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YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - OC kid doodles #2

featuring the second son, the Yurio x Yuuri kid, Shura <3

(younger fraternal twin, conceived when Yuuri is 27 and Yurio is 19)

The other near-identical twin, he is almost always glued to Yasha’s side. It’s partly out of competitiveness, but mostly because they both just want to do everything together. Despite their similar appearances, he’s the polar opposite of his brother in many ways. He chooses not to appear friendly to outsiders, but is also completely incapable of hiding his emotions and is very much an open book. He’s openly hostile and fiercely jealous of anyone who tries to take away his siblings’ attention, but is extremely affectionate to those he loves.


More info on the kid and the AU HERE.

(NOTE: the AU itself is Yuuri-centric multishipping poly. Heed all tags and warnings)


This INTRO POST covers some of the basics of how ABO works in this AU.

For links to the other comics in this AU, check out the “Future!verse ABO” section of my YOI Art Masterpost HERE!



On Earning the Favor of Hunters: Do’s and Don’ts


1) Compliment their cloak

In the wild, Hunters often bond via social grooming; well-timed flattery can encourage an otherwise antisocial hunter to engage. As they tend to perform better when confident, this is also a useful battlefield tactic.

2) Pick up the tab

Hunter social dynamics are built upon a complex system of favor-trading, posturing, and outright lies and bribery. The gesture of paying for a bar tab is a good way to ingrain yourself with the “Pack.”

TIP: lay ground rules early and be wary of semantic traps before offering, otherwise you may find yourself with empty pockets. For example, say “Your next drink is on me, if you order the same thing you just had within the next thirty seconds” vs. “Drinks are on me.”

3) Encourage healthy competition

Hunters are often motivated by the opportunity to show up Warlocks. If there is a Hunter on your fireteam, suggest low-stake wagers or other competitions to instill in your Hunter the desire to act. Otherwise, they may be reluctant to engage in group activities or patrols, and can become less inclined to socialize in the future. In extreme cases, a poorly-socialized Hunter can grow sulky and lazy. Intentionally losing on occasion will inspire your Hunter to double down on their attempts to outdo your successes.


1) Express outright disbelief

Asking for a story is an excellent way to ingratiate yourself with a Hunter, and most story-tellers respect healthy skepticism about their tall tales, as this gives them an opportunity for further posturing. Be wary, however, of outright disbelief. Responses are unpredictable, and range wildly between Hunters: back-slapping good humor is relatively common, but so is immediate violence and the occasional mating proposition. 

2) Offer anything for free

Favors and verbal bartering, while a necessary element of Hunter interaction, must be granted judiciously. It should be made clear that, even if you do not expect immediate repayment in kind, you do expect the favor to be returned. For example, taking on a part of a Hunter’s workload without establishing that you expect to be recompensed somehow, at some point in the future (remember to clarify terms as you deem necessary), is a good way to both lose the respect of your Hunter and encourage bad behavior. Remember: you must work hard early on to instill good habits in your Hunter.

3) Make a promise without knowing what you’re promising

On a similar note, never accept a verbal contract before you are completely certain what your Hunter is requesting of you. For example, on the subject of favors, the proper response to a Hunter asking if you will “Do [them] a favor” is not “Yes.” It is: “What did you have in mind?”

It is important to stay vigilant: even such throwaway terms as “Sure, I’ll help” can be construed as binding. Breaking a promise carries a serious stigma in Hunter society, and is a good way to find yourself ostracized or worse.

4) Insult their knives

This will end poorly.

