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Adorable - Zach Werenski Imagine

hi dear! could you please write something about zach werenski that’s just all cute and stuff? sorry i’m awful with descriptions but thanks in advance(:

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Hi! So I actually really loved writing this. I also hope you love reading it! So today starts my two posts a day so ½ for today lol. Send in requests if you have/want them because I’m gonna get them done lmao. Anyway, thanks for reading!!! -Accius

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Your eyes slowly opened as the sun peered into your shared room. The flood of smell met you like a tidal wave. The smell of pancakes and bacon hitting your nose which woke you up extremely. Pulling the covers off your body and making your way to the kitchen in your apartment which you shared with your boyfriend Zach. Entering the kitchen you saw your wonderful significant other in front of the stovetop flipping a pancake over.

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Flood warning….

And ignore how badly edited this is. This is actually super old.

Spencer had never, ever imagined the evening would go down like this.

Like literally, ever.

He and Prentiss had been assigned to a case in New York. The case over but their plane home delayed until tomorrow by bad weather, the pair had decided to make the most of it and go for a drink in the bar attached to the hotel they were staying at. Three rounds of cocktails in and Spencer was surprised to feel a pair of soft hands clasping his shoulders.

“Well well well, Dr Spencer Reid. Fancy seeing you here. Long time no see, kid.”

Spencer spun in his chair recognising the voice immediately. His long lost colleague.


The woman grinned at him, holding out her arms for a hug. Spencer embraced her, thinking how different she looked from the last time he’d seen her. She looked…. happy, he thought to himself. Five years had passed since she’d abruptly left the BAU without saying goodbye. She was still as attractive ever, the smile and her laughter only adding to that.

“Emily, this is Elle Greenaway. She worked… ”

“I replaced her…. I know who she is Spencer,” Emily interrupted him, eyeing up her predecessor. “Good to finally meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you,” She held out her hand, the other woman taking it.

“Oh if it was from these guys then I’m sure it was all terrible,” Elle nudged Spencer playfully.

“Not at all. In fact, Dr Reid here speaks very highly of you.”

“Well, he did always have a thing for pretty woman, right pretty boy?” Elle nudged him again, using Morgan’s nickname for him.

“Hey! It’s not like that at all,” he protested, not seeing Elle wink at Emily slyly.

“What! Are you saying you didn’t find me attractive? Reid, I’m offended… I thought we had something back then.”

“What….w…what?” he sputtered.

“Relax…. I’m messing with you. Kind of….Anyway, mind if I gate crash? My date bailed… He’s a doctor and he’s been called into work. The storms caused a few accidents. I thought I was going to have to write tonight off as a complete waste of time and then I spotted your handsome face.”

Reid blushed slightly, he’d always liked Elle and he’d been sad when she’d left. She’d always been considerate of his feelings, treating him as an equal rather than the baby of the team like the others sometimes had done. She was like Emily in that aspect. Add to it the fact that she was an extremely attractive woman….

Elle pulled up a stool, ordering another round of drinks from the waiter. The three chatted for the next few hours, conversation flowing as freely as the alcohol.
The girls chat quickly turned into boy talk, as it so often did with woman. Initially Spencer felt uncomfortable but the booze had loosened his tongue somewhat, and he’d found himself joining in the conversation and disputing Elle’s statement that the majority of men couldn’t be bothered with foreplay, because they were selfish.

“See this is why I like girls, they’re much more considerate of another woman’s needs. Although sometimes, a penis is nice too. ” Emily had said. This didn’t surprise Reid, he knew his colleague had had both male and female lovers.

What came out of Elles mouth next, did surprise him.

“I know right….. Women look more attractive naked too. I mean, I’m all for a good hard fuck with a nice cock, but sometimes I just want the soft sensual touch of a woman. Some men just don’t get it, they have no clue what they’re doing. It’s all about their own pleasure.”

“I resent that comment,” Spencer jumped in, defending his sex.

“You do, do you?” Elle raised his eyebrows at him curiously. “So tell me Dr Reid, how considerate are you in the bedroom?”

Emily turned to to look at him as well, both females now staring at him with amused expressions on their faces.

“I’m very considerate actually. I always make sure my partner has at least two orgasms, whether I’ve finished or not.”

Elle laughed whilst Emily’s jaw dropped a little, not used to hearing him speak about his sex life.

“And before you even dare suggest it, I’m quite certain that their not faking either as I know you girls are sometimes wont to do. The flush of their skin and the taste of their juices as I’m eating them out tends to give it away,” he had no idea why he’d said that, but something inside him wanted to wipe the smirks of their faces and prove that he wasn’t the sweet and innocent kid they all thought him to be.

Instead, it just seemed to increase the grin on Elle’s face. He watched as his ex teammate leant into his colleague, whispering something into her ear, and seeing Emily nod.

The two girls stood moving to either side of him. Placing a hand on his thigh dangerously close to his groin, Elle spoke softly.

“How do you fancy proving that to us Dr Reid?”

He opened his mouth to speak but no words came out.

Emily chuckled and placed her hand on his other thigh. “Yeah Reid. Put your money where your mouth is. Or rather…. One of us where your mouth is.”

“Not one… Both,” Elle clarified taking Emilys hand into her own.
He still couldn’t speak, his genius brain unable to comprehend what they were offering.

