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Dimebag and Vinnie Abbott

Scan by the book:Heavy Metal-from Hard Rock to Extreme Metal by Kory Grow(the preface is by Kerry King)

Credits:Clay Patrick McBride

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famous bassist w/ young.k

“listen, you may be a famous (and extremely attractive) guitarist, but that gives you no right to practise on the electric at two a.m when we live right next to each other.”

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  • every damn day this boy plays his fucking bass
  • like stop it’s 2 am let me sleep
  • but you also know hes…. a cutie………
  • he plays in a band or whatever
  • one day you’re completely done so
  • you go knock on his door for 10 minutes because he can’t even hear you lmaooooo
  • he comes to the door and looks u up and down
  • and you’re like ?? wow rude for starters but…. damn
  • “hi do you need anything?”
  • “hi i’m sorry to interrupt your awakening of the dead, but this dead person would rather be asleep at the moment”
  • “can you… not play…. for the next 10 hours?”
  • and he’s like…………. “uh sure..?”
  • “thanks, btw, my name is (y/n) if you ever need anything i live right in front of you”
  • “yeah i’m younghyun”
  • and you just walk away happily going to bed getting that well deserved rest
  • you wake up the next day
  • with some IDIOT playing the bass
  • it’s 10 am…. does he even sleep?
  • you roll to the other side but you can’t sleep
  • so you leave your house in your very fashionable pijamas and knock on his door
  • “i thought you said 10 hours”
  • “same thing, i have to practice i’m sorry”
  • “don’t you have a studio or something”
  • “if i invite you to my concert for free will you let me rehearsal in peace?”
  • “…… hm ok”
  • you leave quietly bc it sounds like a good offer
  • u cave in and just…… wear headphones the rest of the day
  • but u endure the pain
  • later it’s like 8 pm and someone knocks on your door
  • “come out, we’re going to have dinner before the concert”
  • “… right……. well……… get ready”
  • 30 minutes later bc someone is at your ass every second you’re both out the door
  • you meet his band and they’re super nice and also very teasing of younghyun which is kinda cute
  • cuz he gets all flustered
  • “they’re just my neighbor!”
  • “yeah right did you have to invite them to dinner”
  • “t-they didn’t know where was the concert!!!!”
  • the concert starts and WOW DAMN
  • and younghyun is all cocky bc he saw you in the front line completely baffled
  • also you were always staring at him…….. smh
  • “i wouldn’t mind hearing you play the bass anymore if it’s like this”
  • “well consider yourself invited to every single one of our concerts”
submission - music aus
  • listen, you may be a famous (and extremely attractive) guitarist, but that gives you no right to practise on the electric at two a.m when we live right next to each other.
  • i swear to god, if you play one more my chemical romance song in my guitar/bass store i’m going to kick you out; you’re making the emos cry.
  • we got a new choir teacher and wow, you’re young and hot and have the voice of an angel.
  • “can i play tambourine for your death core band?”
  • “i’m so so sorry i really didn’t mean to accidently let go of my drumstick and give you a bloody nose in the middle of rehearsal.”
  • “i have never done anything to you.” “you knocked me out with a violin.“ "learn to knock before entering next time!”
  • “the food at this restaurant is crappy, i just come to watch you play/sing.”
Your Fave Has Beautiful Energy: Rob Benedict

Being up close and personal with him a few times now this weekend, I promise you I have never felt an energy quite like that of Rob Benedict. It is so warm, genuine and gentle. You can tell he is an extremely good, caring and down to earth person who has seen and done so much. On top of the fact that the man is an extremely talented lyricist, guitarist, vocalist and performer. I’m telling you, I could feel his vibrations throughout the room at the Louden Swain concert tonight so strongly that I got chills and began shaking at times. His love for his music and for the fan family is so palpable and evident when he is performing, which is something I actually took note of when he performed “Fare Thee Well” on an episode of Supernatural, but seeing such a powerful thing in person is downright humbling. When I went to get his autograph, we made eye contact and we all know that eye contact can pretty much say everything about a person in some cases, and that includes Rob’s. I’m telling you… “God” could not have been cast better. I search to find an inkling of bad vibes from this man and I come out empty handed. He is pure good and light, and I am so absolutely privileged to have got to meet and interact with him this weekend.

#34 The Portrayal (Harry Styles)

Hello! I’m back with regular updates! 

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I have a story in my head. It’s about him and I. I hear my voice repeat every line again and again like a clock with its needles going around the same numbers over and over again, like my story with him. I see us start a little trippy, we stumble along the way, tightening our hold on each other we grow into each other. But, it’s still a story.

- The Planning -

“Stories don’t come true, Eden!” Harry repeated for the fifth time, this evening. “I feel like I am going in circles with you.” I nodded, not wanting to annoy my head any longer and stepped down from the stage. “We are looking for something realistic. Something which can actually happen! This dream of yours sounds impossible. People don’t just accept each other for who they are! Especially you main lead, she has to change if we can make it sound a little believable.

