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“Autistic brain as the extreme Homo sapiens brain” hypothesis by me, an autistic biology undergrad
(oh boy will this get long and controversial)

To help you understand this hypothesis, first let me break down some evolutionary concepts. Let’s talk about speciation.

New species appears when two things happen: there is a new trait that gives a population better chances of passing on their genes through procreation in a certain environment (apomorphy: a new, derived trait), and there is reproductive isolation from individuals without that trait. New traits appear through random mutations and most of them are harmful. Useful traits get more and more common with every generation until a population separates and can no longer create fertile offspring with those most closely related to them. Wham, speciation.

This is hard to understand if you aren’t into biology so example. There’s a fish which has more muscle in its fins than all other fishes. That trait is new, it’s extreme and rare. However it allows the fish to move better in shallow water, where it has less competition and more food. It produces a lot of offspring, some of which has the same trait. They continue to live in shallow water and they meet other fish that also live in shallow water. Repeat that many many times and you get a new species of Sarcopterigii (muscle fins! technically that’s us). Apomorohy: more muscle in fins; new environment: shallow water; reproductive isolation: geographical.

Now back to humans. Apomorphies of the genus Homo were things like bipedal locomotion, use of tools, language, and so on, and our new territory was the savanna (as opposed to forests). However we still aren’t a sure what defines our species, Homo sapiens, and where to draw the line between hominids and us. My anthropology professor always laughs when talking about Homo species like habilis or erectus because he doesn’t know whether he should call them “males and females” or “men and women”. We just don’t know what is our defining trait(s).

But we do know that there was something about sapiens that allowed us to outlive all other Homo species, including Neanderthals and Denisovans, and it is obvious that we have a difference. Well I am here to present a thrilling new hypothesis: we will realize what that trait is if we study autistic people, because the autistic brain is the extreme Homo sapiens brain. Just like the fins of fish continued to develop to help it navigate land, human brain continued to develop to adapt to our lifestyle, and that adaptation is autism.

Looking at some common autism traits we notice that a lot of them are neurotypical behaviors taken to extreme. Stimming is extreme fidgeting, special interests are extreme hobbies/interests, routines are extreme schedules/planning habits, sensory processing disorder is extreme sensory perception. Hence the intense world hypothesis.

Looking further, we notice that there are other characteristically human traits that autism takes to extreme: like noticing patterns, memory and imagination. Even further, if we look at developing baby brains, we see that if a child’s prefrontal cortex is growing faster and is bigger than typical, that child is more likely to be later diagnosed as autistic. And prefrontal cortex is the most characteristically human part of our brain!

So what I see is that a lot of autistic traits are Homo sapiens traits taken to the next level, and it might come from increased prefrontal cortex growth as well as more local connections between neurons. So arguably a lot of things that were Homo sapiens apomorphies just went further to better suit our new society with all the tool making, hunting, gathering, agriculture, art, science and religion.

Now I hear you saying “but Mattie, humans are very social and autism is a social disability!”. Well yeah, you’re right: social interaction problems are major autism criteria. However I’d like to talk about why that is the case. Autistics struggle with social protocol, which is supposedly a set of unspoken rules of existing in human society that relies on ability to read certain cues like facial expressions, body language, tone of voice and so on. And yes the majority of autistics suck at that.

But you know what? So do allistics! I know it sounds counterintuitive but social protocol is shit. It is constantly changing, imprecise, highly dependent on time and culture and impossible to define. It’s just sloppy. Allistics think they are masters of reading social cues but in reality they are making a ton of guesses. Research shows that cognitive empathy (subconscious guesses based on all that body language and stuff) is worse than conscious analyses, meaning that I, an autistic person who has to use conscious analyses to understand others, is technically better at it than an allistic person who uses cognitive empathy.

Allistics get away with this because they are the majority. When everyone’s bad at something together, there’s no way of telling you’re bad at it. They are flexible and go with the flow and they don’t see how illogical and sloppy social protocol is. But still, miscommunication is the most common comedy trope and there’s always so much misunderstanding in society, which means it is not perfect.