- A Warlock’s Guide to Hunters // Anonymous

Why didn’t I learn to treat everything like it was the last time. My greatest regret was how much I believed in the future.’
- Jonathan Safran Foer

What Kind of Punk are You?
  • Stonepunk: The use of time period-accurate materials to make contemporary contraptions ("Stonepunk doesn't exist" you might be saying "It's too far fetched!" Well, go to your dance search engine and look for "The Flintstones")
  • Sandlepunk: Old Greek/Roman style and ingenuity combined with post-modernism
  • Clockpunk: (Can be its own Punk) Renascence era, or 'The Age of Enlightenment' aesthetic with modern contraptions (I like to think of Ella Enchanted with the crank escalator and such)
  • Edopunk: Post-modernism combined with the Japanese Edo period. It could also be called that if something like steampunk were combined with traditional Japanese aesthetic
  • Steampunk: A healthy combination of Victorian ingenuity and aesthetic combined with some contemporary/futurism technology and concepts
  • Dieselpunk: (It can also be its own Punk) A combination of the oil age and contemporary/futurism
  • DecoPunk: (Can be a subset of Diesel) Focuses on the 20's-50's Art Deco design (I know one person who would love this)
  • Atompunk: 1940s-60s modernism, which includes the Atomic age and the Space Age (could also be considered Raygun Gothic)
  • Nowpunk: Contemporary Punkness... Not really too much to explain.
  • Cyberpunk: Extreme futurism normally associated with dystopia (The Matrix is a great example of Cyberpunk)
  • Biopunk: Focuses on the underground bio-technical revolution. This is different from Cyperpunk because it focuses on biology, not technology
  • Mythpunk: A combination of post-modernism and mythology and folklore.
  • Dreampunk: The use of any of the above Punk styles and combine it with Fairytales and storybooks (I have this kid an idea to write a story about a time-traveling Red Riding Hood and it was ecstatic about it)

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Hi! Can we get the RFA trying to comfort an MC who feels inadequate joining the RFA because everyone's so accomplished in there (either rich, a genius, or talented tbh) and she was just kind of thrown in because of Unknown? I'm sorry if that's oddly specific, but I just had that thought earlier and I love your scenarios/imagines. Thanks~!!!

i’m such a huge piece of shit for taking this long. i have over 60 requests. i suck ass. i’m sorry. i’m sorry. i’m sorry but like i have other stuff i need to do and inspiration just doesn’t come and it would turn out really shitty otherwise. oH, and thank you so much! and also, it was kind of easy to write this since i can kind of relate. i’ve been feeling like that lately.

Two days ago, the entire RFA attended an interview since the association started getting more and more attention with each passing day. Your actions not going unnoticed by the world, so it was only natural for the world to want to know more about all of you.

You were ecstatic about the interview.

They started with Jumin, CEO of C&R International, who was followed by Zen, renowned and incredibly talented actor, then Jaehee, (was/is) head assistant at C&R International and an incredibly hard working woman. After her, they started interviewing Yoosung, who was now an incredible student at one of the most prestigious universities in Korea and who had an extremely bright future. 

Seven decided not to take part in the interview for security reasons, but he was a genius and the brains behind the app and security of the organization. But everyone knew he was essential to the RFA. 

Finally, it was your turn to be interviewed. You had the possible answers for the interview well-rehearsed thanks to Zen. Everyone had done an amazing job which only made you strive for perfection.

How did you join the RFA?”

“What do you do for the organization?”

“Is it true that you took the last Coordinator’s place?”

“Do you think you’re living up to the last Coordinator’s prestigious reputation?”

You noticed that the questions started getting harsher and harsher, and it wasn’t until some technical difficulties with the lights and sound, that the interview came to an end.

You were sure Seven had something to do with it. 

Your friends and lover weren’t dumb, they noticed the anxiety that soon started suffocating you thanks to your body language. Zen was the first one to notice, so when the interviewer asked if they could continue the interview elsewhere, he intervened and told her in his ever-charming way that they were unable to stay any longer. 

It didn’t surprise you when the interviewer and the producers decided to call it a day.

You were finally home. Everyone was gone because they all had work to do and you conveniently had a day off.

Sitting on the couch, you started going over the interview and it suddenly hit you.

You weren’t worthy of being in the RFA.

There was a sudden tightness around your throat as the fact that the only reason you joined was because you had to. That the only reason you were part of this amazing organization was because you had been dumb enough to listen to a stranger and go deliver a phone that wasn’t even yours. The only thing you did was put yourself and the entire organization at risk.

You were not special.

You were nothing.

