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Would anyone be interested in a Voltron Speculative Fiction Week?

So my idea is this: One ship-free week dedicated to sci-fi and world-building.

  • Exploring the galaxies, stars and planets of the universe
  • Exploring the history and culture of Altea and the Galra home planet, as well as Balmera, Olkarian and the mermaid planet
  • Creating new civilizations for the Paladins to encounter and researching history, economy, religion and culture
  • Experimenting with extreme conditions like ice planets or sand planets
  • Interacting with space objects like black holes, wormholes, quasars, pulsars
  • Exploring utopian and dystopian societies
  • Techonolgy! Robots! Teleportation! Immortality! Time travel! Supercomputers!
  • AUs and crossovers with other sci-fi universes such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Red Dwarf and Dr Who
  • Discussing classic sci-fi influences and their creators
  • Discussions of current science and astronomy news and how we can incorporate hard scientific fact into fantastic fiction

I’m looking for one or two other co-hosts who would be interested in promoting content that is expansive, creative, non-ship related and can help authors and artists explore the wider world of sci-fi.

You can like or reblog if interested.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask.

i’ve been thinking a lot about smol ambiguously biracial harry and the mirror of erised.

because he’s spent his whole life with the dursleys in their proper square house in their proper square neighborhood with their uniformly manicured lawns and their contempt of anything other.

his aunt glares at him when the barber fails to tame his hair and yanks at it too hard when she takes her own scissors to it later. he sees the brief flicker of surprise in the eyes of the teachers at school when they find out he and dudley are cousins. he looks at his pale blonde aunt and vaguely wonders how her sister could produce someone like him (olive skinned? that’s what an old woman at the grocer’s called him once anyway) but he doesn’t dare to ask these questions. it’s just how it is, harry thinks, maybe he’s just different (he’s used to being different).

when he’s ten he gets a letter addressed especially to him, and when he’s eleven he looks up into a strange mirror it feels like he was meant to find and he’s looking at his parents for the first time in his life and his mother is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, prettier than he’d even imagined, and his father…his father looks like him. james is darker and taller and sharp with adulthood but his hair sticks up at the back and his hands are so very familiar and his cheekbones are the same ones harry’s seen in the mirror every day of his life and something deep inside him falls into place.

because he doesn’t look exactly like his mum and he doesn’t look exactly like his dad but now he knows why. he looks like a bit of both of them and it’s proof that they lived, that they came together and made him, with his dark hair and light eyes and skin that he’s never felt quite comfortable in.

and maybe he never belonged with the dursleys and maybe that hurts more than he’s willing to admit but he suddenly thinks it matters just a little bit less, because now he knows for certain that he damn well did belong to james and lily potter.

Pluto is a complex little big planet with many facets. One being obsessions: which can also bring about great transformation

**Transformations can come from letting go of what you obsess over or try to control. Generally the need to control comes from a fear. And that fear can end up controlling you. Acknowledgment of this and Realizing you need a balance and letting go is what will set you free.

•Pluto in 1st house• Obsessed with identity, body issues, attached to power issues. Transformed by letting go.

•Pluto in 2nd house• Obsessed with what you are able to acquire in a attempt to overcome the fear of never having enough. Transformed by possessions/finances(loss or gain or both).

•Pluto in 3rd house• Obsessed with being a seeker and finding the answers you seek. Also obsess over finding things that are hidden. Transformed by the mind, communications, siblings or maybe neighborhood.

•Pluto in 4th house• Obsession might come in form of using control and power to get their way. Comes on from having a possible turbulent childhood. Transformed by home environment, maybe by letting go of control of home environment.

•Pluto in 5th house• Obsessing could come in form of love relationships or lovers being obsessed with you. If you have children could obsess over them. Transformed by love, children, romance and gaming.

•Pluto in 6th house• Obsessed with perfection, hard work, routine, exercise and health. Need to relax. Transformed by allowing change and or breaking routines.

•Pluto in the 7th house• Obsessed with partnerships and can be very demanding or controlling of them or them of you. Transformation through close relationships.

•Pluto in 8th house• Obsessed with secrets, taboo and sex. Attracted to darker things. Use your knowledge of understanding people’s psychology to better people. Transformation through extreme childhood experiences.

•Pluto in 9th house• Obsessed with higher learning, your beliefs, possibly your religion. Careful in foreign places. By not get fixated on your ideas, Transformed by new adventures.

•Pluto in 10th house• Obsessed with drive to succeed. Transformed through workplace or with general public somehow.

•Pluto in 11th house• Obsessed with change in a larger group setting. Maybe some friends lost to death, creates more awareness for how to live. Transformation comes from friendships.

•Pluto in 12th house• Obsessed with helping humanity. Have the power to do so. Strong psychic tendency to the hidden lives of others and yourself.

