extreme guitarist

submission - music aus
  • listen, you may be a famous (and extremely attractive) guitarist, but that gives you no right to practise on the electric at two a.m when we live right next to each other.
  • i swear to god, if you play one more my chemical romance song in my guitar/bass store i’m going to kick you out; you’re making the emos cry.
  • we got a new choir teacher and wow, you’re young and hot and have the voice of an angel.
  • “can i play tambourine for your death core band?”
  • “i’m so so sorry i really didn’t mean to accidently let go of my drumstick and give you a bloody nose in the middle of rehearsal.”
  • “i have never done anything to you.” “you knocked me out with a violin.“ "learn to knock before entering next time!”
  • “the food at this restaurant is crappy, i just come to watch you play/sing.”

Dimebag and Vinnie Abbott

Scan by the book:Heavy Metal-from Hard Rock to Extreme Metal by Kory Grow(the preface is by Kerry King)

Credits:Clay Patrick McBride

Edited by metaladdiction

Your Fave Has Beautiful Energy: Rob Benedict

Being up close and personal with him a few times now this weekend, I promise you I have never felt an energy quite like that of Rob Benedict. It is so warm, genuine and gentle. You can tell he is an extremely good, caring and down to earth person who has seen and done so much. On top of the fact that the man is an extremely talented lyricist, guitarist, vocalist and performer. I’m telling you, I could feel his vibrations throughout the room at the Louden Swain concert tonight so strongly that I got chills and began shaking at times. His love for his music and for the fan family is so palpable and evident when he is performing, which is something I actually took note of when he performed “Fare Thee Well” on an episode of Supernatural, but seeing such a powerful thing in person is downright humbling. When I went to get his autograph, we made eye contact and we all know that eye contact can pretty much say everything about a person in some cases, and that includes Rob’s. I’m telling you… “God” could not have been cast better. I search to find an inkling of bad vibes from this man and I come out empty handed. He is pure good and light, and I am so absolutely privileged to have got to meet and interact with him this weekend.