“How about…. We go upstairs and start off without you, and you join us when you’ve picked your pretty mouth up off the floor,” Emily whispered into his ear, loud enough for Elle to hear.

“I like the sound of that,” Elle agreed and Emily pulled out her purse, handing her spare key card to Spencer and leading the other woman away.

It took Spencer a full five minutes to ask himself why he was still sat in the bar when there were two extremely hot woman upstairs in the room next to his getting it on.
He downed his drink, racing to the elevator and making his way to Prentiss’s room.

Using the key, he unlocked the door and entered, the sight before him in the dimly lit room enough to make him instantly hard.

The women had wasted no time and were lying on Emily’s bed in their underwear, their hands trailing over each others bodies.

“Hey…. Look who finally decided to join us,” Emily broke away from Elle’s lips, nodding over to the door.

“Don’t be shy Reid, come over to the bed. See what you’ve been missing out on.”

Breathing deeply Spencer walked over to the bed, nerves jangling in his stomach. One woman was one thing but two…. Fuuck. And they looked so amazing together, their legs tangled, fingers stroking and teasing each others skin.

He crawled onto the end of the bed, not sure quite what to do with himself and hoping that one of them would indicate what his part was to be. Was he just an onlooker? Was this a show for him…Cos he’d be down with that.

Or there be audience participation?

Reid inhaled sharply as he watched Elle cup Emily’s breasts and kiss down her neck, pulling her bra out of the way and sucking one of Emily’s nipples into her mouth, making Emily moan softly. Elle quickly unclasped Emily’s bra, exposing her breasts in full before reaching behind and removing her own. Once both their chests were bare she leant forward, attaching her mouth back to Emily’s hard peaks, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked.

Emily moaned again, the sensation making her instantly wet. She looked at Reid and grinned at him.

He can feel how flushed his cheeks are as his gaze follows their every move, watching as Emily slides her hands down over Elle’s perky ass, gripping it and squeezing it firmly with both hands.

Spencer’s erection was beginning to feel extremely uncomfortable in his jeans so he unzipped them, seeing Emily look surprised at his boldness. They’d invited him up here, he might as well participate, right? He took his dick out and started to pump himself slowly as he watched the two gorgeous women in front of him intently.

“Give me your hands Spencer, ” Emily dictated, and he crawled over to her on the bed, pushing his jeans and boxers off as he did. The woman took his hands into her own and moves then over Elle’s luscious butt, making sure he doesn’t miss an inch and watching Elle grin as Emily squeezed his hands around her cheeks.

Elle reached out, wrapping her long soft fingers around Spencer’s hard shaft, using it tug him to her closer still. Emily shifted on the bed and kneels, peeling Reid’s shirt off before pressing her lips against his mouth as Elle moved so that she was sitting with one of them either side of her as they kiss.

Slipping one hand into Emily’s already soaked panties, she used the other to work up and down Spencer’s cock, her palm swiping over his tip every so often.

Seeing them moaning against each others mouths at her touch made Elle groan, now desperate for their touch again. She rolled Emily’s clit between her thumb and forefinger hearing Spencer moan as he pulled away and saw her hand in the other woman’s underwear.

“You like seeing that pretty boy?” she asked, seeing him bite his lip in response. “Wanna watch me do something else down there too?”

He nodded and then gently pushes Emily down onto the bed, dragging her panties off before raising his eyes at Elle.

Elle watched him caress Emily’s thighs, inching closer to where she knows the raven haired beauty is dying to be touched while she dragged her nails across Reid’s bare chest. Elle moved forward, pressing her breasts up against him and stroking his cock a few more times before she instructed him to sit back and watch.

He settled back between Emily’s spread legs and watched as Elle positioned herself, sitting over Emily’s stomach facing him. Running her nails across her new friends smooth pale thighs, she lowers her head and began kissing and suckling the flesh.

Emily whimpered, Elle now so close to where she wanted her touch but still teasing her. She continued to tease her, nibbling on her inner thigh and scraping her teeth against the delicate skin there. She moved closer and closer to where Emily wanted, no…. needed her and then licked her slit once, painstakingly slowly, taking her time to taste Emily, making sure her eyes are locked with Reid’s while she does it.

The genius dropped his jaw, not believing he was watching this.
Elle signalled to Reid to move forward, pressing her lips to his open mouth, pushing her tongue against his.

“Can you taste her, boy wonder?” she asked. He nodded and she grinned wickedly lowering her head once more, her mouth attaching to Emily’s sensitive clit and sucking it between her lips.
Her long hair fell forward and blocked Reids view which he wasn’t having any of. He needed to see this. Spencer shifted forward, gathering Elle’s hair up in his hand whilst caressing the back of her neck. He began pumping his cock again slowly, the sight in front of him almost too beautiful to bear.

Emily whimpered whilst Elle worked her clit just right, loving the feeling of her tongue against it. She motioned for Reid to come closer, placing her hands on his when he did. “Show me how you like it and I’ll take over for you, Reid. And once you have your hands free I think you should put them to good use and make Elle feel good.”

