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Positive things about the signs:

(//These are based on people I know\ &based on sun signs)

Aries: are always so adorable, even when angry. They can be really reliable and down to earth people. May seem a bit cranky sometimes but they are still the cute little fluff on the inside. They are sometimes kind of impulsive and obsessive about things, but it just shows how determined they can be.

Taurus: loyal and people who you can rely on, who care more than people sometimes assume. They strive for peace and are good communicators. Tauruses are caring towards whom they love. They can also be very passionate once they find something that they enjoy to do.

Gemini: towards friends, they are real protective and kind. Very daring people, who are always fun to have around as they seem to love learning new things, and having new experiences. 

Cancer: interesting to have those long deep conversations with, because they are good listeners and can always relate. They are also very committed in life and with ambitions.

Leo: the wisest people I know, who know what they want in life, and are organised enough to get there. To me, they hold a mother-like figure and deeply care for all loved ones.

Virgo: moderately confident, they are very sociable and willing to sacrifice a lot for others. These people are quite bold and accepting, sometimes very crazy (especially as children) and organised. Plus they enjoy a little bit of change once in a while, which is good.

Libra: can bring people together, to me they hold this social power, however, they are considerate and generous. They are approachable, therefore always there to help you, or support you.

Scorpio: perceptive, I find that these people do not judge others that much. Probably most understanding, and funny people to generally hang with. Extremely magnetic and yes - charming to a high degree.

Sagittarius: hard-working and caring, Sagittariuses are also very charming, and sometimes I feel this goes unnoticed. These people are usually(however not all)risk-takers, and enjoy extreme sports or the outdoors.

Capricorn: funny, humorous people, who always know how to make you feel better. They always try their best and are born poets sometimes. Caps are also quite realistic yet very creative.

Aquarius: They don’t judge, and are always there to support you, truly caring for you. Furthermore, they never fail to bring your mood back up and are very individual. I love how independent and strong they are.

Pisces: Independent and talkative, these people are very gentle and nurturing. They are warm people who can be a bit impulsive yet are likely to be family oriented. Plus, they are really passionate and committed to things.

Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.10

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                                                   Part T E N 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 4.5k +

A/N: ahhh im sorry in advanced! this isnt extremely jealous!cal but it is there! i hope you all arent disappointed in me ahaa i really hope ya’ll enjoy this and please get it to 100 notes, as usual ! xx

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                    I M A G I N E 

Dublin, 19:35 P.M. 

The Jeep full of you and the band finally began pulling over by a large home. It was lovely from the outside, seeming lavish with beautiful stone tiles and sugarcane plants. But it was extremely lively with bodies hanging around it, music blasting from the windows, and lights of all sorts beaming out. 

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We’re Not Giving Up Before We’ve Tried (Ch. 3)

A/N: Sorry I’ve procrastinated a little bit while writing this, hopefully ill be able to write more now that I’m out of school in a week. Also: TYSM Y’all for almost 200 followers?? Like?? Wwooowo..

Summary: Connor Murphy, a 21 year old college senior with a strong reputation to make trouble when he’s not supposed to, meets his new Biology teacher for the semester. Mr. Hansen, A shy, 20 year old, genius. Who somehow lucked out in work, taking a hassling task of teaching the troubled kid every day. Slowly overcoming his own public speaking fear and social anxiety, while Connor messes with him.

Word count: 4.1k

First Chapter

Previous Chapter


       Evan awoke once more in a haze, glad to discover he was in a bed rather then a car.

 Wait.. didn’t he fall asleep on his porch last night? Did he find his key and go in? Was all yesterday just a dream?? He sat up, frantically looking around his couch bed for anything familiar. 

This.. wasn’t his house..

“Oh good you’re awake! I was just about to leave..” A girl about the same age as Evan walked out of the apartment kitchen, “Sorry to kinda scare you by bringing you in here.. I um, I saw you on your porch and didn’t want you freezing.” The girl brought a tray of oatmeal over to Evan and set it on the side table. “Im Alana by the way.” She held out an elegant dark hand. Evan shook it hesitantly, “Im Evan.. Um, Th-thank y-y-you..” He mumbled. 

“Dont mention it! Do you need a ride anywhere? Im going to assume you have a class this morning right?” She sat down on the pull out couch and looked at Evan, expecting an answer.

Evan thought for a moment, his mind going blank. Was he.. Was he supposed to be somewhere? His memory flooded with answers at this.

The class, Connor.

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Alright time to talk about poop drake

So earlier this week, I came home from a trip to discover that there was a drake who had taken residence in my backyard. He was…. uh. To put it simply, this guy was the jabba the hutt of drakes. He’s covered in a slime that seems to be more of icky body filth stuff than slime that is supposed to be there, and he is big. His scales are weird and misshapen because he has fat rolls upon fat rolls pushing out from beneath them. And when he leers at you, it just makes you want to shower badly.