“But, I don’t want to give her a makeover. Why should she? Why can’t I-, I mean, she be happy with herself?” I asked.

“Because the guy won’t give two looks in her direction! It’s reality Eden, it’s what happens, and you have to accept it. I am not making a fairytale. We want hardcore reality!” The word reality was giving me a headache. It was ‘unrealistic’ for a girl to find a guy if she was herself. She had to change, be more acceptable. Acceptable in her appearance, in her personality, I needed a coffee.

“One Iced latte, please, medium,” I  gave my order and took a seat, my head going between my palms.

“I have no idea why you are still pursuing this story,” Harry took a seat in front of me, his hand coming through his black hair. He had a little stubble on so, he was either trying to portray he didn’t care or was just lazy. My coffee arrived, and I took a sip of it.

“I believe in it,” I told him plainly. “I believe someone will like as I am without asking me to change. I want my character to portray that,” I told him and he just laughed.

“Like you as you? No one gets that, Eden. Even, I don’t!” He laughed.

“Like you’re some god, aren’t you?” I rolled my eyes.

“Compared to you? Yeah. At least I carry myself well,” He smirked.

“What are you trying to say? Haven’t you insulted me enough?” I got up, and he pulled my hand, making me sit down again.

“Eden, it is one thing to believe in yourself, and it is another thing just to be delusional. You are delusional. You believe someone will like you for you and that’s just fine but, I doubt you like yourself. You’re just lazy,” I got up from my seat and just spilt my coffee on him.

“You have no right to say all that to me,” I told him. But, he just took a napkin and wiped his face.

“Look at what you did, I can’t help it if you don’t like the truth! Even your main character, that guy doesn’t exist! You can’t quote fictional characters, ‘look at Bridget Jones’ to validate your story! I know what guys like and want and right now, it’s not you!” He followed me as I walked out of the shop.

“How dare you, Styles! You have no right to comment on my life while yours is in the same state!” I shouted. “Didn’t your girlfriend for a week come and break up with you in front of the entire team!”

“Three weeks!” He said, “Okay, I know, I am obnoxious at times but, you have to agree that our bodies are like our advertisements. You won’t come and even see the product if it’s not attractive. And, there are rules to the attraction which your laziness lets you think is not important but, it is!”

“Why are you following me? I don’t have another story. I really want to go ahead with this, this time!” I told him as we stood in the middle of the road. Even in his coffee covered self, he looked handsome.

“Okay, let’s make a deal,” he said, rolling his eyes. “Let’s give it three, wait, four months, that’s enough time for even you to make a guy with the credentials like your story fall in love with you. You are clearly that character, changing her name to Emily doesn’t change that fact. Divide it into two months each. You try your way and then, I make you try my way. And, if you succeed, you win, and we do that story. But, if we don’t, you write a new story like the amazing writer I know you are on how I tell you to make it, deal?”

“What?” I frowned.

“ARE YOU GUYS CRAZY! GET OFF THE FUCKING ROAD!” A car and stopped right before us and, Harry pulled me to the sidewalk.

“C’mon! I know you aren’t that slow! Pick a guy! C’mon” He said, trying to urge me.

“Where will I find a guy from?” I asked him.

“What about Niall? The guy in my finance class, you like him?” He looked into my eyes.


“I know you do! You were ogling over him the other day and my darling, he didn’t even notice you. You get two months to make him fall for you. Like yourself, no changing your lazy ass who doesn’t even comb her hair in the morning, to make him fall in love and then  if you don’t win, I get two months, and he will fall, I guarantee,” He raised his eyebrows. “Shake on it, c’mon!” He said.

“Fine!” I took his hand. “I will prove you wrong! And, by the way, I don’t comb my hair because they are curly and will get extremely frizzy if I do!”  I shouted.

“Yeah, yeah! What’s the reason of your ketchup-stained T-shirt? Adds to the masterpiece that smiley is?” He said looking at my smiley faced t-shirt which did have a stain on it. “At least, separate your laziness and your I love myself attitude, I will see you on the battlefield. It starts tomorrow, by the way!” He said, walking off and I wanted to throttle him.

- The Initiation -

I woke up next morning with a text from Harry.

Wake up your lazyass self. The challenge starts today!

I hate him. I have no idea how people liked him, but everyone did. He was nothing, but mean to me all the time and people went gaga over his kindness and niceness. Girls went crazy just to talk to him and, almost everyone I knew had a crush on him. He was horrible, though I think I was the only one who saw through him.

I took a bath and got ready to go to college. Niall was in my Media and  Law class and, I should at least start talking to him to come close to winning this challenge. Niall was, he was amazing actually. A singer, an amazing guitarist and extremely lively in the circle. Everyone like him loved him, and he was always extremely sweet and single at the moment, so good for me.

I walked into class and, took a seat beside him for the first time.

“Hey,” He smiled, and I nodded. He went on to chat on his phone and, I thought of a topic to talk to him about, but nothing hit my head.