Elle groaned in agreement, lifting off Emily so that Spencer has access to her neglected centre.
She was on her knees now, legs either side of Prentiss, her pert butt in the air. Reid slipped his hand into the space between the two womens bodies, his hand trailing down Elle’s torso and coming to rest between her legs, her slick coating his fingers.
Placing his hand over Emily’s he showed her what to do, how he liked to be stroked, his hips bucking slightly as she caught on quickly.

He started to tease Elle’s clit, alternating circular and sideways motions, loving how wet she is. Elle couldn’t help but stop licking Emily’s center for a second to let a gasp escape her lips. Meanwhile Emily was working Spencer’s cock in exactly the way he liked it.
She watched as he rolled his eyes back and bit his lip, beads of sweat starting to form on his forehead as he whined softly.

Elle chuckled lowly at his whimper. Hearing it, he pushed two fingers inside her, the sudden thrust taking her by pleasant surprise. An idea forming, he dragged his fingers out of her slit, seeing how close she is to Emily’s mouth.

He moved his hand to Emily’s lips so she can taste Elle, her tongue lapping at the fluid hungrily, her lips sucking his fingers hard.

“Elle, I think Emily wants to taste you for herself. Sit up, and shift backwards.”

Suprised at his command, Elle complied, moving backwards so her thighs were on either side Emily’s face.

She heard Emily inhale her scent before feeling soft hands grip her thighs pulling her down onto the raven haired beauties mouth, her tongue pushing inside her.

“Oh my God,” Elle cried out loudly, her hands moving to her breasts and tugging at her nipples.
Reid moved again, this time to between Emily’s legs. He lifted her hips and positioned himself at her entrance, pushing in slowly. From the conversation earlier, he knows he doesn’t have to worry about protection.

Emily moaned against Elle’s slit, the pleasure of Reid’s dick filling her so intense. He gave her a little time to adjust and when she’s used to his size she regained composure and continued eating Elle out slowly.

Elle closely observed the way Reid thrusted in and out of Emily, burying his cock deep inside of her. Reid is completely focused on penetrating Emily and his own pleasure until Elle distracts him with her movements on her own nipples. He decided to free one, hand to help her.

He licked his fingertips before reaching forward, circling her nipple slowly before softly pinching and pulling at the hard peak. Elle lifted slightly, leaning forward and catching his lips in a kiss.

Emily’s mouth now free she changes track, pushing her own fingers inside Elle and curling them slightly against her inner walls, hearing the other woman gasp.

As Reid thrusted into her, Emily mirrored the action on Elle, matching him thrust for thrust. She felt soft, feminine fingers beginning to work her clit, realising that Elle had been forced forward somewhat by her movements and had decided to help Spencer make her come.

Looking at the view from between Elle’s legs, she sees Reid reach between them to work Elle’s clit, his hand nudging Emily’s as he pounds into her.

Reid and Emily work together to pleasure Elle, Emily penetrating her with two fingers, moving in time with Reid’s thrusts into herself, while Reid rubs Elle’s clit. Elle gasped, rasping out that she can’t hold out much longer.

Reid’s close too and struggled to hold on, the feeling of Emily’s tight, wet slit so good around his cock while his tongue swipes across Elle’s bottom lip.
A few more thrusts has Emily clenching tightly, the feeling sending Reid over the edge and his orgasm spilling free. He doesn’t slow his movements on Elle though, desperately wanting to hear sweet moans from both of the girls lips.

He kept thrusting into Emily a few more times with the little energy he has left whilst Elle helped him bring Emily to her climax by flicking her clit with her tongue, her mouth so damn close to Reid’s cock that he can’t help but imagine what her lips would look like wrapped around it.

Elle’s the first to come though, having both Reid and Emily pleasure her with their fingers proving to be too much. Her moans are just what Emily needs to be sent over the edge and she came shortly after Elle, biting down on her lip hard as she groaned.

The ladies collapsed on the bed right next to each other and signalled for Reid to lie down in between them, but to their surprise he refused.

“Not yet, I know you’re both sensitive now but I want to taste both of you.”

On that note he knelt on the floor, pulling both Elle and Emily close to the edge of the bed. He started to eat Emily out very slowly, his tongue just barely touching her, careful not to overstimulate her while he mimicks his movements on Emily on Elle with his fingers.
The girls both gasped, crashing their lips together to stifle each other’s moans just a bit.
Reid, loving the taste of both of them, alternated eating one or the other out until he bought them both to a blissful second orgasm.

Climbing onto the bed between the two girls afterwards he spoke,

“Told you I always make sure my partners have at least two orgasms.”

Elle chuckled lightly. “Guess we’ll have to do the same for you then. Let us know when you’re ready for round two Dr Reid. It’s still early, we’ve got all night.”

I’ve got you

Pairing : Rafa x Reader

Warning: Self harm, depression, descriptions of cutting, blood

Word Count: 1861

Tags: @musicalmoriarty @la-frenchiest-frite @parksxo

You never knew exactly when all this started. It was something that came and went. One day you’d be fine, not a problem, then you’d be sitting on your floor crying, ready to give up. Tonight was on of the latter. 

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Partners in Justice-Platonic!Barry Allen/Flash Imagine

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Warnings: Minor violence, sad back story

A/N: Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I’ve been working and doing scholarship essays but hopefully I’ll be more active. Also, I might do a sequel to this one since it’s so long.

