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Adorable - Zach Werenski Imagine

hi dear! could you please write something about zach werenski that’s just all cute and stuff? sorry i’m awful with descriptions but thanks in advance(:

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Hi! So I actually really loved writing this. I also hope you love reading it! So today starts my two posts a day so ½ for today lol. Send in requests if you have/want them because I’m gonna get them done lmao. Anyway, thanks for reading!!! -Accius

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Your eyes slowly opened as the sun peered into your shared room. The flood of smell met you like a tidal wave. The smell of pancakes and bacon hitting your nose which woke you up extremely. Pulling the covers off your body and making your way to the kitchen in your apartment which you shared with your boyfriend Zach. Entering the kitchen you saw your wonderful significant other in front of the stovetop flipping a pancake over.

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Leave you ?

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Peter Hale x Reader 

Request :  Hello! Could I request a reader x peter hale? Like where peter has had an accident and the reader finds him unconscious on the road during a storm so she takes him to her place to patch him up. He has temporarily lost his memory and they fall in love while she cares for him but when he gets his memory back, she is scared that he’ll leave her behind. Thank you so much!!

Warnings : blood , accident 

     Driving home was relaxing , being in that little space , alone , being able to sing like crazy was one of the thing that you adored and this is what you was doing now , it was raining , thing that made your day better , you always loved storms . As you drove in the quiet of the night and the music of the rain you saw a body in the middle of the road . You stopped and got out of the car not caring that you was going to get wet . You went to the body , to see a beautiful man lying on the ground his shit slashed and a big wound of his stomach whom was bleeding extremely hard .

    You pulled him up and he groaned in pain “ Come on , just a few steps I need to get you to the car .” you said and the man moved his legs almost stumbling . You made him lay in the back of the car and drove really fast to your house . You helped the man to your room which was upstairs , after you made him lay on his back on your bed you pulled out your medical kit and went over to him . You stitched him up after cleaning the big bleeding wound , then you changed his clothes . You stood awake all night reading and checking on him to verify if he has got a fever on the passing hours or not .

      In the morning he blinked his eyes open , they were a beautiful tone of blue that got you mesmerized by their intensity . You knew that something wasn’t right about him as his wounds closed after a few hours so you had to pull out the threads from his body .

     “ Where I am ?” he groaned and sat up on his butt , you looked at him trying to figure out what is going on with him . “ I found you in the middle of the road , bleeding , almost dying , I brought you here and stitched you up but your wounds healed extremely fast so I suppose that you’re some kind of a supernatural creature , but I doesn’t matter . So who you are and where you live ? I will take you back home after you have breakfast .” you told him and he looked at you , eyes roaming on your beautiful body .

    “ I can’t remember anything , I just know that my name is Peter and I have a daughter Malia but I don’t remember anything else .” He affirmed and you smiled softly .

    “ Most likely you hid your head very hard . I doesn’t matter . I’ll take the next two months off and I’ll take care of you until you get fine . “ You assured Peter and a smile spread on his face .

     Four months passed but Peter didn’t remembered anything that will help you get him back home but it didn’t mattered to you . Peter helped you a lot at home and soon you found yourself falling in love with him and he did the same thing . Yeah maybe he remembered about killing innocent and things like that but you loved him and nothing else mattered . You went to work and came back home to find food fresh food and that the laundry was already made and it was good to know that you finally had someone to help you out with the things that you needed to do at home and someone to love and hold you at night , it was all that you ever wished but things got ruined when you went home and you saw very happy Peter . He came to you and kissed your lips like there was no tomorrow .

     “ I remember .” he said and you looked at him wide eyed .

     “ What ?” you asked confused by what he told you .

     “ I remember everything , I know who I am and where I came from , I was going to make some food when I hit my head on the closet and all my memories just came back . My name id Peter Hale and I live in Beacon Hills . I have a nephew named Derek and my daughter who hates me but this doesn’t matter . I’m just happy that I’ve got my memories back .” Peter said and you looked at him as you almost started to cry .

     You set yourself free from his grip on your hands and ran into your room . You laid on your bed tears pouring out from your eyes . You couldn’t believe that just when you found the perfect man he was just going to leave you .

     “ (Y/N) , babe ? What’s going on ? (Y/N) open the damn door !” Peter yelled from the other side of the door and you couldn’t help but burry your head on the pillow and cry your eyes out , he was going to leave you . The only man that you really got to love was going to leave you .

