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Positive things about the signs:

(//These are based on people I know\ &based on sun signs)

Aries: are always so adorable, even when angry. They can be really reliable and down to earth people. May seem a bit cranky sometimes but they are still the cute little fluff on the inside. They are sometimes kind of impulsive and obsessive about things, but it just shows how determined they can be.

Taurus: loyal and people who you can rely on, who care more than people sometimes assume. They strive for peace and are good communicators. Tauruses are caring towards whom they love. They can also be very passionate once they find something that they enjoy to do.

Gemini: towards friends, they are real protective and kind. Very daring people, who are always fun to have around as they seem to love learning new things, and having new experiences. 

Cancer: interesting to have those long deep conversations with, because they are good listeners and can always relate. They are also very committed in life and with ambitions.

Leo: the wisest people I know, who know what they want in life, and are organised enough to get there. To me, they hold a mother-like figure and deeply care for all loved ones.

Virgo: moderately confident, they are very sociable and willing to sacrifice a lot for others. These people are quite bold and accepting, sometimes very crazy (especially as children) and organised. Plus they enjoy a little bit of change once in a while, which is good.

Libra: can bring people together, to me they hold this social power, however, they are considerate and generous. They are approachable, therefore always there to help you, or support you.

Scorpio: perceptive, I find that these people do not judge others that much. Probably most understanding, and funny people to generally hang with. Extremely magnetic and yes - charming to a high degree.

Sagittarius: hard-working and caring, Sagittariuses are also very charming, and sometimes I feel this goes unnoticed. These people are usually(however not all)risk-takers, and enjoy extreme sports or the outdoors.

Capricorn: funny, humorous people, who always know how to make you feel better. They always try their best and are born poets sometimes. Caps are also quite realistic yet very creative.

Aquarius: They don’t judge, and are always there to support you, truly caring for you. Furthermore, they never fail to bring your mood back up and are very individual. I love how independent and strong they are.

Pisces: Independent and talkative, these people are very gentle and nurturing. They are warm people who can be a bit impulsive yet are likely to be family oriented. Plus, they are really passionate and committed to things.

BTS  - they accidentally get turned on.

Request: Can I request BTS getting turned on by accident for something that you’ve done? Btw, I love your blog 💕

A/N: thank you so much bby  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Seokjin: He was cooking for you and you were helping him in some things. “Babe, can you get the flour for me, please?” He asked. “Of course.” You said, smiling. You stood up a bit to pick it up and the shirt you were wearing lifted up, showing your butt in your panties. He looked up and immediately turned on. “Here it is.” You gave it to him. “Thank you.” “Are you okay?” “Yes, yes, of course.” He smiled nervous.

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Yoongi: You had a lollipop in your mouth and the way you licked it was turning him on. “Oh God, can stop licking and sucking it like that?” He said nervously. “Why? Is this getting you turned on?” You laughed. “What? No.” He chuckled in embarrassment. “Oh, I see.” You spoke looking at his jeans and you could clearly see how hard he was.

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Hoseok: You were cleaning your apartment. Hoseok just came home and you were down, butt up, fixing some books. “Oh my God.” You heard your boyfriend speak. “Hey babe.” You smiled innocently. “What happened?” You asked, looking at him. “N-Nothing.” He smiled, covering his crotch with his hands.

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Namjoon: You were on the phone with your friend, just talking about things. And you were wrapping your hair in your fingers. And somehow, he found it extremely sexy. “Hang up.” Namjoon said, approaching. “Why?” You asked, looking at him. He just pointed at his erection. “Why are you like this?” You said, hanging up the phone. “Why are YOU like this? You can be extremely sexy just by talking on the phone.” He laughed.

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Jimin: You were wearing just one of his shirts and panties. Without a bra. He came home and you ran up to him, hugging him. “Hi baby!” You smiled. “Hey!” He smiled at you. He kissed you and carried you to the couch. “Babe, are you serious?” You asked laughing. “What?” “Are you that hard already?” “What can I do? Look at your boobs in that shirt, that’s too hot, okay?” He said laughing. “Okay, if you say so.”