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    In the case of Barry Allen and Y/N Y/L/N, opposites do not always attract. For one thing, it didn’t help that the first time they met was when Joe and Eddie arrested Y/N for homicide. Barry was standing at the front desk with Iris, nerding out about the particle accelerator at STAR Labs, when everything in the station seemed to stop. Joe looked calm but Eddie seemed particularly pleased with himself as they walked Y/N into the CCPD. The young woman in handcuffs seemed rather stoic and at first, Barry couldn’t really believe that she was responsible for the homicide. Sure, she had the same intimidating demeanor as a pit bull and she seemed to glare at all the gaping cops in the station, but there was something not right about her.

   “Who’s that?” Iris asked.

   “That’s Y/N Y/L/N, we think she’s responsible for Walter Goodman’s death.”

   Walter Goodman was the richest man in Central City and also one of the most crooked men in  Central City. He committed high brow crimes such as tax evasion, tax fraud, and money laundering but always got acquitted from the charges. Unfortunately, the old rich man met his fate about a month ago when someone beat him to death with their bare hands. That someone seemed to be Y/N.

   “Wow, she did all of that to him? How?” 

   “She has an extensive background in boxing so she knew just where to hit him and how hard to kill him. It wasn’t a pretty scene.”

   “So, what else makes you think it was her?” 

    Barry scratched the back of his neck. “Well, I found some fibers around Walter’s neck and when I ran some tests on them, I found out they were from a pair of gloves. Ended up tracking the gloves to Y/N because she bought them about two weeks before the murder and Joe found them in her apartment when they searched it. Plus, witnesses saw her leave the building five minutes after she killed him.”

   Iris shook her head. “So how long is she going away for?”

   “A long time.”

   Just at that point, Joe, Eddie, and Y/N were about to pass them and Y/N had been staring Barry down for about a minute. She pressed her feet down onto the floor to make them stop as she glared at them.

   “Don’t you know that it isn’t nice to talk about others?” she hissed.

   “Let’s go, Y/L/N.” Eddie began to drag her but she snatched away from him.

   “You probably think you’re so much better than me because I’m in cuffs and you’re not.” Y/N laughed humorlessly. “There’s a thin line between where you am and I am, kid.”

   “No, there’s an ocean between us,” Barry shot back.

   Y/N arched an eyebrow. “Look who’s got a backbone?

  “Let’s go, Y/N.” Joe pulled her away and Y/N tossed Barry one last glance before fully allowing the detectives to take her to booking.

   “She is…something,” Barry said.

   “Yeah, but she isn’t going to get to listen to you nerd out about the particle accelerator at STAR Labs tonight.”

   “She might be able to see the light from her cell.”

   Iris laughed and playfully hit Barry. “Whatever happened to seeing the good in everyone?”

   “Yeah, well, some people make it hard.” 

   Unfortunately for Barry, that feeling that something was not right with Y/N stayed with him for the rest of the day. There was something in her eyes that said she did what she did for a good reason. However, he wasn’t able to focus on that as he was working on another case in his lab while Y/N was standing in a jail cell in the basement.

    She leaned against the bars, glaring at Eddie and Joe who were sipping coffee as a sort of a congratulations to themselves. It was fine, though, since she was going to be exactly where she wanted to be. Iron Heights was fortress far superior to Arkham and that’s what Y/N was counting on.

     “You’re awful quiet over there, Y/L/N, or should I call you Knuckles?” Eddie taunted.

    Y/N tried not to bristle at her old nickname as she slowly pushed off from the bars and moved to sit on the bench.

    “What? No cute comeback?”

    “Lay off, Eddie, she’s about to go away for a long time and the last thing either of us needs is you taunting her,” Joe said. 

   Eddie held his hands up in defeat. “Fine, but there’s one thing I don’t get: if Y/N’s as great of a hitwoman as her record says she is, then why did she let herself get caught?”

   “She didn’t let herself get caught, no criminal really does,” Joe said.

   Y/N didn’t say anything as she laid down and faced the wall. Fortunately, her lawyer was going to be some public defender that didn’t know the difference between custody and customs. Sure, she was used to the lawyers with the largest service fees in the world, but they always got her out of trouble. If everything went to plan, she would be headed to Iron Heights in a week.

   Of course, nothing went to plan that night because when the particle accelerator exploded, Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, and Ronnie were not the only ones affected. However, several weeks would pass before Barry and Y/N crossed paths again since Barry wasn’t the only one perfecting and strengthening their newfound abilities.

    Barry sped into a warehouse where several large, black-clad goons were charging a smaller young woman whose back was turned to him. Several other goons were lying on the ground around them, bloody and dead. They all charged the woman but before Barry could help, she punched three of them and they all went flying into the opposite wall and out of the building. She kicked one into the floor and smacked another into another side wall. Then, she grabbed the last one by the neck and held him above her.

     “Tell me where he is!” she hissed.

     “I don’t know anything,” he blubbered.

     “Let him go!” Barry yelled. 

     The woman slowly turned and Barry’s eyes widened: it was Y/N Y/L/N and she was holding a man about a head taller and hundreds of pounds heavier than she was above her. She seemed to have more muscle definition and her y/h/c was glossier than it had been before.

    “The Flash, why did I have a feeling you’d show up?”

    “Just let him go, I’ll take care of him.”
    “This is my business, Flash, and I work alone so go and save some cat from a tree.”