Autistics however seek structure, predictability and order. Sloppy and illogical isn’t good enough for us. Our brains just can’t find patterns in that mess of social cues. So if we were the majority, we would not get away with hints and subsequent miscommunication. I think we would develop a much more structured and well-defined social protocol which would leave much less room for misinterpretation and ensure better communication. Maybe we would have a system of gestures and hand signs to communicate different things, maybe we would use technology, maybe our language would change to accommodate it. Either way, if we were the majority, there would be no social disability.

Now you may ask, well if autistics are extreme humans, why haven’t we replaced allistics as a phenotype more suited for life in our environment? Well, civilization happened and natural selection went to hell. Now we don’t change to fit the environment, we change the environment to fit us. And because the autistic neurotype was still that extreme, rare, “weird fish with muscly fins” population, we got screwed over. Allistics - the majority - built a world which was great for them and incredibly bad for us. It became especially prominent from the rise of industrial revolution, and even more prominent in the last hundred years, which is when it was described for the first time and is now diagnosed in like 1-2% of the population.

I don’t think autism has a chance to become more common now, because due to ableism and other reasons we are less likely to procreate. Autistics aren’t gonna create a new species either because we have no reproductive isolation now. The only thing we can do is to change the environment through education and accommodation to make it better for us, and maybe autism will stop being a disability some day.

However I think it is important to study autism, and not with a purpose of preventing us from being born, but because it may reveal the truth about the nature of humanity and show us what might have happened to our species if it wasn’t for civilization. In my opinion it is just fascinating and it might finally prove why we need accommodation for autism and how to do it the best. Until then, these are just random thoughts of a nerd obsessed with biology.

If you have any thoughts about this, please let me know.

[Femslash February]: Snow

im actually a piece of garbage i should not be trying to do this

if you take a peek at how the prompts are split up, there’s one box of color per week. so this is begging for one pairing per week. gonna have Chlonette be my blue box :) so for the next seven days i’ll fulfill the prompts with the two of them before switching to a new pairing!

oh. do not support this. i have homework to do. seriously. stop me. i’m actually 75% serious. 

Day 1: Snow (Chlonette)

Words: 1473

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

[Next: Asleep]

“Oh, dammit!”

Marinette called out from the kitchen with her mouth full. “What?”

Chloe was standing in front of the apartment windows with her hands on her hips. “Are you seeing what’s outside right now?”

“The sky, hopefully.”

No! I mean what’s in the sky! Come, this is an emergency!”

She rolled her eyes, left her empty breakfast plate on the kitchen table, and looped around the corner, jokingly mirroring Chloe’s position in front of the window. “What’s the emergency?”

Chloe scoffed and turned to Marinette. “Are you serious right now? You see this, don’t you?”

“Yes, I see it, what’s your point?”

“What the hell!? That’s my point!

Marinette’s eyes widened and she laid a gentle hand on Chloe’s shoulder. “Oh my gosh, wait. I’m being so insensitive. Sometimes I forget that you’re so sheltered you’ve never seen snow before. This must be a shock for you.”

Chloe shrugged Marinette’s hand off with a glare while Marinette threw her head back and cackled. “Oh, shut up! That’s not what I meant!”

“Darling, it’s winter time. It’s cold out. It snows. These are all very normal things.”

“We were supposed to get our hair done today,” Chloe muttered. “I wanted to take you to that Indian restaurant I found the other day, too. We haven’t gone out in forever.”

Their apartment windows were completely whited out from all the snow that was falling. It was hard to see many of the buildings that were right next to theirs. It was more snow than they’d ever gotten in a while, and she was sure it wasn’t going to let up until later this evening. She wrinkled her nose. “Yeah, I don’t think this is weather to be going anywhere in.”

“You’d think it’d have the decency to warn us in advance when this sort of thing is going to happen.”

Marinette smirked. “It being the weather?”


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How to Treat Swim Bladder Problems

Is your pet fish swimming oddly these days?

When you have a sick betta fish on your hands, it is never a good feeling, and especially since few people readily know how to diagnose or treat fish illnesses. 

I have experienced swim bladder problems myself with bettas and have done treatment and plenty of research on the topic. So, to help you out if your fish is swimming oddly, the following is what you need to know about swim bladder problems and possible treatments:

(Thank you, betta-adventures, for providing pictures of the female betta used in this article.)

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♦ with jackie :)

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

She loves taking pictures.

