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I can’t believe I have just spent days of my life defending people I don’t even fucking like because there are actual cunts on this website who 

a) think you should be able to physically assault people who disagree with them

b) think context doesn’t matter

c) think jokes are any kind of -ist, or are in any way inherently bad because they’re against some protected group

d) don’t think freedom of speech should apply to those they disagree with, and are willing to hurt people and violently riot in order to shut them up

You’re all terrible, you have wasted my time and you have only proven yourselves to be the fascistic cunts that you claim to hate. 

all memery aside there really is a huge chunk of the cuckolding community that’s racist as shit. some men (certainly theyre the most vocal ones online) get off on seeing their wife “degraded” by a “savage” black guy while they watch helplessly, complete with extremely liberal use of the n-word and objectification of the black man in question by never referring to him as anything other than his dick. even if the bull explicitly consents to all of that, it’s not like the couple is taking his views into account and doing all that because it turns him on; rather, they were planning on doing that shit anyways and just happened to find someone okay with it

so yeah i dont really feel that bad for cucks and will continue mocking them, sorry erika moen

Sex Worker's Guide on Who to tell your Secret...

So very recently I had a somewhat close friend of mine reveal to me that she doesn’t support me in the SW industry, and clearly insinuated she judges me by my choice of what to do with my body. Even with years of experience, it still stung because it was personal.

Over the course of a few years, I’ve revealed to a handful of loved ones of my “alter ego” life. It took me experiences and mistakes to have a much better grasp of how to handle hiding this. Many times I’ve been in a really close bonding moment where I want to tell someone the truth but the truth is that MOST PEOPLE WILL JUDGE YOU.

I don’t care if these are people you went to elementary school with or family friends you’ve known your entire life. As with all things in life, don’t easily hand out personal grenades to others.

This is part of the territory that results in our high pay days. It’s a terrible and sad fact that this isn’t accepted by most people yet. It’s a sacrifice we make.

From my own observations and experiences, these are GENERALLY the types of people you refrain from telling regardless of how close you are:

1) A vanilla boyfriend. Just don’t. It WILL cause issues. He’s your boyfriend meaning that he wants you to ONLY be his. Run from any vanilla man that’s perfectly okay with his girlfriend being used by other men. Young ladies, listen to me on this. You’re still new so you haven’t figured out the brutal reality of this bullet point yet.

2) ANYONE religious. They might have the best of intentions but their values on the subject of sex does not and will never align with yours. Don’t think that you can change their views by blindsighting them and showing them their best friend is in the industry.

3) Anyone in anyway affiliated with Law Enforcement. It is a life shattering bomb waiting to explode. Don’t. Be. Stupid.

4) A girlfriend who has had jealousy issues with you in the last 3 years. She will not be moved or touched that you had to resort to this to survive. Her envy will get greener and greener…like the cash that’s pouring into your life.

5) A virgin. Until someone has been sexually active with at least a handful of partners in their life, their view of sex is a deluded trophy on a pedestal. They won’t respect that you are able to do it so casually when it’s still something intimate to them on every level.

6) Someone married. She/He WILL tell their spouse. They made a vow to share everything till death. What may seem like a personal, monumental secret to you is simply dinner topic for them.

7) The most important: Anyone whose been fortunate enough to never have any real bills and/or has a financial safety net (like their parents or relatives). Until someone has been in a situation where life TEACHES them that the world runs on MONEY and not some Disney-induced perception of purity, they will NEVER understand why it is that you’re doing what you do.

People that are generally okay to tell:

1) Other people currently in the industry. Less likely to throw stones when they also live in the same glass house.

2) Anyone who’s an extreme liberal. They have a different perception of values than the more conservative generations before us.

3) A sibling (generally a sister) that you know you can count on if you ever need to bail you out of anything.

4) A friend that happens to not be any of the 7 qualities and traits I listed in the first portion of this.