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Most disturbing things on the deep web:

1.) Human Experiments- 

The people who run this particular page on the dark web believe that not all humans are equal and to prove their point they kidnap homeless people or get volunteers (yes, really) and do illegal and extremely painful experiments on them. Experiments range from starvation and water/fluid restriction to exposing infants to harmful radiation.

2.) Cannibal Cafe

This website, now banned by the German government, was used by literal cannibals: They would log onto the forum known as the Cannibal Cafe and share their fantasies, cooking tips, and even arrange to meet up for a meal. That’s what happened when Bernd Jürgen Armando Brandes, an engineer from Berlin responded to an advertisement written by Armin Meiwes, a computer technician with cannibalistic tendencies. The advert read “Looking for a well-built 18- to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed.” The pair met up and played out their fantasy, resulting in the discovery of the forum and the arrests of dozens of real-life cannibals.

3.) Pilots’ last words:

Someone somewhere has gone to the effort of finding the last words of pilots before their plane crashed. The words would have been recorded on the black box of the aircraft and the owner of the website would have had to go through high-security records to find them. The morbid website is updated frequently.

4.) Human Leather:

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder. This company is dedicated to making leather made from real human skin. Their ideas were clearly too creepy for the mainstream web, so they have taken to the deep web to advertise their products.

5.) Hire a hitman:

Hitmen seem a thing of spy movies, but for a couple of grand you can hire one thanks to this website known as the Hitman Network. These assassins seem to have morals though, as they refuse to kill children or any major politicians.

things i witnessed today at LA Pride
  • LGBT policemen and fbi agents walking hand in hand with their partners and spouses. 
  • a cute girl running out of the parade to give @stormsdameron her number
  • cops openly embracing people in the street
  • a man who had been attending LA pride since 1976. he shook my hand and said “when I first came to pride back then there were 25 people here. look at us now.”
  • elderly LGBT people blowing kisses from a float. holding hands. 
  • a woman approaching us and saying “you are so beautiful, all of you, take care of each other”
  • elementary school trans children in gender ambiguous clothes. smiling and laughing. blowing bubbles. 
  • when an anti-lgbt church began protesting and walking along side the parade with a loudspeaker, the entire brigade of Dykes on Bikes revved their motor cycles to drown out the hate speech. no one could hear them
  • a man who gave us all a handful of condoms and said “take care of each other. be strong. your voices are so important”
  • women holding hands with other women. men holding hands with other men. 
  • trans women and trans men laughing and dancing. 
  • danny devito in a rainbow shirt pointing and waving at us
  • dennis from It’s Always Sunny wearing a shirt that says “You Can Pee Next to Me”
  • dozens of last minute signs and tributes to orlando. outcries of “we love you orlando” 
  • confetti. dancing in the streets. 
  • people supporting each other in every aspect. high fives. hugs. kisses on cheeks. affirmations. 
  • so many affirmations. 
  • words of kindness.
  • you are beautiful.
  • you are loved.
  • you are important.
  • stay strong. 
  • i love your shirt. 
  • i love your lipstick. 
  • stay strong. 
  • take care of each other. 
  • stay strong
  • stay strong
  • stay strong. 

Great Pyramids of Giza - Egypt

The pyramids of Giza are some of the most recognisable archaeological sites in the world. The pyramid is estimated to be made from around 2,300,000 stone blocks, that weigh anywhere from 2 to 50 tonnes each. All built around 2580 and 2510 BCE,  the Pyramids here amazingly all line up precisely, with the Constellation of Orion. 

Despite the extreme heat that Egypt experiences, the temperature inside the Pyramid of Khufu (the largest of the three pyramids) remains a constant 20°C. 

For clarification because I see a lot of messy references and discussions from non-intersex people:

  • not everyone with an intersex condition identifies as intersex, as in forms an identity from/around it.
  • Not everyone who is intersex considers themself to be LGBT+
  • There is a massive amount of diversity and variation of intersex conditions, thus a massive amount of variation in experiences. It is not an easy task at all to generalize.
  • Being intersex does not automatically mean being bigender/nonbinary
  • People with intersex conditions commonly are assigned a binary gender at birth. We also commonly identify with a binary gender.
  • Gender identity, identity with being cis, trans or neither, and body dysphoria based on gender have varying complexities among intersex people and applying definitions, labels and rules based on non-intersex experiences on intersex people can be very dismissive, and alienating for us.
  • We’re not a hive-mind. Different people prefer different terms. Different people prefer different symbols and flags. Different people have different opinions on things like reclaiming slurs or surgeries.
  • We can very well speak for ourselves about our experiences with gender. Our existence is not here for non-intersex people to use in discussions about gender especially with extreme overgeneralizations of our experiences.

The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson

“Some kids get called “bundles of joy'” or “slices of heaven” or “dreams come true.‘” We got “the fifty-fourth generation of DNA experiments.” Doesn’t have the same warm and fuzzy feel. But maybe I’m oversensitive.”


