extreme liberalism

I can’t believe I have just spent days of my life defending people I don’t even fucking like because there are actual cunts on this website who 

a) think you should be able to physically assault people who disagree with them

b) think context doesn’t matter

c) think jokes are any kind of -ist, or are in any way inherently bad because they’re against some protected group

d) don’t think freedom of speech should apply to those they disagree with, and are willing to hurt people and violently riot in order to shut them up

You’re all terrible, you have wasted my time and you have only proven yourselves to be the fascistic cunts that you claim to hate. 

NYT: Militants Kill More Than 235 People at Sufi Mosque in Egypt
Islamist extremists set off a bomb at a mosque in the Sinai Peninsula during Friday Prayer, then sprayed gunfire at worshipers as they fled.
By Declan Walsh

Absolutely horrible. Also a reminder that Muslims are more heavily impacted by global terrorism than any other group of people, and that we need to remember that when we respond to horrific attacks like this one. Heartbreaking.

all memery aside there really is a huge chunk of the cuckolding community that’s racist as shit. some men (certainly theyre the most vocal ones online) get off on seeing their wife “degraded” by a “savage” black guy while they watch helplessly, complete with extremely liberal use of the n-word and objectification of the black man in question by never referring to him as anything other than his dick. even if the bull explicitly consents to all of that, it’s not like the couple is taking his views into account and doing all that because it turns him on; rather, they were planning on doing that shit anyways and just happened to find someone okay with it

so yeah i dont really feel that bad for cucks and will continue mocking them, sorry erika moen

On islamofascism

I’ve posted a bunch of longass picture posts featuring Islamofascists, rebutted with the pictures, added many videos to them, and I havent done that in a while. I never really did a stand alone post about it based on commentary, I mostly just shared my 60-ish pictures and a bunch of videos.

So here’s the thing about muslim nazis

The relationship between white neonazis and these islamofascists is complicated. White neonazis hate islamofascism. They like the fascism, they dont like islam, and they dont like nonwhites, so to them, it’s a “2/3 enemy, would lynch”. They hate muslims and any other ideology that claims to be better or more important than their nazi ideology, plus, they dont like other races and muslims are almost unanimously not white. But islamofascists love Hitler and the Nazis for killing so many jews that they actually dont care that the relationship is one sided. They honestly believe that white neonazis will see the truth of allah, the prohet, islam, and the quran. They honsetly believe they can convert them, especially if they can become the majority in places where white neonazis live, which is obviously nations where you find white people. If it didnt happen in one generation, it would eventually happen over time. It helps them rationalize the relationship that the Mein Kampf translations into Arabic are a lot softer about the hatred of non-whites and emphasize the hatred of jews. Nazis also share a hatred for western liberal values with islamic fundamentalists such as islamofascists, so there is also that aspect.

There is another relationship involving islam that is this one sided. Social justice warriors are unanimously in support of groups that they view as oppressed, and they view muslims as being one of the most oppressed groups. To sjws, all oppressed people will join in solidarity with one another to destroy their oppressors and status quo, and muslims are oppressed people in their view, and so if a muslim does not join in solidarity with the left, they are passed of as “not a true muslim“ and either being “internally oppressed” or privileged/oppressive in some way. Their view of islam is that an oppressive person could not be muslim, but also that a muslim gets a universal free pass on wrongdoings, because who are you to judge the oppressed? If they are fighting against their oppressor, they are just, according to the left. “Punching up is not the same as punching down”, so to them, 9/11 was justified because of western occupations in the middle east. When lead in a rally by an islamist leader who advocates sharia and has personally been involved in terrorist attacks, such as Linda Sarsour in the women’s march, they do not get upset, because in the leftist view, you can not denounce the cause of someone who is “more oppressed” than you.