So the night I got back, I first met him when taking the dog outside. My night gaunts also like to go outside every five minutes at night just to go outside and of course it only counts if I’m dragged out, so I’m also going for them. Anyway, I take the dog to the backyard and before I even open the fence I can smell this fucker. I work regularly with spirits associated with disease and decay, I work with physical dead smelly animals on a regular basis, and the nonphysical smell of this drake that did not reach my physical human nose was enough to make my eyes water. The big disease and decay spirits do not do that. For me to be so affected by a spirit’s smell I’m thinking “what the fuck” and absolutely flabbergasted at what the fuckity up is in the backyard.

I open it and see jabba the drake. There’s also a pile of dog toys and balls (all kinds of balls, from ones the neighbors threw over the fence and never retrieved to balls from thirty years ago which have just been sitting in the garage for no reason) in the physical location where the drake is lying. I have no flippin idea who took enough balls to fill a kaiju elephant’s asshole and dumped them in the middle of the backyard. I really do not. Perhaps someone was cleaning the garage. Doesn’t really matter and they’re still there.

So the drake tries to do this majestic pose and says in a shouting tone to me, “BEHOLD MORTAL. I HAVE TAKEN RESIDENCE IN THIS PLACE. I AM NOW THE GRAND OVERSEER OF ALL THAT I SEE.”

I’m nodding and thinking okay there sunshine, and all I say to it is, “The fuck is with the balls?”

And he replies to me in his… grand royal bellow, “I AM THE GOD OF THESE OBJECTS. I AM YOUR GOD OF BALLS BOTH BASKET AND OTHER.”

So the dog takes the opportunity to squat down and start shitting right next to where the drake is lying. I’m laughing my ass off, and the drake huffs at me and starts yelling again. “THIS IS ALSO PART OF MY DOMAIN. I HAVE COMMANDED THIS. I AM ALSO THE GOD OF ALL OF THIS.”

When he said “all of this” he energetically motioned to the ten hundred piles of dog crap in the yard which had not been cleaned yet. Also I’m pretty sure the drake was sniffing the piles of dog crap. Don’t know why. Don’t particularly want to figure it out or focus on it.

My night gaunts were Extremely Confused™ and hanging out by the power lines (I assume because it was a safe distance from the smell). None of the usual locals were around, probably because of the smell. Every damn time I’ve taken the dog outside since then has been a repeat of this. Technically the smell is not physical but people passing by (and the fence is very tall and thick, so there’s no way of telling what is inside) have wrinkled their noses and the rest of the household has seemed to notice that something they can’t place smells funky. I will probably be getting rid of this guy lol

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If you feel like it would you draw an ageswap for the hamada brother's? Where Tadashi is like 10 and Hiro is 21 and Tadashi is super affectionate and attached to his big brother?

I did doodle this the other day so maybe it counts? (also dangit man I am here for ageswap AU I AM HERE FOR IT IN FULL FORCE)

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Can we have some extreme Covy?:)) pls.

Connor; *wearing a helmet, looking terrified* Umm Nova?

Nova; what? *also wearing a helmet with little bat wings on them*

Connor: What are we doing?

Nova: Extreme co…er hanging out, it’s what the the anon ask.

Connor: anon? asked for what?

Nova: extreme covy, duh

Connor: again with this covy? why is it always….wait, extreme?

Nova; *pushes him into the swirling vortex.

Jack: umm what are you doing?

Nova: Duh, extremely hanging out with my best friend.

Jack: checks the anon question* umm, Nova?

Nova; what? *connor is freaking out, swirling around in the massive vortex*

Jack: read this carefully

Nova; *reads* yeah extreme covy

Jack: wait for it




Jack: *raises an eyebrow*

Nova: oooooh *nods in understanding* I see i see. my bad *ties a rope around herself and dives in after Connor


Nova: Not now four eyes, Im saving you!

Connor: after you put me in mortal peril! 

Nova: psst Peril, never happened…ril…..

Jack: *shakes his head* 

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Ok but like what about a Angel/Demon AU with HamBurr. Where Burr is an Angel and Hamilton is a Demon. One day they met up and Burr is extremely reluctant to hang out with Hamilton because, he's a //demon//. Overtime he grows closer to Alex and realizes that he loves him, but as soon as that happens, his wings start slowly turning into a greyish, almost black color and his halo starts to chip away

Hell yes let’s go

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The Usual Routine

Request: “Hey I love ur kylo smut so much, could you do another one where the reader is also a commander and her and kylo have a “secret” relationship but only really hide it from superior officers and people in similar positions, and like they’re kind of fooling around and Hux or Phasma catch them or something?? Thanks so much sorry if this is a really bad request”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1985

Warnings: SMUT

You marched along the long metal runway to the recently arrived First Order ship. The bustling Corellian skyline flooded the space with artificial light; reds, greens, and blues flittering about on your face as the many ships darted around its atmosphere. Your short heels echoed on the hard flooring, the chilly air biting at your nose as your movements made the cold rush through your black robes. You arrived at the end of the runway, waiting patiently for General Hux to exit his ship.

