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hi there just a reminder that queer is a slur and denying that is denying history and people tagging it as ‘q slur’ for people who it may be a trigger for isn’t homophobic or 'queerphobic’. refusing to tag the q slur is homophobic and transphobic because while u may live in an extremely liberal area and have been able to escape the use of it, not everyone is so lucky and people are still having queer screamed at them

Debunking an Alt Right: “Trump Won because political correctness”

So one of the arguments you’ve heard floating around is “Trump won because the left has gotten so radical and political correct, so infested with Social Justice Warriors, so completely subsumed by Tumblr liberal extremism that it basically alienated everybody in “real America” who voted for Trump because they were so goddamn sick of political correctness.  And this is….absolute bullshit.  

Now I just want to make this clear, even if premise was true, this would still be total bullshit, because SJWs being annoying doesn’t make Trump acceptable, he is advocating for a fucking wall for christ’s sake.  But ok, lets move on about how fucking bullshit this is.  

    Cause the biggest obvious flaw in the whole “OMG THE SJWS took over the Democratic Party” is…..the fact that Clinton won by almost 3 million votes…..huh…..whoops.  

(Thanks Hamiton, Thanks a lot)

Cause here is the thing…..HIllary Clinton is not, and has never been a radical leftist, she is a centrist through and through, the Clintons have never been on the radical edge of the left, they made the term “Hippie Bashing” mainstream.  

    See if the democratic party was taken over by Tumblr and ran a SJW candidate, it would be a POC Disabled Pansexual Transman with died hair, piercings, runs a Sherlock Shipping site and likely a Marxist as well.  Not Neoliberal establishment politicians

Lets takes some of the most common phrases and concept used by the Tumblr Left


Cultural Appropriation

X Privilege 

Safe Space

White Washing

Yellow/Black Face

I don’t have the Spoons

Victim Blaming

Internalized Persecution

Check your Privilage



Fair Trade

Legalizing drugs

Shout out to X marginalized Group

Y terrible circumstance is inherent to Capitalism 


   Hey remember when CLinton said any of those Terms?  Oh right…..that never fucking happened.   I almost included Black Lives Matter on the list but she did say it…eventually….after months of people on the left pressuring her to do so.  Clinton didn’t talk about how X celebrity or film was problematic, she talked about the value of goverment not being in the hands of a crazy person, she didn’t rail against capitalist system she told Goldman Sachs that they took too much blame for the 2008 crash, she didn’t attack American Imperialism she was an open and honest Warhawk.  She didn’t talk about the murky and dubious past and founding of America, her rallies were all about the greatest of the america, the flag, and a distinctly pro military presence.  Contrary to Tumblrs anti corporate, anti capitalist, pro wellfare policies, Bill Clinton supported NAFTA and Hillary TPP, both beloved by Free Trade Advocates.  The Clinton administration (and remember Hillary was effectively Bill’s real VP during that) was responsible for Glass Steigal, and massive deregulation, and having a long standing grudge against the environmentalist lobby, and oh yeah, the War on Crime.  Hey remember this?

   Cause here is the thing, most of the type of liberals who live on Tumblr, the ones who care about racism, sexism, Homphobia, Classism, Enviormentalism, Ablism, and are anti war, anti corporate, anti two party system and pro wellfare, pro regulation, and pro green energy?  They….don’t really like Hillary Clinton that much.  As a rule, they wanted to support somebody who spoke to them….you know….Bernie Sanders

     And this is where the Alt Right argument really just fucking smashes its face into reality and dies, because if you look at the numbers of when/where Clinton lost, their theor ydoesn’t match up.  Despite winning the election by almost 3 million votes, Clinton’s loss was primarily due to massively low voter turnout on the democratic side, a lot of liberals didn’t come out to vote in 2016, because they didn’t like Hillary Clinton.  And most of those were from three groups, Working class Middle Aged Whites, African Americans, and young progressives.  The latter two are the exact demographic who would have the most to gain and be the most aesthetic by a BLM identity politics candidate, so why did they stay home or vote third party?  Well because…They felt that Hillary Clinton didn’t represent their interests.  In fact if you poll people who did vote Hillary Clinton, most of them said their primary reason for voting Clinton was “I don’t want Trump to be president”, that isn’t the voice of a populace who are like “Yeah, we have our progressive candidate at last.”  And even the white workign class voters didn’t abandon Clinton because they were like “Oh man, she is way too progressive” they abandoned her because they felt she was too establishment, fake, and corporate, those are the three terms you keep seeing pop up.  Hell, a Green Party Candidate got votes in part because Hillary Clinton was seen as too corporate.  