    “I can’t let you do that,” Barry said.

    “What’s going on?” Cisco asked through Barry’s comm unit. “Who is she?”

   “That’s a convicted murderer who I helped put away who has super strength,” Barry muttered.

    “Well, it doesn’t look like the guys she’s…dealt with are the best so maybe just get him out of her grip?” Caitlin suggested.

   “Okay.” Barry sprinted over to Y/N and managed to knock the man out of her grip and place him on the other side of the room. Then he straightened up and saw Y/N looking furious.

   “Get out, Flash!” Y/N screamed. “He’s mine!”

   “If you don’t stop, I’ll have to turn you in.”

    Y/N shook her head. “You’ll have to beat me first.”

    Barry shrugged and began charging at her. In the back of his mind, he was anxious but he usually won against the bad guy. However, he was stunned when it felt like he hit a wall and went flying backwards into an actual wall. Once he slid down, he only had a chance to glance up when Y/N took one graceful leap before landing in front of him. He narrowly missed a punch and made a few of his own quick jabs that only made her stumble backwards. However, she still dodged most of his and made her punching movements swift but powerful. Then, she hit him when he was too slow and knocked his lights out. Barry landed about three yards away from her with a thud and though he was unconscious his head was spinning.

    When he woke up, he was in STAR Labs. Cisco, Caitlin, and Wells were at his bedside. Immediately, he felt groggy. 

    “Wh-what happened?” Barry asked.

   “You got beat up by a girl,” Cisco laughed before silencing himself when Caitlin glared at him.

    “He is technically right. Y/N did hit you hard enough to give you a moderate concussion. Fortunately, you were only out of it for ten hours thanks to your advanced healing,” Caitlin said. “Do you know why she attacked all those men?”

    “She wanted to know where someone was but I have no idea who but whoever they are, they’re going to wish they never messed with her,” Barry said as he slowly stood.

   “I might’ve narrowed that down.I tapped into the security camera feed—-which I didn’t know was useful in an abandoned warehouse—-and got this.” Cisco brought up security footage of the warehouse on the big screen in the medic area.

   Y/N walked over to the man breathing, put her foot on his neck, and bent over him. “I’m going to ask you one last time, Evers, where is he?”

   “H-he’s going to th-the Ivy tomorrow night. Pl-please don’t tell him I told you!” the man cried.

  “It won’t matter.” She pressed down on his neck and there was a sickening cracking noise.

   “Ruthless,” Caitlin said.

   “What do you expect from a woman known as Knuckles?” Cisco asked.

    “We did some digging and found out that this Evers is one of the heads of security for a man known as The Joker in Gotham. This guy is like Trickster but much more extreme.” Harrison pulled up a picture of the clownish man with tangled green hair, a white face, and a red scar for a mouth on the large screen. “He is responsible for countless deaths in Gotham as well as about eighty percent of the crime.”

    “But how does Y/N know him?” Barry asked. 

    “She worked for him. She started off as a good kid and a prodigy in boxing. She was the Junior Champion Boxer in Gotham when she was ten years-old but a month later, her mom was killed in a hit-and-run. After that, the good girl persona vanished. At eleven, she was sent to juvie for knocking a girl unconscious but she only spent a year in juvie when someone yanked her out,” Cisco said.

    “The Joker?” Barry asked.

    “No, Don Falcone, a mob boss in Gotham. He got her into good schools and she seemed to clean up her act until at seventeen, she started racking up charges for aggravated assault, assault and battery, and attempted murder—-all charges were dropped, of course.”

    “But, how does the Joker relate to this?” 

    “Falcone dropped Y/N when she was twenty because he thought she was too high risk and the Joker came along with promises of money. But, after two years of being affiliated with him, she left Gotham and came here.”

     “But then she got arrested and when the particle accelerator exploded, she got out of CCPD,” Barry said. 

   “Like a normal criminal with super powers would?” Cisco asked.

   “Yeah, but Y/N isn’t most criminals. A lot of these metas destroy everything and everyone in their wake, but she’s focused on this Joker guy.”

   “What are you trying to say, Barry?” Caitlin asked.

   Barry shrugged. “That maybe, she isn’t as bad as I thought she was.”

   “She knocked you out cold, Barry.”

   “Yeah, but she didn’t kill me. Maybe, I could help her and get her to come here for testing.”

   “That’s a dangerous plan, Barry,” Wells said. “The particle accelerator diminished the myostatin in her body so that she is practically a super human, plus it has only enhanced the agility she gained from boxing all those years. She is certainly a formidable foe.”

   “I know but, what if I could talk her into being on our side or, I could at least help her stop the Joker before he wreaks havoc on Central City?”

    Harrison, Caitlin, and Cisco all shared the same pensive look before reluctantly agreeing with Barry’s plan.

    “Fine, but you’re gonna have a tough time getting into Ivy—-it’s the hottest club in Central City and the list to get in is super exclusive,” Cisco said.

    “I think I know someone who can help me.”

    That night, Iris and Barry entered part of the criminal underworld as soon as they stepped into Ivy. There was a light blue haze all over the spacious club as well as mirrors, lots and lots of mirrors. Most of the women wore crop tops, tight jeans, or body con dresses to show off their figures while the guys just wore button downs and jeans. 

