extreme foreshadowing

Many of the characters in Undertale use colored text to convey extra semantic meaning - oftentimes red text denotes something dark or negative, for instance. One thing that entertains me is how Sans uses colored text to give the human subtle hints about things he knows but is not saying outright. His words on their own could be misleading, but extra nuance and knowledge can be gleaned by looking at the colors.

At Grillby’s, Sans asks the human if they know about a talking flower. He asks this question in yellow text.

However, once he starts talking about Echo Flowers, he uses blue text to mention those flowers. He’s making a distinction between the Echo Flower and the talking flower he first mentioned. The ending of Sans’ speech about flowers is about a flower that is acting strangely around Papyrus, and he tells Frisk to be careful. This suggests that Sans brought up the conversation not to talk about Echo Flowers, but to subtly tell you he knows about Flowey and warns you to be careful around him.

Sans also does a subtle hint that there’s a difference between regular blue attacks and Papyrus’ “very special attack.”

The blue text when Sans says “special attack” is a different shade than when Sans talks about “blue attacks.” He’s doing the same sort of color distinction as with the yellow and blue texts in Grillby’s about the flowers. If you’re not paying attention, you think he’s talking about one and the same thing. But if you pay attention to the colors, you realize he’s actually changing topics.

The light blue hue Sans uses to talk about blue attacks is the same blue hue seen in various characters’ blue attacks. And the darker blue that Sans uses to talk about Papyrus’ attack is the color the SOUL turns at the start of Papyrus’ Encounter.

So, even though Sans’ words seem misleading and can make you falsely think Papyrus just uses blue attacks, Sans is subtly also hinting that Papyrus is going to do something more. He’s going to turn your SOUL blue, which will make your SOUL feel “gravity” toward the bottom of the Encounter box.

And right before you go into Papyrus’ Encounter? The color he is using to talk about blue attacks is the dark blue.

Sans foreshadows with text color. He implies information with text color. He trolls with text color, even. Rather than saying things outright, he gives information to you subtly. In the case of Flowey, he’s hoping you can pick up the subtle hints he’s giving, so that even though the conversation sounds normal in public, you can carry away caution and knowledge for the rest of your journey. 

i gotta say the bit w tiberius and the hag was an unplanned but extremely haunting bit of foreshadowing (the best ones in the show are tbh) but i can’t… help but remember another instance where a member of vm sold a bit of their future away to a hag;;;

remember that one time when vax wanted some poison for the briarwoods and basically told the hag to take whatever she wanted like… vax. my dude. what is ur deal w handing over literally everything and anything to mysterious female beings of immense power without a second thought when your sister is literally the queen of bargaining???

anyways i can’t wait for the other shoe to drop it’s gonna be gr9 :^)

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Is "spying leads to crying" a warning or a prophecy made by Glossaryck?

I’d call it “extremely short term foreshadowing”, but yeah in-universe it was a warning, and it’d be cool if they were to relate it to something that happened to Eclipsa, making an intergenerational parallel based on the same spell.

Can we just talk about this panel please?

This is like the what, 100th time Mika has vocally proclaimed his dislike for Shinoa? Has said he’s wanted nothing to do with her? 

When people see this panel they’re quick to ride Mika off as either jealous or hateful or stubborn (which he is being stubborn), but I get the feeling that the writers are making Mika repetitive with his disdain for Shinoa on purpose (Not only that, but the fact that the panel is by itself with just Mika and his dialogue just gives it’s significance). 

It’s almost a foreshadow that these two are going to have some heavy interaction in the future, and Mika is going to have some heavy character change regarding how he sees humans, and it will most likely start with Shinoa. It’s no coincidence that they met each other in the past, forgot about each other, but so dramatically saved each other for Yuu’s sake. They were brought together again for a reason.

Like I said, I bet 99.5% that though Shinoa, Mika will see that not all humans are evil or bad. He may even get closer to her personally.

We can’t count Yuu in the bunch, because Mika doesn’t see him like the “rest” of the humans. So his dislike for Shinoa, I predict, will be trumped later on in the manga. He’ll see the good of humanity through her.

When a writer contentiously makes something such Mika’s hate for Shinoa constatnly repetive,  and couples it with their forgotten interaction topped with the fact that they saved one another, then it is an extreme foreshadow. Tbh, he won’t hate her for much longer.


At this point I can honestly say that I think Ouma is one of the most well-written, complex, interesting characters that DR has ever had, and it’s a shame that people are still going to be raising huge red flags over misinformation or mistranslations of spoilers, or just outright misinterpretations of him.

His FTEs contain extremely well-done foreshadowing for his mindset and true objectives in the game, and while on the surface he seems like a sadistic force of chaos meant who simply thrives on everyone else’s suffering, in reality he’s one of the most perceptive characters DR has ever had and is extremely careful in how he leads everyone else along without quite letting on that he’s leading them.