If Hillary CLinton was a SJW dreamboat and that alienated the American electorate, then the progressive bloc of the Democratic Party would be the most enthusiastic group for her….instead they were among the least.  If progressiveness defeated the Democratic movement, then wouldn’t Bernie Sanders have A) Won the election and B) Be extremely unpopular outside the progressive base the way that Ted Cruz is only popular with a very slim percentage of the population?  Except…no.  Bernie Sanders lost the primary and is the most popular political candidate in the country, so clearly progressive politics aren’t really turning people off.  Again, the man is a Jewish Socialist.  

(pictured, thing leftists have been bitching about for decades) 

    So clearly Clinton didn’t lose for being too progressive, in fact she was hurt because she wasn’t progressive enough.  But, and this is important, that doesn’t mean that if Clinton had been more progressive and nothing else was different, she would have won, because…no that’s stupid.  Elections are decided by a lot of different things.  If she had done everything exactly the same but wasn’t being investigated by the FBI she would have won, if she had campaigned in Michigan more she would have won, if she had held press conferences she would have won, there are a lot of little things that go into a campaign.  

   This is a really popular right wing tactic, find a centrist who the left doesn’t actually like, and then target them as if they are a radical extremist, because the left won’t feel obligated to defend them, or if they do, they are defending somebody they don’t even like.  The right rarely goes after actual leftists because left wing ideas are…more popular, instead they tend to go after Centrists because nobody likes centrists.  

Theres a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Rp with @youhavethatspark

Blanche remembered them putting a mask over their face, feeling sleepy as it filled with gas. And waking to complete darkness. In a sick attempt to make them ‘better’ Cipher had stolen their sight. This made their life till liberation extremely hard, as they were treated even more like a Claire, a failure.


Years later, they joined Willow as a team leader at the Pokemon Go program. Willow hoped this would help bring the shy silverette out of their shell, as well as show others of any disability that they all had a place in the Go program. Their assistant Annie helped them get through day to day tasks, on occasion, through the aid of being bonded with Articuno, they could see. But it brought a lot of dangerous side effects such as exhaustion, loss of conscious, fever, etc. So they tended to use that only when necessary.

Little did they know that today, they would meet someone that would become their light at the end of the tunnel?

Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating.
—  Simon Pegg

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hi. i'm barely out, my family don't know a single thing about any part of my life really, i came out to my girlfriend online a few days ago and that was honestly the hardest thing i've ever done. but i go to uni in a matter of months and by then i'd like to start going through the motions of transitioning because it's been so long already.. but i'm terrified about my professors and the people on my course etc... :( i don't know what to do.

Well, Universities tend to be very progressive and liberal! All of the professors I’ve met were extremely liberal!

And if a professor treats you differently because you’re trans, you can probably sue for discrimination or bring it up with your University’s leadership.

Also, for those who are idiots and live inside an echo chamber of ‘Hey, JonTron is a white supremacist’, here’s his most recent unlisted video that clears a lot of things up that were misconstrued recently.

Everyone on this fucking website gets their pussies wet over anything these days. I love how if one person says ‘blacks can be racist towards whites’, the whole website crashes and flags start burning as if this is a lib-tard protest.

If any of you looked at the fucking facts these days, maybe you’d learn a thing or two about the real world. You’re all ignorant extreme liberals, and you just make this website look like a shit hole of abuse and racism.