    “I can’t believe we’re at the opening of Ivy!” Iris squealed over Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”. 

    “I can’t believe your job got us in,” Barry added.

   “It’s good to be a journalist. You know how jealous Eddie is? He’s at the police station fuming because he couldn’t come.”

    Barry ignored the stabbing pain in his chest at the mention of Iris’ fiance. As much as he tried to get over her, he simply couldn’t considering that Iris was his first and probably last love. However, if she was happy, he would have to be happy, but she wasn’t making it any easier with that classy but sexy knee-length white curve-hugging dress she wore.

    “Yeah, I bet.”

    “How’d you hear about this place anyway?” 

    “Oh, you know, friends,” Barry said.

    “I thought you didn’t have any other friends besides me.”

    “First of all, ouch, and second of all, maybe you don’t know me that well.”

     ”Okay, enough flirting, Barry, do you see Y/N or the Joker?” Cisco asked through the comm.

     Barry glanced around the cavernous club filled with people dancing and drinking. Off to the far right side of the dance floor was the VIP area where he saw none other than Y/N, wearing a burgundy leather mini skirt and a dusty blue halter crop top, being allowed in by the bouncer. 

    “She just walked into the VIP room,” Barry muttered.

    “Okay, you can probably speed past them, but there’s the issue of Iris,” Wells said.

    “I’ll figure something out.”

    Barry managed to distract Iris by pointing out the club owner and suggesting she interview him. After calling him a genius, Iris made her way over to him and Barry sped into the VIP area. Unfortunately, it was mostly small time thugs and their girls sitting in the main area and Y/N was nowhere to be found. However, a set of stairs on the right wall of the area seemed to be the answer. Barry quickly found the room Y/N was looking for since there seemed to be a lot of fighting coming from it. When he peeked in, he saw Y/N kneeling over the Joker as she pinned him down to the couch.

   “Do it, kill me!” Joker yelled. “Kill me so all this so called insanity goes away!”

   Y/N squeezed her hands harder around his neck. “Shut up! You never stop talking! Get out of my head!” She gritted her teeth. “I got away from you but you just wouldn’t leave me alone. You said you would leave Central City once I did in Goodman but you’re still here!” 

  It was madness that Barry was witnessing and he could do nothing but watch Y/N begin squeezing the life out of this man. Then, he realized that he couldn’t let him die since the Flash never let anyone die. So, he pulled Y/N away from Joker and stood between them. Y/N looked confused at first but when she saw Barry she snarled.

   “GET OUT!” she yelled.

   “Y/N, I know you want to kill him for everything he’s done but you need to turn him in,” Barry said.

    “He escapes from every prison he’s ever put in! But he can’t escape death,” Y/N hissed.

    “Listen to the wise man, Knuckles,” Joker coughed. 

    Y/N growled but Barry kept his hands up. “Wait, Y/N, if you kill him, then you’re no better than he is. You’re a good person who’s done some bad things.”

   “You don’t know me.”

   “I know that if you were as bad as you think you are you would’ve killed me in that warehouse.”

    Something in Y/N’s features began to soften but she didn’t respond until Joker lurched up and held a knife to Barry’s neck while hugging him from behind.

   “This isn’t the first person who’s tried to save you from my clutches, is it, Knuckles? News flash, Kid, she and I are the same person except she still has those pesky guilt feelings and ridiculous morals. Which is why she’s going to back off while you and I walk out that door, isn’t that right, Knuckles?” 

   Something broke inside Y/N that made her step away from the two of them. She thought it was hope as she knelt down on her knees, eyes on the dark floor. For some reason, she wasn’t angry at the skinny white guy who’d just burst between her and the Joker but she was more upset with herself. She should’ve just killed him when she had her hands around his neck.

  “Y/N,” Barry muttered.

   “No use talking to her now, kid,” Joker said as they began walking towards the door.

   When they were right next to Y/N, she swung her right arm against Joker’s leg, breaking it. He cried out and released Barry while Y/N lunged for Joker. Just as her fingers touched his face, Joker wedged the knife into Y/N’s jugular. Y/N gasped and stared at Joker’s sick smile.

   “Knuckles, why so serious?”

   Y/N gasped at him again though she had an arsenal of words that she wanted to spit at him. Swiftly, Barry scooped her up in his arms and got her to the main area of  STAR Labs. Cisco, Caitlin, and Harrison looked stunned.

   “Guys, we have a problem,” Barry said.

   “Take her to the medical area,” Caitlin instructed.

    Barry did and laid Y/N on one of the spare beds. She was still bleeding pretty badly and her eyes were wide. Caitlin met them as soon as possible and had Barry apply pressure to her neck while Caitlin removed the knife. Y/N groaned in anger as Caitlin did so but quieted when Caitlin stitched her up.

   “She should be okay in a few hours, but I’ll run some tests,” Caitlin said.

   “Okay,” Barry said.

   Caitlin began running some tests as Harrison and Cisco came in. Cisco looked at Y/N anxiously while Harrison seemed as calm as usual.

    “She okay?” Cisco asked.

    “She will be. That Joker guy stabbed her but she saved me,” Barry said.

    “Did you ask her?” Harrison asked.

    “Ask me what?” Y/N rasped. 