Merlot: How’s the burger, darlin?

Lace: Delicious! I bet it would taste even better at our dining table.

Merlot: I’m sure it would, but you gotta admit, this isn’t so bad. Is it?

Lace: No, it’s kinda nice actually.

Virgo - Living Optic Illusionary 

She can have glass in her eyes, cracked shards from shattered ideals, false images of perfection that occluded her reflection. There is extreme pressure in Virgo to prove herself and her talents beyond all expectation. She is a perfectionist in the sense she checks the spelling twice or the date for fear of seeming ignorant. She ultimately desires to serve others, but she can become so absorbed by her own thoughts and compulsions. Nothing she ever accomplishes seems good enough for her mind, it slices through her like cutting criticism. The memory of every mistake that she’s ever made inundates her head and sounds like demons cackling. And this pursuit of perfection is ultimately altruistic, she only wants to be perfect so she can be perfect for others, so she can be recognised and praised, so she can hear something other than criticism. This relentless conditioning by her own mind causes her sensitive physical body to respond, she can become trapped in rituals and routine for which she sees no sense, it’s just like a compulsive ceremony to manage the onslaught. And it can be so sad because she has such pretty eyes. Often mercury almond with hints of green, darting like arrows shooting into a white sky. But these eyes can be inflamed and burning at the sight of things, every crack in her environment is another opening where the demons can enter and remind her of her failings. As we enter the following sign of Libra the zodiac focuses on balance. So it’s possible that before this state of equilibrium in Libra we experience the extreme detriment of inner balance in Virgo, a state of chaos and mental madness where thoughts possess the body and life becomes a routine state of self destruction. Virgo cannot nurture herself with self talk. But it’s a skill that she must activate, the compassion of the Great Mother resides in Virgo, and she needs to direct this compassion onto herself. She hears the critical thoughts even when they are absent, she fills empty spaces in her mind with the criticism she assumes to be there. The mind is her cradle of expertise and a dose of poison. It’s her captor and her healer. Virgo, being the alchemists need to recognise this contamination, this unnatural substance that inflames her body and her anxiety.


[kurtis rykoven art] 

Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 6 ❤️

A/N: Omg you guys are gonna hate me! *cries hysterically* This was so hard to write because of major feels, but i promise it’ll get better! Borky is a good dude ok and he will make it all better lol. I hope y’all like it! Enjoy! - Delilah  ❤️

Warnings: Swearing. Angst. Major feels. 

You stared down at the little white hospital gown that you wore, all while wondering how on earth you could be so stupid.

They kept telling you that it wasn’t your fault. That the blame should be placed on Bucky for being irresponsible, but you were having none of that. It takes two to tango. You agreed to lay with him, so now you both were responsible for what came after.

You could feel the tears pooling in your eyes. You were nowhere near ready for the consequences. The only thing you knew about motherhood was that it took extreme patience and unconditional love. You were capable of those things, but not at this moment.

“I remember being exactly where you are.” The doctor spoke softly, her hand landing on yours and giving it a comforting squeeze.

You peered up at the woman. She looked only a little older than you, around her early thirties. Your eyes traveled to the small name tag on her coat. Elisa was her name.

“I was barely twenty when I found out I was carrying my baby boy.” She said as she prepared to draw your blood.

“Were you afraid?” You ask, peering up at her. She gave you a small smile. Her brown eyes instantly filled you with comfort.

“I was terrified! We were terrified. My boyfriend at the time, he wasn’t really one for kids.” Immediately you realized where she was getting at.

“Did he stay?” You could see her smile fade as she retracted the needle from your vein and placed a small little band aid over it. You mentally scold yourself. That was way out of line.

“He stops by every now and then,” she replied. “Mr. Quill was known for being a ladies man and all, but when Jake was born he…sort of boarded the reality train.”

You nodded, but your mind was elsewhere.

Bucky was a good man from what you’ve heard from Steve. From what you experienced in your room a few hours ago, he was completely different than all the other alphas. He made sure you were taken care of before anything else.

He even did the thing.

You still blushed when you thought about it!

He put all his pride to the side and denied his nature by pleasuring you orally. Alphas were NOT supposed to do that by any means and he knew that. But at the time, giving you relief was more than important to him and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t interested in him.

He was what people liked to call “bonding material”. For once, you could agree on that.

Bucky Barnes was very attractive. He was built like a Greek god and could um…mate like one, too. He was strong, not only physically, but emotionally as well -this was a big deal for lower ranking people such as yourself. The way he held you and praised you during sex literally brought tears of joy to your eyes and you were so overwhelmed at first.

But what was most important was that your instincts were completely in sync with his.

