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extreme makeover 2016 > 2010

some days ago i was wondering how hetalia characters would look if i drew them now. hetalia was a huge part of my life in 2010. some good things happened while i was in that fandom, and some other very awful things also happened. i still have a bittersweet feeling towards it but can’t help but remember those days and characters with a smile. 

i really liked america! I also did his cosplay lol 


Don’t be fooled - the video’s not as superficial as it seems. Unlike some people.


Extreme Makeover: Sim Home Edition 

also known as: “When Jade Hates Her Own Half-Assed Decorating”

I’ve fallen in love with Laney’s Forever House, and I’ve invested 100% of my energy making it perfect. So, when I peeped this office/guest bedroom I did, I had to wonder what in the holy hell I was thinking, because it was fucking terrible LOL. I did complete overhaul, and I thought this was the most strikingly hilarious example of why I can never do anything of importance in this game. Anyhow, this is my ongoing work in progress, you’ll all see tons more screenshots of Laney’s house over the next few months, because I’m obsessed with it.

also ITT: Jade’s terribly unedited and hastily taken interior screenshots (swim away!) 

I kept the rugs doe  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Reasons why Hawk Moth is probably Ty Pennington
  • yell a lot
  • if u like one thing then suddenly u r that thing
    • Ty Pennington: well we heard you liked chocolate so we painted ur entire room with real chocolate, ur bed is made of chocolate, u have a six ft chocolate fountain as a decoration and it never runs out of chocolate also u now have sixteen regular sized refrigerators that look like chocolate bars and inside of them are more chocolate
    • Hawk Moth: Pattern Pop…. I see you like that piece of fabric… How would u like it if you could make everything fabric..? Live in a world of fabric and patterns and all u have to do is give me the miraculous….
  • the whole thing is pretty much free of charge and everyone in the community is part of the interaction
College Lokane AU: Extreme Makeover

The brawny, tall footy player had caught Jane Foster’s eye the moment she’d taken a wrong turn onto the field on her way to the lab that she normally holes herself up in. Thor Odinson’s blinding good looks however, have attracted more than a healthy share of girls and for once in her life, Jane is determined to at least score a dance with him at an upcoming soiree…and blaze a trail so dazzling that he can’t look away. 

But even she will readily admit that an extreme makeover is probably required to get what she wants. And who better to help repaint the barn but a BFF? 

Wait, she doesn’t even have one of those, because a crazy intern who flits from frat boy to frat boy doesn’t count. What she doesn’t expect is for her enigmatic lab partner Loki Laufeyson to take up that role of groomer and instructor. To her chagrin, he wastes no time gleefully pointing out her flaws and weaknesses especially when it comes to the opposite gender, only to help transform them into strengths in a way she never thought they could be. 

Yet what had begun as a farcical act soon takes a turn for something else entirely…until she realises that the prize she’s aiming for perhaps, isn’t Thor, but Loki himself.