The primary enemy of islamism and nazism both is western civilization and “the jew” (which they dont distinguish between). The primary enemy of marxism is capitalism, and therefor conservatism, liberalism, western liberal civilization, and to some leftists but not all, this also includes jews. The primary enemy of feminism is any group or society which has the most aggregate power and wealth, or any group or society that has the most liberals/capitalists among them, and all of those necessarily point to western civilization, white people, western white “cishet” males, christians, and also jews (though antisemitism is not a primary or necessary part of feminist views). I wont get into the nuances of how marxian analyses like feminist theory perceive jews, but I’ll instead just summarize that social justice is very two faced when it comes to jews. So, the problem of antisemitism among muslims has room to be overlooked in their view, or even quietly accepted. They can just point at israel as an injustice against palestinians and rationalize it that way, that’s good enough for them, and anyone who criticizes muslims is distinguished as the REAL badguy. And again, you cant judge someone who’s less privileged than you, so as a leftist, you’re not allowed to criticize their hate. Bad things = prejudice + (the leftist analysis that you have) institutional privilege, so actually, hate is a bad things and muslims are oppressed, so muslims cant hate by definition because, for it to be hate they’d have to have institutional power. And that’s your brain on social justice - not even once.

Sjws see that muslim populations have been successful in replacing centrist and right wing voting populations, liberal people, westernized groups, white people, etc, and that’s an effective way for leftists to attain political power. So they’re in favor of all the policies that will cause muslims to flood into Europe, which btw, includes destabilizing their nations - look no further than Obama and Hillary for that kind of military, strategy, & weapons related behavior from leftist politicians (behavior which the leftist masses ignore, because it’s their party that they wont criticize, and if they only hear the info about their candidates being warlords from people outside their party, they think it must be fake info or that there is some other reason for the massive armaments and actual wars, so leftists just dont think about it, they’re too busy slandering everyone else).

One of the amazing things about islamofascism is that these outright nazis actually take full advantage of leftist stupidity. The Muslim Student Association apparently started an unironic Hitler Youth Week in a university, according to this Palestinian girl (right before she proclaimed jews deserve death to a jewish man’s face):

There were no anti nazi rallies, of course. These islamist nazis even join leftist parties like Labour:

Immigrant muslims largely vote leftist because leftists have chosen to unconditionally serve muslims, specially, to the point of allowing them to commit atrocity that sjws would normally froth at the mouth over and riot against. So they support encouraging muslims to immigrate and outpopulate everyone in Europe, because leftists politically benefit. Plus, muslim immigrants mostly dont integrate, they have very tightly knit ingroup based communities like jews do, but muslims actually go so far as to replace local western systems with sharia. So not only does the left get rid of whites, liberals, conservatives, and gain a huge voting block, they get to replace the western societal structures by painting the map with islam. It’s not bringing about the communist/socialist/feminist magic fairlyland utopia they want, but it’s “diversity” and the next best thing, the destruction of the status quo for an “oppressed class”. It’s especially great for them if they realize their fantasy of converting all muslims to a legitimately leftist worldview. They genuinely think they can convert islam in exactly the same way islamofascists think they can convert white neonazis. ISIS is already like how they wish antifa could be, antifa cant organize a takeover or rebellion like ISIS, so antifa wants to be like them and they want radical groups to be allies with leftists like themself, so really, antifa just want ISIS to be a little less fa and little more com. People like Malala give them hope that islam is compatible with leftist ideology:

The left will backtrace on their support of outright nazis, but it wasnt the left who blasted Zakia Belkhiri. They praised her for her ‘courageous stand against islamophobia‘ for taking a selfie in front of anti-islam protestors. When she was found out to be a legit neonazi, the left was silent about it while liberals and conservatives were outraged.

Muslims and nazis rarely have direct hostilities that play out, so that keeps their one sided relationship stable. Although the white neonazis in muslim populated areas are certainly getting very stirred up, they’re not actually a very large group, other less radical ethnic nationalist groups seem to have almost completely replaced them, and even those arent particularly huge groups. And at least in the west, hostilities specifically between leftists and islamists are rare, but when they happen, leftists are 100% more likely to thank them and apologize to them than to actually go after islamist extremism for being violent. And so that one sided relationship is, if anything, reciprocal. Islamofascism is not even on the leftist radar whatsoever, it’s not a though in their head or an idea they’ve been exposed to in anyway, so that’s not a problem for them to rationalize nor to actually stand against, so that’s not a mental obstacle for them when it comes to rationalizing mass immigration. And I dont suspect their response to islamofascism is anything that would in any way be productive, it would probably make things way worse, so from now on, I’d rather point it out to everyone else besides leftist radicals & progressives.