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harry potter x hamilton

@nxrcissamxlfoy​ replied to your post “mood: listening to hamilton for 6 hrs on repeat and assigning lyrics…”

im gonna need a detailed post on this stat like

oh man okay so this got quite long - 

harry potter:

  • the obvious “death doesn’t discriminate/between the sinners and the saints/…”
  • “history has it’s eyes on you”
  • “dying is easy, young man/ living is harder” haha im not crying ur crying
  • “Intelligent eyes in a hunger-pang frame” those green eyes are legendary 
  • “i imagine death so much it feels more like a memory” this child deserved so much more i cannot
  • “my dog speaks more eloquently” harry sass potter strikes again

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woaw sorry if i was wrong on some charcter color Here my fav ship !!!!!!!!!!YAY

whipple x incubux belong to @nebufi and @nateeev

goth x palette belong to @nekophy and @angexci

xahji x snazzy belong to @azzyloraaandkanto and https://tmblr.co/mHcC12wvn61xHDhjlt7lg1A    (extreme op wuff)

futur x meppy belong to @ashleyfluttershy and @thatlazyfoxgirl

death x geno belong to @renrink and @loverofpiggies

faith x bluepixels belong to @vaultsdan and @mikiiblu

 sanzu x blublu belong to @cursetale and @blesstale

adre and dre couple plus undifinesans and all belong also to @cursetale and @blesstale and @echo-tiddyx

dream x cross belong to @jokublog and @jakei95

desir x luxath belong to @creatsnake and @troxadan

hooro x lust belong to i don’t remeneber sorry

nighmare x killer belong to @jokublog and i don’t remenber but i know it sorry

omni x pj belong to @cereusblue and @7goodangel

error x ink belong to @loverofpiggies and @comyet

erro undyne x omega sans belong to i don’t know 

sorry for the bad color hope you enjoy

BLACK PANTHER IS FOR EVERYONE (plus some other shit)

Not Highlighted: perfectly reasonable and legitimate commentary on the double-standards at play here

Yellow: petty, regressive, racist bullshit that won’t help shit

Blue: ????????


Guys, I’m biracial (black/white), and I know that it doesn’t automatically make me an expert on race issues just because I am a genetic combination of the two demographics. However, my genetics as well as my upbringing has lead me to have a tendency to stand back and observe from a distance, so I believe I have the right to speak about this.

Yes, there are white people being ignorant, idiotic, and hypocritical about Black Panther. Yes, the black community feeling empowered by the representation is beyond wonderful and extremely important for the future of filmmaking–just like women (of ALL races and orientations) feeling empowered by Wonder Woman.

The reason Wonder Woman is doing so well at the box office is because it’s good for EVERYONE, not just women. In fact, the domestic opening-weekend numbers were nearly 50/50 (women were the slight majority). Black panther is a film that–like Wonder Woman–sets out to empower a particular group. Yet, both films (I hope so I haven’t seen Black Panther but it’s safe to assume) set out to send positive messages to EVERYONE.

So yeah, I’ve just been getting really frustrated by all the negativity that this movie is generating. The people behind Black Panther (the producers, director, actors, etc.) all wanted to create something respectful, empowering, and inspiring. Everyone needs to see this film in order for it to do well at the box office, so I have no idea what’s prompting people to reject the idea of white people seeing the film. I mean, I do know why, but that’s a different topic.

Wonder Woman wouldn’t be as massive a success it is if men didn’t see it, and Black Panther won’t be a huge success if white people don’t see it. If it isn’t a huge success, then studios won’t want to make another blockbuster starring mainly POCs. What’s the solution? try and make sure EVERYONE WATCHES BLACK PANTHER.