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Taehyung: You were studying for the finals. Taehyung was there with you just to keep company. “Stop biting your pen.” He spoke impatiently. “Why?” You looked at him, taking the pen out of your mouth. “Because you look so hot doing it.” He said a little angry and you laughed. “Aw, did that turn you on?” “Whaaat? No.” He said laughing with embarrassment and put his hands on his crotch to cover his erection

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Jungkook: "Babe, where are you?“ Your boyfriend yelled. "In the bathroom!” You yelled back. You were doing your makeup. Wearing nothing but a bra and panties… “Oh …” he said, entering the bathroom. “Hey!” You smiled, giving him a kiss. “Hey…” He said looking at your body. “Baby…You’re a horny teenager. You know that?” You asked laughing, seeing his erection on his jeans. “You’re my girlfriend and you’re hot. What can I do?” He shrugged and hugged your from behind, making you feel his erection in your butt.

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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.10

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                                                   Part T E N 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 4.5k +

A/N: ahhh im sorry in advanced! this isnt extremely jealous!cal but it is there! i hope you all arent disappointed in me ahaa i really hope ya’ll enjoy this and please get it to 100 notes, as usual ! xx

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                    I M A G I N E 

Dublin, 19:35 P.M. 

The Jeep full of you and the band finally began pulling over by a large home. It was lovely from the outside, seeming lavish with beautiful stone tiles and sugarcane plants. But it was extremely lively with bodies hanging around it, music blasting from the windows, and lights of all sorts beaming out. 

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Colors Sparked From Darkness - by DA  ~ Poem by kyrah52 ~      

   There was only a dark spot in the vortex of our souls, the edges were falling apart, the extremes were hanging by strings and the blood was draining the power once bright… aspiring for even a shady blaze, in a swinging ray of hope…but the Master although in pain, put his hands in motion, coldness, heaviness, depth, high, mixtures of paint, along his feelings, the Artist found a new role… another point on the edge of a cliff, he glimpsed a creature, who was in darkness too. That creature  was crawling  against rocks, slipping through cruel grounds, tasted the sand of the ancient times. The Artist amazed and full of pity dove into that vision and with his brushes, he colors, he forged with his dark veins, with all his passion, a pearl never yet created. The canvas once dried, put aside had its first breath, the paint moved softly over the creature skin and with emotions streaming their hearts the Painting was now a glowing created new stream with melting, opposites but yet meaningful shapes. The blues, the dark noirs, the purples were in a dance of the seven paints. The creature’s core bled with joy…the creature’s words were at that precise moment bound and chained in pleasure with the Artist. He mastered their own hearts, with sorrow and bitterness, but his expert hands and fingers, moved in an endless touch of a thousand pains and emotions, were touching the creature, and in a ray of evening dusk, they were only one, unique… transformed  beyond  the eye could see…nature cherished, nature bloomed and  this Painting  forged with paint and words every night, dove and merged in a chromatic passion. Darkness and light were never apart so history will tell one of these days how they did meet.

He Said, She Said

Words: 4,356

Pairing: Alexander x Reader

World: Modern/College AU

Warnings: Cursing, drunken canoodling, TJeffs (he’s a warning all on his own), mentions of slut-shaming?, dabbing, p e g g y

Fic Request:  “Hi! Could you write about a jealous reader watching Alexander flirt? Thank you~”

A/N: So. I took this request and ran with it all the way around the world, twice. This turned out way longer and more serious than I anticipated, and contained a lot more angst than I originally planned. Woops. But aaaaaaa first request! 

I really hope this was to your liking, anon! c: 

“I’m too sober for this.”

John, your dear freckled friend, watched you knowingly from his seat beside you. You’ve been nursing your fourth glass of bourbon for a while now, your eyes trying not to stray to a particular figure on the dance floor.

“Well, you haven’t exactly been drinking since your third glass…” He reminded you, an amused lilt to his words. You scowled. The smug bastard may be your closest friend but right now you wanted to punch the smirk off his face.

“Smartass.” Finally, you took a small sip from your glass.

“Thanks, my ass graduated with Latin honors.”

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If you feel like it would you draw an ageswap for the hamada brother's? Where Tadashi is like 10 and Hiro is 21 and Tadashi is super affectionate and attached to his big brother?

I did doodle this the other day so maybe it counts? (also dangit man I am here for ageswap AU I AM HERE FOR IT IN FULL FORCE)

Alright time to talk about poop drake

So earlier this week, I came home from a trip to discover that there was a drake who had taken residence in my backyard. He was…. uh. To put it simply, this guy was the jabba the hutt of drakes. He’s covered in a slime that seems to be more of icky body filth stuff than slime that is supposed to be there, and he is big. His scales are weird and misshapen because he has fat rolls upon fat rolls pushing out from beneath them. And when he leers at you, it just makes you want to shower badly.

