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Check out the landscape of Kyrgyzstan as these two adventurers fly over and hike through it. I believe these mountains are the western foothills of the Tian Shan range.


My hike ends at 4800m on a small peak just below the yellow crown of Tunupa. The terrain, the strong sun and absolutely dry air, such as the altitude make every step a pain! among the most exhausting walks up a mountain I’ve ever done! the small rock pyramid is all I leave, on the way down there are many rewarding views on the salar and the water-forged landscapes of the altiplano. What a day!

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11.3 miles today! There’s a part of the trail at the very end called Bad Fork and it’s two miles of “extremely difficult” hiking. The first time I hiked this I had a panic attack and couldn’t breathe. I was 50lbs heavier and wasn’t taking any meds yet so once I couldn’t catch my breath I freaked out. I had to stop every five steps because it’s so steep and exhausting. This time I only stopped about four times to catch my breath but was nowhere near as bad as the first time. I’m very proud of myself. I’ll be going on this trail a lot more because it’s close by and good practice. I kicked ass today 😊

I’ll post more pictures when I have time, right now I just want to eat dinner and take a shower.


This summer, we decided to take some time off and head down to P u e r t o  R i c o. There are lots of exciting things to do [there]. Our first stop was El Yunque, Puerto Rico’s national rainforest. It was an extremely day. We hiked through the rails, jumped in waterfalls, and even did some rope swinging! At the rope swing, there are these cool clay/chalk-like rocks that you can use to draw cool things on your face! You just scratch the tiny rocks on boulders and BAM! - color explosion! […]

One of my favorite things we did this trip was visit the Bioluminscent Bay in Fajardo. It’s a place that contains these half-plant, half-animal organisms that live in the bay and produce light, kind of like a firefly. It’s almost impossible to describe how amazing it was. It’s something you have to personally witness to understand the true beauty of the place. […] It was one of the coolest moments ever. […]

All around, I’d say we had a pretty freakin’ good trip to Puerto Rico. =D