     “ (Y/N) , please open the door !” his fainted voice filled the room . You got up and went over to open the door . When Peter saw your red eyes and the tears still running down your cheek he pulled you in his arms . You let yourself breathe in his scent for the last time as you knew that he was going to leave you . He had a daughter to go back to , he had a family and still what did you got , nothing more but a broken heart you should have never fallen in love with him , it was a mistake and you knew it good but you couldn’t demand to your heart .

     “ What’s going on baby ? Why are you crying ?” He asked , his vice soft as he kissed the top of your head . 

     “ You’re going to leave me ! You remembered who you are so it makes no sense to still stay here . You’re going to go back to you daughter and your nephew and I’m going to be here all alone trying to shut out all my love for you but I’ll won’t make it . I’m not strong enough .” you cried out and Peter let go of you .

     “ Leave you ? What the hell is going on in that head of yours ? I’m not going to leave you (Y/N) , I love you . I’m not going to go back to a place where everybody hates me . I love you and I won’t let you go . I’m yours , do never forget that .” Peter said and kissed your soft lips as if he was trying to make you trust his words and you did . Even if you knew it was wrong to trust someone you did trust him because he was there when nobody else was .

Lost (John Laurens x Reader)

Can you do a college au where reader (preferably female but whatever floats your boat) gets lost on campus and it’s getting dark and she’s kind of freaking out but the squad sees her struggling and help her out and Laurens gets all flirty and the other three are like “bruh” but the reader’s like “I’m not complaining”? Mainly something funny and cute : ) Have a happy day!!

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This was not happening. It had literally been two days, and you had already managed to get lost on campus. You cursed your terrible sense of direction as you walked by the same fountain for the third time. The sun had already gone down, and the sky was steadily getting darker. You really did not want to be out here in the dark, but you seemed to be far from the centre of campus, and you had no clue how to get back to your dorm.

You grew more and more jumpy as the light got dimmer. Every shadow seemed scary and unfamiliar. If you couldn’t find your way back in the day, how were you supposed to navigate this walk in the dark? Every sound made you whirl around. Were you being followed? Were you going to die? Your imagination was running wild.

Therefore, it definitely did not help matters when you crossed over a footbridge and found a group of four boys laughing raucously on a bench not far away. You picked up your pace, praying that they wouldn’t see you. The last thing you needed right now was a rowdy gang of college boys. Avoiding eye contact, you speed-walked down the pathway, before stopping in your tracks. You had seen that building before. You had already walked this way. Nothing was familiar; you were so lost!

The frustration of your situation and your nerves caused tears to start surfacing in your eyes. What were you going to do? You looked over your shoulder to where you had come from. It didn’t look right either. Suddenly, you noticed one of the boys hanging out at the bench a little ways back was looking at you.

Oh boy.

You turned quickly and decided the only thing to do was keep going this way. But with the dark now fully surrounding you, and your vision slightly blurry from your tears, you tripped on a loose stone and fell to the ground. That was the last straw. Despite your best efforts, you started to cry.

“Hey,” a voice interrupted your tears, “Can I help you?”

You looked up, hastily brushing away tears in vain, to find the boy you had noticed before offering his hand. He had curly hair tied back in a ponytail, and so many freckles that they were noticeable even in the dark. His face wore a concerned expression. You quickly decided there was no use in avoiding him, so you gratefully accepted his hand, and helped you to your feet.

“Thanks,” you sniffled awkwardly.

His three friends had joined him now. There was a tall one with extremely curly hair pulled up in one hell of a man-bun, one who wore a beanie on his head, and one with straight hair that hung down to his shoulders. Their grins and laughter had disappeared, and they all looked nice enough. The one with straight hair asked, “Are you alright?”

“I-I guess,” you replied uncertainly.

“You look lost. Do you know where you’re going?” asked the one who had helped you up.

“No,” you admitted, fighting back tears again, “I haven’t been able to find my dorm.”

“Which dorm do you live in?” asked the one in the beanie.

“Patriot Hall,” you replied.

“Wow, you got really far,” remarked the one with really curly hair, and when he spoke, his accent was French.

“That’s all the way on the other side of campus!” beanie declared, eyebrows raised.

“I’m really bad with directions,” you said sheepishly.

