger, substance abuse, or rage

People with BPD feel emotions more easily, more deeply, and longer than others do. In addition, emotions may repeatedly resurge and persist a long time. Consequently, it may take more time for people with BPD than others to return to a stable emotional baseline following an intense emotional experience. People with BPD often engage in idealization and devaluation of others, alternating between high positive regard and great disappointment.

While people with BPD feel joy intensely, they are especially prone to dysphoria, depression, and/or feelings of mental and emotional distress. Zanarini recognized four categories of dysphoria that are typical of this condition: extreme emotions, destructiveness or self-destructiveness, feeling fragmented or lacking identity, and feelings of victimization. Within these categories, a BPD diagnosis is strongly associated with a combination of three specific states: feeling betrayed, “feeling like hurting myself”, and feeling out of control. Since there is great variety in the types of dysphoria experienced by people with BPD, the amplitude of the distress is a helpful indicator of borderline personality disorder.

In addition to intense emotions, people with BPD experience emotional lability; or in other words, changeability. Although the term emotional lability suggests rapid changes between depression and elation, the mood swings in people with this condition actually fluctuate more frequently between anger and anxiety and between depression and anxiety.

People with BPD are also especially sensitive to feelings of rejection, criticism, isolation, and perceived failure. Before learning other coping mechanisms, their efforts to manage or escape from their very negative emotions may lead to emotional isolation, self-injury or suicidal behavior. They are often aware of the intensity of their negative emotional reactions and, since they cannot regulate them, they shut them down entirely. This can be harmful to people with BPD, since negative emotions alert people to the presence of a problematic situation and move them to address it which the person with BPD would normally be aware of only to cause further distress.

For Voltron Legendary Defenders, I feel like one ship is being overlooked a little. Pidge and Lance. I ship the two of them for a number of reasons.

There’s the obvious moment where Lance reacts to Pidge’s secret.

There’s when Pidge gets the robot to slap Lance when Lance is gushing over Allura.

Then there’s the little things. 

The two have similar reactions. One may be reacting to a girl and the other to a robot, but they still having extremely similar reactions at the same time to things that make them happy.

Now, I don’t think the two of them have had enough interaction in the show yet, but I don’t think anyone except for Hunk and Shay have had a ton of near romantic interaction. Other ships in the show are good too, and I like what I’ve heard about them. I haven’t seen a lot of people shipping these two online, and I’m not sure why. I think these two need a little more love, mostly because I think their interactions would be adorable.

Extreme Reaction: Road Rage Enslavement

The first thing Stephanie became aware of is that she was in pain, bordering on agony. It was coming from various parts of her body her hair, her arms, her legs, and her pussy. They all hurt to varying degrees.

She knew she’d been unconscious for a while, she remembered waking up at one point, hearing a scream that sounded so much like her daughter Bree. She hadn’t been able to do much as there was suddenly a dark foreboding voice there and it said, “I’m not ready for you yet, hole.”

Then her world went black again.

She took stock of her situation: her hair was apparently what was holding her up right; it felt as if something had been braided into it and it was suspended somewhere into the ceiling supporting most of her weight.

Her arms and shoulders were in agony because she could feel her arms were folded up behind her and her wrists were somewhere between her shoulder blades. She couldn’t imagine that they could go any higher without both of her arms popping out of their sockets. They were held there by an array of straps that wrapped around her body.

On her feet, she felt like she was standing on her toes, on a slightly elevated platform. Whatever shoes she was wearing forced all her weight on the very tips of her toes, and she felt steel cuffs around her ankles, limiting her movement even more.

Finally, there was a dildo of some kind stuffed inside of her. She could feel it reaching almost all the way to her cervix. It was very large and very uncomfortable.

She would’ve screamed, except she realized that her mouth was stuffed to the breaking point and wrapped in what felt like miles of tape. She was helpless, gagged, and nude.

She sat there for what felt like an eternity, trying to figure out how she got here, what had happened, and most of all where was her daughter? Where was Bree?

Finally, a door into the darkness opened and she could hear shuffling as someone approached. She was standing in a beam of light, as if on stage, and that made it impossible for her to see beyond the 20-foot radius of the light circle and into the darkness beyond.

Finally, a man came into view. He was three or four inches taller than she was and looked to be about her age with a beard. His eyes were blue but more like ice as they were cold and she was instantly terrified. She tried to say something to him and he just smiled cruelly, as if finding great amusement in her predicament.

It was then that she realized that he was holding something in his hand and as he got closer she realized it was a chain, almost like a leash. There was something in the darkness still shuffling towards her and it seemed attached to the chain. He turned and looked back to the darkness and gave a harsh yank and there was a terrifying squeal of pain, desperation, and agony.

Stephanie’s own voice joined in when she saw what was attached to the end of the chain.

It was Bree, her beautiful daughter, but she had obviously gone through a great deal of torment.

‘How long was I unconscious,’ Stephanie asked herself.

The most striking thing, first was Bree was completely bald. She’d had long luxurious dark hair, just like her mother’s. In fact, many people have commented how much alike they looked and could almost pass for sisters.