…And yet the tag is mostly just full of people calling him a y*ndere or sh*ta or other gross assumptions about him. It’s really sad, and I really want to sit down and write a full post explaining his mindset and motives soon.

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(Madamn Red anon) I just recently started and finished reading Shingeki no kyojin, so I have many questions about some parts of the story, and if you could answer some of them that would be great! I'll try to go in order to make it easier. There should be 11 in total.

Hey Anon :) Aww, great, I hope you’re enjoying SnK then! ^^ I got all the 11 questions and I don’t know if I’ll be able to answer everything, but I’ll do my best (it’s been a while since I read the older arcs) :3
Please bear in mind we don’t have all the answers in canon yet :)

Haaaa, well the beginning is still one of the biggest secrets. That dream Eren had (very probably about the future yes) is extremely interesting because it foreshadows a loop of some kind, which could explain the title.

I think I spoke of this with @thedarkestcrow too, and since Zeke said

we also were wondering if maybe this was a hint that someone would be writing down their memories so humanity wouldn’t make the same mistake again. Considering Armin was the narrator in the anime we were betting on him, but maybe Eren will be the one writing down his memories since it’s his story. :) In any case, this can’t be answered now but this is one of the most interesting mysteries!

Mikasa’s mother was talking about her own clan, the Asian people. :) And I believe Mikasa still has the bandage even if it’s hard to say for sure, seeing as she always wears long sleeves.
The bandage is covering the brand which is most likely a mark/symbol/kanji that her mother carved into her skin (like a tattoo but without the ink :))

Well, unless I’m remembering something wrong, all we know is that there were Asian people who came to live behind the walls but they were erased during the last century (Mikasa is supposed to be the last one within the Walls).

We don’t know whether the population within the Walls is all from a same country or continent :/ but considering what you said about “the same bloodline” it is likely to be one of the two possibilities (I didn’t see any other theories on this subject in any case, and it was said the three Walls covered a surface basically as big as a country like France if I remember correctly).

We also don’t know much about the situation outside the Walls though it does seem like Zeke’s kind is controlling the outside world.

I think it’s a mix of all that you said. :)

And then baaam! Hi Titan Eren ^_^

Ah, another question to which I can’t really answer, basically because Ymir is a mystery. However it is very likely (considering that Titans were once humans) that this titan knew her from before they both became Titans since he mistook Isle for her (and they do have a few physical similarities) meaning he remembered what Ymir looked like as a human :)

As for “Ymir-sama” and the goddess part… well, I think she was indeed revered as a human 60 years ago (by that titan when he was human and other people) and my little theory is that this book Historia was reading with Frieda might be possibly inspired from her story.

In any case we can be sure that what happened to Connie’s village most likely happened to her people too 60 years ago.

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And not just for reasons that are obvious to the characters – not just because HYDRA has infiltrated NASA, not just because HYDRA probably sent Will to the planet. But because of AOS’s writing. And because we’ve seen this before.

Season 1, Episode 4. Grant Ward: “I can only imagine how painful this must be for you, sir – betrayed by someone you trained and believed in.”  Later in Season One, who was it that betrayed Coulson? Someone that Coulson trained and believed in, right? Oh, yeah. It was Ward. And, looking back, did this line end up being extreme, epic foreshadowing? IT DID.

Season 3, Episode 8. Jemma Simmons, referring to Andrew’s transformation: “I just feel so bad for May – I can’t understand how you get over that.” Here we have Jemma Simmons, expressing her empathy for a member of her team – a member of her team who has just discovered that the love of her life is, as of late, pretty much a serial killer. Who has just discovered, essentially, that the person she loves is not who she thinks he is. Will this end up being extreme, epic foreshadowing? IT PROBABLY WILL.


Chelsea: Dean will become a demon at the end of the episode.

Me: I agree, we saw this in Season 3(not 4) when he saw himself become a demon.

last 30 second: *shouts to the high heavens and hell after seeing Dean become a “Deanmon”

We predicted this finale during the first commercial break of the season finale of Supernatural and it became TRUE with all of the foreshadowing before hand. Now Chelsea and I get candy from Fiona! 

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I fucking love Cain and Timothy Omundson, next ep is going to kill me.

List of very dangerous toxic elements in the composition of next week’s episode that will cause the death of fandom:

  • Cain’s beard.
  • Cain’s hair.
  • Cain’s face.
  • Cain’s pressence.
  • Timothy Omundson’s self and his contribution to all the points on this list.
  • Cain’s hair.
  • Cain’s talk with Cas.
  • Cain’s reasons for having gone back to killing all those people.
  • Cain’s and Colette’s parallels to Dean and Cas that I’m 99.99999999% sure are gonna be greatly developed in awesome directions.
  • Cain’s hair.
  • Cain’s fight with Dean.
  • Cain grabbing the first blade again.
  • Cain’s reaction to that.
  • Cain’s extremely foreshadowed and hinted at but still not sure possible death.
  • Cain’s hair and beard.
  • Cain’s interactions with any and all members of team free will.
  • Cain maybe being weird around Sam because of Abel related reasons¿?
  • Cain confronting Cas, Cas being extremely angry at him for what he perceives is his fault for Dean’s current situation. (and also a bit for all the people on that graveyard)
  • Cain possibly drawing some interesting Colette and Dean related conclussions from his meeting with Cas.
  • Cain’s facial hair and the rest of hair on his head.
  • Cain maybe in my utopic wet dreams saying something to Dean about the power of love keeping the mark under control, and connecting that to Cas in Dean’s case.
  • Cain just talking in general and walking around.
  • Maybe also a new introduction of some sort of parallel between Cain and Cas, because that shot of Cas standing over the tombs is super similar to the shot of Godstiel standing over the dead angels.
  • Cain’s flowing locks.
  • Cain just being a wise fucker in general and saying deep wise shit.
  • Cain being out of control and a fucking dangerous killing machine.
  • Cain having surprising, amazing in the narrative sense, reasons for having gone back to killing. Maybe reasons that help Dean in some way¿?
  • Cain having heartbreaking, unsurprising but still cool in the sense of parallels reasons for having gone back to killing.
  • Cain being on screen, and that stuff.
  • Cain’s bearded face.
  • Cain being an actual danger to Dean.
  • Cain not being a danger to Dean, and actually being all helpful.
  • Idk did I mention Cain’s hair and beard¿?
  • Cain confirming that there’s no cure to the mark other than self-control¿?
  • Cain talking about Colette again.
  • Cain actually being asked about his promise to Colette by Dean¿? (most toxic element on this list, 74753% certainty of death)
  • Cain being on the ep and interacting with our three main characters.
  • Cain.
  • ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
  • (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ~☆*

Color me confused:

But I literally don’t understand the Clexa fandom’s obsession with prioritizing the voices of straight white men (honestly straight white people *cough ADC and Eliza*) in a fandom designed around a lesbian woman and a bisexual woman. 

Ya’ll loved JRoth so much you called him “Daddy”, even when other LGBTQA women were pointing out his treatment of other minorities in the show, as well as the extreme foreshadowing of L/xa’s death. You literally shat on those LGBTQA women’s voices because it was not the opinion you wanted to hear, even though many of us were just trying to protect you all from the pain of what ended up happening. 

We all love ADC and Eliza but ya’ll herald them as beacons of the LGBTQA community when ADC didn’t even know what the Trevor Project was until she was told on a red carpet and Eliza (mistakenly and not to be hurtful) spent an entire interview saying “GLTB” instead of “LGBT”. Ya’ll even went so far as to erase an entire group who are already mostly invisible in the LGBTQA community out of the acronym and replace them with “Alycia”.

And now ya’ll are doing it again with Ben Bateman. I am not and never have been the biggest fan of Layne Morgan, but she is an LGBTQA woman and as such her voice is and always will be more valid than that of a straight male in LGBTQA dominated spaces and events. To rescind her invitation to ClexaCon because she said that it might be better to allow an LGBTQA journalist the opportunity to organize a list of the most important LGBTQA actors/actresses, because she said that the term “lesbros” is gross, when she has been one of your biggest supporters is craziness.

Ben Bateman sounds like every other “ally” who isn’t really an “ally”. He puts “straight white journalist” in quotation marks as if that’s not exactly what he is, no matter how “Active” he’s been for LGBTQA movements and rights.

Hint: This is not a good ally! Good allies listen to the voices of everyone in the minority group they are trying to support. They do not speak over them. They do not act as if their voices are more important than those they seek to help. If even one person in that minority group says “Hey, this is wrong.” or “This made me feel uncomfortable.” a good ally steps back and does not continue on the path they were previously on. 

The above image is an example of Ben Bateman doing just that. By implying that his actions make him something other than what he is, a part of the community per se, he is attempting to make his opinions and his voice equal to or greater than the actual LGBTQA woman in this case. And you all are letting him.

You should all be ashamed. 

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I've rewatched the GMW episodes suggested and in light of what I *believe* the game changer may be, I feel like the foreshadowing is extremely light or even purely coincidental, especially potential foreshadowing related to props or humor. How in the world do we know these weren't just bits in the show that we now seem foreshadowing because hindsight is 20/20?

It’s not at all coincidental. These writers have said more than once that they plan things well in advance and at this point people have found so much evidence of clues being left along the way that it’s unreasonable to pretend it’s not there once you’ve been shown.

These writers are clever as all get out. It sure would be swell if people would start APPRECIATING them instead of refusing to believe they put as much thought into their work as they clearly do. Sigh. 😔

The full Jexica connection will make your brain crumble when GMS16 airs. It’s way bigger than props or humor, although the prop I’m referring to is a big nod to the game changer. Props, set dressing, costuming, and other visual elements are used to highlight the narrative and help tell the story. A prop alone means nothing unless you can logically tie its meaning to the narrative. VISUALS ARE NOT MEANINGLESS. Rewatch GM New Teacher. ☺️