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I wish I didn’t get guilt for character shitposting

it’s extremely liberating, like walking around the house with no pants on.

on beer and sitcom night:

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 i love this as the end-game for a young trainer n her rival…they get old and watch shit tv and grumble about the old days….also i love mauve in general

I’m glad u like my crapsack end for Pokeymon trainers. Of course, in this context, old is their early 20s (I’d say this story takes place maybe a year or two before Mauve’s “main” story). Being a Pokemon trainer is a youngin’s sport…

kwillow said:                                                                                                           i love the detail about the machamp threat display. im not scared of animals but as a pendatic loser i relate to pointing out shit like that                            

I KNOW, RIGHT? I notice shit like that all the time.

skittycatz said:                                                                                                                            Dude I love your Pokeymon worldbuilding… this is so good. The characterization for both of them is really strong and I love the details about the Pokemon actors (being played by a Ditto, the threat display). Also every thing about Orange you post only confirms that he is the exact kind of garbage character I have a soft spot for. I like how you write him + Mauve’s “friendship”, one high strung touchy baby person + someone who is so emotionally flat and Tired is such a fun character combination.  

Thanks… I really enjoy overthinking the Pokemon world and exploring the fucked up world deconstruction stuff. I still wanna actually -do- something with my interpretation some day.

I’m also glad you like Orange. I felt like this specific type of trash man was just MISSING from my roster…

Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating.
—  Simon Pegg
Those who speak of harmony and consensus should beware of what one might call the industrial chaplain view of reality. The idea, roughly speaking, is that there are greedy bosses on one side and belligerent workers on the other, while in the middle, as the very incarnation of reason, equity, and moderation, stands the decent, soft-spoken, liberal-minded chaplain who tries selflessly to bring the two warring parties together. But why should the middle always be the most sensible place to stand? Why do we tend to see ourselves as in the middle and other people as on the extremes? After all, one person’s moderation is another’s extremism. People don’t go around calling themselves a fanatic, any more than they go around calling themselves Pimply. Would one also seek to reconcile slaves and slave masters, or persuade native peoples to complain only moderately about those who are plotting their extermination? What is the middle ground between racism and anti-racism?
—  Terry Eagleton

i feel like l,iberals politics are always taking the feelings of cons;ervatives in consideration before doing anything so they never end up doing much or when they actually do something it’s after a very very long wait? and con,servatives never have this kind of problems, they just do their bad thing without asking for anyone’s approval and go and its?????????????? i feel like it might be because people are ok with conser.vative extremism but not leftis.t extremism? so like liber.als dnt do anything to distance themselves from leftist in a “look we ask for anyone’s opinion? we’re good’ way….. idk

Okay I am only going to say this once and then I’m done talking about this topic. Taylor Swift is not a social activist, and I am not claiming that she is. She is a song-writer, a musician, an entertainer, and a businesswoman. Sometimes, she speaks up on social topics which she finds that it is her place to contribute to them (for example feminism, lgbtq+, environmental conservation, etc.), and more often donates to various social organizations supporting numerous different social topics, even ones she doesn’t speak on (and before you bitch about any of this fact check yourself, all it takes is a few simple google searches). Taylor doesn’t speak up about many social movements that other celebrities do, and many other celebrities don’t speak up on some of the movements she speaks on. As someone who is extremely liberal and strongly believes in speaking up about injustice, I do understand when people get frustrated that she may not speak up about something that she could; however, I also understand that this is not her job, and she is under no obligation to speak up about anything at all. Taylor Swift has never been bigoted or disrespectful to any social movements whether or not she has specifically spoken up about them, so what I really do not understand is how people can claim that she is an evil person. She isn’t evil and she doesn’t discriminate, just because she doesn’t play social activist doesn’t mean that it’s okay for you to get your panties all twisted over it. Yes, sometimes her feminism seems short-minded, but even with that she has never actually done anything that would brand her as someone who is evil and discriminates through her feminism, people who claim that have quite frankly never fact checked and talk about that simply because it’s the trendy thing to do. Personally, I would absolutely love for Taylor to use her platform for more social movements, as I surely would in her position; I admire every celebrity (and every person in general) who not only speaks on important issues but also acts to protest for them, and yes part of me wishes she would do that more often. But again, this is her decision, and I will respect it as long as she stays respectful and open-minded (as she always has been). This culture of crucifying Taylor Swift for every single thing she says and does is absolutely childish and counterintuitive, because if she gets pissed on for both speaking and staying silent then you aren’t doing anything other than straight up bitching. If she was disrespectful, bigoted, or discriminatory, I would understand the hate; the fact though is that she is none of those things, and that entire storyline has been completely manufactured by this toxic culture of insensible hate. If any of you actually cared about “policing social movements” then Taylor wouldn’t be the only one getting so much unnecessary hate; she is held to an entirely different standard than anyone else, and that is done specifically so that she cannot win. If she talks about a movement, people bitch about how she “only speaks and doesn’t act”; if she acts on a movement people bitch about how she is “overshadowing the movement”; if she stays silent, people bitch about how she is “being discriminatory and fake”. No matter what she speaks or acts on, she is called self-serving because what, she doesn’t speak up on every movement out there? None of this hate is getting anybody anywhere, and if anyone is self-serving it’s all of you who create all of this toxic discourse simply because it entertains you. If you want Taylor Swift to become more of a social activist in the future then stop bitching when she doesn’t do something exactly the way you want her to; and if you don’t want her to, then you can just keep quiet because this is no longer any of your goddamn business. All of us are learning and growing with these social movements; none of us are perfect, so your expectation that she should be perfect but yet other celebrities don’t need to be is highly hypocritical. Taylor Swift isn’t perfect, so holding her to that standard in order to justify your hate of her is pathetic and childish; it’s about time you grow up and form your own political stances based off of actual politicians and social activists rather than celebrities.