Now however all that hair was gone and her head was shaved so smooth, it was as if the hair had never been there. Bree’s face was a picture of agony, her mouth distorted by the strange gag that held it open by the large ring wedged behind her teeth. It had four bars extending from it and it was digging into the corners of Bree’s mouth due to the tight strap holding it in place and wrapped around her bald head.

Stephanie’s eyes met Bree’s and the mother could see the desperate plea for help in her daughter’s terrifyingly anguished gaze before the girl broke eye contact, and looked away in obvious shame and humiliation.

Stephanie pulled against her bindings, desperate to get free but it was useless. All she could do was continue to stare at the horrible things that had been done to her daughter.

Stephanie noticed the large ring through Bree’s nose next. It would have been hard to miss due to the size and the fact that the ring had a chain through it that ran down to Bree’s nipples, which were also now pierced.

Around Bree’s throat was a tall collar, that forced her to keep her head up right. This was unfortunate, because it meant that she couldn’t lower her head to take any the pressure off the piercings through her nose or her nipples, only raise her head further, increasing the pain. The chain the connect them was short enough that Stephanie could see that her nipples were being pulled painfully upwards already.

At this point, Stephanie, couldn’t see Bree’s arms at all, although she suspected that the straps wrapped around her body above and below her breasts were probably part of some way of keeping her arms behind her.

She also noticed, under the straps that Bree’s breast, stomach, and the front of her thighs were crisscrossed with welts, indicating she’d been beaten extensively.

The welts looked painful to the touch and Stephanie could imagine the pain from the straps, digging into them.

As the man pulled her daughter closer Stephanie continued to take in the horrific situation that the 18-year-old was in. Stephanie could see that Bree’s nipples were pierced twice; rings at the very tip which were attached to the chains that went up through her nose, and then further back on the nipples, bars pierced them near the base and had a small chain the connected to the nipples to one another.

Stephanie finally noticed that were small silver bells hanging from the tips of Bree’s nipples matching the one her mother now noticed in her nose. The bells rang cheerfully as she shuffled closer to her mother.

Stephanie cried in desperation as her eyes traveled further down her daughter’s 18-year-old body and landed on her crotch.

It had also been completely shaven, and looked red and sore.

The chain the man was pulling was attached to a new piercing through her daughter’s clit. The nub was distended and swollen and very ref and looked to be very painful. In fact, the entire area looked swollen and red and indicated it had most likely received a great deal of abusive attention.

Stephanie cried as she thought what that attention might have been. As she studied further she noticed that the monster had also placed a small bell on the clit piercing as well.

The man had also strapped a metal bar to Bree’s knees that kept them approximately 18 inches apart. Because of that, Stephanie could see clearly the piercings through Bree’s labia. These piercings also had small chains attached to them that ran down and connected to the strap of the spiked heeled shoes that were locked by small padlocks around Bree’s ankles.

These chains, like the ones on her nipples, were pulled tightly, distending the labia in what was obviously a painfully agonizing pull. Due to the shuffling gait that Bree had due to the bar around her knees and the ridiculously high hooker heels she was forced to walk in, she was constantly pulling on her labia, squealing as she did so.

Stephanie could not imagine how much pain she was in.

The man marched Bree around Stephanie’s helpless body, and walked past so she could see the back of her daughter’s body as well.

Bree’s back, ass, and thighs were a crisscross of welts and marks of more beatings, just like her front. Some of them, where two lines crossed, were seeping a small amount of blood, indicating just how severe the beatings had been.

Stephanie also realized that her earlier assessment about Bree’s arms was right as they were indeed bound behind her. In fact, they were bound very much like Stephanie’s own, but instead of stopping at the shoulder blades, Bree’s arms were far enough up her back that her wrists were attached to the back of her collar by a small chain, and a thick leather strap wrapped around her elbows pulling them together tightly.

Finally, Stephanie had figured out where Bree’s hair was, as it had apparently been fashioned into some sort of tail and appeared to be sticking right out of the young girl’s ass.

Stephanie warred between anger and fear at the situation her daughter was in, shaking and pulling as much as her bondage would allow, desperate to get free and help her daughter, but the man simply ignored her.

He finally brought the girl to a halt in front of her mother. Bree seemed almost relieved to finally not have to be moving anymore.

Stephanie noticed that as soon as Bree stopped moving she seemed to almost pose in her bondage. Legs spread wide, chest thrust out, displaying her breasts, almost proudly, and chin up with her eyes lowered. Stephanie could clearly see the tears of pain and humiliation in her daughter’s eyes as she did all this, even though the girl made an obvious conscious effort to not meet her mother’s eyes again.

It was obvious that the pose was something the man demanded, and Bree had obviously been punished and hurt enough that assuming the pose was the lesser of two evils, despite the pain she caused her nipples, and the humiliatingly exposed position.

The man reached out and caressed the underside of Bree’s breasts, before reaching down and doing the same to her crotch.

When his hands touched her swollen clit, Bree gave a mewing sound of anguish and pain that sounded like the slightest touch was agony.

