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Sorry if you have already answered this but what are your goals for your high carb and low carb days?

So I am following the plan on Chris Powells page (you can check out his website)
He is the famous trainer from Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition, he specializes in extreme weightloss transformations.

The idea behind carb cycling (NOT the same as low-carb) is that you’re training your body to ONLY burn carbs as energy and not store them. Unlike low-carb where you’re teaching your body to use other sources as energy (fat or protein) I am a firm believe that your body needs carbs. Even neuro-science supports that when you dip below 120 grams of carbs on a consistent basis, your brain functioning starts to slow and you become less alert.
By alternating high and low carb days your body learns to become a carb burning machine. You’re still eating carbs on low carb days, so you’re not teaching your body that it will NEVER get carbs, it’s simply training your body to use carbs at a more efficient rate, and to encourage depletion of carb stores (i.e extra carbs that get stored as fat)
Now I will admit, this is new territory for me. But so far, for me, the science and research makes sense.
I hope I explained it correctly, or as best as I understand.
Chris’ websites does a great job with it too, so check that out for sure! I don’t remember it off the top of my head but shouldn’t take long to google him and find it.

There are different carb cycling schedules and you pick the program that works best for you 8)

I aim for 100-120 grams of carbs on low carb days (I do 2 in a row)
And aim for 250-300 on high carb days.

The only “issue” I have come across is that vegan is extremely difficult to pair with low-carb, so I am still aiming to get my calories up on low carb days. But it’s a learning process, and the goal is encourage my body to use energy more efficiently .

extreme makeover weight loss edition?

is this show worth watching?!
i’ve seen so many posts about it on my dash lately and i think i’m going to look into it…. (like i really need another show to add to my gigantic list lol). is it like the biggest loser though, totally unrealistic? or is it more realistic? just feel like i need more motivation lately :)


Well HELLO hottie! I acctually “found” this hottie for about a week ago I think. He acctually has a program (that im watching right now!) It’s on chanel 7 if you live in Sweden! And It’s called Extreme makeover weightloss, and yes, It’s about people who are extremely fat and he makes them lose weight during the time of a year! 

But… I of course only watch the program because of him…. Or do I? ;)

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I can't stop eating. Even if I'm not hungry , I want to eat. I'm obsessed by food. Can you help me ? Please!

It helps to find other activities you can do to occupy your time when you want to eat but you know that you don’t need to eat.
Get a jar and fill it peoces of paper that have activities on them. When you feel like eating just to eat, grab a paper out of the jar and complete the activity.
- learn to paint a cool nail design
- create an inspiration board with all your goals (both career, health, financial)
- organize your closet to make it look really cute
-start writing a book/short story
- design dream outfits on polyvore
- go for a walk
- start a new workout challenge online
- learn a dance routine to favorite song
- call a friend
- color in a coloring book
- watch your favorite Disney movie
- find a tv show to become addicted too (my current addiction is Game of Thrones)
- watch past episodes of The Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover Weightloss editions online for inspiration and motivation.
- create your own cookbook. Print off all your favorite recipes and organize them in a binder and decorate it. Now you will have lots of healthy options to make!
- design your dream house on the game The Sims.
- draw pictures
- Learn to play an instrument (there are online tutorials for anything!)
- drink a glass of water

The majority of these activities can not be completed in one sitting, so this will give you plenty to do between meal/snack times.

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How can I do a serious workout when I'm obese and out of shape? I don't want to make excuses anymore, but it honesty is hard to move around with the excess weight, and I get so tired after only a few minutes. How am I ever going to progress seriously? Thanks Sharee

Set yourself some workout goals. Weigtloss is not about killing yourself at a workout 4 hours a day. It’s about being consistent with your hard work. There are lots of ways to build up endurance and it’s also important to build up a routine of fitness.

You can start with walking and add jogging intervals. Walk for 2 minutes run for 20 seconds for a total of 45 minutes.
You can do this with about any form of exercises (swimming, cycling, jump roping)
You might also enjoy attending a Zumba class 8) Zumba it was got me addicted to fitness!!

My favorite show, Extreme Makeover Weightloss edition, would be a great source of motivation for you! My favorite episode is linked on my “motivation” page, check it out!