    Barry jumped slightly when he saw that Y/N was fully alert and staring at him. “Uh, we wanted to know if you would let me help you.”

   “In case you haven’t noticed, I work alone, Flash.” She rolled her eyes when she saw the nervousness in the others’ eyes. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. I have more important business to attend to.”

   “Working alone didn’t seem to help you back there. All I’m saying is if you have mine and my team’s help, you probably won’t go to jail.”

    Y/N arched an eyebrow. She eyed him carefully before looking at Caitlin, Cisco, and Harrison. Her eyes wavered longer on the man in the wheelchair before she looked at Barry. “What do you want in exchange?”


    “You’re all goody two shoes who can’t lie. What do you want?”

    “We want you to stay and let Caitlin run some tests on you to help you understand your abilities. Maybe even help us take out the other metahumans in this city?”

    “And if I don’t?”

    “I turn you in.”

    “You do realize that I could basically tap my finger against your head and kill you?”

   “If you’re fast enough to reach it.” 

   Y/N glared at him before relaxing into her place. On one hand, she would be getting rid of the person who had been mentally and emotionally abusive over the years. On the other hand, she was going to be stuck with a group of people she didn’t know fighting other people with abilities, but they were evil. Besides, even if she did go on her own, after she got rid of Joker, she didn’t really have anywhere else to go. There were too many people in Gotham who wanted her dead and Central City was a lot less hostile.

    “What’s your name?” she finally asked.

    “Barry, Barry Allen,” Barry said.

    “Well, Barry, let’s get one thing straight, I’m not your sidekick nor your lackey, we’re allies if anything.”


   “Don’t try it.”
   “So, this means you’ll work with us?” Cisco asked.

   “If it means I get rid of the Joker then yes, I will work with you.”
   Then, Barry and Y/N shook hands and that was the beginning of their heroic partnership.

Lost (John Laurens x Reader)

Can you do a college au where reader (preferably female but whatever floats your boat) gets lost on campus and it’s getting dark and she’s kind of freaking out but the squad sees her struggling and help her out and Laurens gets all flirty and the other three are like “bruh” but the reader’s like “I’m not complaining”? Mainly something funny and cute : ) Have a happy day!!

Requested by @bacon-ilton

This was not happening. It had literally been two days, and you had already managed to get lost on campus. You cursed your terrible sense of direction as you walked by the same fountain for the third time. The sun had already gone down, and the sky was steadily getting darker. You really did not want to be out here in the dark, but you seemed to be far from the centre of campus, and you had no clue how to get back to your dorm.

You grew more and more jumpy as the light got dimmer. Every shadow seemed scary and unfamiliar. If you couldn’t find your way back in the day, how were you supposed to navigate this walk in the dark? Every sound made you whirl around. Were you being followed? Were you going to die? Your imagination was running wild.

Therefore, it definitely did not help matters when you crossed over a footbridge and found a group of four boys laughing raucously on a bench not far away. You picked up your pace, praying that they wouldn’t see you. The last thing you needed right now was a rowdy gang of college boys. Avoiding eye contact, you speed-walked down the pathway, before stopping in your tracks. You had seen that building before. You had already walked this way. Nothing was familiar; you were so lost!

The frustration of your situation and your nerves caused tears to start surfacing in your eyes. What were you going to do? You looked over your shoulder to where you had come from. It didn’t look right either. Suddenly, you noticed one of the boys hanging out at the bench a little ways back was looking at you.

Oh boy.

You turned quickly and decided the only thing to do was keep going this way. But with the dark now fully surrounding you, and your vision slightly blurry from your tears, you tripped on a loose stone and fell to the ground. That was the last straw. Despite your best efforts, you started to cry.

“Hey,” a voice interrupted your tears, “Can I help you?”

You looked up, hastily brushing away tears in vain, to find the boy you had noticed before offering his hand. He had curly hair tied back in a ponytail, and so many freckles that they were noticeable even in the dark. His face wore a concerned expression. You quickly decided there was no use in avoiding him, so you gratefully accepted his hand, and helped you to your feet.

“Thanks,” you sniffled awkwardly.

His three friends had joined him now. There was a tall one with extremely curly hair pulled up in one hell of a man-bun, one who wore a beanie on his head, and one with straight hair that hung down to his shoulders. Their grins and laughter had disappeared, and they all looked nice enough. The one with straight hair asked, “Are you alright?”

“I-I guess,” you replied uncertainly.

“You look lost. Do you know where you’re going?” asked the one who had helped you up.

“No,” you admitted, fighting back tears again, “I haven’t been able to find my dorm.”

“Which dorm do you live in?” asked the one in the beanie.

“Patriot Hall,” you replied.

“Wow, you got really far,” remarked the one with really curly hair, and when he spoke, his accent was French.

“That’s all the way on the other side of campus!” beanie declared, eyebrows raised.

“I’m really bad with directions,” you said sheepishly.

“That’s alright. We’ll take you there!” freckles said, and his friend nodded.

“Really? Oh, thank you so much!” you cried in relief.

“It’s no problem,” the one with straight hair shrugged, leading the group back the way you had come from.

“So I’m assuming you’re new this year. What’s your name?” asked freckles.

“(Y/n),” you replied, “And yeah, I am new.”