NOTE: As more of a safety precaution, try to refrain from telling anyone that you have no dirt on. It’s a good insurance policy to keep their mouth shut if you also have something. Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee they won’t be judge mental or other unpleasant reactions.

As you can see, the acceptable traits list is far less in content than the ones you don’t. As an experienced SW, take from my experience of trial and mistakes. You work in an industry based off of sin. Most people will not understand because they don’t have to. Be smart, get your money and get out. It’s nobody’s business what you do with your body.

In the event you did entrust someone who ended up undeserving of it because they’re judgement or jealous, just remember it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if they call you a whore or that you’re fucked up because of a choice you made with the strength they don’t have. Many times the same people trying to preach to you are working minimum wage jobs, putting their family into debt for their own loans or bitching about how hard being an adult is.

Your are more than just this vessel people can “rent”. You are a person with values and the strength to sacrifice things in life to achieve goals and financial stability. Don’t let anyone undermine what you earn. Only YOU get to decide what’s right for you, what’s needed in YOUR life and what’s worth it.

You’re still that person with values. You still have morals. You still have the same level of purity. Your intimate moments are still just as precious.

Your character and soul is not determined by a service that does not harm others.

third-world conservative: The evil West seeks to subvert the family, nation, and faith and replace them with homosexuality and McDonald’s!

first-world conservative: How dare they say that! It’s nothing like that! We must defend Western values against these horrible attacks.

me: Yeah, except replacing family, nation, and faith with homosexuality and McDonald’s is why the West is good.

Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating.
—  Simon Pegg

This morning I had a 30-minute argument with my baby boomer immediate supervisor about how white males are absolutely NOT victims of discrimination.

Originally posted by theone8888

Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating.
—  Simon Pegg

i am actually kind of. lowkey disappointed we won’t get a roman demigods series w/ jason as the protag. i mean: thank god no more horrible mischaracterization/forced love triangles will touch my son now, but. at the same time. i want a backstory :( i wanna know how he and reyna became bros. i want to see him pissing off the senate with his not-so-roman ideas and extremely liberal attitude. I WANT TO SEE THE FIGHT AGAINST KRIOS 8(


MUNIFICENT - (myoo-nif-uh-suhnt) - adjective


  • extremely liberal in giving; very generous
  • characterized by great generosity

Related forms:

  • noun - munificence, munificentness
  • adverb - munificently

Example sentence:

  • After gambling all his money away, Tom hoped for a munificent tax return.

Stovenly thinks:

  • shout out to those people who keep the drinks up 24/7
  • you know who you are

{synopsis} modern head canons for my girls cherry valance, sylvia, and evie

{warnings} none

{pairing} none

{bullet count} cherry : 17, sylvia : 15, evie : 16

{dedicated to} @avelynnloverrxx 


  • is the typa girl to be all out in her outfits to school
  • like…., she wears five inch heels typa EXTRA
  • is a MAJOR feminist and has seen wonder woman a total of five times so far
  • is lowkey a white feminist tho
  • watches riverdale like her life depends on it
  • tried out game of thrones; preferred the books
  • is a lowkey harry potter stan and has a pottermore account (she’s a ravenclaw +thunderbird)
  • owns three cats; piper, blossom, and cleopatra
  • she cut her hair into the Bisexual Bob sophomore year of high school
  • none of her friends let her live it down
  • she has fairy lights hanging above her bed
  • she always lights incense and candles and believes a room with clean energy is the only room to be in
  • went through a 5sos phase
  • we’ll forget about that
  • cries a lot
  • wants to see hamilton but is too timid to ask her parents for the money
  • goes to law school and slays the court room