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heyo katy !! can i request a jungkook drabble thingy where he's just all cute and soft and we're cuddling after a long day and just showering each other in kisses cause i need some disgustingly pure fluff of jungkook :' )) thank u i lov u !!!

i’m on it!!! (i liveeee for these kinds of scenarios yall dont even knowwwwwww)

(also this request is really old lmao soz(along with every request in my inbox))

(this is extremely fluffy @ future partner: if you don’t do this to me after a horrible day at work, we’re getting a divorce. thank you bb i love you<333()

Originally posted by theseoks

The day had been unbelievably hard. At work, one child had been sick in the middle of the classroom and all of the other children were fussing, making the scene so much harder. You had to call three other teachers at your school to help control the class and take the sick seven-year-old to the nurse. Then, on top of all of that, you had a class inspection for the last lesson of the day which also happened to be a math test; which most of the class failed. Now, you were coming home, worried about your job, worried about the sick child, and honestly just hoping for the best.

Pushing open the door to your flat, you let out a deep sigh when the familiar scent of you and your boyfriend mixed together in a perfect combination that meant one word to you. 


“Y/n~” Jungkook’s melodious voice rang through the hall from the living room telling you where he was. He knew how stressful your job was, but also knew that it meant the world to you and you wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. 

“I’m home~” You sang back, knowing your voice was in no way as perfect as his but also knowing that the way you sang the simple words sent an arrow through your lover’s heart too.

You walked into the living room where Jungkook was laid on the sofa and dropped your bag on the floor by the door as he asked, “How was your day, baby?” while pushing himself to sit after seeing your exhausted face.

“Exhausting.” You whined, falling into Jungkook’s body and closing your eyes as his strong arms engulfed you.

“Want to talk about it?” He offered, laying back down but this time with you in his arms.

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FT 528 - What if it is Anna?

The most possible theory for FT 528 is that the ending panel is indeed Anna Heartfilia. I agree, the outfit and hair make me think of her, but if it is her, what is she really going to do?

What I mean by this is what can Anna do? She has no spirits to our knowledge that she could hold right? Well, here are my predictions for what she is going to contribute to the story line if it is her:

  • She has Aquarius’s key. Let’s be honest, Aquarius is probably the strongest celestial spirit because spirits are based off bonds with their “master”. If her key is back in play being in Anna’s care I find her using it to take on Acnologia or entrusting the key to Erza to give to Lucy, adding more to the plot as to why Lucy doesn’t have her key. Remember- no one in fairy tail knows this yet (and its a topic I’ve been dying to come up and talk about w her and the family)
  • Lucy could die. Fact is, if this is Anna then there are some major risks here. When FL (future lucy) died it didn’t affect Lucy- meaning that her death wouldn’t equal her own. But now that Anna is here, if Zeref were to kill her/she died somehow that equals end game for Lucy. This is another way Lucy can die now and add onto the risks for her going on later. And what more you may ask? 
    ( !! Major speculation about this next part SO !! ) 
    Well, Lucy could lose her right hand. I feel that it makes sense if Anna could die, Lucy could pull a FL and save Anna, because what FL said herself: “if her past self were to die, she would too”. Anna cannot die, and Lucy would have to save her in order to save herself. I feel that this could be how Lucy could possibly lose her right hand. 
  • She is apart of Mavis’s plan. If Mavis somehow doesn’t sense Anna then I call bull. Mavis knows, and Anna is apart of her plan. I’m not to sure as to what Mavis’s plan is exactly, but somehow Anna is getting roped into it whether she likes it or not. 
  • She teaches Lucy. I think this goes along with the first by having Aquarius’s key. I feel like she is going to teach Lucy a forbidden/lost magic that celestial users don’t/can’t use anymore. In doing so I think this magic she learns will save Natsu in the end (lol puns!)

tl;dr though like lowkey don’t trust anna. Like Zeref has said, Anna was his friend. 

And who is Zeref trying to kill? Natsu, Mavis and possible Anna (and Lucy)

And can we also remember it was Anna’s initial plan to defeat Acnologia from the beginning? Like, bitch could be back to take care of business.   


  • how tf did she get to 400 years in the future at this moment?
  • did she know Zeref was using her?
  • was she alongside Zeref from the beginning? (I doubt this BUT)
  • is she aware she is putting Lucy at extreme danger and the future as well? Lets be real dudes Lucy actually dying is no bene, she absolutely can’t if Natsu is to have any future

I find it ironic that Lucy and Natsu have their own kryptonite & could possibly die, and they both are from 400 years ago…