Hillary and Bernie

Bernie Sanders spent his entire political career not wanting to be labeled a Democrat.  He only registered as a Democrat because he said it would be easier for him to run for President.  He didn’t change parties for the people, he changed for himself.  Then he spent the entire election criticizing and dictating to the party he never wanted to be a member of in the first place. As soon as the election ended, he’s back to being an Independent.  He caucuses with the Democrats, yet they aren’t quite good enough or up to his standards for him to technically be labeled as one.

Bernie and his supporters continue to complain about how the DNC appeared to favor Clinton over him. Why is that so outrageous?  She had been a member of the Democratic Party since the 1960s.  He had been a member of the party since 2015.  As First Lady and a Senator, she had worked for and with Democrats on many issues.  She also got along with Republicans as a Senator. Hillary was often praised during her time in the Senate.  Bernie Sanders was notorious in the House and Senate for being difficult to work with.  So unsurprisingly, when endorsements started to come in from members of Congress, most of them endorsed Hillary, not Bernie.  

Bernie engaged in a primary cycle against Hillary Clinton as any politician would.  He attacked her for her weaknesses, pointed out her mistakes, distinguished his ideas from hers.  That’s how campaigning works  However, anytime you run against a candidate in a primary and attack them, you inherently open up the possibility that you’ve also hurt their chances in the general election because the same attacks will be used by their opponent. Again, that’s how elections work, but Bernie doesn’t get the right to act like none of his actions contributed to the weakening of Hillary as a candidate in the general election.

Bernie joined the Democratic Party, then spent the entire time attacking it.  By the time the primaries ended, many people who supported him felt betrayed by the Democratic Party that had ultimately given more support to the longtime Democrat, not the longtime Independent.  The longtime Independent suddenly created a test or standard to determine who was a Democrat or liberal enough, and Hillary didn’t live up it, despite the fact that while she was in the United States Senate she was ranked as the 3rd most liberal Democrat behind Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama.  Furthermore, she sure as hell was Democrat and Liberal enough for Republicans to spend 25 years trying to destroy her out of fear of what she could accomplish if ever elected to office.  Republicans knew Hillary Clinton was an extremely Liberal Democrat.  It’s a shame Democrats didn’t know.

Republicans are hell bent on destroying the middle class to make the rich even richer.  Sanders actually got on the national stage to say the things many people wanted to hear and needed to hear, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t cause damage to the Democratic Party in the process.  Bernie Sanders gave a much needed jolt to the Democratic Party, and has helped the party change course..  Nevertheless, Sanders also contributed to Hillary Clinton’s ultimate loss to Donald Trump.  Of course, so did Hillary.  She made mistakes.  Lots of them. But Bernie Sanders did make a small enough division in the Democratic Party to hurt Hillary in the general election.

At the end of the day everyone wants to say she was a weak candidate, but in the end it took Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, James Comey, Russia, and a computer server to bring her down.  And she still got 3 million more votes.  I think she’s earned to the right to criticize and explain why she thinks she lost the 2016 election.

Sex Worker's Guide on Who to tell your Secret...

So very recently I had a somewhat close friend of mine reveal to me that she doesn’t support me in the SW industry, and clearly insinuated she judges me by my choice of what to do with my body. Even with years of experience, it still stung because it was personal.

Over the course of a few years, I’ve revealed to a handful of loved ones of my “alter ego” life. It took me experiences and mistakes to have a much better grasp of how to handle hiding this. Many times I’ve been in a really close bonding moment where I want to tell someone the truth but the truth is that MOST PEOPLE WILL JUDGE YOU.

I don’t care if these are people you went to elementary school with or family friends you’ve known your entire life. As with all things in life, don’t easily hand out personal grenades to others.

This is part of the territory that results in our high pay days. It’s a terrible and sad fact that this isn’t accepted by most people yet. It’s a sacrifice we make.

From my own observations and experiences, these are GENERALLY the types of people you refrain from telling regardless of how close you are:

1) A vanilla boyfriend. Just don’t. It WILL cause issues. He’s your boyfriend meaning that he wants you to ONLY be his. Run from any vanilla man that’s perfectly okay with his girlfriend being used by other men. Young ladies, listen to me on this. You’re still new so you haven’t figured out the brutal reality of this bullet point yet.

2) ANYONE religious. They might have the best of intentions but their values on the subject of sex does not and will never align with yours. Don’t think that you can change their views by blindsighting them and showing them their best friend is in the industry.