It’s something she probably picked from Mrs. Forman since she asked her in various ocasions to take pictures for her during parties and other gatherings. Otherwise, she doesn’t know from where since, in fact, there aren’t many pictures of her when she was a kid, only from big parties and events at school.

Jackie makes albums and scapbooks with her pictures, she displays her favorites on her living room and takes some to her dressing room at the channel she works in, she also puts some on Steven’s office at Grooves.

Soon Hyde starts getting her supplies for her camera(s) with the groceries of the house. He doesn’t mind being part of her sometimes extreme hobby as long as she is happy and loving all these new memories she never had when she was a kid.

cce self insert bio finally

okay so yeah i’m. done. with this shit now. more or less. (i  W I L L keep adding to the backstory part when i’ve finished it completely but my laptop fucking died a while back and deleted the whole thing so i haven’t been very motivated to rewrite it since then uhhh). anyway this is 100% a self insert just so y’all know. pls don’t bully mliz

the whole bio is under the cut!! it ended up. longer than expected lmao

milliz, my self insert for bully/canis canem edit

featuring art by the lovely @bubble-trumpets !!

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So hiya, yeah I’ve been inactive again for a while ^ ^; But reasons! Last weekend, I went to visit my lovely friend @reallyquantum, pictured with me in the last photo. It’d been a while since I visited anyone so it was a real treat, we had a really girly weekend shopping at malls, went to SPX, saw Ghostbusters again, her mom was amazing, and also the highlight: my first Renaissance Fest!

I threw together an outfit from stuff I had at home and rushed to make myself a matching elf crown and necklace thingy (I made reallyquantum’s back in college) which turned out a bit fancier than expected >.>; I got a lot of compliments which made me really happy, since I haven’t worn anything cool to a con-like event in a really long time ^ ^ The back, not pictured, is the fanciest part so I’ll try to post pictures of that later.

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What is chuuni

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Chuunibyou (chuuni) mentality stems from the admiration of popular people or culture that the person desires, which causes the person to take on particular traits from them (fashion, physical traits, personality, etc.). In the case of chuunibyou, the person may derive one’s traits from video game, manga or anime characters.

For a lack of better words someone who is extremely passionate about their hobbies to the point where they don’t hide it or feel embarrassed. 

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Hi, could you explain why you think Daenerys is not a feminist? (Im kind of used to everyone admiring her, so when you said "only people who hate feminism think daenerys is a feminist" I was really surprised? I mean, I understand that she has plenty of flaws, but I didn't think it was that bad?)

Thanks for the question! I’m afraid it took me more words than I initially expected to give an answer though, apologies in advance. 

It’s funny you’re asking because I amused myself with this specific article today, and I think it’s very good in explaining exactly what I mean, when I say only people who do not understand feminism, or hate feminism, think Daenerys is a feminist.

This article is a good example of the first, I think. The writer is saying Dany is one of the best feminists to have ever decorated our tv screen… okay? Aside from the fact that this insults soooo many amazing and inspiring women, it’s mostly just plain bullshit. It’s save to sat the person only saw the show, but even in that case (though I agree the tv version of Dany is white-washed brat), there is literally no sense in it.

They give her character traits to prove their point. Let’s have a look;

1. Strength. They point out that when you ‘lay a hand on Daenerys you will undoubtedly lose it’, they make it seem like Dany is strong because she doesn’t let men push her around. They say her strength commands respect.
Yes, yes, yes… heard this before. It makes me wonder, is it her own strength that commands respect?
It’s not. It’s her dragons. Daenerys owes everything she has, including her life, to her three dragons. If Viserys had ended up accidentally hatching dragons, people would be following him, and the dragons had ‘commanded respect’ for him. Add to that the simple and plain fact that Daenerys has male advisors only who all desperately try to clean up the mess she makes. Dany is still alive, not because she was smart, capable and clever but because of the men in her life.

