extreme metal olympics

HEY DIRU HEADS. The 24 hour broadcast maybe over but the Dir en feels are not. DON’T STOP VOTING EVERY HOUR. Remember the polls don’t close till Tuesday at 12 noon ET. The Death fans could plan a mass organized vote. Let’s win this. If we win let’s set a good example. Let’s not rub it in their faces; let’s show the world that we can be dedicated and civil. For Dir en grey!

Oh wow :D. Gay gay gay guess what guys Dir en gay is really gay guess how gay they are they are gayer than these guys times infinity:

External image

Obviously I mean come on.

External image

I’ve never seen anything gayer in my life oh god I think I’m just gonna’ puke.

I’m seriously getting tired of these d4rk and br00tal tryhards getting so butthurt over this stuff and resorting to gay-hating…for what? To make your own favorite band seem just that more manly and dark and heavy? Fuck.

I can’t even do words right now.

You motherdaughterfuckers better stay up all night every hour and vote and make everyone butthurt about Dir en grey winning the contest because it will be one of the best trolling acts in the history of online metal contests ever. Plus I want them to win cause I love DEG. I WANT TO SEE THE BUTTHURT SO BAD COMMON GUYS. Fucking use your ipod alarms, on the hour, FUCKING DO IT!