Soon enough, the red-haired man made his way down the flank of the craft, looking stern and poised as usual.

“Welcome to Corellia, General.” You greeted him, receiving a slight respectful bow from the man.

“How are things coming along, Commander?” He asked, straight to business.

“Brilliantly. A new fleet should be ready by tomorrow.” You relayed proudly. “And how are you regrouping after the attack on Starkiller?”

He huffed, his nose crinkling in anger. “Not well, I’m afraid.”

You both turned as a loud set of footsteps walked off the ship, coming to stand beside Hux. You held your breath as the man came into sight, your heart going silent in your chest.

“Commander (Y/l/n). I wasn’t aware that we were meeting with you.” He spoke through his distorted voice coder.

You nodded, trying to supress a smile. “Hux didn’t tell me you were coming along either, Ren.”

“No matter.” Hux declared. “We must make haste with the reports.”

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PLEASE REBLOG!! It helps a lot!

Guidelines: I will draw most things/fandoms unless the commission request depicts acts of pedophilia, homophobia, transphobia, racism, extreme/gross kinks (hanging by flesh, knife play, ect.), or strong religious scenes. I will draw: Art of couples, fandoms, OCs, hentai (if you want to see an example, I do not have it posted publicly to keep most of my blog SFW), fan art (anime, videogames, movies/Disney).

Sketches are the lowest price while coloured, shaded, detailed pictures are the highest. An extreme to details (which will make me take longer) will cost anywhere from an extra $.5-$1, and an extra character in the picture (unless small in size and detail, ie Happy from Fairy Tail) will cost an extra 25%.

If you want an acrylic or watercolour, I will send you examples of my work in those fields. The prices of those are roughly the same prices and guidelines, but will have a shipping fee of $2.5 if I am to send it to you (which, you would want if it were a traditional made piece). My realism is much better with watercolour than digital. 

If you want more information, message me here on Tumblr, or email idrawformoneypls@gmail.com . The money will help me buy supply for three series I am making (which, 15 comics from my mini series will be posted on Tumblr as well). Please don’t be afraid to talk to me. I am also interested in art trades and collabs!

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Why isn't there more moments of Sonic and Tails being massive dorks with each other? You can't tell me these two don't do stupid, extreme things when they hang out.

IKR? I have absolutely no idea. I’ve seen them sharing deep, intimate moments together (and that’s fine), but rarely just doing that dorky, Stupid Crap™ that bros like to do.

… we must rectify this situation.

Face Your Fear, Be Wild

Phil knows about me being shit scared of heights. Everybody would think that Phil would be the angel he is, he would keep me safe from high places and live normally. But no, that is what you thought, but if you’ve been living with him since you went to college until you are all grown up, you would know what it’s like living with him.

He knows that I would never ever want to do extreme sports like hang gliding or sky diving. But if you’re saying that he wouldn’t do that to me then you are so wrong, because last night when he was away for awhile I thought he was hanging out with friends or something, well he did hang out with PJ, Chris, etc. but little did I know he bought 2 sky diving tickets. That little fucker brought home 2 sky diving tickets. I mean I get that we’re on vacation and we should relax and have fun and just be wild. And by be wild I meant was go diving or do something other than that cursed sport.
So since he bought it last night and it’s for the next day, I had no choice but to follow him and do the sport, because he just wasted his money for something that would make me die of being so scared

Did you know that when he came home and showed me the tickets he just said “Prepare yourself,” and then left me sitting on the couch, looking like a weirdo just staring into nothingness. Then I muttered to myself “I fucking hate you Phil Lester you tiny little fucker.”
Okay so when it’s time to leave I didn’t want to do it and begged to him that I should just stay at home, but my attempt escaping the cursed sport didn’t work, because he pulled me and he literally dragged me to the place.

When we get there we were the first ones who are there, so we immediately go up to the plane and sits down while the pilot gets the plane to fly.

As we are flying, I couldn’t do anything, except sit and do nothing but lowkey scared for my own life. While I’m being scared almost shat myself, Phil tells me that it’s time to jump. And being the boy who hates heights all his own life just puts on the equipment and prays for his life.

Phil jumped out first and seeing him do that made me gain a bit confidence and it made me feel better than before. Shortly after it is now my turn to jump out so the guide or the guy who is an expert straps himself behind me and we walk to the opening as we’re standing, he starts to count down to prepare myself so I won’t shit myself then faint in the air.