2. Understanding. They say Daenerys finds her place in the Dothraki because she’s so ‘understanding’. …. *cries* That is why she refuses to join the Dosh Khaleen when Drogo dies and gets real pissed at his blood riders when they leave the moment her 'beloved’ husband dies, because she’s so respectful of Dothraki culture. Now, I won’t deny she adopted well to her surroundings in the first book, before Drogo dies, but ever since… there’s little adapting on Dany’s part. In fact, the moment she takes Mereen, she complains about them eating dogs, about their clothes, about their hobbies… she’s extremely un-adapting. This article also happens to claim that ’she ultimately believes that we are all equal’ and that’s even funnier. Daenerys adopted her brother’s ubermensch mentality that most Targaryens were blessed with… she does not consider anyone her equal, promise.

3. Tenacity. Here they say she’s so inspiring because she’s fearless. Remember when Ned said only men who fear can be brave? I would be fearless too, with three goddamn dragons. Smart people are afraid, you know. Daenerys is an idiot.

4. Inspiration. This one is the worst. “While any man can lead an army with fear and violence, she instead commands admiration, trust and loyalty.” *cries again*… yes, I’ll remind you of her dragons, again… she doesn’t inspire anyone but Jorah Mormont who wants to do her.   When Dany arrives in Westeros, do you think anyone will dare refuse her? They can’t. Look at her army! No one follows Daenerys because they believe in her (except Mormont, yes), they either owe her because she freed them and now they have nowhere else to go, or it’s because they want to revenge their enemies and plan to use her and at the end, again, it’s just all because of the dragons.

5. Self Belief. “As she says to her legions of loyal followers: “I am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, of the blood of Old Valyeria. I am the dragon’s daughter, and I swear to you that those who would harm you will die screaming.” How can we not love this woman?“
I don’t understand why people always love to repeat this specific line again and again and again. To remind you all… most people Daenerys says this to, have tragically died by now.
In any case… someone is promising others that she’ll make their enemies scream when she’ll kill them. Yay feminism? How can I possibly not love this woman indeed? *cries some more*

Let’s look at these reasons and conclude that… aside from them being bullshit, feminism also just happens to not be about self-believe, inspiration, tenacity, understanding and strength. Feminism is not about GIRLLLPOWERr!@(#!!.

Feminism is, literally, the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

When has Daenerys ever done anything ever to better the lives of women? When has she ever attempted to fight for equality? When has she ever openly spoken out about the rights of women

Never. Because all Daenerys cares about is her own ass on the Iron Throne. Remember when everyone was saying that Hilary Clinton becoming president wouldn’t do anything for feminism overall? Daenerys on the throne would simply not be a wow-feminism moment either. She is just another conqueror and yes, I do believe that had she been an ugly man, no one would have liked her all that much. Remember Stannis? Stannis believed the throne belonged to him too, Stannis burned people alive as well, Stannis considered himself a savior prince too… Proves my point, I hope. 

Daenerys may understand that men will underestimate her because she’s a woman (hence the ‘Woman? Is that meant to insult me?’ quote) and even uses this to her advantage, but that all becomes so much less impressive when you realize she herself underestimates women too. She mocks Cersei, for example, when she hears Joffrey died and king Tommen is now ruled by his queen-regent mother again. Now, Cersei is not the epitome of great leadership, but we’ve all seen what she’s capable of. And Cersei… doesn’t have/need dragons. Cersei suffers and Cersei fights, Cersei schemes and plots and plays the game. Cersei has some… impressive quotes that actually do indicate that she hates male privilege, unlike… Daenerys. 

Daenerys is on her way (in the show) right now, with a huge Dothraki army. What do the Dothraki do? They rape. Who are the greatest victims of rape? Women.

What kind of feminism icon brings a raping army with her to conquer land that doesn’t want to be conquered?

Just because Daenerys fights for what she wants and happens to have a pussy, doesn’t mean she’s the embodiment of feminism. It’s not cool feminism that Daenerys demands respect, because she simply has not done anything to demand respect. It’s not feminism that Daenerys goes after what she wants, cause what she wants is wrong.

Look at this conversation in the books between Dany and Xaro Xan Doxos, after she conquered Mereen:

Daenerys: Meereen is a free city of free men.

Xaro Xhoan Daxos: A poor city that once was rich. A hungry city that once was fat. A bloody city that once was peaceful.

-Daenerys III A Dance With Dragons

Later Xaro dear also says this:

Xaro Xhoan Daxos: You will not make Meereen rich and fat and peaceful. You will only bring it to destruction, as you did Astapor.

