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A 12 minute, award winning video of a trip through New Zealand’s South Island. Original video caption:

3 adventurers, a film-maker and a photographer set off on a 6 day, 300km unsupported journey. By combining new bike-packing and pack-rafting technology, they link together white-water rivers and backcountry tracks through some of NZ’s underappreciated wilderness areas. To add to the drama, only months before a massive earthquake changes their plans and reveals opportunities to explore new landscapes.
The Waiau-toa Odyssey was awarded the Hiddleston/MacQueen Award for the Best NZ Made Film for the 2017 New Zealand Mountain Film Festival!


Short segment of Castle Canyon Trail in Mt. Hood National Forest. 


Check out the landscape of Kyrgyzstan as these two adventurers fly over and hike through it. I believe these mountains are the western foothills of the Tian Shan range.


My hike ends at 4800m on a small peak just below the yellow crown of Tunupa. The terrain, the strong sun and absolutely dry air, such as the altitude make every step a pain! among the most exhausting walks up a mountain I’ve ever done! the small rock pyramid is all I leave, on the way down there are many rewarding views on the salar and the water-forged landscapes of the altiplano. What a day!

Nice To Meet You

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Jihyo x Reader, Hogwarts!AU, ft. a whole variety of idols

First Meeting

Word Count: 1712

Written by Admin LJ

(Author’s Note: this didn’t turn out the way I had hoped (i think it’s a little messy) but I hope you guys like it! I just had to throw in some of my favorite idols for this fic (even though Daehwi and Daniel haven’t debuted yet- I’m so excited for Wanna One!) Enjoy!)

Winter was undeniably the best season to experience at Hogwarts. There wasn’t a single person alive who could deny it- I mean, who would? With the snow falling from the ceiling in the Great Hall, and the festive decorations dotting the castle halls, brightening up the normally dull, gray stone corridors, and the snowy Quidditch games that everyone went to support despite the freezing temperatures, winter was certainly never boring for the students (and the staff, too.).

And, of course, the highlight of the winter season spent at Hogwarts- holiday season trips to Hogsmeade for shopping and exploring. Sure, Hogsmeade was always a nice place to go to, but the snow and the holiday spirit turned the town into an even more magical place than it already was. It was rare to see someone without a smile on their face while spending time in Hogsmeade- especially during the winter. It was great fun for all, and you were excited to experience it all again this year.

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This is some pretty epic hiking - a trek through Torres Del Paine National Park, up to the spires near the top. 

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Fremione (fredxhermione) Don’t panic but I think we might have accidentally gotten married

The people are starved for some Fremione, I see. :D Why is this pairing so delightful??

“Remind me again what we’re looking for?” Sweat poured down Hermione’s face, down the neck of her shirt, leaving her so soaked she might as well have jumped in the river they’d just crossed a mile back. The humidity and her pounding heart attracted all manner of insects looking for fresh, warm blood on which to feast.

Fred blasted a mosquito the size of a Galleon with his wand, Stunning it in midair. Hermione watched it fall to the forest floor with distaste as she tripped over an exposed tree root.

Fred caught her arm, preventing her from falling. When he let go, she noticed he used his equally sweaty shirt to wipe her sweat off his hand. She rolled her eyes, her mouth opening to comment.

“You know what we’re looking for,” he said, his good humor still intact despite hours of hiking in extremely uncomfortable conditions.

Hermione still didn’t know why she’d agreed to accompany him into the Amazon rainforest. She couldn’t even remember saying yes. She’d sworn to herself in 1998 that she would never go camping again, and yet, three years later, here they were.

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World's First Extreme Adventure Daily Vlog
Join me on YouTube in prolonged outdoor, physically and mentally exhausting, extreme adventures across the globe!

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My Hellenic Revivalist Holidays

I see so many folks trying to figure out which holidays to celebrate, how to celebrate them, and specific details for those celebrations…so–I’ve taken the time to write down which festivals I celebrate (or haven’t previously, but plan on celebrating in the upcoming year). This is just my personal festival calendar, and certainly not the only way to do it, but I hope it helps some people get ideas :)

Under a read more for length

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001 | send me a ship and I will tell you:

  • when I started shipping it if I did: Oh boy, can you believe that i wasn’t shipping these two at first? I could only see them as friends in the show and refused to read romantic fics about them. But alas, it took tumblr and a few fanarts of this ship to give me a ticket straight to killugon hell.
  • my thoughts: No matter what their relationship is, platonic or not, they are a special duo that cannot be set apart. I love them both with all my heart and i can’t imagine one without the other. (needless to say the anime ending broke me). I find them pure and adorable, sharing a relationship and partnership i sometimes envy. They are great for each other and their development as people and as friends is genuine and hard to not love.
  • What makes me happy about them: Their entire bond. They complete each other perfectly and can expose each other’s flaws and strengths. Also, they are adorable.
  • What makes me sad about them: The entire CA arc…kinda. Actually, the fact that each has their own traumas but they seem to forget or ignore them without realising that they need to comfort them.
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: Anything close to abusing relationship. 
  • things I look for in fanfic: Fluff, story, drama, cuteness overload, good writting of their characters
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:.. lol None!
  • My happily ever after for them: They get back to each other, sit down, talk about their insecurities and everything that’s fucking them up, making up and stay forever next to each other. 
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: Gon is the big spoon while Killua the little spoon. 
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: exploring and hiking? anything extreme really.

Ask me about ships and peeps ~:D

In the Hills, No One Can Hear You Cry

This is a creepy encounter by schmidt_face/reddit.

This is actually my step-mom’s/ her best friend’s story. I have my own but I’m so hesitant to drag some of them up I’m hoping telling someone else’s will open me to it a little more. My step mom didn’t like us much, but she told my sister (3 years older) and I this experience growing up to scare us out of being stupid. It was my family’s “stranger danger” story.

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Sansa chewed on her lip as she watched Jon mope around their apartment sulkily moving from the office back to their bedroom.

Apparently, Robb had cancelled on some bromantic hiking trip that Jon had been planning. Sansa didn’t really get their passion for extreme hiking and rock climbing, but she hated to see all of the planning Jon had put into this hike go to waste. Plus, she knew on more than one occasion Jon has sucked up his dislike for an activity she loved just to see her happy.

The familiar chime of her phone let her know it was okay to propose her idea to Jon. She would owe Brienne big time for covering her shifts for her, but it would be worth it.

She found Jon slouching at his desk. She kissed his cheek and smiled when he turned to give her a deeper kiss.

Sansa pulled away from the kissing and tried to stifle a giggle at Jon’s pout. He wouldn’t be pouting when she told him her idea.

“I know you’re upset about Robb bailing on your boys trip” Sansa started but was cut off by an indignant Jon who insisted he wasn’t upset.

Sansa put her hand on his lips to shush him. “Just hear me out, I won’t be as good as Robb but what if we went instead” she made sure to give him her sincerest smile.

“You want to go hiking? Like a prolonged outdoor activity?” Jon teased.

“If it makes you happy then yes” Sansa mumbled. Any other person wouldn’t have understood what she was saying but somehow Jon knew. His eyes softened towards her.

“Then we will go” Jon said before kissing her.