“Nice to meet you, (y/n). I’m John,” he answered, and then, pointing to each of his friends in turn, “That’s Hercules, that’s Lafayette, and he’s Alex.”

“Yo,” said Hercules, nodding his head, and Lafayette waved.

“Hi,” you said, giving them all a smile, “So how long have you guys been going here?”

“It’s our second year,” Lafayette replied.

“What are you studying?” Alex asked.

“(major of choice),” you answered, “What about you guys?”

“Law,” John told you, to which Alex chimed in: “Same.”

“Fashion design,” Hercules told you.

“Political science,” said Lafayette.

Interesting. This group of friends had very differing interests.

“John. You are staring,” Lafayette changed the subject, snapping in front of his friend’s face.

You turned to find that it was you he had been staring at. You looked away quickly, but it wasn’t as if you didn’t like the attention. Hey, John was really attractive!

“Sorry,” he apologised, “I’ve never seen such a pretty smile before.”

The group groaned at that.

“Hey! I resisted all the pick up lines when she fell, didn’t I?” John tried to defend himself, but the others were gasping for air.

“What pick up lines did you resist?” you asked, partly because you were curious, and partly because this guy was seriously cute.

“What, like, ‘did it hurt when you fell’?” Alex asked, still chuckling.

“Please,” John said dismissively, “More like ‘I think you just fell for me’.”

He gave you a wink as he spoke, and you looked down, grinning.

“But then again,” he continued, directing his speech toward you, “I probably just lost my train of thought because of how pretty you are.”

“Come on, John, she’s had a long day,” Alex cut in.

“Yeah, well. I tend to get lost a lot,” you admitted.

“I know the feeling,” John said to you, “I get lost every time I look in your eyes.”

You stared at him for a moment, feeling your cheeks heat up.

“John!” Lafayette cut in, “Leave the mademoiselle alone!”

“Look, not every girl wants you to just flirt with them the second you meet them,” Hercules interjected, “Right, (y/n)?”

You turned to John with a flirtatious grin.

“Actually, I don’t mind.”

John turned to his friends with the most gloating expression possible and spread his arms.

“Well, it would appear that you are wrong!” he told them.

“You don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into,” Hercules joked, nudging you with his elbow.

You laughed at the group’s antics and turned the corner around a large building. You looked around and your eyes lit up with recognition.

“Oh! There’s my dorm!” you said, pointing at the familiar building.

“You have arrived at your destination,” Alex said with a flourish, bowing dramatically.

“Thank you so much, you guys, I don’t know what I would have done without you!” you said, turning to the group as you reached the door.

They replied with a chorus of “no problem”s and “happy to help”s.

“Anything for you,” John said with a smirk, “I’ll see you again, right?”

“Of course! Just a second,” you answered, quickly pulling off your backpack and tearing off a piece of paper from your notebook.

You hurriedly scribbled your phone number on it and handed it to John with a smile.

“I hope to see you soon,” you directed the comment to him.

His friends made various exclamations of congratulations as you opened the door in front of you. You turned before closing it and waved, receiving a wink from John. As you closed the door behind you, you could see him fist-pumping in celebration. You smiled to yourself as you climbed the stairs to your hall. Maybe college was going to be fun after all.

Destined To Be  Chapter 7: |Take My Soul| (Sam Drake x Reader)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10

I can’t believe this is already chapter 7 of my fanfic. Sometimes I just keep on daydreaming about how the next chapter of my story goes. I still love Sam Drake deeply (Samuel Drake Trash unite), but the pressure keeps getting bigger. More people read my story and I don’t want to disappoint!


Now NJOY! :D

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Work of Art–Part 2 (M)

pt. 1 | pt. 2

summary: Yeah, prom is special and all. It’s one of the last dances during every senior’s year. Every student is ready to throw their shoes and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Some are even waiting for this to be their special night to get laid. But you know, students aren’t the only ones that get crazy during prom. Teachers can get just as wild.

a/n: This is my last collaboration with my hoe, @kawaii-hedgehog! This is part two, sequel to Work of Art. You might need a bucket of holy water after you read this and maybe a trashcan. Warnings: for mature readers, containing sexual content. And when I mean mature, I mean just make sure you’re okay with reading nasty stuff. If you feel uncomfortable reading stuff like this, you are more than welcome to excuse yourself and find something you enjoy reading.♥‿♥)

This is an absolute flop, a failure, but I’m gonna post it because I have no other choice and I’m stubborn. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to deepest pit of hell, ding into my filthy mind, and find the courage to write this trash. This is as sloppy as it can get, and I apologize for that. Hopefully, I’ll get better. Enjoy, thirsty bitches!

word count: 3,563

Both of our asks are open, so feel free to request anything!

Mika’s ask: (X)

Athena’s ask: (X)

The day of the prom was extremely awkward, to say the least. The amount of silence in the teacher’s lounge seemed to be deadly. Someone could have sliced through the tension with a knife.

(Y/n) entered the lounge and sat down in her regular table, near the corner, and made slight conversations with the theater teacher, Kunpimook Bhuwakul, though the majority of everyone called him BamBam because of a prank that some of the seniors and he pulled last year.

“—and so many of my students seemed so excited for the play! Honestly, I am so excited for next year.” There was a pause and BamBam leaned over and waved his hand in her face. “Earth to (Y/n)?”

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