Daenerys III A Dance With Dragons

What I am trying to say is… Xaro Xhoan Daxos is right. Daenerys is not a badass power queen who fights to save the poor, who liberates slaves and goes after what’s ‘hers’. Dany allows the freed slaves to sell themselves back into slavery and keeps part of the money (according to the Human Rights charter and the European Court of Humans Rights, that simply makes her guilty of slavery, yes). She destroys complete civilizations. When prince Quintyn sails past Astapor he says he has never seen such a horrible place. And that’s Dany’s fault. Did she please the women of Mereen and Astapor with her behavior and actions? Do you think she helped their position in society? NO. In fact, when societies suffer, when it’s a time of war, when the men are off fighting, it’s the women who suffer the most. Everyone who has little knowledge of war and war crimes knows this.

She is going to possibly do the same to Westeros… and why? Because she wants to help people? Because she is going to make their lives better? Because she’ll do justice? Because she’s a feminist? Because she’ll liberate them from oppressors and evil?

The smallfolk of Westeros don’t care who sits the Iron Throne. They don’t make secret dragon banners, all they care about is summer and rain. And Daenerys knows this. 

Dany wants Westeros because she took on Viserys’ lifelong dream the moment she allowed her husband to throw molten gold over her brother’s head. She wants Westeros, because in her messed up mind, she was born to rule.
Daenerys doesn’t see power for the heavy duty it is, she finds herself entitled and supreme. Someone like that is not an example to me, and she’s definitely not a feminist.

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I'm an INFJ, and I'm super worried about my future. I'm in my senior year of high school, and it seems like everyone else has it all figured out. I'm lost. I'm torn between all the possibilities that my life could have, and I just don't know what to do. Honestly I'm even doubting if I'm an INFJ. I just don't know who I am, and I feel like I'm running out of time. Do you have any advice for me?

The expectation society has that we’re supposed to have everything figured out by your senior year is utter lunacy. Even my grandfather, who seems to have life figured out, has told me quite pointedly that even he has no idea what he wants to do with his life.

I’ve got no idea what I want to do with my life either. It may seem as if I’ve got it figured out, but, in reality, I’m just winging everything. My main advice would be to find a hobby of some kind; everyone needs a hobby. They’re extremely helpful when you’re stressed; doing something you enjoy is a great stress-reliever. My personal hobby is cycling. Find something you enjoy doing and do it for a hobby.

Your future holds all manner of amazing things, my friend. They will come. :)

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Re: "also might go a ways towards explaining why Cait spent so much time in London" In a video Sam said he really wants to ride a dragon, Cait said I will wait at the wall for you with my sword. I took that to mean the wall was London while he filmed.

Could well be that, and it might also be describing the way that they deal with his need to participate in more extreme hobbies, like mountain climbing: She holds down the home fires and plays tennis etc. on the weekends he is off doing his extreme things. But even when she can’t be with him she wants it known that has still got his back- whilst he’s off doing dangerous things like riding dragons, running marathons, or climbing mountains she’s watching, and waiting, and standing with her sword ready to do battle for them both, on that wall

Curating a View of Your Female Friends that Precludes Them From Being More than 2-Dimensional Objects

Oh, So You Like Women? Name 5 of Their Interests

Men having female friends isn’t a sign of a pro-woman progressive attitude. Men having female friends and knowing about their interests, personalities, beliefs, etc. is a sign. 

Women who are into gaming routinely encounter men who say something like “I wish there were more girls interested in gaming!”, “Gotta find me a girl who likes video games!”, “Maybe I’m just unlucky, but I don’t know any girls who share my passion for gaming!”

When these sorts of comments come up online, or at events, I am never left wanting the female response to it. This response is never absent. There are droves of women who will come forward to say “Plenty of my girlfriends like gaming” or “We’re not really as rare as you think”. Sometimes I am part of that response, and sometimes I just sit back and watch other women say what I am thinking.

If they’ve ever met a woman, or if they have even the smallest number of female friends, chances are they do in fact know a woman who enjoys video games. They just haven’t bothered to ask her anything about it. She may have even mentioned it on multiple occasions only for it to slip their male friends’ minds. Because unless you are extremely zealous about your hobbies to the point of practically walking out of the house dressed like an NES cartridge, you’re not making it “obvious” enough for men hunting down that rare, pedestal-worthy “gamer girl”. This is a level of zealotry for a hobby that men do not have to express in order to be considered someone who enjoys video games.

