extreme life


this is literally the cutest stuff i have ever seen in my life

(aw, poor little scab nose!)

anonymous asked:

I'm glad you have someone in your life who makes you so happy.

I live with 2 people, my boyfriend and my best friend, and they both make me extremely happy

my life is absolutely better for having them in it

wait wait

did you say…

shark boi laurens 

shark boy laurens

or sharkboy laurens?? :0?


insp. by @bunny-yams!! i wanted to draw shark boi laurens then shark boy came into my head and i was like woAH then so did sharkboy and i was like W O A H which leads up to the boNUS


:D its lava ham!!

You seem to have been extremely lucky all your life. Then you find out that your Guardian Angel had been illegally “stacking the cards” for you. Now, due to his behavior, he has been replaced.