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Appreciation post for my Day #1, Jeffrey Nero Hardy! This boyo been my fave for the past 14 years and damn I’ve got way too many memories of watching him growing up on both WWE & TNA (yes I watched TNA for him). I swear this man is a fine wine, only gets better with age and still is the extreme enigma he’s been since Day #1! @happiness-in-reznor @leelakoiwolff @50shadesofadamcolebaybay @daintymissdevitt @sammiielli @fuckyeahbulletclub @culturalrebel @wwesavedme @mermaidfett @dark-blueheart13 @happiness-in-reznor

singing-hedgehog  asked:

Okay, I'll bite! Tell me your thoughts on the Dread Masters and the Dread War! I am deeply curious.

….Where do I start XD.

I will skip the story of how I got into Ops and go straight to the major points. It’s 3am. I should really stop doing this to myself XD.

Six Sith Lords, masters of their craft, who worked together as a team. Who seemed to like each other, and never backstabbed each other, and who actually fell apart emotionally and mentally from losing one of their number. 

This little detail, I think, was what hooked me, taken together with the A+ edgelord aesthetic (I only used the phrase because I was trying to figure out how to summarise my feelings on Oricon without going into epic prose, but it totally fits, okay XD). The whole “drive entire armies mad with terror” thing is something I wished we’d actually gotten to see; on the other hand, the landscape of Oricon, with the wreckage and insane soldiers as enemies to fight (glowing eyes, or waving their arms wildly at nothing, or rolling on the ground in distress….), was a pretty decent show-don’t-tell of what their power could do XD.

I may or may not have dug through everything available for more information about them, up to and including memorising most of the goddamn dialogue XD. When that proved insufficient (because there is so LITTLE detail about the Dread Masters, really, it’s a crime), @karikateora and I may or may not have headcanoned up an entire epic and epically disturbing series of stories about them that I may never get up the nerve to actually properly write.

But still. “The fear gave us rage, the pain gave us strength. We were chained to one another, enslaved by higher purpose.” How did they become the six? What did they give up to become the Dread Masters? Prophets, generals and advisers; what did they do in their centuries of service to the Emperor?

Who were they, behind those masks? I am extremely intrigued by the enigma that is their shared collective sliver of humanity.

Because I am pretty damn sure that we defeated them only because they wanted to die, be reunited in death, more than they wanted even vengeance.

Tomorrow, or whenever I get round to braving Tumblr next: I’ll see if I can’t dig up some of those headcanon thoughts XD.

Dear God, now I have an itch to run Dread Fortress and Dread Palace again. I need to go run Harbinger!Delven through to Oricon so I can do the Oricon storyline again :D.