Men don’t have to be nerd stereotypes for people to know what they like, or to take their interests at face value and not doubt the “validity” of that interest.

I find that a lot of guys who brag about having “tons of female friends” - wow so feminist - don’t know much about the hobbies or interests of their female friends, or subconsciously curate a view of their female friends that fits their narrative of “I’ve literally never met a female gamer in my life!” Male friends of mine in the past have seemed to know more about me if it fits a stereotypical view of “female interests” and less about me if it doesn’t. An example: after I went to an alpha event for the game Bloodborne, I practically told everyone I knew how much fun I had. When I tell people about my “college experience”, I usually just mention the nights I spent playing Dark Souls and Demon Souls in my underwear. I have literally never shut up about how the release of DS2 made me feel. Despite this, the same people have continuously acted surprised if I mention that I happen to like the Souls series (or have for like, more than half a decade).

Men I’ve met only because I borrowed a copy of Call of Duty from them. Men I’ve gotten to become friends with only because I invited them to my game of Dungeons and Dragons. Men I’ve met because I stream video games online.

I am not the kind of person who likes to make a big fuss and I don’t get visibly excited often. I enjoy what I enjoy casually, slowly, with a quiet sense of vigour and resolve. I do not wear my interests on my sleeve like others might. I guess I just dress like a person instead of a walking Zelda advertisement (no offense to those who wear their interests loud and proud). But I’m not quiet about it, I don’t lie about what I like. I don’t misdirect people in attempts to keep them from the sordid secret of *gasp* liking a bunch o’ nerd shit.

I encourage women with self-professed progressive male friends to take note of what they forget that you like and what they don’t forget you like. And if you really REALLY enjoy gaming, take note of when your male friends say they don’t know any female gamers, because they are confessing they either don’t see you as a “gamer” - you don’t fit their curated image - or just never bothered to learn anything about their “friends”. People who actually see women as their equals view them as subjects, with autonomy and personal interests.

I trust people who can say nice, encouraging things about their friends and what their friends like. I admire when a man can speak candidly about the lives and interests of his female friends. It is important I know that my friends see me as a person and not a thing.

Edited and posted these thoughts on Medium. Share the article if you liked it!


Touhou 08   (Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect)

—English fanlyrics—


Caught by the light…  Deep in the night.

Squinting at a speck along a captivating flight.

What’s catching who?  Think, and it’s you!

Squirming in the trap of their sight.


Gone with the sun…  That day is done.

Take the present moment like there’s nothing more to lose.

What’s going on?  Blink, and it’s gone!

Why remember what you can’t use?


Your moon is big…  Your moon is bright.

Fill their field of vision with a single frame of light.

They say it’s small,  dull after all.

Say it like it’s true and it might. be.


This light I hold…  Glimmering gold.

Watch and see the watts that we’ll be multiplying soon.

Let’s make it rise!  shine in their eyes!

Stirring up a true autumn moon.

What each of my friends' types are underrated for: extraverts edition
  • <p> ENFJ: scary strong drive. When she wants to accomplish something, consider it accomplished. </p>
  • <p> ENFP: emotionally robust. This girl has suffered abuse of every kind, lives in a truly awful environment and still manages to lift her head high and laugh at life. I am in awe. </p>
  • <p> ENTJ: totally killer skills at that farm game on Facebook. Also killer skills on an actual farm. </p>
  • <p> ENTP: I know a few and they have a burning love of teaching. And not tearing kids apart, really building them up and explaining things in plain English</p>
  • <p> ESFJ: has her life together. Like, holy shit this girl is barely fifteen and she has a stable job, great grades, tons of quality friends and interesting hobbies. </p>
  • <p> ESFP: extremely generous. She takes every opportunity to help people in need, whether it’s buying a meal or talking through problems. </p>
  • <p> ESTJ: the ultimate authority with kids. She has pumped out five amazing children and is the only person that can keep other peoples’ kids in line sometimes. </p>
  • <p> ESTP: really likeable. It doesn’t matter how brash or stupid he acts, everybody still just enjoys him as a person. </p>