3) Anyone in anyway affiliated with Law Enforcement. It is a life shattering bomb waiting to explode. Don’t. Be. Stupid.

4) A girlfriend who has had jealousy issues with you in the last 3 years. She will not be moved or touched that you had to resort to this to survive. Her envy will get greener and greener…like the cash that’s pouring into your life.

5) A virgin. Until someone has been sexually active with at least a handful of partners in their life, their view of sex is a deluded trophy on a pedestal. They won’t respect that you are able to do it so casually when it’s still something intimate to them on every level.

6) Someone married. She/He WILL tell their spouse. They made a vow to share everything till death. What may seem like a personal, monumental secret to you is simply dinner topic for them.

7) The most important: Anyone whose been fortunate enough to never have any real bills and/or has a financial safety net (like their parents or relatives). Until someone has been in a situation where life TEACHES them that the world runs on MONEY and not some Disney-induced perception of purity, they will NEVER understand why it is that you’re doing what you do.

People that are generally okay to tell:

1) Other people currently in the industry. Less likely to throw stones when they also live in the same glass house.

2) Anyone who’s an extreme liberal. They have a different perception of values than the more conservative generations before us.

3) A sibling (generally a sister) that you know you can count on if you ever need to bail you out of anything.

4) A friend that happens to not be any of the 7 qualities and traits I listed in the first portion of this.

NOTE: As more of a safety precaution, try to refrain from telling anyone that you have no dirt on. It’s a good insurance policy to keep their mouth shut if you also have something. Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee they won’t be judge mental or other unpleasant reactions.

As you can see, the acceptable traits list is far less in content than the ones you don’t. As an experienced SW, take from my experience of trial and mistakes. You work in an industry based off of sin. Most people will not understand because they don’t have to. Be smart, get your money and get out. It’s nobody’s business what you do with your body.

In the event you did entrust someone who ended up undeserving of it because they’re judgement or jealous, just remember it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if they call you a whore or that you’re fucked up because of a choice you made with the strength they don’t have. Many times the same people trying to preach to you are working minimum wage jobs, putting their family into debt for their own loans or bitching about how hard being an adult is.

Your are more than just this vessel people can “rent”. You are a person with values and the strength to sacrifice things in life to achieve goals and financial stability. Don’t let anyone undermine what you earn. Only YOU get to decide what’s right for you, what’s needed in YOUR life and what’s worth it.

You’re still that person with values. You still have morals. You still have the same level of purity. Your intimate moments are still just as precious.

Your character and soul is not determined by a service that does not harm others.

Also, literally the only people I’ve ever heard make an argument that leftist women have no strong political views of their own and are just after some socialist dick have been leftist men themselves. They’re the only ones who think their musty dick cheese is something any self-respecting woman would chase. 

Enabled by policies pushed by Betsy DeVos and the Trump administration, private schools in the US (many of which take public money in the form of state scholarships) are permitted, legally and openly, to discriminate against selecting LGBT students or those from queer families.




Step 1: strangle hate educators by stopping federal funding going to discriminatory schools.

Step 2: ban extremist anti-gay education practises.

Step 3: become very careless with lit cigarettes near those hate-preaching institutions which survive.

third-world conservative: The evil West seeks to subvert the family, nation, and faith and replace them with homosexuality and McDonald’s!

first-world conservative: How dare they say that! It’s nothing like that! We must defend Western values against these horrible attacks.

me: Yeah, except replacing family, nation, and faith with homosexuality and McDonald’s is why the West is good.

  • White nationalist: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.
  • Trans rights activist: I want to use the bathroom without fear of physical assault.
  • Liberals: ... Nope, still can't tell, run them by me one more time?

“star wars is like poetry” (grey jedi theory)

That’s probably true.

Episodes 1-3: Dark Side wins

Episodes 4-6: Light Side wins

Episodes 7-9:… Balance? 🤔

I hope so. They did say the Skywalker story was coming to a conclusion with the current trilogy. We know two things:

1) This family is dramatic af (which is okay I mean it’s a space opera; actions are usually hyperbolic)

2) The dynamic between light and dark is heavily intertwined with their story.

The light side was dominant at the time before Anakin’s fall. The Sith were thought to be extinct after all. But we all know what happens when one side is more dominant? The other side tries to meet it.