The man smiled, then looked at Stephanie and said, “She’s still a little tender down there. She wasn’t taking her lessons as well she needed to,” he looked back at Bree, and reached up to rub her head, “so I needed to use a little capsaicin sauce to get her attention.”

“I used a mixture about the same as police grade pepper spray,” he said, smiling slightly as he continued to caress the girl’s agonizingly sensitive and sore clit, ignoring her desperate, gagged muffled pleading.

“Once she was done suffering the hot paste the first time, I thought I should point out to her that I’ve got various levels of heat, and I’ve got some that are twice, and even three times as hot,” he laughed at the look on the 18 year old’s face, as she was reminded of what he had told her, “I made sure she understood, they were ready for use if I thought she needed them.”

Stephanie shuddered at the idea, but the man again ignored her, “Fortunately between that and the single tail she learned her lessons really well after that. In fact, she learned them so well, I went ahead and gave her the special piercings early.”

He looked at Bree, stroking the side of her head, and said, in a slightly menacing voice, “wasn’t that nice of me?”

The girl looked at him in stark terror, an indication that whatever she’d been through it had obviously broken her spirit completely, before remembering herself and lowering her eyes once again even as she tried desperately to nod her head yes, pressing her shaved head into his hand as she did so. She was even going as far as to move her entire upper body so it would look like she was nodding despite the pain that the movement obviously caused her.

He let her do that for a few moments before smacking her ass with his whip, “Back in position, cunt.”

Bree immediately went back into the position she’d been in before, again making sure never to look her mother in the eye.

The man smiled at her and then looked back at Stephanie, “you’ve raised such a smart little cunt,” he stroked Bree’s head again as he continued speaking to her mother, “she’s learned so much in fact that I think she’d even ready for a show.”

He looked back at Bree, “let’s show mommy what you learned.”

He stepped a little further to Stephanie’s right side, and slightly behind her then ordered, “position.”

The look in Bree’s eyes obviously said that she didn’t want to do this, but she didn’t even hesitate for a moment at the single word command.

Stephanie couldn’t imagine what the girl must’ve been through to make her so instantly obedient to this man, especially when she saw what the command entailed.

Bree slowly dropped to her knees, then shuffled painfully forward, and took the man’s exposed cock in her mouth. She moved her upper body back and forth rhythmically as to run her mouth up and down the man’s hard member, sucking as much as possible to give this man a blow job.

Stephanie could hear the slobbering sound her daughter was making, and saw her tongue flicking around the man’s dick as she struggled desperately to please him.

He looked at Stephanie and said, “you got yourself one grade A cock sucker there,” he looked down at her, “I’m actually lucky I found her. I have somebody who’s going to enjoy her immensely.”

He rubbed the girl’s bald head, “She’s going to make me a fortune,” he said, otherwise ignoring Bree as she continued to suck his cock even as she whined at the obvious implication of his words.

He looked at Stephanie again and said coldly, “you really shouldn’t have been so rude to me, now I have to teach you a lesson.”

With that he pressed a button and Stephanie heard a sound like a motor before realizing the platform she was on was turning. It rotated slowly to the left, and Stephanie was still able to see Bree, but only if she turned her head, a painful endeavor given the way her hair was bound above her.

Stephanie saw the man remove the whip from his belt and then, without even removing the cock he was using to rape Bree’s mouth, snapped the whip at Stephanie’s exposed ass.

The whip cracked just as it landed across her right cheek, leaving a blazing line of fire that seemed to explore in agony.

The man was obviously skilled as the whip tip cracked through the air again and left another scorching line of fire across her ass.

Stephanie screamed again and tried desperately to pull away but her bondage ensured she wasn’t going anywhere. Stephanie could hear Bree whining at her mother’s pain even as she continued to suck the man’s cock, not breaking her rhythm.

Soon enough, however, Stephanie couldn’t concentrate on anything else except the snapping of the whip against her body and the searing agony it caused over and over again.

As her universe narrowed to the soul searing pain each snap elicited one thought did filter through her mind, ‘I don’t even know who this man is.’


Poor Stephanie had made a terrible mistake that had coupled with terrible luck.

She had made the mistake of, unintentionally, cutting this man off in her car several weeks ago, nearly causing an accident. When he had, understandably, honked his horn angrily at her she’d then flipped him off.

Unfortunately for her, and Bree, she had the bad luck that the man was a very successful White Slaver. He’d pulled up beside her, intending to seriously give her a piece of his mind when he took one look at her and decided the beautiful woman would make a perfect acquisition.

Teaching her some manners, would just be a bonus.

Having memorized her license plate, an automatic action for him, he’d hacked her address and soon began watching her.

In his surveillance, he’d then stumbled upon the beautiful Bree and realized the daughter was a great bonus and he reasoned he could train them together and eventually sell them off as a mother/daughter set.

Very popular in some places.

He smiled as he thought back to that near collision and realized how lucky he was that she’d cut him off, bringing herself to his attention. Things just had a way of working out sometimes.

He then turned back to the matter at hand as he sent the whip forward to gnaw on the woman’s exposed flesh once again.

Once he was done with her whipping, he’d take her down and fuck her right there on the floor, and make her daughter watch while telling both of them about their future.

It was going to be a great day.