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iiaat to not really care about your own personal body space? like as long as someone isnt a complete stranger and is friendly i dont care if they touch me or lay on me or anything really. i like being touched actually and wont move away usually if a stranger touches me by accident on the train or something. i dont know if this iaat or what

Just like autistic people might be touch averse, some of us very much enjoy and encourage touch. Autism is quite often about extremes, such as hypo/hypersensitivies. If someone is averse to something, you can bet that another autistic person out there is probably very much encouraging that same something.

After all, like we like to say, if you’ve met one autistic person, you’ve met one autistic person.

- palp

Orange Ghost is not a ball python morph.

I know, I just unleashed an absurd amount of confusion upon you, but bear with me here because we are going to explore another one of Heather’s Pet Peeves.

Orange Ghost is not a ball python morph. Orange Ghost is actually a LINE of a morph called “hypomelanistic” aka hypo for short.
Hypomelanism is a reduction or absence of melanin- the pigmentation responsible for brown and black coloration. Hypo ball pythons often look very misty and light colored.

Here is an image of a normal ball python next to a hypo morph.

It’s important to know that orange ghost is not the morph itself because there are many lines of hypo. Generally speaking, lines should not be mixed and it’s good practice to only breed animals that have the same line. On the other side of things, not all of these these lines are compatible. By calling every hypo “orange ghost” you are neglecting the possibility that these animals may not derive from the same line and they also may not be able to breed. It’s kind of like saying all axanthics are Markus Jayne, which is silly and untrue.

“But I thought hypo and ghost were the same thing?”
Well, you’re not wrong. “Ghost” is a made up blanket statement that incorporates all hypomelanistic ball pythons and is a basis for much confusion. This means orange ghost, butterscotch, Bell-line, yellow ghost, green ghost, true ghost (which is actually axanthic hypo), extreme hypo, G1, etc can all be called “ghost.”

So, if you are identifying a morph, it is wrong to say it is an orange ghost. The appropriate and correct term is “hypo” as without breeding trials it is impossible to determine just which line of hypo the ball python is.

Sorry this is so random and kind of unimportant, but so many people automatically go to orange ghost when they see a hypo animal and it may not be orange ghost at all. Fight inaccuracies, y'all.