  • wears winged eyeliner and falsies everyday no matter the occasion
  • watches ahs and black mirror
  • is a witch but no one knows so shhhhh
  • is extremely sexually liberated and doesn’t wear bras
  • fucks who she wants, when she wants
  • doesn’t regret cheating on dallas because he did the same thing to her
  • you’ll never see her leave the house without very dark lipstick on
  • always has her hair up in a high ponytail
  • owns circular glasses and wears them simply for the Aesthetic
  • always has a pair of round sun glasses in her bag
  • owns 29874982947 purses
  • fishnets and ripped jeans…..,.. she Invented them
  • doesn’t know what she wants to be when she’s older but she’s actually interested in therapy
  • gives blowjobs for money but gives them proudly
  • is completely bisexual


  • is a feminist but hella more woke than cherry could even wish to be
  • has poofy straight hair cut in a bob, mocha brown and cute choppy bangs
  • big brown eyes and pouty lips
  • loves rugrats and jane the virgin
  • wears overalls like they’re her religion
  • red is Her Color
  • clear lip gloss? yes please
  • is super sweet and quiet until you disrespect black women
  • owns 937498394 pairs of adidas super star sneakers
  • has never gotten one detention in her life
  • is demisexual panromantic
  • doesn’t own a single purse but has a satchel she brings everywhere
  • worships the color army green
  • is a virgin and proud
  • napoleon complex (she’s like… 3 ft tall)

anonymous asked:

wow.. a meme blog that's not all "kek kek u triggered tumblr sjw trigglypuffs!".. refreshing.. lov ur blog fam

Well, I mean, it’s rude. It’s a “you do you” policy for me, it’s not my cause to be a bitch to other people because they have different views than I do. Unless I’m attacked without provocation, I peacefully and happily interact with them. 

People are valid, no matter how they identify. Respecting others is crucial to ending hate and division over silly things. Thank you, anon.

Here’s an extremely important PSA:

This blog is not TERF friendly, not SWERF friendly, not friendly to anti-semitics, racists (including white supremacists and minorities who hate white people for being white because it’s still racist), sexists, ableists, xenophobic, homophobic, heterophobic, aphobic, and transphobic people, extremely polarized and hateful liberals/conservatives, people who hate and discriminate based on religion, and other bigots and people who hate others for who they are and what they believe in.

I’ll probably get a follower drop from this, but I’m fine with that. If you’re any of the above listed, get off my blog and stay away from me. I don’t like you.

Feel free to send hate (on or off anon), I’m happy to engage in discourse related to that. 

So I was in my living-room and the News was talking about ISIS

My mom: Islam is a peaceful religion yeah right.  

Me: They are.

My mom: Well most of them are extremist.

Me: No only a small portion of them are. What you’re saying is practically saying that all Christians are crazy like the Westboro Baptist church.

My mom: Well they aren’t Christians.

Me: Well maybe Muslims don’t see the Extremist as Muslims  

anonymous asked:

How would a medical professional who honestly believes that gender = assigned sex at birth be viewed by the wider U.S. medical community? Is that still considered a valid opinion in some circles? (This is a writing question. Not trying to trap you into backing up my personal opinion.)

Hey there nonny. 

Unfortunately, the vast majority of providers in the US receive no training whatsoever about gender non-conforming patients. Medicine is a social environment, but depending on location that social environment can be extremely liberal or extremely conservative; younger doctors fresh out of medical school in New York or San Francisco would have a very different opinion (and be shunned or supported to different degrees) than older doctors in, say, rural Tennessee. 

The provider in question’s social background also matters in context. If they’re from a very conservative family, if they’re from a culture that shuns trans people, etc., then their opinions will be shaped by that experience. Honestly, I’ve heard a lot of nurses from the West Indies espouse these kinds of views about trans people, with affirming nods from coworkers with similar backgrounds. 

So the answer is really, “it depends.” 

In my opinion it makes them a scumbag piece of shit, but that’s me, and I’m a very liberal provider. (I’m young, I’m queer, I’m female, and I have a lot of friends in the trans community, so I’m not exactly someone who’s likely to put up with that bullshit in my practice environment. I’m also the exception, not necessarily the rule.) 

I hope that answers your question! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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