I buzzed my hair just over a month ago, and tonight my sister (who just started cosmetology school) did a fade on it and put this design on the back. I’ve wanted to do this for years, and am soooo happy I did. Extremely liberating, and getting ready in the morning only takes like ten minutes. Which is cool. 😏

Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating.
—  Simon Pegg

From 1969 to 1997, certain Irish-Catholic groups, under the banner of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), began targeting British military, royalty, and eventually, even the broader public. Throughout the 70s, 80s and early 90s, many dozens of bombs were detonated by the IRA, typically in public places, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians (at times even Royalty: a grandson of Queen Victoria, Lord Mountbatten of Indian fame, was also assassinated by the IRA).

The goal of the IRA was clear. They wanted political freedom from the United Kingdom, and viewed their land, Ireland, as having been illegally invaded, occupied, and illegitimately ruled by the British. They had a long list of grievances regarding how the British routinely mistreated the Irish (dating back to the 17th century!!). The British paid no head to their complaints, until finally the IRA felt that they had no option but to fight back, hence they launched these paramilitary campaigns.

During this period of violence, the IRA was labelled as a ‘terrorist organization’ (which it clearly was). And their Catholic heritage as well played a role in their anti-British sentiment, since the British were Anglicans. Nonetheless, no one of intelligence viewed ALL Catholics as somehow being a part of the IRA. Even being 'Irish’ was not considered guilt by association (except of course by a handful of bigoted racists).

What is truly bizarre is that everyone knew that large segments of the Irish-Catholic population sympathized with the goals of the IRA, and shared the same grievances even while they disagreed with their tactics. In other words, the average person clearly understood that sympathizing with the grievances did not mean sympathizing with the terrorists’ tactics. Eventually, political leaders realized that no matter how repugnant the tactics of the IRA, the grievances that they had were legitimate and would have to be dealt with if peace was desired. And that is exactly when the ruling party in 1997 managed to bring an end to the Irish conflict: by acknowledging that there was legitimate anger, and that a solution would have to be proposed that dealt with those political problems.

Sadly, when it comes to brown skin colors, and the very different religion of Islam, all of that sensibility seams to be lost.

Being 'Muslim’ doesn’t translate into support for ISIS. Having political grievances (e.g,. false invasions; legalizing Islamophobia, etc.) and sympathizing with oppressed people (e.g., the Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghans, etc.) doesn’t translate into wanting to kill everyone else. Terrorism almost ALWAYS stems from political grievances, even if those who perpetrate them happen to follow another religion. And a genuine solution must take into account the causes for terrorism and then deal with those causes, even if all rational people oppose the irrational and inhumane tactics of the terrorists.

There are two segments of mankind who believe that 'the West’ is at war with 'Islam’: the Far Right, and ISIS. Each side wants to convince more and more people that that is the case. If we in the middle fall for that narrative instead of fighting the radicals on both sides, more and more violence will continue, and there will be no solution in sight.