Snoke did say:” Darkness rises and light to meet it.”

Then Anakin falls. Dark side wins for the time being. Then the Light gets back in the game through Luke who helps redeem his father and tries to establish a new Jedi order. Light side wins. What happens next? Snoke and the creation Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo, the last of the Skywalker line. Dark side wins again. Now Rey, embodiment of the light comes to save the day. But will light win? Or will there finally be balance?

It’s an eternal war. Empire vs Rebellion then First Order vs Resistance. Palpatine then Snoke. Death Star then Starkiller Base. When TFA came out there were complaints about borrowing too much from the past trilogies. I think it’s intentional. I think the story is trying to say that in order to stop all this, there’s got to be ~~balance~~.

The Sith are pretty bad, but it’s a mistake to think that the Jedi are ultimately good. They’re the extremes of a mean: balance. Past all the force lightning and evil laughs and speeches about ruling the galaxy, the Sith are, at the core of their philosophy, liberal, but extremely so. They see the force as this power that should be used and maximized. Jedi on the other hand are conservative folk. Fun fact: they can use lightning but choose not to since it is too powerful. Now they may look like the good guys of the story, but think about it. They’re too restricting. Even Luke in TLJ pointed out they weren’t perfect since they were the ones who let Palpatine rise to power. Anakin had no one to turn to except the dark side when he simply wanted to save the woman he loved. Luke tried to establish an order with the same conservative tenets, only to fail again. If either side wins, the war will go on as always. History repeats when we don’t learn from it.

So the question is: will the new generation (Rey, Kylo, Finn, Poe, Rose) learn from this? I hope they will. TFA and TLJ, as I’ve said made several callbacks to the trilogies (Starkiller base, a fallen skywalker, a new jedi, the millennium falcon, luke training rey like how yoda trained luke, rey defying luke to save Ben like how luke defied yoda to save his friends).

Then we get the throne room scene of TLJ, my favorite scene in the movie. Here we have another disfigured evil emperor, his fallen jedi right hand and a young jedi hopeful. If you think about it, it’s basically the climax of Return of the Jedi. But the interesting part is, this is not only a callback to ROTJ, this is where the new trilogy explicity breaks off from the other six episodes. How? When Rey and Ben fight alongside each other. There is harmony, synchronization. There is balance. That fight showed us what could be achieved through balance. That the “true enemy” will be struck down. They’re Yin and Yang. Ben still feels the pull to the light, and Rey wants to understand the dark. (I mean they did say she’d… flirt with it *wink*)

But Rey or Ben don’t know that yet. They don’t know that they’re “two halves of one protagonist”. They’re stuck in the center of their own narratives, where there can’t be balance. Where Rey joins the First Order, where Ben joins the Resistance. Neither of that is going to happen.

But their visions are true. They will stand together, just not in a way they’d expect. At least they have confronted their pasts at some point. Rey knows she is no one and Ben chose not to kill Leia. All that is left is to build a better future than their parents built. They can have peace and they can be with each other (platonic or romantic though there are several cues for the latter) if there is balance.

Like Rose said, “That’s how we’re going to win. Not fighting what we hate. Saving what we love.”

PS I am reylo trash and I just have to say wouldn’t it be cool that if imbalance tore Anidala apart, balance could bring reylo together???

@dailyaleclightwood‘s alec appreciation week two: malec

The heavy silence of the small hours of the morning had fallen over the apartment, and Alec lay back and breathed in deeply. The bed was soft underneath his spine, the sheets smooth and everything feeling so comfortable. It was almost unnerving.

Alec didn’t think he’d ever been in a bed this comfortable. The solid wooden frames and sturdy mattresses of the Institute weren’t built for comfort. They were built for practicality. Besides, Alec was usually lucky if he got six hours of sleep a night, between training, night patrols and his other frequent duties as Acting Head of the Institute - at least, when the position was his. Even when it wasn’t, the other Shadowhunters of the Institute relied on him.

He didn’t need the kind of bed you could be comfortable in and relax in for the better part of a day, simply because Alec never had a day to waste lying around in bed. Magnus, however, had all the time in the world. Magnus also wasn’t the kind of person to deny himself the things he wanted in life. A comfortable place to sleep seemed like the least extravagant thing he could do.

Not that either of them were doing much sleeping quite yet.

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