So the night I got back, I first met him when taking the dog outside. My night gaunts also like to go outside every five minutes at night just to go outside and of course it only counts if I’m dragged out, so I’m also going for them. Anyway, I take the dog to the backyard and before I even open the fence I can smell this fucker. I work regularly with spirits associated with disease and decay, I work with physical dead smelly animals on a regular basis, and the nonphysical smell of this drake that did not reach my physical human nose was enough to make my eyes water. The big disease and decay spirits do not do that. For me to be so affected by a spirit’s smell I’m thinking “what the fuck” and absolutely flabbergasted at what the fuckity up is in the backyard.

I open it and see jabba the drake. There’s also a pile of dog toys and balls (all kinds of balls, from ones the neighbors threw over the fence and never retrieved to balls from thirty years ago which have just been sitting in the garage for no reason) in the physical location where the drake is lying. I have no flippin idea who took enough balls to fill a kaiju elephant’s asshole and dumped them in the middle of the backyard. I really do not. Perhaps someone was cleaning the garage. Doesn’t really matter and they’re still there.

So the drake tries to do this majestic pose and says in a shouting tone to me, “BEHOLD MORTAL. I HAVE TAKEN RESIDENCE IN THIS PLACE. I AM NOW THE GRAND OVERSEER OF ALL THAT I SEE.”

I’m nodding and thinking okay there sunshine, and all I say to it is, “The fuck is with the balls?”

And he replies to me in his… grand royal bellow, “I AM THE GOD OF THESE OBJECTS. I AM YOUR GOD OF BALLS BOTH BASKET AND OTHER.”

So the dog takes the opportunity to squat down and start shitting right next to where the drake is lying. I’m laughing my ass off, and the drake huffs at me and starts yelling again. “THIS IS ALSO PART OF MY DOMAIN. I HAVE COMMANDED THIS. I AM ALSO THE GOD OF ALL OF THIS.”

When he said “all of this” he energetically motioned to the ten hundred piles of dog crap in the yard which had not been cleaned yet. Also I’m pretty sure the drake was sniffing the piles of dog crap. Don’t know why. Don’t particularly want to figure it out or focus on it.

My night gaunts were Extremely Confused™ and hanging out by the power lines (I assume because it was a safe distance from the smell). None of the usual locals were around, probably because of the smell. Every damn time I’ve taken the dog outside since then has been a repeat of this. Technically the smell is not physical but people passing by (and the fence is very tall and thick, so there’s no way of telling what is inside) have wrinkled their noses and the rest of the household has seemed to notice that something they can’t place smells funky. I will probably be getting rid of this guy lol

The Usual Routine

Request: “Hey I love ur kylo smut so much, could you do another one where the reader is also a commander and her and kylo have a “secret” relationship but only really hide it from superior officers and people in similar positions, and like they’re kind of fooling around and Hux or Phasma catch them or something?? Thanks so much sorry if this is a really bad request”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1985

Warnings: SMUT

You marched along the long metal runway to the recently arrived First Order ship. The bustling Corellian skyline flooded the space with artificial light; reds, greens, and blues flittering about on your face as the many ships darted around its atmosphere. Your short heels echoed on the hard flooring, the chilly air biting at your nose as your movements made the cold rush through your black robes. You arrived at the end of the runway, waiting patiently for General Hux to exit his ship.

Soon enough, the red-haired man made his way down the flank of the craft, looking stern and poised as usual.

“Welcome to Corellia, General.” You greeted him, receiving a slight respectful bow from the man.

“How are things coming along, Commander?” He asked, straight to business.

“Brilliantly. A new fleet should be ready by tomorrow.” You relayed proudly. “And how are you regrouping after the attack on Starkiller?”

He huffed, his nose crinkling in anger. “Not well, I’m afraid.”

You both turned as a loud set of footsteps walked off the ship, coming to stand beside Hux. You held your breath as the man came into sight, your heart going silent in your chest.

“Commander (Y/l/n). I wasn’t aware that we were meeting with you.” He spoke through his distorted voice coder.

You nodded, trying to supress a smile. “Hux didn’t tell me you were coming along either, Ren.”

“No matter.” Hux declared. “We must make haste with the reports.”