“Hey mate!” I closed my eyes, cursing as Harry walked in.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” Niall asked, giving him a hug.

“Was free, thought I’d attend this class. Hello, Eden!” He smiled, but I could see Satan behind it.

I smiled back and took out my books.

He won’t get impressed with a loser hiding in her books.

He texted, and I sent back one with a curse word.

I thought this was about doing it my way.

He smiled at me cheekily and showed his hands in surrender.

It had been a month since then, and I had made zero progress. I felt Harry’s smirk increased day by day and, I couldn’t do anything to change it.

“Hello Eden,” He caught me running this morning.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“So rude! No wonder you are nowhere near wooing Niall,” He laughed.

“What’s your point?” I asked, increasing my speed and he easily caught up. Good at everything this fucker.

“One month left. Why don’t you give up? I can start mine and at least get you somewhere. Walking him to his next class won’t get you a date!”

I stopped in my tracks, “You-”

“Harry!” A girl screamed and ran up to us. She leapt into his arms and kissed his neck and cringed. “I didn’t know you ran every morning!” I looked at her, running in her sports bra and an almost underwear shorts while I was in an oversized T-shirt and leggings. I shook my head and started running again. My clothes shouldn’t define me. I wouldn’t give up on this.

It was fifteen days later when I gave up. I was going to ask Niall to the bar for a concert, but he cut me before that, “Eden, I just wanted to make things clear…”

“What?” I smiled.

“I mean, don’t get offended, but I hope you aren’t looking for a relationship with me?” He said, awkwardly.


“I mean, I don’t see you that way or would rather. We are just really different and these walks to the class or coffee shops, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression,” He said, and then, checked out a girl walking across us.

“You are not…” I said, giving up. What was the point now?  I controlled my tears and, “ I didn’t even know, I was giving you this…I should go,” I said walking off. He called me once, but I didn’t look back, running to the studio.

I slammed my script on the table where Harry was soothing a girl and looking at her hands, “he can’t read your palm, he is lying!” I told her. She made a face and hit him on his arms and walked away.

“That was my evening date! Eden!” Harry shouted.

“You win! I’ll write your script!” I told him and involuntarily felt my tears flow down my cheeks.

“Hey…hey, what happened?” Harry’s voice softened, and he almost whispered cupping my cheeks.

I shook my head in his palms, and he wiped a tear, “Nothing, you win, I’ll write the story the way you want it to be.”

“Don’t cry, Eden. Tell me what happened,” he said, wiping another tear.

“He said, that he and I can’t happen. That he didn’t want to give me the wrong impression and then, checked out the girl walking by,” I hiccupped. “So, you win. I get it. No one can like me for me. Just send me the idea, and I’ll write it.” I pulled away.

“Hey, hey…I didn’t mean that no one can like you for you. Of course, they can, you’re absolutely amazing,” He said, pulling my arm and making me stand in front of him. “I just meant, that the outer you needs maintenance. That you don’t love yourself because you aren’t taking care of yourself. Your personality has nothing to do with it and that, jackass is blind.”

“I don’t know what to do,” I cried.

“I promise, he’ll be on his knees begging you for a walk to the class which he just declined. Will you let me show you? How amazing you can be? How amazing your personality can be showcased with how you portray yourself? It’s just about the portrayal.” He asked, meeting my eyes. “C’mon, I still have my two months,” He smirked, and I nodded.






mareofmynight’s favorite bands (12/15) - Devin Townsend / Devin Townsend Project

Devin Garret Townsend is a Canadian musician, songwriter and record producer. He was the founder, songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist in extreme metal band Strapping Young Lad from 1994 to 2007 and has had an extensive career as a solo artist.Townsend’s trademark production style, featuring a heavily multitracked wall of sound, has been compared to the styles of Phil Spector and Frank Zappa.

different is nice once in a while (lashton, smut, REQUESTED!)

(fic requested by anon! thanks anon!)

title: different is nice once in a while
summary: //Ashton slides next to Luke and their shoulders touch. Luke’s original idea was to come down here to relax but now his mind is wrapped around the idea of Ashton and sex.//

warnings: sexual content, slash
rating: nc17/explicit/k18
pairing: lashton (luke hemmings/ashton irwin)
word count: 4807 (this is my idea of a drabble, EXCUSE ME)

a/n: yay this was supposed to be a drabble but i don’t really know how to write short fics so. yep. i hope y'all like it, posted on AO3. english is not my native aaand feedback is appreciated!!! request fics here.

The hotel, they are staying at, is huge but Luke is positive that the pool area is even bigger. It has different sized pools for adults and kids, a spa area that is actually nice and open even after ten o'clock, steam rooms, proper hot saunas, jacuzzis – and even actual jaccuzzi rooms that you can rent for yourself and that definitely excites him. Maybe a bit too much. He’s acting like a kid in a candy shop when their manager asks if they want anything special later that night after the concert. It’s not usually a part of the deal but they are all tired – it’s an exhausting tour even if it’s fun.

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