Sallim, Allahumma sallim.

—  Sh. Yasir Qadhi

I noticed this quotation in the opening to one of the sections of the Pathfinder adventure module Fires of Creation. Androids in Pathfinder are such perfect works of artifice that they possess true souls, and go to the afterlife when they pass. As the following chapter elaborates:

Androids were originally designed with the capacity to be reset to a blank slate, erased of all memories and personality, should malfunction warrant such extreme measures. As android liberation took hold, forcing this reset became classified as murder. Yet to the surprise of their creators, with age and the inevitable failing of their systems weighing upon them, some androids proved able to bring on a reset of their own initiative and passed this knowledge to others of their kind. This process, now called renewal,
erases the android’s mind, releases its soul to travel to the Boneyard, and leaves its body a vacant shell. For 2 to 3 weeks, the android is inactive as nanites rebuild and restore its body to its original, youthful state. Ready to live again, the android awakens to a new life with a reborn soul and, occasionally, faint residual memories of its prior lives.

The “reborn” soul” is a wholly new individual with their own distinct identity. Note that nothing says that the outward appearance of the android changes beyond becoming youthful and refreshed. To me, this says that Kariand, the android quoted above, is likely a trans woman whose body had been home to several generations of male souls in the past. What do other folks think? rambleonamazon, amazonchique, wesschneider, any thoughts on this or something i missed?

i am actually kind of. lowkey disappointed we won’t get a roman demigods series w/ jason as the protag. i mean: thank god no more horrible mischaracterization/forced love triangles will touch my son now, but. at the same time. i want a backstory :( i wanna know how he and reyna became bros. i want to see him pissing off the senate with his not-so-roman ideas and extremely liberal attitude. I WANT TO SEE THE FIGHT AGAINST KRIOS 8(

Intelligent Americans who are shocked and surprised at the rise of Donald Trump, a fascist demagogue who appeals to the basest instincts in fundamentalists and fanatics, should now be able to understand the rise of radical religious terrorist movements in the Middle East as well.

If, in light of the paranoia and fear in America, someone like Trump is gaining popularity, imagine a land a million times worse, plagued with civil war and mass migrations and continual genocide and carpet bombs and drones. Is it surprising that radical, messianic, violent groups will arise and even gain a modicum of popularity?

Stop blaming the religion; blame the political situation that caused such sentiments to go mainstream.

The irony is that Trump needs radical terrorism to get elected, and radical terrorists need Trump to gain more recruits. They each feed off of one another and benefit from one another, while the vast majority of people in the middle, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, continue to suffer at the effects of bigots and xenophobes on both sides.

—  Yasir Qadhi

This shot was so beautiful.

The thing about Angelique’s death is that I feel within the context of Penny Dreadful as a stand alone product it makes sense and is appropriate, but in the context of our culture and all the other TV out there killing a transgender sex worker *yet again* is problematic.

Dorian had to do something a modern audience considered morally wrong, lest he just be a really really attractive bisexual with extremely liberal attitudes to sex. If he was going to be Wilde’s villain he had to be villainous in a way a modern audience would find repulsive. And the story with a Angelique shows him not just as a murderer, but a master manipulator and a selfish nightmare. He says all the right things to her. Reassures her about his affections, supports her gender identity and defends her publicly. And it’s all a game to him. We see flashes of it when he’s so cavalier about presenting her publicly - he has such social capital he’s safe from blow back (not to mention he’s basically invulnerable and immortal), but this is an era where Oscar Wilde was sentenced to hard labour for being gay - Angelique is extremely vulnerable to blow back. And of course to murder her, because she knows his secret, even after she says she can love him, cuts to the bone. It makes him deeply creepy, a coward as well as a murderer, profoundly sinister. It makes him Dorian Grey, finally.

But on the other hand perhaps stories about dead trans women and dead sex workers need to be put on the shelf for a while? Maybe it might be nice to give trans women some characters to identify with who don’t end up as corpses to highlight some man’s villainy? Ugh, Penny Dreadful I get it, but did it have to be Angelique you killed? Couldn’t we have a clever, witty, beautiful trans woman who *lived*?