It was almost as if he knew exactly what you were thinking when you had sex. He read you so well, that you felt you didn’t have to hide yourself any longer and that filled you with relief at the time. You weren’t shy like usual, but confident.

Maybe…Bucky could be an excellent father as well.

You’ve never seen him interact with children. You couldn’t have asked him earlier because his face was between your thighs for a solid thirty minutes and the rest of the time, he screwed your beyond comprehension. So, you’d have to ask Steve at some point.

When Elisa finished tidying up her station, she paused. Her eyes traveled over to you, a knowing smile on her face.

“You know, Y/N,” she spoke, taking a seat next to you. You kept your gaze on your lap. “I’ve seen a lot of cases throughout my career. And I’ve seen a lot of couples. I can usually spot the ones who aren’t exactly maternal. But you, I can see it. If you are pregnant, you’re going to be an amazing mother.”

Your eyes widened with surprise. Overwhelmed with emotion, you felt the tears fall. You wiped them away with your hand quickly. You felt the warmness of Elisa’s hand on your shoulder.

“What I’m trying to say is, out of all the dad-to-be’s I’ve seen, I’ve never seen a more capable one then Barnes.”

Now that took you by surprise, but also comforted you to no end. Bucky had it in him, maybe, but did you?

Pepper’s screams could be heard by the entire team as she chased Bucky through her office.

“I can explain, just please calm do-OW! Did you just staple me!?”

The sounds of chairs being thrown against the walls followed suit, along with Bucky’s screams of terror. He didn’t even get three words in before she started throwing any and every inanimate object at him, including her cell phone, purse, keys and high heels (which hit Bucky directly in the face).

There was absolutely no way in hell he’d get her to listen to him. At least without getting a couple security guards in here. And to make it worse, Steve flat out refused to intervene.

But as bad as Pepper was, Tony was really who he should be concerned about. The man was on a mission at the moment and would be returning later on that night. Meaning, he’d be:

  1. Exhausted
  2. Experiencing coffee withdraws
  3. Dirty
  4. Suited up

All a giant recipe for homicidal tendencies, which Bucky really wanted to steer clear of. Tony was going to kill him. That or take Y/N far, far away from him.

“I trusted you!” Pepper shrieked as she launched a tape dispenser at him, only for him to catch it mid air and put it on the table in front of him. She had such good aim, too.

“It wasn’t intentional by any means!” Bucky exclaimed. He immediately circled around the desk between the two of them as Pepper tried to catch him. Jesus, how did Tony put up with this? Betas were insane.

Feeling the fatigue at full force, Pepper let out a sigh of defeat and plopped into her chair. Her blue eyes were tired, dark circles were beginning to form under her eyes.

Bucky felt so guilty.

“Have you talked to her?” She asked, her voice low.

“Not yet.” He replied, taking a seat in one of the chairs across from her. The only one still in one piece. She glared over at him, her eyebrow twitching in annoyance. “But I plan to.”

“Well you better swallow that guilt and deal with it, Barnes,” she dropped her gaze to her lap and swallowed loudly. “Because she’s your biggest priority now.”

It wasn’t what she said that bothered him, it was the context. She didn’t insinuate the possible life growing inside you or anything, only that you as a person were his responsibility. Did she know about the bonding?

Speaking of that, Bucky couldn’t feel it.

By it, he meant you. When two people bond, it’s an extremely emotional experience. One that he’d never really felt before. You gave him a bond mark, but he didn’t return it. Meaning, they hadn’t technically bonded fully.

But if you were pregnant, he’d like to. Only with your permission of course.

With a sigh, Bucky rested his head in his hands.

What was he going to do with you?

The results wouldn’t be ready for a few more minutes, leaving you to wait in solitude. That meant you were to wait in the shiny white room without any company, which you desperately needed right now. 

As much as you were used to being alone, you hated the silence. Your thoughts ran throughout your head rapidly, making up the most inane scenarios. You really, really wanted to talk to Pepper right now. She always knew what to do in these situations. Or better, you wished you could just completely rewind these last two days and be in the comfort of your lab, working on your latest tech.


You nearly jumped out of your seat at Bucky’s voice. When did he even get there? Those damn super soldiers.

“When did you even get here? You scared me!” You placed a hand on your stomach as you spoke. You hated being scared. His eyes instantly traveled to your tummy, eyeing it warily. You instantly pulled your hand away.

“Are you…” he trailed off. He looked so calm.

“W-Well the tests haven’t come back yet!” You assured him. The way he was staring at you made your cheeks fill with red.

Bucky nodded, giving you a small reassuring smile. He made his way over to you and sat on the seat beside yours. You hadn’t been this close since you were in heat and now, you could feel the faint arousal between your legs. Jesus! You were about to find out if you were with child, why did your body have react this way?

“Listen Bucky, you don’t have to stay. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself-”

“Y/N,” he interrupted, his eyes looked even bluer now that you weren’t drunk with your heat. Man, he was gorgeous. “I’m not leaving you. Especially not in this circumstance.”