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Ok but like what about a Angel/Demon AU with HamBurr. Where Burr is an Angel and Hamilton is a Demon. One day they met up and Burr is extremely reluctant to hang out with Hamilton because, he's a //demon//. Overtime he grows closer to Alex and realizes that he loves him, but as soon as that happens, his wings start slowly turning into a greyish, almost black color and his halo starts to chip away

Hell yes let’s go

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Robert Pattinson says he’s bipolar, likes extremes, loves hanging out wi…


An: and i am back… Enjoy~

Everybody has their only little, or should I say, biggest secret. And even the ever timid heiress and the ever brooding heir have it.


Hinata was a little sober. Her visions were getting a bit blurry but she managed to walk straight enough. She was searching for Kiba and Shino but both of them where nowhere to be found. “I… need water…”

She scanned and grasped for the nearest bottle in the living room and went off to the kitchen area. Naruto accidentally spotted her as she grapsed for the bottle but he was too beguiled by the woman of pink infront of him. He smirked and drank a shot of vodka and focused back to the love of his life.


The Uchiha brothers enjoyed hosting parties and this party was one of them. The purple house was, idiom speaking, on fire. It was just a small house intended for wasted parties, regretful mornings and extreme hang-overs. What happened in the purple house, stayed in the purple house.

Sasuke smirked as he entered the living room. Heart pounding bass were booming all over the room. Red cups and chips were scattered all over the area. People were basically just starting to go wasted. He then eyed for his so-called friends.

There was this small circle that caught his attention. He slowly made his way and saw the events that he would never knew that would happen. Shino and Naruto were twerking hot and low, so low that he wished for a sec that he was the floor. He never felt that gay before. He choked at the disturbing thought. His senses were gone and he died as he saw Kiba was literally lying on the floor, under the twerking dudes, slapping those bouncing butts. Sasuke momentarily zoned out.

Sasuke also eyed for the ino-shika-cho trio, who were casually enjoying the view inside the circle. Chouji and Ino were murmurring but Shikamaru’s position intrigued him the most - he was sitting on the lap of the one who should not be named, then broke his gaze. But as he noticed a pink hair walking closer to him, he left the circle and went to his older brother’s circle of friends; he doesn’t want any kind of dramas. She frowned and did not followed him, hence, drank somebody’s red cup and joined the fun in the disturbing circle.

As to Sasuke’s surprise, Lee and Tenten were casually talking to Tobi; he overheard about youth stuffs and what, dress color? Sasuke’s brows narrowed and made him more confused than ever. He slowly walked away from the group and forced a smile and raised his hand, as if giving a wave, as they noticed him.

His eyes randomly went to Neji, who was very intimately close to Deidara. He eyed the two for seconds and realized there was someone missing. He maybe overlooked at his ‘friends’. 

But maybe, it was just his sober head, the loud banging of the bass and drunk cheering of the party-peeps. Confused yet focused, Sasuke went for the table where all the drinks were placed then realized there was also something missing.


“Enough twerking, where is my-”

“You.. are just jealouz, ‘cuz you can’t dho dhiz l-o-w…” Naruto showed his assets and twerked like there was no tomorrow.

Sasuke felt gay earlier, but seeing Naruto in all of this twerking, he really momentarily zoned out. As his senses came back, he pulled his shirt and pulled away from the random circle. “Where’s my bottle of… vodka?”

Naruto grinned. “Twerk… fohr me and I’ll spill…” His brows seductively moved up and down as if it would persuade his best bud.


“Mm yea.. ”

Sasuke punched Naruto for the sake of talking, and not for the sake of having a fight. But Naruto blocked it as if it was nothing. He sighed, “Mmkay, You’ll eventually twerk for meh.. Someday…”

Sasuke was about to throw another punch  when Naruto spilled the beans. “…Hi-na-ta… has it…” He pointed to the kitchen then winked like, four times, like he has something in his eye. He was so sure that his best bud was getting laid tonight.


“Mm yea…”


Sasuke hurried to the kitchen and spotted the thief rummaging the refrigerator. “Hinata..”

She slowly stood up and faced him, her right hand holding the bottle Sasuke was searching for. “I.. Was thirsty… ”

He eyed her features with the refrigerator light. It was nice but his concern was on his bottle of vodka. He thought that grabbing the bottle from her was easy because she is, well, Hinata.

He casually went to her and was about to grab her but she closed the refrigirator door then swayed towards his opposite directions. Annoyed, his eyes narrowed and gave her a death glare that earned a sweet little chukle from the heiress. He tried again.