“That’s alright. We’ll take you there!” freckles said, and his friend nodded.

“Really? Oh, thank you so much!” you cried in relief.

“It’s no problem,” the one with straight hair shrugged, leading the group back the way you had come from.

“So I’m assuming you’re new this year. What’s your name?” asked freckles.

“(Y/n),” you replied, “And yeah, I am new.”

“Nice to meet you, (y/n). I’m John,” he answered, and then, pointing to each of his friends in turn, “That’s Hercules, that’s Lafayette, and he’s Alex.”

“Yo,” said Hercules, nodding his head, and Lafayette waved.

“Hi,” you said, giving them all a smile, “So how long have you guys been going here?”

“It’s our second year,” Lafayette replied.

“What are you studying?” Alex asked.

“(major of choice),” you answered, “What about you guys?”

“Law,” John told you, to which Alex chimed in: “Same.”

“Fashion design,” Hercules told you.

“Political science,” said Lafayette.

Interesting. This group of friends had very differing interests.

“John. You are staring,” Lafayette changed the subject, snapping in front of his friend’s face.

You turned to find that it was you he had been staring at. You looked away quickly, but it wasn’t as if you didn’t like the attention. Hey, John was really attractive!

“Sorry,” he apologised, “I’ve never seen such a pretty smile before.”

The group groaned at that.

“Hey! I resisted all the pick up lines when she fell, didn’t I?” John tried to defend himself, but the others were gasping for air.

“What pick up lines did you resist?” you asked, partly because you were curious, and partly because this guy was seriously cute.

“What, like, ‘did it hurt when you fell’?” Alex asked, still chuckling.

“Please,” John said dismissively, “More like ‘I think you just fell for me’.”

He gave you a wink as he spoke, and you looked down, grinning.

“But then again,” he continued, directing his speech toward you, “I probably just lost my train of thought because of how pretty you are.”

“Come on, John, she’s had a long day,” Alex cut in.

“Yeah, well. I tend to get lost a lot,” you admitted.

“I know the feeling,” John said to you, “I get lost every time I look in your eyes.”

You stared at him for a moment, feeling your cheeks heat up.

“John!” Lafayette cut in, “Leave the mademoiselle alone!”

“Look, not every girl wants you to just flirt with them the second you meet them,” Hercules interjected, “Right, (y/n)?”

You turned to John with a flirtatious grin.

“Actually, I don’t mind.”

John turned to his friends with the most gloating expression possible and spread his arms.

“Well, it would appear that you are wrong!” he told them.

“You don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into,” Hercules joked, nudging you with his elbow.

You laughed at the group’s antics and turned the corner around a large building. You looked around and your eyes lit up with recognition.

“Oh! There’s my dorm!” you said, pointing at the familiar building.

“You have arrived at your destination,” Alex said with a flourish, bowing dramatically.

“Thank you so much, you guys, I don’t know what I would have done without you!” you said, turning to the group as you reached the door.

They replied with a chorus of “no problem”s and “happy to help”s.

“Anything for you,” John said with a smirk, “I’ll see you again, right?”

“Of course! Just a second,” you answered, quickly pulling off your backpack and tearing off a piece of paper from your notebook.

You hurriedly scribbled your phone number on it and handed it to John with a smile.

“I hope to see you soon,” you directed the comment to him.

His friends made various exclamations of congratulations as you opened the door in front of you. You turned before closing it and waved, receiving a wink from John. As you closed the door behind you, you could see him fist-pumping in celebration. You smiled to yourself as you climbed the stairs to your hall. Maybe college was going to be fun after all.

Destined To Be  Chapter 7: |Take My Soul| (Sam Drake x Reader)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9

I can’t believe this is already chapter 7 of my fanfic. Sometimes I just keep on daydreaming about how the next chapter of my story goes. I still love Sam Drake deeply (Samuel Drake Trash unite), but the pressure keeps getting bigger. More people read my story and I don’t want to disappoint!


Now NJOY! :D

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Ok, I think my issue with Emma’s wedding look is the hair. Emma’s hair, throughout the show, has had an element of symbolism to it. It started of curly, she was more guarded and felt alone. Then as she gained more family, more love, it straightened out. When she was full out dark one, it was pulled up extremely tight. So, seeing her hair up and tight again just seems fucking weird to me. I just don’t dig it.