“I know we literally just met a couple days ago,” he chuckled softly. You desperately wanted to hear it again. “But I’m just as responsible as you are. We’ll take care of this together, okay?”

Without thinking, your hand found its way onto his cheek. He leaned into your touch. You could feel the anxiety and the worry fade away. For the first time in your life, you felt secure.

The sound of someone clearing their throat caused the two of you to jump and separate. You smiled at Elisa, who eyed the two of you knowingly. Her gaze traveled to your stomach briefly before looking away.

She gave you both a warm smile, but you could sense something behind it. What was going on?

“Congratulations, you two.” she handed you the test. Immediately Bucky snatched the results from you and his eyes scanned the paper. You looked at his eyes, only see them widen. What was wrong?

You looked back at Elisa, who avoided your eyes at all costs. “What’s wrong?” You asked, feeling your heart race.

Bucky dropped the paper, his eyes staring down at the floor. Now you were extremely worried.

“Y/N,” she said softly. “I’m so sorry.”

You snatched the paper from the ground and held it up to your face. In fine print, you saw the following words:

‘Delta Sterilization surgery, as ordered by Mr. Y/L/N.”

“What the fuck is this?” You cried. The only person who could’ve done this was…no, he wouldn’t do that to you. He wasn’t that kind of man. 

“I’m afraid before your father passed away,“ she explained. "He arrainged for all of your pregnancies to be terminated and for your immediate sterilization if you were to become impregnanted by any circumstances.”

-Fin! ❤


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stone femmes experience a great deal of interrogation and criticism around our sexuality and identities, the nature of which is always explicitly homophobic and heterosexist. 

our desire and appreciation of butch identity is characterised as suppressed heterosexual inclinations and it’s often supposed our lesbianism is likely the product of child sexual abuse. 

even from within lesbian community, partnerships of stone butches and stone femmes are viewed with suspicion, distrust and an interrogative curiosity that intends to determine whether or not the way we have sex with each other qualifies us for “real” lesbianism.

stone femmes experience a lot of social pressure to be more flexible about our identities (ie: to date men, or perform sexual acts we are not comfortable with), or urged to confront “truths” about ourselves that we’re apparently denying. this has lead many of us to experience extreme discomfort with our sexuality, questioning ourselves what we know to be true in our hearts. the repeated insistence that our desire for stone butches is a desire for masculinity is a type of mass gaslighting in some sense, leading stone femmes to wonder if we really are lesbian and making the true and authentic discovery of our selves and our identities more challenging. it’s a source of great inner turmoil and conflict. our often conventionally feminine presentation, our desire for gender non-conforming women, and the roles we tend to take in sexual exchange, are seen by outsiders - both straight and LGBT - as undeniable evidence of attraction to men. the result is that stone femmes make compromises that hurt us and conflict directly with our true needs and desires. in my case, I had a couple of relationships with men - one cis and one trans - both of which had problems for several reasons but one big one being my own discomfort and lack of desire, the fact that ultimately I saw myself with a woman. 

navigating a world in which compulsory heterosexuality rules is fraught for any lesbian. for stone femmes, our exclusive desire for butches appears to outsiders as additional ammo to assault our sense of identity with. “why don’t you just date a man?” is a common remark every stone femme has heard when showing others photos of our partners, or women we are interested in. this hurts stone femmes in a direct sense, as it questions our lesbianism (which is already under fire in a homophobic world anyway), and it additionally provokes guilt and shame as we feel we have exposed butches to insensitive and callous appraisal that is incapable of recognising the beauty we see. the insidiousness of gendered expectations is such that the incessant repetition of these attitudes chips away steadily at our own perception of our desires, to the detriment of our mental health.

furthermore, this attitude is revoltingly homophobic and misogynistic towards butches as well, as it positions butches as substitutes for men, or women attempting to imitate men, rather than the gender non-conforming women they actually are, and wholly realised (and perfect!) as. such is the nature of sexism, it is often confounding to people of all sexualities that a conventionally feminine woman could look at a woman who does not attempt to be “beautiful” in a way deemed acceptable for women, and find her the most desirable person in the room. I have even had people say to me “but don’t you want to experience all the things that make women so wonderful?”, like I haven’t already experienced exactly that with my butch partners (and am so fulfilled by it I don’t want anything else).

in my case, this aspect of myself has also been used by people who were abusing me to claim that I was straight and falsely presenting myself as queer. their public attacks were directly centered on the fact that I’m “only interested in women who look like men”. it’s violently homophobic, against butches and femmes both, and was extremely distressing to experience.