I wasn’t paying any attention to the counting, because suddenly he starts to jump out of the plane with me strapped in front of him, crying for help and dying. But it wasn’t that bad as we fall more and when I start to enjoy the feeling the guy pulls the thing so the parachute opens up then by the time I am used to the feeling, we landed.

When we get to the ground I can see Phil standing and looking at us from afar with a smile on his face, looking very happy for some reason. So we walk towards him and as we get there Phil runs up to me and starts to hug me while whispering “I’m so proud that you actually did that and faced your fear. And by proud I mean really proud of you.” Confusion washes over me, because why is Phil like this? No one knows.

After the hugging moment we walk out of the place and decided to go back to our hotel room. On the way there was a fun trip, because we just talk and it wasn’t awkward or quiet, it’s just us talking to each other.

As we get inside our room, Phil says it again “I am really proud of you. I thought you would’ve ran and tell them that you won’t do it, but you did it and I am so proud of you for that,” then to finish our day and make me feel rewarded he kisses me sweetly.

The Boys Series [#2]

The kisses you share

(A/N: I have a request I have to write and a couple continuations from other stories but my stupid brain comes up with this.)

Matt: He knows Neck kisses are your weakness and will immediately melt your tension and worry away. You'll lean back letting him devour you in such a romantic way. He loves the way your throat feels beneath his lips, how he can feel your every breath, knowing you will love him forever.

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Bam: Your kisses are filled with nothing less than all passion. You press on to your tip toes to get that last lingering second of contact. The whole world seems to stop around you and Bam when you share a kiss. He doesn't care who's around or watching. He's only focused on one person in that moment and it's you. Nothing else matters but your lips on his. You're his life line.

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Bear: Even Bear's kisses are extreme. When he's hanging upside-down on extreme adventures he sets aside a moment for you. You're moving a million miles an hour and he stops the both of you. "I love you." He reminds you, followed by a sweet peck. 

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Gabe: No one knows how possessive "sweet" Gabe can be over you. When he sees your interest shift to someone else he'll take you aside slip his tongue in your mouth and his hands find your slides to grasp on you to remind you who you're really with. This type of kiss leaves you feeling dizzy and wanting more. He knows just how to get under your skin and you love every second of it. 

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Noah: When you're all alone and in the dark Noah's your light. Every kiss shared with him feels like your first. The butterflies in your stomach and the nervous sweat in your hands. Your laps hang open a few inches from his waiting for two electric currents to collide. You go slow and talk your time. He says he has all the time in the world to stay and love you properly. 

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every time i meet up with my friends i end up crying because i feel so extremely unwelcome. i hate hanging out with them cause i know they’ll ignore me and make me feel like shit but i still end up going because i don’t wanna be rude. i appreciate them so much but the only thing i get is being ignored. i guess the more you want someone to like you, the more they hate you. maybe i’m the problem. everyone always ends up disliking me i seriously have no friends who appreciate me 


This is the biggest drawing I have ever done, drew all of my favorite characters of BBC Sherlock using pencils. This 70cm x 100cm large piece took me about +300 work hours, enjoyed the progress and now I’m extremely happy to hang this on my bedroom wall!😃 ( I guess this is taking fangirling to the next level😜 ) Really looking forward to the special episode which is hopefully being releashed this christmas, we sure have had a long wait! I dedicate this to all the sherlockians around the world, hope you all have a nice friday!🇬🇧☕️ 🔎

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Stop or slow down all the fanart where Komaeda is making Naegi uncomfortable or he looks distressed like… that’s really OOC? Same with Komaeda hanging all over Hinata while Hinata looks irritated?

Like, it can be cute, and as Hinata I can attest to being irritated with Komaeda and snarking with him, but they LIKE Komaeda. They aren’t going to treat him like he’s a creep.

Komaeda isn’t extremely touchy, he doesn’t hang on people or smother them, he doesn’t sexually assault people, and when people tell him to back off, he does, the exception being extenuating circumstances where it goes against his core beliefs.

Like, kid has severe trauma and neurological damage to his frontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for cause-effect thinking, personality, speech, empathy, ability to regulate social interactions/perform and execute the behavior appropriate to a situation, and where he was 16 or younger when diagnosed with dementia, this is at a time when his frontal cortex is NOWHERE NEAR FINISHED DEVELOPING yes he’s going to act a little weird?? It doesn’t mean he’s a massive creep and that him being affectionate would make Naegi or Hinata uncomfortable???

I’m not even trying to argue abt how gr8 of a person he is or ask anyone to like him just keep some perspective, especially if you do like him and ship him with other characters maybe?? Idk if this makes sense and it’s just my onion but I rly want to see more where kids are just enjoying themselves and relationships are happy there is more to Komaeda than that and we only barely got to see it in canon.