extreme pms

Greetings from Austin, Texas; this was our partial eclipse at its most extreme at 1:10 pm.

I’d like to congratulate both the sun and the moon on such a stellar performance.

I suffer from an anxiety disorder and occasional depression. For years, the stress my body was under suppressed my hormones so that my cycles were less intense, and PMS was extremely rare. After a year and a half of therapy, two prescriptions, and 4-6 over-the-counter supplements, my internal chemistry is finally beginning to stabilize. But that means that I’ve begun to PMS again, and the mood swings are just as bad as the anxiety attacks. I feel like my body is going, “Oh hey! You’re not crying over everything all the time anymore! That’s awesome! Let’s celebrate by ÇRYIN̴G ̡OV͟E͞R ̴EVE̡RYT͞H͟INǴ ̸AL͏L OV̢ER ̕AGAI͞N̡!!!” At least it can be predicted almost down to the day, now…

Christmas break schedule:

11 am - wake up

12 pm - actually get up

1 pm - food

2 pm - internet

3 pm - Netflix

4 pm - extreme internet/Netflix combo

5 pm - existential crisis (location: floor of the hallway)

6 pm - snack break

7 pm - “official” dinner

8 pm - internet + second dinner

9 pm-12 am - *improvise*

1 am - start questioning life again

2 am - give up and go have  snack

3 am - pass out


siete-pecados  asked:

Prompt list: I would love to read 72 or 95, please :) (Tho all of these are so adorable) :)

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It’s All So Worth It


It had started with mood swings. From grumpy to crying to ‘life is beautiful and I’m so glad to have you in mine’ faster than you can say; you have failed this city. As much as pre-island playboy Ollie would like to brag, Oliver did in fact not know everything about the female body and assumed Felicity was experiencing an extreme case of PMS. He found her crying over a puppy commercial and tried to sooth her pain with chocolate and wine. She cried even harder because of how sweet and thoughtful he was. Five seconds later, she was pissed as hell because; “NO OLIVER, I’m not on my period every time I’m sad or annoyed, god!”

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Good practices for accent customers
  • Before you ask a question, check the artist’s thread to see if it is answered there. If there’s a lot of information, remember you can ctrl+f keywords to find stuff quicker.
  • When you send in payment for a skin or accent, put the name of it in the subject.
  • When you send in payment for a skin or accent, put the name of it in the subject. 
  • When you send in payment for a skin or accent, put the name of it in the subject.  Seriously, this is extremely important because PMs are the receipts for these transactions and we to manually search through them. A subject of just “payment” or “gems” does not help our search at all, especially if we’re running multiple services. If for some reason the subject is too long you can shorten it, but it still needs to be descriptive enough that we know what you bought. (”black, gold, silver mane payment” for example rather than listing the full accent names, “Shaggy Black Mane, Shaggy Gold Mane, Shaggy Silver Mane payment)
  • When you preorder something, just assume that you’ll probably need to pay for it within a month from that time. And don’t assume the artist will hold it for a while for you. (You can certainly ask them to hold things but don’t take it as a given.) It’s just a bad idea to order accents if you don’t think you’ll have the money for it in the very near future. ALL THIS SAID, sometimes artists have more specific time frames for printing and delivering, if those exist you can take it into account rather than using the month rule. Some artists also have conditions regarding holding copies so check threads for that.
    Even if you suspect something without a specific time frame will take longer than a month to be ready, there’s no harm in saving up that money early, is there?
  • When an artist pings for payment, it’s usually not necessary to reply in the thread with “Sending payment now!” You might want to post if your payment is gonna be a bit delayed though. (I personally don’t mind if it takes a day or two from the payment ping for it to be sent in, but some artists may want to know. Definitely good info to know if it’s gonna take over 3 days.)