as for the ways that stone butches and stone femmes are intimate together, there are again a great deal of assumptions and conclusions drawn by outsiders who cannot relate to the experience or significance of being together in a way that feels extremely natural and fulfilling. at its most stripped-back core, stone simply means “is not penetrated/does not penetrate”. there are often a couple of other accompanying boundaries, but in the context of very trusting and intimate relationships, those boundaries may sometimes be expanded.  it is, of course, personal and specific to each couple. more importantly than anything else is that other people - including other LGBT people - not project their own perceptions onto the stone lesbian experience. the idea that in order for sex to be truly complete and fulfilling for both partners each must experience certain acts is just placing limitations on the definition of sex. which is also extremely heterosexist. LGBT people have long struggled to have our ways of having sex recognised as very real despite the absence of penis-in-vagina. to impose a rigid definition of lesbian sex on lesbians is to ignore and dismiss the extremely complicated and diverse ways in which sexual desire is formed and experienced, as well as the very complicated and diverse ways women exist in general. 

one of the most important ways that stone femme as a sexual identity exists is in respect to stone butch. stone butches experience a great deal of resistance to their physical boundaries, in ways that is often intensely violating and hurtful and leads them to question whether they are broken, or repressed, or even if they themselves are “real” lesbians. the stone femme’s ability and willingness to accept and respect the stone butch’s needs validates the stone butch identity as authentic and natural and provides much needed comfort and appreciation. in this context, a stone butch may feel comfortable to explore their boundaries further in ways they could not do with a partner who repeatedly pushed for access they did not feel safe to give.  or they may not. it doesn’t actually matter, so long as two people within the context of their private relationship explore physical intimacy in the way that is satisfying, fulfilling and pleasurable for them both. the perception that stone butches and stone femmes are not doing this rely entirely both on heterosexist and cissexist ideas about what bodies configured in certain ways should enjoy, rather than what individuals with unique histories coming together in mutual desire actually do enjoy. enjoyment is central to satisfaction. and no one can know what is going on in another person’s bedroom unless they are there. so to draw conclusions about what sex means for other people is to say that individuals cannot be expressing themselves through genuine connection with their needs and desires.  when stone butches and stone femmes already experience so much hostility towards our identities, this assumption we are not having sex “properly” only amplifies insecurity and isolation and feeds back into damaging ideas that sex is only real when it occurs in certain ways.

I reblogged a quote the other day by lesbian butch photographer Jill Posener in which she says that being butch is about loving to be with other women. I feel the same way about being femme. If I wanted to be with a man, I would be. It wouldn’t be hard and everyone would welcome it unquestioningly. In fact, it would make a lot more people a lot more comfortable with my existence. I desire butch because I love other women and love being with other women. and I’m tired of being made to question that. we all are. if you wonder why it is you don’t see stone femmes talk more openly about our existence and experiences, it’s that: we’re all just tired. we’re all so used to be questioned and interrogated that mostly we stay quiet now and keep to ourselves. it’s not worth the unending assault on our very way of being to keep having to challenge the status quo. we trust only each other. and this is another reason why stone communities are so private and fiercely defended.

me and other stone femmes have dealt with other people’s homophobia and misogyny making us question ourselves to the detriment of our own peace of mind and sense of security in our own identity. an identity we can struggle to even find in a homophobic world. it’s violent, and it’s twisted, and it’s one more way that lesbian desire is policed and dismissed as somehow incomplete or insincere.

for the love of god don’t ever use Chinese characters if u don’t appreciate our culture at all…. it’s so infuriating idc if u know what it means lol it doesn’t justify ur use of our language it doesn’t hide the fact tht u’re only using it because it looks Oriental And Cool™. nvr understood the whole yin yang trend and the shirts with chinese characters trend lol u white ppl and ur ugly trends. ur so-called knowledge of Chinese culture is probably just knowing who Bruce Lee n Jackie Chan are lmao,,,, and tht we eat rice as staple food n have strict parents n study everyday n have small eyes. yup dem basic stereotypes,, mhm

bet yall white people rushin to cover up ur western-centric views of us Chinese n deeming it as ur so-called knowledge of our culture,,, so u can proceed to use our culture as ur aesthetic haha

basically dont ever use another language as ur aesthetic without trying to appreciate their culture it is v demeaning and belittles their entire history. languages r integral to a race’s culture AND history, hence dont ever be insensitive abt it lol

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Hi! I want to create some fictional (perhaps even fantasy-esque) drugs, but I don't even know where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Firstly, the drugs need to do something good that “hooks” people. No one’s going to keep taking a drug that sends them to the twelfth plane of torment or one that makes them totally colorblind. You can sort most drug effects into four categories:

  • Happy (MDMA, heroin). The user experiences extreme euphoria and contentment. This may be accompanied by feelings of kinship with those around them and diminished anxiety. Users may achieve a transcendental state. It may also reduce inhibitions.
  • High (cocaine, alcohol). Users experience a burst of energy, confidence, and feelings of sexual prowess. Inhibitions are reduced. Users sometimes become more aggressive.
  • Mellow (marijuana). User feels calm and relaxed. Everything feels “taken care of”. Again, may induce transcendental state. The user will also experience mild euphoria and anxiety will diminish.
  • Trippy (LSD, shrooms). Significant alteration of sensory perception. People may see halos around objects or believe solid surfaces are wobbling. Shrooms reportedly increase one’s sensitivity to sound. Time loses meaning. Users lose sense of self.