He was unconsciously laughing and so was she. Both loved the game that they were playing.

His hands randomly grabbed the bottle out of her hand but she casually dodged it and danced away from his proximity. After reaching the path to the living room, she twirled around and thrusted her left palm to Sasuke’s abdomen as if locking his chakra points. Then she skipped to the living room.

“Damn, that Hyuga…” He chuckled.


Hinata shocked everyone at the purple house. The chuckling, the music stopped as she entranced the living room. Everyone saw her holding a bottle of vodka but a friend of her, it was Kiba, shouted “Chug chug chug!!”

And everyone was cheering. Neji was about to stop her but Deidara pulled his arm and they were never seen again in the area.

And she gratefully drank it, the whole bottle of vodka that scared the shit of everyone, even her ancestors freaked out. 

Hinata was halfway through the bottle when everyone was shouting shit for her to stop drinking and everyone knows that she isn’t much a drinker. Everyone was dramatically gasping.

“I.. like that girl..” Itachi whispered yet he felt a death stare and cold eyes watching him. His eyes were as black as his.

And when she finished that bottle of vodka, she threw the bottle to Sasuke then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She winked twice and shot her finger-gun towards him but he dodged it.

Everyone treated her like a queen. Kiba unconsciously grabbed her and swung her on top of his shoulders and screaming the hell out of his lungs. Everyone was worshiping Hinata. Everyone started to chanting her name and thought that she was a hard-ass beaut but she was really a cinnamon roll. Everyone was shocked that she could take all that much of vodka.

Hinata was enjoying all the fun but was guilty at the same time. Everybody has their own pretty little secret and Hinata’s pretty little secret was-

“It was… water…” Sasuke smirked as he smelled the bottle and randomly saw Hinata mouthed the word ‘water’ to him as she was on Kiba’s shoulder. She then winked again and shot her finger-gun to Sasuke.

And Sasuke has his own pretty little secret. He loved that side of Hinata. He didn’t dodged the bullet.

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Cam you do Penny and his s/o getting into an argument because penny gets extremely jealous when they hang out with friends , even though there is no attraction going on between the s/o and their friend. I feel like his s/o would bring up how they new friends because no one else will take care of them when penny sleeps. Idk just a suggestion, <3 🎈🎈🎈🎈

“I just don’t see the need for you to hang with them again.” Penny hissed as he watched you get ready for another night out. “You know,I too would like to spend some time with you.”

You sighed and checked your phone for texts before looking back at him, “It’s been forever since I’ve seen them and it’s nice to catch up.”

“You saw them three days ago!”

“Penny,don’t start.”

He widened his eyes and growled,making his way over to you. “I thought you wanted to spend as much time together as possible before I had to sleep again.Why are you trying to ignore me now? What,are your friends more important to you now? Are you actually going on a date? Should I just fuck off then?”

You frowned and slapped him across the face,instantly regretting it; his face had a mixture of anger and hurt. “Penny,I’m so–“

He scoffed and turned around. “Just go then.Go and leave me and be with your friends.When you have time to fit me into your schedule,let me know.”

Tearing up in anger,you stomped your foot down. “I’m not trying to ignore you,dammit! Penny,don’t you see? I’m…I’m just trying to stay close with them because when you have to sleep,I’m going to need them.It’s going to be too damn hard for me to go through this alone.I’m scared,okay? I can’t do this alone.”

Your boy peeked back at you before walking out the door. “You think you’re the only one who’s afraid?”

Still Young

For Zoe, for your birthday, for everything

There’s a party to mark the end of the summer before Seventh Year, and it’s the first time he has seen Lily Evans in two months.

The heat has been extreme this August, hanging in the air with an unrelenting presence, and what was intended as a house party has wandered outdoors, craving fresh air. Fortunately, Jeremy Booth – the host, a Ravenclaw – lives in the country, released from the prying eyes of any muggles, and the youth of wizarding Britain lark about in the minimal breeze without restraint. Teenagers sit in clusters on a sprawling green lawn, cooling charms cast overhead, and someone has started a game of twilight Quidditch. The atmosphere is lazy: it’s too hot to be excited about the coming year, their last year. Time will come for that the day after tomorrow, when they board the Hogwarts Express for the last time. For now, James Potter lies alone in someone else’s garden, enjoying the sensation of cool grass pressed against his back, and tilting his glasses just so, so that he can track the movements of his Head Girl as she makes her way towards him.

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