Scorpio on the 1st house cusp

Very intimidating

Has a powerful vibe

Very intense eyes, usually the first things people notice about you

Attracts people very easily

Intense demeanor

Dark and sharp features

Quite sexy

Very scary when angry

Seems like someone you don’t wanna mess with

Scorpio on the 2nd house cusp

Very serious when it comes to money

Finances tend to be all or nothing

Values eroticism

Very comfortable in their sexuality

Possessive over things that belong to them

High chance of being either wealthy or very poor

Can make money off of investigative jobs or jobs that involve research

Scorpio on the 3rd house cusp

Very intense way of communicating

Sexy voice

People are intrigued by everything you say

You may not speak often but when you do, it’s quite profound

Has a very dark mind

May like to read erotic novels

Likes mystery books

Likely to have an intense relationship with siblings, usually love or hate

As an adolescent you were quite mysterious

You focused very intensely on school and wither made good grades or put in little to no effort

Scorpio on the 4th house cusp

Intense upbringing

Power struggles with parents

Usually in a position of power at home

May be the black sheep of the family

Likes dark interiors

May have very profound home decorations

Obsessive and intense at the core of ones being

Usually has many secrets and may not lie to discuss the early home life

You may either hate your family or love them entirely

Very intense way of living that may unnerve some people

Scorpio on the 5th house cusp

Very controlling in dating life

Very passionate about your children

Very possessive and protective of children

Love extreme sports

Likes hobbies that involve intensity

Loves to express sexuality

May have secret love affairs

Artistic creations are very profound

May be involved in many secret clubs

Scorpio on the 6th house cusp

Very intense and vigorous diet

Very passionately involved with work

Natural healer

Obsessive daily habits may have OCD

Passionate about routine, cooking, domestic chores

Intensity is apart of the daily routine

Usually a powerful force in the workplace

Might be prone to STD’s

Transformation becomes part of routine

Scorpio on the 7th house cusp

Intense relationships

Secret partnerships and alliances

Attracting powerful, sexy, intense and passionate people but may also attract toxic people

Likes to keep relationships private

Could marry someone involved in the occult

Spouse is very likely going to be very intense and magnetic and could be powerful

May marry someone who is a powerful figure in society

Scorpio on the 8th house cusp

Likes to have sex that brings you to the brink of death

May be into BDSM

Intense interest in the occult

Could be jealous of other people’s finances or sex life

Had a definite dark side

Constant transformations

Dark secrets

Views sex as a life or death matter

May have a scandalous sex life

Emotional involvement in sexual activities

Scorpio on the 9th house cusp

Dangers of death during travel

Passionate about religion and culture

Having a philosophy centered around healing and transformation

Very intense relationship with God or the divine

Likes to explore sexuality

Sex guides

Could be powerful publishers or journalists

A deep understanding of the world and how it works

"Let it go" but what to let go?

When you’re in a separation with your Twin Flame, you’ll often find this advice (which keeps repeating on many websites) - ‘let go’. But what does it mean? Should you give up on your TF? Never! (unless you’re trying to force someone to be your TF while they are not, things are easy to detect for both). If he or she is your real Twin Flame however, you will never 'get rid’ or 'let go’ of them, because the bond you share which connects your minds and hearts is unbreakable.

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Why is it about 95% of BJD collectors I have seen are overweight? I have seen anywhere from average weights to the extreme of where they are having trouble getting up off the floor. Yes, I have seen skinny folks as well, but never to extremes.  I’m just wondering why a lot are overweight in the hobby? American or not. I’m not hating on either side, just wondering why I see more extreme “lifestyles” in this hobby.  I’m no body god either btw.  I’m overweight as well just not to a extreme.             


reincarnation au where levi misses the feel of moving through the air on maneuver gear and takes up a bunch of extreme sports as hobbies to try to recreate the feeling, and one day when he’s trying a new sport out, the instructor introduces himself and then they both stare at each other because it’s eren and he’s been doing the same thing, only eren stuck with the first sport he tried and just became really good at it, while levi had been trying loads of different ones because nothing felt quite right to him, but neither of them had expected to ever actually find anyone else from back then in this life