Theoretically, you could make fantasy drugs for any desirable human emotion, like the feeling of being full, orgasm, confidence, love, and satisfaction.

Secondly, where does the drug come from?

  • Natural. Like shrooms, opium, or cannabis, it must be grown and harvested. Who farms it? Is it illegal to farm? What kind of plant is it? Where does it grow best? 
  • Manufactured. Like MDMA and LSD, it’s made in a lab. Who makes it? What ingredients is it made of? Does an organization control its manufacture?
  • Magic. The drug is actually a spell and someone has to cast it on you.

Related is how the drug gets from the lab/farm to you. Who controls the trade? How far away is it? All of this will affect the price.

Thirdly, how do you take it?

  • Inhaling. Includes methods like smoking, where the drug is rolled into a thin cylinder and placed between the lips; you inhale to feel the effects. Also included are practices like huffing, where you inhale noxious chemicals from a container.
  • Drinking. Self-explanatory. You can also anally imbibe drinks to hasten the effects.
  • Injecting. Put it in a needle and stick it in a blood vessel. The drug goes right into the blood stream.
  • Swallowing. The drug comes in a pill, like ecstasy. You swallow it and digesting it will give you the full effects. You could also eat it, like most psychedelic mushrooms. 
  • Absorbing. The body has several areas where blood vessels lie close to the surface of the skin. Applying the drug to the area will allow it to diffuse into the bloodstream. These areas are: the nose (snorting), the mouth (chewing/dipping tobacco), and the rectum (anally imbibing alcohol). 

Fourthly, what are the side effects? There will be side effects unless your magic or technology is advanced to the point at which you can reverse severe neurological damage. 

  • Mild. Reddened eyes, headache, dehydration, dry mouth, nausea, sweating, hunger, loss of appetite
  • Moderate. Memory loss, insomnia, diarrhea, vertigo, suggestibility, vomiting, hearing loss
  • Severe. Necrosis, muscle rigidity, convulsions, bad trips, physical disfigurement (eg “meth mouth”), psychosis, HPPD
  • Chronic. Depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, dependence on the drug, irritability, fatigue, rage
  • Way down the road. Cancer, emphysema, COPD, heart problems, lung problems, liver problems, kidney problems, Parkinson’s, stroke, high blood pressure

If your drug is fantastical, then it has more variety as to the side effects. For example, it turns green-eyed people into rabbits, slowly turns one’s stomach to stone, causes users to go back in time, and has a 2% chance of exploding your head.

Fifthly, how does the culture view it?

  • Illegal. No one can use it for any reason. In which case, the drugs will be controlled by an illegal group like a gang or cartel. There will be harsh laws against its manufacture and spread. People who don’t take the drug will look down on people who do.
  • Illegal with exceptions. It’s been shown to aid things like concentration or alleviate the symptoms of that disease. People who can use this drug must obtain it from special makers and carry permission with them at all times.
  • Legal with exceptions. Like alcohol and tobacco in the US, you can buy it and use it in most areas. However, you can’t buy it if you’re under a certain age, can’t use it in buildings, and you can get in trouble if you use it at the wrong time (drinking and driving).
  • Legal. Everyone can use it. There are no restricts on when, where, how, or who.
  • Spiritual. The drug is used as part if a religious experience. Only those undergoing such an experience can take it. The drug is a gateway to another world, frees the conscience, or some other esoteric thing.

Finally, how does that affect society? You should consider,

  • How much it costs. Illegality and the amount of time/money it takes to manufacture will affect pricing. It may also vary by the time of year. For example, if it’s natural, then maybe the drug is cheapest immediately after the harvesting season and really expensive during the winter, when it’s impossible to grow. You also need to factor in how people will get the money to buy the drug, such as stealing or prostitution.
  • Support groups. People will get hooked. How can they get off? Family and friends will certainly try their best, as most drugs do not improve your working or home life. Are they the only methods of support or are there rehab organizations as well?
  • Laws and their enforcement. (Don’t look at this is if your drug is totally legal or legal with exceptions.) There will be laws against its use. How are they enforced? Do the laws go after distributers as well as consumers? How are the consumers treated in court - as criminals or as victims? 
  • Who takes it. In our world, most illegal drug users are lower-income. It’s “shocking” when someone of the middle or upper class is addicted to drugs. The lower-class reputation has led to other classes looking down on drug users as poor, filthy, and needy; and on the lower-class as drug-addicted degenerates. If the upper class took it, then perhaps taking the drug would be the cool thing to do and being high/stoned/buzzed would be a status symbol. Only peasants have lucid thoughts; true nobles don’t know what they’re doing 90% of the time. 
  • Media. The US government banned smoking ads featuring Camel Cigarettes’ mascot, Joe the Camel, in 1997 because he appealed to children and people don’t like their kids lighting up. You don’t see too many cigarette ads in the US anymore. On the other hand, the media glorifies alcohol. Drinking makes you a man. Drinking makes you sexy. Many can’t wait (or don’t wait) to turn 21 and engage in this manly, sexy world of alcohol. So please, please remember that how the drug is presented will affect who consumes it.

Do any other INTPs experience extreme second hand embarrassment but their own embarrassment isn’t a problem? With my own embarrassment I get over it with a simple “haha geez, THAT was embarrassing” or a “lmao dumbass” but when I see other people doing embarrassing acts I just can’t take it. I literally have the urge to run away. Sometimes I actually do. I’m genuinely curious if this is something other INTPs experience or if this is just some weird personality trait of mine.

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Any tips on shaving a Little's pussy?

Shaving your little ones princess parts can be both and enjoyable and extremely intimate experience.. and one that you can enjoy greatly outside of the sexual aspect of it.

Every time I have done it, Ive done it with one laying in bed.. (because I am a pro)… and have found it to be the easiest and most comfortable. Though a novice may want to begin in the shower, but of course this would place the daddy on his knees which some littles find to be an incredible turn off. 

Side story from Misters diary: I once had a new sub kneeling in front of me staring into the mirror in front of her as I paced around… I did things like stroke her hair, massage her shoulders, and what not… and the look on her face was absolute ecstasy… that is, until i got onto my knees and placed myself at her level. Her face immediately cringed and her headspace went askew. She later remarked that seeing me in that position internally felt like a car crash for her.

but i digress… its probably best for novices. The constant flow of water and heat will help you.

anyways, my methods have always involved a “close” to brand new mach 3 or mach 4 gilette razor. using a cheap bag of 99 cent BIC brand or something you picked up at the dollar store is going to end up with some ugly princess parts and a scorned little. 

You will also need a few towels.. one to place under her bottom, one to make a hot compress. (if you dont know how to do this, look it up).. and one warm damp one for comforting and cleaning.

A good shave gel… personally i always used edge gel, but make sure its not mentholated or has any kind of stuff in it that puts off a strong scent. One slip when applying it and you might as well go masturbate with some icy hot. Because thats how shes going to feel. 

Youll also need a two bowls of above luke warm water. one for swishing your razor after every stroke… and one for general cleaning and wiping the area as you go.

I also recommend some soothing jazz or instrumental music… 

Now… as you begin, place the hot compress on the area just like you would if you were getting a neck shave at your barber shop. If thats never happened to you.. you are not a man and should stop reading this and go wrestle a bear with your bare hands. I did once, it was amazing.. i recommend every man put it on their bucket list.

after you have claimed manhood, come back and apply the compress. Let the skin get nice and warm and soft, then apply a lather of shaving cream. you want it a little thick… and have that damp warm towel and your bowl of water nearby.

ultimate shaving tip: Never go against the grain. ever. especially with princess parts.

keep in mind, commercial razors are built in a way that you dont necessarily have to worry about cutting her. just be very aware of where everything is down there, and above all else have patience and take your time. re-lather as needed, but every time you do.. apply the compress first. make sure it stays warm. A good trick is keeping it wrapped in aluminum foil when not using it.

as you make shaving strokes… take a little cream and run back over the spot and feel with your fingers for stubble and places you may have missed. it works best with shaving cream because water and freshly shaven intimate areas can turn to a rubbery consistency. Plus, you may irritate the area. A razor already micro-irritates the skin its dragged across. Which is why the blade should be almost new. Too new and you’re going dexter on her… too old and you’re in for being kicked in the genitals.

Once you are finished… wipe down the area of all remaining cream and leftover hairs, then apply the compress again. After its had some time to sit.. rub a little bit of coconut oil or baby oil into the area to make it nice and soft and voila, you have successfully done your first intimate shave job.

Slow and steady wins the race here… so take your time and make it enjoyable for the both of you.

if we as a community could stop making up more terms and labels for extremely specific experiences under the guise of making people who share these extremely specific experiences feel validated and instead just…..push the narrative that gender and orientation labels are quite broad and encompass a wide range of sexual, romantic, and gendered feelings and using a label doesn’t mean you all have to experience things the exact same way…. that would be really great..

as would like pushing the narrative that you may never get a shining rainbow of clarity or find a label that encompasses the entirety of who you are because. labels were never intended to do that.